What Paths We Take: 8. Blessing For A Brother

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8. Blessing For A Brother

On the journey back to Rohan, Eowyn and Legolas kept things friendly between them. They showed no outward signs of affection around any of the others. They continued with their conversations when they rested at night, though it would usually end with a kiss before Legolas retired to his tent. Eowyn was content with the way things were going. She had seen the looks Eomer had given her on a few occasions and chose to ignore him. She knew he would approach her when they were home.

All of Rohan had returned to their city. The battle was over and Saruman's army was defeated. The deranged wizard was locked away in his tower in Isengard and would be dealt with in time. Gandalf informed Théoden that the battle may have been won but war would still be waged. Sauron would retaliate. The king understood but now was not the time for such discussions. His men had fought bravely and a celebration was in order. They deserved some time to be with friends and family. Gandalf agreed and things got underway.

Before the merriment began, a song was sung for the fallen. Legolas stood next to Eowyn noticing her dress. It was the white elven one. She thought this would be the perfect occasion to wear it. He reached his fingers to hers and they secretly held hands. When the song was over, he looked at her from head to toe.

"That is a beautiful dress. It is elven if I'm not mistaken. Where did you get it?"

There was such a long history tied to the dress, she did not much feel like explaining it now. "It came from Gondor. It was a gift from Boromir. I thought it would be proper to wear it at this celebration, in honor of him."

"That is a very thoughtful gesture." he said. Then he leaned over and whispered in her ear. "That is why I love you."

They exchanged smiles before she went off to tend to her duties. Legolas was quiet and stayed in the background. His eyes were always scanning the crowd for Eowyn. When he would find her, he would gaze upon her with love in his eyes. Sometimes she would catch his stare and smile shyly as they flirted from across the room. It all seemed so innocent.

Eomer saw what was transpiring between his sister and the Elf and he did not much like it. Why was she behaving this way with Legolas? Surely, she did not have feelings for him. They could never truly be together. And what about Faramir? Did she not love him anymore?

He waited until Eowyn was done with her duties and Legolas was preoccupied then he approached his sister. "Come, sister. It has been a long time since we talked. Let us go for a walk and catch up with each other."

Eowyn had missed her brother greatly. "I would like that." she said, following him outside.

They walked around to an area far away from prying eyes and ears before they spoke.

"So tell me of your travels, brother. I was so worried for you when you left Rohan.  When Gandalf showed up with his companions and informed me of your confrontation out on the Mark, I was greatly relieved. It was the first news I had heard since you left."

"Yes, I remember that day. The Dwarf was rather smart with me. Aragorn explained their reasons for traveling through our land. We gave them two of our horses and asked that they travel to Rohan to help. I am glad they honored their word."

Eowyn smiled at her brother. "I also heard about your accusations."

Eomer wrinkled his brow. "What, that I thought they were spies of Saruman's? Well, what else was I to think? It was very strange to come across a Ranger, an Elf and a Dwarf traveling together. We had to be very cautious of all we met. There was too much magic and trickery about at the time. There still is if you ask me. But I guess you would know more about these strangers having traveled with them to Helm's Deep and back."

Eowyn could hear it in the tone of his voice. Eomer was working his way around to asking about Legolas. However, she was ready with anything he had to say.

"I will tell you this much. When these three companions are together in battle, they are as strong as an army is. Truly, they are a force to be reckoned with. If not for them, there may not been many left to save when you arrived with Mithrandir, including me." Eowyn said. It was at that moment she realized just how close to death she was in the cave. Her body trembled at the thought.

Eomer noticed the change in her demeanor and felt her tremble. He wrapped his arms around her and held her tight. "What happened back there? Tell me." he said gently.

"I slipped, Eomer. I slipped and it would have been the death of me if not for Legolas. Even after all my years of training, I was not prepared for what I witnessed that night. I had never sliced through flesh. I hadn't known what to expect. When I fought with the Orc, my instincts took over and I fought for nothing more than survival. Nevertheless, as I cut into its body, I lost my concentration and faltered. That's when I fell. I watched as he raised his blade. I looked into its eyes and saw nothing but hatred. It was going to kill me. My mind prepared for death and that is when I heard his voice. Legolas called out to me. I thought it would be the last thing I would ever hear as the Orcs blade bore down on me. You see, Legolas promised he would come for me if anything happened. He swore he would not let any harm come to me. But so did Boromir and Faramir and they never came. So when Legolas swore the same, I took it with a grain of salt, just another broken promise. Then, as I was about to die, I heard his voice like an angel coming to protect me, keep me safe. The next thing I knew, the Orc lay dead next to me. My life was spared and I owe it all to Legolas."

Eomer was silent for a moment before he spoke. "I am very grateful that Legolas was there for you. I must thank him for what he has done and offer him a favor in return. I cannot imagine losing you, sister. You are all I have in this world." He held Eowyn as if he never wanted to let her go. Then he sat back and looked at her.

"There is more to your story than just this though. Do not think I have not noticed the glances and stares you give the Elf and he gives you. You are in love with him aren't you?" Eomer said waiting for her answer.

"Eomer I don't want to talk…" but he cut her off.

"It is natural to have feelings for someone who saved your life. But please tell me there is nothing more between you both."

