What Paths We Take: 7. More Than A Friend

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7. More Than A Friend

They were on their last stretch of road and would reach Helm's Deep before the sunset. Legolas took his usual position at the front of the caravan, searching for danger. He heard a woman's laugh and turned to see Eowyn walking alongside Gimli. The two had become good friends and Gimli enjoyed telling her stories of the Dwarves. It was good to see her laughing. So many times she had become troubled with her thoughts. Legolas was usually the one who was there to help her pick up the pieces and move on. She had changed quite a bit since he first met her. Back then she was very wary and suspicious of everyone. He was flattered at how quickly he earned her trust. His strength always seemed renewed when he was close to Eowyn and he missed her when she was not there.

Suddenly, looking out into the distance, Legolas saw Orcs and heard the barking of Wargs. They were about to be attacked. Quickly he called out to Aragorn. "The enemy approaches. Ready the men and get the others to safety."

The three fellowship companions rallied with the king and the rest of the riders and stayed to fight the Orcs. Eowyn led her people away and followed a safer route to Helm's Deep arriving by the afternoon. She anxiously waited for the rest to show.

Hearing the sound of horses approaching, Eowyn headed to the gates. Théoden rode in first, followed closely by his men. She helped him down from his horse. "Where are the others, the three companions? Did they make it?" she said, her eyes scanning the crowd.

"It was a tough battle and they fought bravely. I have not seen such strength in many years. But even that sometimes is not enough." Théoden sighed.

Eowyn looked at her uncle with wide eyes full of fear. "What are you saying? Did they not survive the fight?"

"One did not. I'm afraid Aragorn is lost to us. He fell a long way from the edge of a cliff while fighting the Orc leader. I'm sorry Eowyn." Théoden placed a loving hand on her shoulder.

Eowyn was beside herself with grief for the Ranger. She looked past the crowd of soldiers and saw a final rider enter through the gates. Legolas and Gimli had arrived. Eowyn went to them.

"Legolas, I'm so sorry. The king told me of Aragorn's fall. This is truly a dark day for Rohan. Tell me, what can I do? How can I help?" Eowyn pleaded.

Legolas climbed down from his horse, helping Gimli down also. He turned to Eowyn and she saw a look on his face she'd never seen before. It was the look of defeat. "You can tend to the wounded. They need the most attention now. Gimli and I will be fine. We are not injured. I need a moment alone to collect my thoughts. I think I shall never get used to seeing death. It is just not a common occurrence amongst the Elves."

Eowyn reached out and put her hand on his arm. "If I can be of any help to you, please let me know. I want to be there for you as you have been for me."

Legolas placed his hand on hers and looked into her eyes finding comfort there. "Thank you Lady Eowyn. You are very kind." Then he walked off alone.


Later that evening, Eowyn could not sleep. She threw on a light robe over her nightgown and headed outside for some fresh air. It was a quiet evening. A haze hung about the valley down below. Eowyn had an eerie feeling about the night as if something far off approached. The air seemed thick. No stars shown in the night sky, veiled by the thickening clouds.

She pulled her robe tighter around her small frame and heard a horse way off somewhere, neighing as if calling for its rider. Looking to her left she noticed a tall cloaked figure standing at the edge of a low wall, looking out into the distance. Seeing a head of soft gold, she knew it was Legolas and went to him.

"You do not sleep this evening. Is your heart as troubled as mine?" Eowyn said to him as she stood at his side.

"Elves do not sleep as humans do. We can go for days without rest. As for my heart, it is troubled my lady, for I am not sure about my friend. I can almost sense life in him yet, though weak. But I am not used to seeing so much death. Maybe it is wishful thinking to hope he still lives. I have released his horse and told him to find his master. If Aragorn is out there somewhere, he will need help returning. If his horse comes back without a rider, then my deepest fear will have come true."

"But Théoden said it was a long fall from the cliff. How can you hope for his safe return when all signs point to death?" Eowyn asked. Her depression seemed to seep back into her soul.

Legolas sensed her desolation and turned to her. "Because, Eowyn, there is always hope. When all else fails, it is all that we have left." He took her hands in his and noticed they felt like ice. "You are cold. You should go back inside and warm by the fire."

"I would much rather be with you right now. I could use the company." she said, hoping he would not force her to leave.

Legolas pulled her into him, her back leaning against his chest. "Then let me keep you warm." he said, wrapping his Lorien cloak around them. They stood there in each others arms, not saying a word but just enjoying the closeness.

Eowyn couldn't help but notice how good it felt to be wrapped in Legolas' arms. She closed her eyes and let the feeling wash over her like a wave of comfort. His lean body contoured to hers. She noticed how different he smelled from a man, like the forest. That thought made her wonder how he tasted. She had felt his lips on her hand and wondered how they would feel upon her own lips.

The wind blew and Legolas' hair brushed against her neck. She wished to run her fingers through its soft length. She looked down to its silver ends and wondered how his golden tresses would feel brushing across her naked body. These thoughts made her body heat in places she had not felt in a long time.

No. I should not be having these thoughts. Legolas is my friend, she thought to herself. Knowing it was not right, she tried to get these visions out of her head but she was enjoying them just the same. Her mind and her body were at war with each other and it seemed her body was winning as she felt a desirable ache deep down in her core.

Eowyn nudged herself tighter against his body and Legolas, thinking she needed more warmth, pulled the cloak around more. He was relishing this moment of closeness with her, feeling her warm body against his.