"Legolas has been a good friend to me since we first met. There is something so different about him and I am drawn to him like a moth to a flame. And it's not just because he saved me. It has been building for some time now. I think I love him." Eowyn said and felt a blush rise to her cheeks.

"Eowyn, what are you saying? This cannot happen. He is an Elf. He is immortal. The First Born are forbidden of such things. This can't be anything more than infatuation."

"You are wrong. It is true and it is real. As far as forbidden love, that is something we will deal with in time. Eomer, please understand. I do not know what will become of this, but right now, it is what I need. Legolas has helped me to love again. What Faramir did tore my heart apart. I loved him with every fiber of my being. It was beyond love. I thought what we shared was eternal. I never told you this because it is private but I physically gave myself to Faramir. I opened my heart and gave him everything. I gave him a part of myself that I will never get back. Then all at once, he was gone. Do you know how that made me feel? I swore I would never again love so freely. Then I met Legolas. We became friends and I confided in him things I had told no one. And do you know what he did? Nothing. He did not judge. He did not advice. He just listened and allowed me to speak my mind. He healed me. He made me realize that it is all right to love again. He was a light for me when my world seemed so dark and in despair. He was a friend and if you can't love your friend then who can you love?"

Eomer listened to his sister but he was still not convinced that they were just friends. "I saw the way you held each other in the cave. I see how you look at each other tonight. There is more than friendship between you both. This is where my concern lies. Do not make the same mistake twice. I did not know how far things had gone with Faramir. It is a good thing he is so far away or I would confront him on his behavior. He hurt you in a way no man should ever hurt a woman. I just don't want to see it happen again."

"Things have not gone that far with Legolas. I do not plan on things going that far. I have learned my lesson and I will not rush this." Eowyn realized she was discussing her sex life with Eomer and blushed again. "Why am I even telling you this?"

Eomer smiled. "Because I am your brother and the one man who truly loves you unconditionally. Now, let's return to the party."

"And Legolas?" she asked looking for his approval.

"Go. Be with your Elf. Just be careful." Eomer said, though he did not like it.

They were walking back to the hall when Eomer took a good look at his sister. She had grown so much since he left Rohan. She was a woman now and able to make her own choices. No matter what, he would always support her decisions even if he did not agree with them.

Eomer stopped walking. Eowyn took a few steps then stopped and turned to him. "What?" she asked smiling.

"Leave it to my sister to get herself into these situations." he said shaking his head. "Just know that I love you no matter which path you take."


A few days later, Théoden made the decision to take Eomer and a small group of men to ride to Isengard to deal with Saruman. Among the group were Gandalf, Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas. It would be a few days journey and Eomer thought it would give him a chance to speak with Legolas. He just could not let this go. He was very protective of Eowyn and he did not want to see her get hurt again.

They had stopped for the night and Legolas was taking the first watch. As he stood looking out across the land, Eomer approached him.

"My sister told me how you saved her life back at the caves. I owe you my gratitude and a bit of debt for you actions. Thank you, Legolas." Eomer spoke softly.

"I was only doing what I had been sworn to do. I made a promise." Legolas answered. "You owe me no favors. Your gratefulness is enough."

Eomer thought carefully about how to approach him on the subject of his sister. "Eowyn is very taken with you. She is in a vulnerable state right now. She has been through so much heartache. I do not want to see anything more happen to her."

Legolas turned to Eomer. The kind expression on the Elf's face captivated him. "Eomer, I could not hurt your sister. She is very dear to me."

"She speaks of love and I am happy for her. But it worries me that her love is for… for…" Eomer did not know how to put it so as not to insult Legolas.

"For an Elf? Yes, it is also in my mind. Our teachings tell us not become involved with humans. You think we are full of life because we are immortal. To us, humanity seems more alive and we live vicariously through you. Because of this, your kind draws us in and sometimes an attraction develops. That is what I feel has happened between Eowyn and I."

Eomer was not satisfied with his explanation. "It is still forbidden, is it not?"

"So we have been told. That does not mean there are not a few exceptions. There was Luthien and Beren from legend. Now, Aragorn and Arwen share a similar fate. They have all been given a special gift to be allowed to love one another." Legolas said, pleading his case.

However, Eomer knew his history. "They are women of half-elven background, able to choose between life and immortality. This is different. In this case, Eowyn is human and you are Elf-kind. You have no choice as the Peredhil do. Or am I mistaken?"

"You are correct. I was born to elven parents but you have forgotten about the Valar. Sometimes they intervene in mysterious ways. My Sindarin background believes when something unusual happens, it is their doing and we should trust in the Valar. I think this is what has happened with your sister and me. The Valar have spoken through us, allowing this love to blossom."

Eomer furrowed his brow. "So you admit your love for Eowyn."

Legolas smiled. "Yes, I do. We have learned of our feelings through the special friendship we share. Your sister means more to me than my own life. I would not hesitate to give up my immortality if it meant her safety and wellbeing. Now, I have a request of you, Eomer, son of Eomund. I ask for your blessing so that Eowyn and I may pursue this love and discover what path we were meant to take."

 Legolas' righteousness and honesty impressed Eomer He felt he could no longer stand in the way of his sister's wants and needs. He had shown that she could handle herself in any situation. It was time to let her go, to make a life for herself whatever that life may be.

"Legolas, son on Thranduil, Prince of Mirkwood, I am proud to call you brother. You have my blessing."

Legolas put his hand over his heart and bowed to Eomer. "Thank you."


Not all went well in Isengard. Saruman told them nothing about Sauron's plans for war. In the end, Legolas' arrow struck down Grima as he attempted and was successful at killing Saruman. Both had died at the Tower of Orthanc that day. Gandalf acquired the Seeing Stone before they left. It was their only hope of retrieving information about Sauron's plans.

Waiting for them at the gate, were the Hobbits, Merry and Pippin. They rode back to Rohan with the king and his company. It seemed the fellowship was regrouping. Pippin rode with Gandalf and Merry rode with Eomer. The Hobbit intrigued him. Never before in all his travels had he ever met a Hobbit. In Rohan, there were tales of an ancient race of short but sturdy people. However, they thought them to be nothing more than stories.

Merry and Eomer got along quite well, exchanging tales of their lands and of their most recent journeys. It was then that Merry learned that Eomer and the Lady of Rohan were brother and sister. He told Eomer of his journey with Boromir.

"He was very much in love with Lady Eowyn. He told us of the unfortunate involvement of his father and the wedding. As much as he loved her, he said he could not go through with the marriage. He said he found out that she secretly loved his brother and the only reason she agreed to go through with it was for the sake of her people and his father's threats. I thought it was very noble of Boromir to step aside and let Eowyn be with her true love."

Eomer frowned. "But all did not end so well for Boromir. His last words were to Aragorn. He gave his blessing for Eowyn to pursue his brother, Faramir."

"Did he get his final wish?" Merry questioned.

"I'm afraid not. The Steward sent y sister back to Rohan and told her never to see Faramir again. Something transpired between Denethor and Faramir. Faramir told Eowyn he could never see her again. Said he had changed his mind and did not love her any more. She was heartbroken for months."

Merry looked confused by what Eomer had told him. "But that cannot be. I have heard quite the opposite. Faramir took over his brother's duties after she left. Every spare moment he had, he spent writing letters to Eowyn. It was she who never responded to any of his messages. Faramir is the one who has suffered from heartbreak. I was hoping she changed her mind and agreed to be with him again."

Eomer was not sure if what Merry said was true. "Where did you get this information? Who told you this?"

"It was after Treebeard and the Ents took over ownership of Isengard. They were busy watching over Saruman and asked Pippin and I to patrol the gate. One day, a messenger came by. He said Lord Faramir personally chose him to find Eowyn and give her his letter. Previously, his father told Faramir to use his Denethor's personal messenger to deliver any notes to Rohan. However, when Faramir hadn't received a single reply from the lady, he became suspicious. That's when he sent the messenger I speak of. It was just by chance that he stopped at our gate. He was only looking for food and rest. But if Eowyn never got his letter then I'm afraid something terrible must have happened to him, poor soul."

This bit of news astounded Eomer. "So you are telling me that Faramir still wishes to be with Eowyn? I do not understand. Eowyn only received one letter from Faramir and in that note he told her he never wanted to see her again, that he no longer loved her."

"Well, from what I've heard that is not true. Faramir is still very much in love with Eowyn. Do you think there was some trickery which kept Faramir's letters from reaching Eowyn?"

"I think something unethical has taken place. But why?" Eomer said thinking aloud.

Suddenly a thought came to Merry. "Well, at least now you can tell the Lady Eowyn the truth about Faramir. If she is as sad as you say…"

"No, Merry. We mustn't say a word to her." Eomer said cutting Merry off.

"But she would want to know." Merry wondered why Eomer would not tell her.

"You don't understand. My sister has moved on with her life. Another has claimed her heart. She is happy now." Eomer noticed the judgmental look Merry was giving him.

"She needs to know the truth about Faramir. She should be able to make her own decisions."

"You are true of heart Master Merry. I will tell her. I just need to think of how to break the news to her. There is much more involved here than you realize for you do not know who she has given her heart to."

"Do you mind me asking who the lucky fellow is?" Merry asked.

"It is not known to many and I'd appreciate if you did not share this information." Eomer said. Merry nodded in agreement. "It is one of your own companions."

Merry thought for a moment. "Well, I know it is not me or Pippin. I would guess Aragorn but his heart belongs to the Lady Arwen. Gandalf is old and Gimli is… well, he is just hairy. That only leaves Legolas but everyone knows that Elves don't…" Merry stopped as he watched Eomer nod when he spoke of Legolas.

"Really? Legolas? Well, this is new." Merry said. He craned his neck around as if looking for the closest person to tell.

Eomer put a finger up to his lips. "Remember, Merry, not a word. Not yet. But don't worry. It will not be a secret for long. Legolas has asked for my blessings and I have agreed. He has convinced me that there may be something more happening here."

"Elves! Why humans are so taken with them is beyond me." Merry said and Eomer laughed to himself.


The company was approaching Rohan, Legolas' elf eyes scanned ahead for his love. He caught sight of her standing at the top of the stairs leading to the Hall. She was wearing a blue dress, which she must have picked to match his eyes. She looked so beautiful standing there, the wind blowing her golden hair. As they got closer, he could see her smile and his heart was a flutter.

Eowyn knew who approached the city. When they were close enough, she could see Legolas and she smiled. He was easy to pick out with his long platinum hair. He rode tall and with such grace. She had missed him in his absence. She longed to feel his soft lips on hers, to touch his silken hair between her fingers, to smell his distinct scent. While he was away, Eowyn thought about what it would be like to give herself to him. It had been a long time and she had needs. However, they had agreed to take it slow. She was beginning to think it was almost time to take things to the next level with Legolas. Eowyn was hesitant though. She had only been with one person, just once and the next day he was gone from her life. Legolas was different though. He had always done what he promised. She felt a reassuring trust with him that she'd never felt before. She was definitely getting to the point of giving herself over to him. Seeing him now only made her want him more. It would not be much longer. She was ready. She wanted him badly.

Legolas dismounted from his horse. He ran up the stairs, taking them two at a time. He did not stop until he reached Eowyn. They embraced each other as if they had been separated for years. Then they kissed. It was full of passion and want. They no longer cared who saw them or what they thought. This moment was about them and them only.

Eowyn looked up into Legolas' bright blue eyes. "I have missed you so much. It was unbearable being separated from you. I missed our evening talks."

Legolas held her tight. "And what else have you missed about me." he said playfully.

"The feel of your hair." Eowyn said running her fingers through its lengths. "The smell of your flesh." she said burying her face in his neck and letting her nose travel up to his ear. "And your deliciously soft lips." She kissed him like never before, letting all her want and need flow into him from this one kiss.

Legolas' body was on fire. She had never been so forward and demanding with him before. He could feel her desire for him and it was driving him crazy.

"I guess it is true what they say about absence making the heart grow fonder." Legolas said as Eowyn laid delicate kisses on his neck. She pulled him close to her body.

"It seems that is not the only thing that grows." She said wantonly, feeling his hardening arousal beneath his tunic and leggings.

Legolas looked at her with surprise. "Who are you and what have you done with my sweet, innocent Eowyn?" he said teasingly.

"Oh her, well, she is busy and asked me to take her place and welcome you back. In fact, she may be gone for a while. Therefore, if there is anything I can do, I will try my hardest to accommodate you. And I do mean anything." The last part she whispered in his ear and then ran her tongue to the tip.

Legolas took a deep breath as she did. He was thoroughly enjoying the new Eowyn and he wished to get to know her better. Nevertheless, it had been a long journey to Isengard and back.

"My Lady, I want nothing more than to spend some time with you, but I would first like to bathe and freshen up. The road we traveled was long and dusty."

A thought came to Eowyn. "I will tend to your needs. It is my job to make sure our guests are comfortable. Since most of the men will want the same thing, I will show you to my personal bathing room." she said. Then she leaned into his ear and whispered. "But we must go quietly. It is not proper for one to be so close to a ladies' chamber. I think you will be much more comfortable though. Come! Let's be on our way while the men are busy greeting friends and loved ones."


Eowyn took Legolas' hand and led him inside and down the hall, which led to her chamber. There was no one around. They reached her door and she opened it slowly and entered. Legolas followed her inside.

"Now, you must be quiet and wait here while I have your bath drawn. My maidens will take care of that. I will go to the kitchen and get us some food. Make yourself comfortable and I will be right back." she said and gave him a quick kiss.

As Eowyn headed for the kitchen, she came upon her maids. "I have a very special guest who I am tending to. He will be using my bathing room so please have a bath drawn as soon as possible."

The maids looked at each other with raised eyebrows. "Did you say 'he' my lady?" one of them asked rather curiously.

Eowyn gave them a serious look. "Yes I did. He is a guest here and needs tending to. He rode with the king to Isengard and should be properly taken care of." She gave them a stern look and they quickly went to take care of the guest. Eowyn went on to the kitchen.

Meanwhile, Legolas was taking this opportunity to get to know Eowyn better by looking around her room. There was a bookshelf on one wall and a table. Next to that was a small fireplace, which held wood ready for burning. At the back of the room was a window that looked out onto a courtyard. On either side of the window were potted plants. They were green and lush, very well taken care of.

A wooden screen divided the next area from the rest of the room. Legolas could see Eowyn's bed was on the other side. Throws of fur lay across it, good for those cold nights when the wind would blow across the grassy plains.

Legolas went to the bookshelf and took out a book. Inside were drawings of different plants, trees and animals that one would find in Rohan. He remembered Eowyn's stories about visiting the nearby woods with her brother. These must be Eowyn's drawings, he thought.

Drawings and maps of the area filled the books. The people of Rohan were not educated as those in Gondor. Most could not read or write. They remembered things with songs and stories passed down through the generations. Eowyn had chosen to document with pictures. She was a rather good artist.
Then Legolas found a book unlike any of the others. It was black and gold, well made, definitely not a book of Rohan. Legolas took it out and opened it. Written were words in a very neat handwriting, like that of the scholars of Gondor. Inside the cover was an inscription which read, 'For my dearest Eowyn, my forever love. You are my inspiration.'

Legolas flipped through the book. It contained maps of the stars, labeled with their elven names. There were stories of Elves from the elder days, tales of the kings of old and how the stewards came to be. There were songs written in different languages of Middle Earth, including elvish writing. Whoever wrote this book was very well educated.

As Legolas put the book back, something fell out of it. He leaned down and picked up a letter. It had a broken wax seal on it. At a closer look, he could make out a tree in the wax, the seal of Gondor. Carefully, Legolas unfolded the letter and read it. This was the letter from Faramir; the one she spoke of. It made Legolas' heart ache to read the words. He knew she had cared deeply for Faramir. He imagined how she must have felt to read such a letter after giving herself to him. Why would Faramir do such a thing? How could he be so cruel?

Legolas put the letter back and replaced the book on the shelf. Just then, he heard footsteps coming down the hall. Eowyn came into the room with a smile. He recognized her happiness and knew she was no longer pained from her past. It was Legolas who she loved now and he would never treat her in such a manner.

"Your bath is ready. Let me show you where to go." Eowyn said. He had an odd look on his face, one of concern and understanding. Legolas smiled warmly at her.

"Are you alright?" she asked. He took her by the waist and pulled her close.

"I am now that you are here." Legolas said and kissed her passionately.

Eowyn returned the kiss then pulled away. "It is not proper for a lady to behave in such a way with a man while in her private chambers." she said.

"Then no rules have been broken for I am not a man." he replied with an impish smile.

"You are incorrigible, Master Elf." she answered with a laugh. She took his hand and led him out of the room and down the hallway to the bathing room. Legolas pulled the curtain aside and entered. There was a tub with steaming hot water. On a shelf next to the tub were different bottles with colorful liquids.

"These are soaps and bath oils. I am afraid most are feminine in scent, but this one here is not scented. And over by the table you will find towels." she said looking at the table. "Oh there are no towels. Let me get you some. I will be right back." and she left.

Legolas looked around the small room. He was enjoying seeing Eowyn's home. It gave him a better sense of who she was and how she lived. It was a very simple life much his own but for the housing. Elves made their homes in nature, using natural resources. And they most definitely did not use soaps and oils. However, he would play along with her hospitality. Eowyn seemed to be enjoying her role as hostess.

Eowyn came back down the hall with the towels and found two of her maids peeking through the curtain to the bathing room. She snuck up behind them.

"You should be ashamed of yourselves, ladies." she whispered. The maids gasped and jumped, startled by Eowyn.

"We're sorry, my lady." said one. "It's just… we have never seen an Elf before."

"Especially one as handsome and fair as this one." said the other maid. "We meant no harm."

Eowyn gave them a condemning look. "Master Legolas deserves our respect and not to be ogled by prying eyes. Now, go tend to the others who arrived earlier. There is much to be done."

"Yes Lady Eowyn." the maids said in unison and they walked down the hall.

Eowyn watched as they left and smiled to herself. She knew they meant no harm. It was quite funny actually but she would never tell them.

She turned back to face the curtained doorway. Just what did those girls see? She needed to give Legolas the towels but did not want to walk in on him if he was not decent. She looked again down the hallway. It was completely deserted. She turned back to the curtain. I will just take a peek to see if he is proper, she said to herself. Eowyn looked through the gap in the curtain.

Legolas stood by the tub in just his leggings. He had already taken off his tunic and boots. Eowyn's eyes roamed over every inch of his muscled chest, broad shoulders and firm arms.
He was a site to behold. Nothing was out of place. He had no scars. He was beautiful.

Then he started untying the laces of his leggings. His fingers played with the strings as he loosened them. His hands went to the waistband, fingers dipped inside and he began to slide them down. Eowyn closed her eyes. She knew she should not be doing this but she could not stop herself. The graceful movements of his lithe body mesmerized her. She opened her eyes and saw him removing his leggings, letting them fall to the floor. He was now completely naked. She licked her lips as she looked at his firm behind. She watched the muscles in his legs flex as he moved. Then he turned to face the doorway and Eowyn saw what she had only heard about from love-starved maidens. So it is true what they say about the Elves being blessed in more ways than one, she thought to herself. He was definitely very blessed. Even that was a thing of beauty. He was perfect in every way. Eowyn found herself wondering what it would be like to have him lying on top of her. She wanted to touch him all over his smooth alabaster skin. She wanted to know what he felt like and what he would feel like inside her. Her body was responding to these thoughts as an ache developed deep down inside her. Her heart was pounding so loud she was afraid Legolas would hear it as she stood outside the doorway.

Legolas slowly entered the tub and slid into the warm water. His long platinum hair hung over the side. He had taken his braids out. Eowyn had never seen his hair completely loose before. He seemed very relaxed as he slid further down into the tub. When the water entirely immersed him, Eowyn entered the room.

"I have your towels." she said, her voice wavering a bit. Her body was still reacting to seeing him naked. "I will just leave them on the table. Enjoy your bath." she said and turned to leave.

"Wait." Legolas said. "Please stay. We have not had a chance to talk to each other since I arrived and I could use the company."

"I'm not sure that would be proper." she said not wanting to sound too eager to stay.

"Why? Are you afraid of what you might do, having a naked Elf in your private tub?" Legolas said with a smile.

Eowyn laughed. "What do you think I will do to you in this vulnerable state?"

He gave her a crooked smile. "I can only imagine and be hopeful."

"Do not tempt me, Master Elf." she said wantonly. "For you are in no position to speak."

"Oh, I think I am in just the right position." Legolas said. "Now, come here. I have a favor to ask."

Eowyn approached cautiously. "How can I be of service to my very handsome guest? After all, it is my job to make sure your every need is tended to." Eowyn liked little game they were playing and was anxious to see where it would lead. She walked up to the side of the tub.

Legolas grabbed her arm and pulled her closer. "Every need?" he questioned looking at her longingly with those deep blue eyes.

Eowyn bent down so that their lips were almost touching. "Whatever your heart desires." she said before taking his lips in hers and kissing him with the same passion as when they were on the steps outside.

"What is this favor you speak of?" she asked.

"It probably sounds silly to you but would you wash my hair? I long for the feel of your fingers. I think that would be a good start to my needs." he said kissing her again.

Eowyn took some soap and worked it into a lather. She very carefully and meticulously worked her fingers into his scalp. Her motions were slow and it drove Legolas wild.

"You have no idea how good this feels." he said with his eyes closed.

Eowyn was enjoying this time with Legolas. She was completely relaxed in his presence, being naked and all. It was just how she always felt around him.

When she was done, Legolas slid down into the water and rinsed the soap from his hair. "That was wonderful."

"It doesn't take much to please you does it. I've never been asked to wash someone's hair before." she said.

"It is a loving gesture among the Elves, very sensual. Next time I will do it for you, and then you will see. But for now I can think of another gesture which is common amongst both races." he said sitting up higher in the tub. His chest was exposed from the waist up. He gestured with a tilt of his head for Eowyn to come closer. She did and Legolas captured her lips, kissing her deeply, setting her body on fire. She wanted him. It would be so easy. He was already naked. She wanted to feel his smooth skin connect with hers. Her heart beat faster. Her body ached and she could feel herself become moist with her essence. Her hand traveled over his muscled chest. His skin was slick and cool to the touch.

Eowyn was losing herself to his kisses, so soft and warm. Then she remembered the maids who had watched through the curtain. She pulled away from Legolas.

"What is wrong?" he asked, instantly longing for her touch.

"This is not a good place. We could be seen here." she answered, glancing towards the door.

Legolas followed her eyes. "Are you afraid someone might be watching?"

She became aware of her own spying and blushed. Legolas noticed the color on her cheeks and smiled. "Is there something you are not telling me?" he said. Sometimes he could read her so well.

"It's just… my maidens… I caught them catching sight of you." she said stumbling over her own words.

Legolas perceived her unease. "And what did they see?" he asked casually.

"You had only just removed your tunic. They did not see much."

"So they didn't see me removing my leggings?"

"Oh no, that was after they left." she answered before she realized what she had said. Her face turned a completely new shade of red. "Well, I just assume…" but it was too late.

Legolas smiled his crooked smile at her. She could not deny it any longer. "Alright, I confess. After I chased them off, I peeked through the curtain. But I was just seeing if you were decent before I entered with your towels."

Legolas raised one eyebrow at her and waited for her to continue. "And that's when I saw you undressing and slipping into the tub. Oh, I am so embarrassed. I have never done anything like that before. I assure you, I do not make a habit of stealing looks at the guests." she said defensively.

Legolas started to stand up. Eowyn gasped and quickly averted her eyes. "What are you doing?"

"I am done. The water is beginning to cool." he said. "Why do you look away? It did not stop you before. Your curiosity flatters me. And besides," he said as he wrapped a towel around his waist, "I have my own confession to make to you."

Eowyn slowly turned her head and saw that he was now covered. "What confession?"

"I too have seen more than I should have."

"And when was this?"

Legolas walked over to where his clothes were and put on his leggings. "It happened when we were traveling to Helm's Deep. I brought you something to eat but you were still in your tent."

"It was our last night before reaching the stronghold." Eowyn said thinking back. "Yes, I remember that night. You were acting strangely. You seemed unsettled and could not look me in the eye. So that was why you behaved that way. And what did you see that night, if I may be so bold?" she said turning the tables on him.

"I saw a beautiful sight that has haunted my memory ever since. I knew it was wrong but once I caught a glimpse, I could not look away. I'm sorry if you are angry with me or offended by my actions." Legolas said looking away from her.

"Let's just call it even. There was no harm done. I am not angry. How could I be when I have had the same guilty pleasure as you? And I will admit I was not disappointed in what I saw." Eowyn said being quite forward. After all, they had confessed their love for each other. It would not be much longer before they saw each other again, consentingly.

Eowyn went to Legolas and took his hand. "Come on. Let us go to my room. I will start a fire to warm you if you like."

"Are you sure it is proper behavior?" he asked mockingly.

"As long as it is with an Elf. Wasn't that your reasoning?" she smiled.

Legolas pulled her close and gave her a seductive look. "Let's go then."


As soon as they were in Eowyn's room and locked the door, they were on each other. Hands roamed over skin. Tongues darted in and out of each other's mouths. Built up anxiety gave way to desire and need. There was nothing to stop them now. They loved each other and that was all they needed to know.

Eowyn's hands roamed over his shirtless chest. She felt every ripple, memorizing every detail. His skin was so smooth. Her hands went lower to the laces of his leggings. She was going to untie them but he hadn't fastened them since leaving the bathing room. So instead, her hand slipped inside and pushed the material down over his hips. She reached around and squeezed his taut behind.

Meanwhile, Legolas was sucking on her neck and then her collarbone. His hands reached around to the back of her dress and released the clasp. He pushed the dress down her shoulders, down her arms, exposing her bare breasts. So long had he dreamed of this moment. Now he could taste her as he lowered his head and sucked on her already erect nipple. He bit down carefully forcing Eowyn to release a moan. He smiled slightly at her reaction and moved to her other breast repeating the same action. Another bite and another moan and he was sure this was going to happen.

"Eowyn, I have wanted this for so long. I have hoped that you would want it to. Now that I have you here, I realize this is better than anything I could have ever imagined. You are more beautiful than any woman I have ever seen. And to know you want me too makes my heart pound so hard I think it will burst out of my chest."

Eowyn kissed him again with tongues entwined. She nibbled his neck, up to his earlobe then along the outer edge of his ear. She stopped short of the tip, remembering their sensitivity. She did not want to bring him about too soon. This first time with Legolas would be slow and passionate.

"We started out as friends. You were there for me when I needed you most. It did not take long for me to fall in love with you. You took your time with me and let me decide when to move forward. For that, I am very grateful. It just made me love you that much more. I knew when you arrived and I saw you running up the steps that what we have is real. I trust you, Legolas. I know you will never hurt me. I don't know how but I do. Elves are nothing like men." Eowyn reached down and felt his erection through his leggings. "In some places more than others." she said caressing his arousal through the material.

"I want you Legolas. There is no doubt or confusion. This is what I want and I am ready. Make love to me." she whispered in his ear. Her tongue traveled up his ear but this time she did not stop. She took the tip of his ear into her warm mouth and sucked making Legolas do the moaning this time.

Legolas reached down and scooped Eowyn up in his arms. He carried her to the bed and gently laid her down. Her golden hair spilled all around her shoulders. He kissed her hard releasing the fever of his passion onto her. She felt it and returned it with her own wanton kiss.

Legolas sat next to her on the bed and removed her dress, sliding it down and off her body. She laid there completely naked. Her breathing was heavy making her breasts heave up and down. Legolas took them in his hands and caressed her firm globes. He sucked on each one and kissed her again before proceeding further down her body.

He let his tongue travel down her stomach until he reached the soft curls of her mound. Eowyn knew where he wanted to go so she spread her legs, allowing him access to her secret place. Legolas looked up and smiled at her reassuringly. He would not go any further than she was willing to let him. So far, she seemed inclined to let him explore her body.

He ran his hand over her smooth creamy thighs, up to the knee and then slowly back towards her body. He did not stop but let his fingers explore her nether region. He spread her folds and found her to be quite wet and slick with her essence. She was ready for him but he wanted to play a bit. Legolas traced her with a gentle finger and then delved inside her opening. Eowyn began writhing on the bed as she let out a moan. He observed her reaction and knew she would come quickly, the first time.

He lowered his head between her legs and his tongue followed the same path that his finger just had. So long had he dreamed of this moment, to taste her sweet juices. She was like honey, so sweet. He tried to go slow but she tasted too good. He covered her with his mouth and sucked every part of her.

Eowyn's hips gyrated uncontrollably as she enjoyed the feel of his warm mouth on her. His tongue dipped inside her opening and she moaned. She reached down with her hands and twisted her fingers in his soft hair. It was an image that repeated in her mind and now it was really happening. And it was exquisite. She would not last much longer. It had been to long since she was touched in such a way and Legolas was touching her in all the right places. She felt the ache down inside her begin to rise to the surface as he continued his caresses.

His attention turned to her clit as his tongue flicked across the sensitive flesh. Once again, he inserted his finger deep inside her. Her body was twisting and writhing wildly. She raised her legs over his shoulders and shoved her hips in the air.

"Oh yes." she screamed as she came. Every inch of her skin tingled with life as her orgasm washed over her entire body. Legolas lapped up every drop of her sweetness.

She came back down to her senses as her body recovered. "That was wonderful, Legolas." she panted. He crawled his way up her body and kissed her, letting her taste her own juices on his tongue. Legolas lay next to her as she caught her breath and watched her face. Her eyes were closed but she wore a big smile. He caused her joy and he would do it again when she was ready. His own body ached for release as his arousal throbbed.

"I can see by your smile that you liked that. However, it is only a taste of what the evening has in store for us. Let me take you to new places you have never before experienced. I do not tire easily and can keep this up all night." he said, rubbing her nipples between his forefinger and thumb.

"You will exhaust me before the night is through. But it is a good exhaustion." she said. Then Eowyn sat up on her elbow and looked into his striking blue eyes. "I love you, Legolas. You have been so good for me. Because of you, I now know the true meaning of love."

"You mean the world to me and I love you. I love everything about you. You are strong minded yet compassionate. You know what you want in life and I admire that quality. When you are near me, my heart leaps from my chest. You are so beautiful in every way." Legolas kissed her again. Then he devoured her firm breasts.

"Oh Legolas, take me. I want to feel you inside me. Fill me with your body, your soul, your love. Take me now." she said with abandoned want. She ached again and needed him to caress away the pain. She wanted to get back to that pleasurable place.

Legolas slipped out of his leggings and Eowyn got a closer look at his body. She reached out and stroked his arousal. It jumped at her touch. He was very sensitive as he moaned at the feel of her hand encompassing his hard shaft.

He crawled on top of her body enjoying the feel of her breasts against his chest. His arousal throbbed knowing he would soon be inside her warm inner embrace. Legolas was aware that this was only her second time to enjoy the pleasures of making love. He would need to keep some self-control until she was comfortable with his size. He placed a hand on the bed beside each of her shoulders, supporting his weight. The head of his shaft rested at her opening. Eowyn lifted her legs and wrapped them around his slim waist. His hair spilled over his shoulders. They looked into each other's eyes.

"What we are about to do cannot be taken lightly. Once we do this, we will forever be tied emotionally to one another. Once an Elf loves, he never loves another. I am forever yours, Eowyn, no matter what the future holds." he said wanting her to understand what exactly they were getting themselves into.

"I have heard about the love shared between elf-kind. I did not know it was like that between races. I know I love you, Legolas. You have etched a place in my heart and I know I will never lose this feeling for you. Something seems so right about us. I have never felt as bold as I do with you. I want this, Legolas. My soul wants this."

Legolas smiled down to her. "My whole life I have waited for this moment. I feel it is my purpose, like this is the way it was supposed to happen. I have waited many millennia for this very moment to take place. Galadriel told me when the time was right I would have no doubts. I have never been so sure of anything then I am right now."

Eowyn brought his head down to kiss him with every ounce of her love for him flowing from her lips to his. "There is no doubt in my mind that we are meant to be. I want you to fill me with everything you have to offer. I can wait no longer." she begged.

Legolas wasted no more time. Slowly he slid his hardness into her. She was tight and squeezed him driving him mad with want. He backed out a little then slid in further. He continued his movements until he buried himself within her walls. Her inner muscles pulsed and squeezed him making him moan with pleasure.

Eowyn was a little uncomfortable at first. He was so large and she was not used to the feel, being it was only her second time. It was like losing her virginity all over again. With every thrust, he sunk in deeper. Ecstasy replaced the pain. His last push had filled her completely. It felt so good to have every inch of her inner wall in contact with his hard flesh.

Legolas felt her body tense slightly. "Are you alright? Am I hurting you?" he asked before he went any further.

"You feel so incredible inside me. Don't stop now."

Legolas moved in and out of her, sometimes almost pulling out all the way. Then he would sink right back into her warmth. He found his rhythm and Eowyn's hips matched. They moaned together in unison. Legolas quickened his pace and Eowyn followed.

"Deeper!" she yelled. Her climax was building quickly.

Legolas thrust into her with full force and Eowyn yelled his name repeatedly. "Oh yes. I am so close."

He increased his rhythm and could feel his own climax rising. Then with one final deep thrust, the end of his shaft touched her innermost wall. Eowyn screamed his name feeling her orgasm travel throughout her entire body. Her legs clamped around his waist so that he would stay where he was. Her inner muscles squeezed him and Legolas' own orgasm washed over his body as his seed spilled into her. He kept pushing deeper and deeper as his hot essence flowed forth until there was not a drop left.

"Oh Eowyn, I love you, gwilwileth nin." he whispered as he lay on top of her. He remained buried in her body, not wanting to loose their connection. As long as they stayed like this, they were one body.

Eowyn caught her breath. "Your language is so beautiful. What does 'gwilwileth nin' mean?"

"It means 'my butterfly'. That is what you are, a butterfly that has just come forth from its cocoon. You have lived a very sheltered life, staying in one place. Now you emerge strong and beautiful, seen by all whose path you cross. You are very special, Eowyn. I believe you play a much bigger part in this world than you could ever imagine. And I will be your protector and love you always."

"You make me so happy, Legolas. I do not care what anyone says or thinks. I love you so much and that is all that matters."

Legolas slid slowly from her body and stretched out next to her on the bed, embracing her in his arms. "There is one person whose opinion matters to you and he has given his approval of our love."

Eowyn thought for a moment. "There are only two people, besides you, whose thoughts and feelings I care about, my brother and my uncle. But neither of them knows about us, do they?"

"Eomer knew. He observed our behavior and knew right away that there was something transpiring between us. He approached me during our return from Isengard. At first, he was against it, saying we could not pursue our feelings because of our race. However, I was true and honest and told him how much I loved you and I think he was somewhat relieved. Eomer understands that you must live you own life now and he supports you no matter what. He is an honorable man and he accepts me as a brother."

Tears came to Eowyn's eyes. "He really said that? He called you his brother?" Legolas nodded.

"You have just relieved my heart. I was so worried about Eomer's reaction. This is such good news. Now I know that this love is meant to happen. Oh Legolas, you have made me so happy." she said and they kissed. And that kiss lead to more love making which lasted until the dawn.

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