She loosened his arms and turned around to face him, letting her arms snake around his strapping body. Her head snuggled against his chest and she breathed deep, inhaling his scent. There was a contentment here she had never felt before, an overwhelming sense of security.

Legolas closed his eyes and fought with his own desire to ravish her with kisses. Her body was so alluring. Her hair smelled of delicate flowers. He brought a hand up and rested it behind her head, cradling her against his chest.

She lifted her face to look up at this virile being. How was it she was so attracted to him? Why was it she found his mere presence to be so captivating? He was an Elf, one of the first born, immortal. This could not be. She internally fought with herself to stop what she was doing. But it was as if she was under a spell and she could do nothing else but just be with him.

Legolas looked down to her and returned her gaze. He lowered his head unable to stop his advances. He wanted to taste her lips, just one innocent kiss. Legolas started with a gentle brush of his lips across hers, first one way and then the other. Then he slowly rested them upon hers. It was a simple subdued kiss. They pulled away and looked at each other again, unsure of how the other one felt about the closeness they just shared or if they should be sharing it at all.

"I… I hope you didn't mind. I was caught up in the moment and…" Legolas started to say but to his surprise, Eowyn put her hand to his lips.

"Don't say anything." she said moving her hand to the back of his head and pulling him towards her. She closed her eyes and waited for his lips to touch hers again.

Legolas followed her lead and once again pressed his mouth to hers. A ripple of pleasure traveled from his lips, down his spine and ended deep down where his desire was set in motion. He immediately began to harden as once again the vision of her naked breasts entered his mind. Now they were pressing into his chest. He wanted to feel them but was afraid to move too quickly.

Eowyn was enjoying this moment. At first it seemed like a curiosity between friends but it escalated, quickly becoming more intense. The heat in her cheeks spread its way down through her body. She was suddenly warm all over as she initiated a deeper kiss. Her lips pressed harder into his and he did not resist.

Legolas was letting Eowyn take the lead here. It was she who had recently had her heart broken and he would let it be her who decided how far to take things.

Eowyn could not stop as she wanted to know more about this Elf. He was letting her make all the advances and she liked it. She knew they would only go as far as she would allow. Slowly, Eowyn slid her tongue along his lips. He parted them allowing her entry to his moist mouth. There she found her answer as his tongue touched hers. It was so soft and warm. This had become more than just a friendly kiss and deep down she wanted it to mean more.

For so long he had wanted this. He hadn't known of her curiosity for him. It seemed safe and simple to be friends who confided in each other. That is all he thought she would ever want. Up until now, he managed to keep his feelings hidden. But presently he could feel a carnal desire wash over him.

Eowyn brought her hand up and laid it to the side of his face. She could feel his jaw line and the muscles move as she deepened the kiss even more. Her hand worked its way around his neck and into his golden hair. It felt just as soft as it looked. There was only one more place to observe. As tongues entwined and breathing became more hurried, she brought her hand to his pointed ears. So long had she wondered what they felt like. She brushed her fingers along the tips, down to the lobes and back up again. That's when she felt his hands advance towards her breasts. She realized that he had wanted more than friendship too. Her heart pounded at the thought of him having the same desire.

Legolas' body lit up as her hand caressed his face and then his hair. But when she began to delicately stroke his ear, it was almost too much. He needed to feel her and his hands lingered ever closer to her breasts. He felt her body tighten slightly and hoped he didn't overstep his boundary. It was only a moment he felt her indecision before her body began to relax again. Then he was sure she wanted this as much as he did. Her hand continued to fondle the pointed tip of his ear.

The kiss they shared became even more passionate as they touched each others bodies. Heat was exchanged as they held each other closer and tighter. They shared the moment hidden beneath the dark night sky knowing their current situation would look and feel much different in the light of day. Neither one cared as they lived only for the moment at hand.

Legolas moved her hair to the side and leaned down, placing delicate kisses on her neck. He breathed in the scent of her body as he did. Then he spoke in elvish as his lips brushed along her shoulder.

His language was beautiful, she thought. "What did you say?"

"I said your skin is as soft as fine silk and you smell as sweet as honey." Legolas moved her hair to the other side. "Shall I continue?"

She wasn't sure she should, afraid of where things might lead to but her body was on fire from his touch. "Yes, Legolas." she whispered. "Please don't stop, not yet."

His lips traced along the other side of her neck. In his mind saw the image of her naked body as he had seen her before. In elvish, he described her breasts, her firm nipples, her shapely body and what he would do to her.

Eowyn was being seduced by his words though she knew not what he was saying. "And what does that mean?" she asked innocently.

"Maybe one day I will tell you, but not tonight. When the time is right, you will know." he said wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her tighter to him.

Eowyn felt the warmth of his body travel through hers and she seemed to warm rather quickly. She felt her own desire flow through her body and she heated up more in some places than in others. Eowyn felt so content and safe in his arms. She knew he would protect her from all harm. For the first time since she was a child, she felt sheltered and secure. Eowyn was falling for this Elf.

Legolas could take no more as she once again was stroking his sensitive ears. Her touch made his blood boil and rush to fill his arousal. He ached as he stiffened, needing release. He knew better than to take it to that point and proceeded to slow things down a bit.

"Eowyn, we must stop before we take this any further and I am unable to turn back." he whispered in her ear.

"I don't know what came over me. I… I have never felt such passion before. For the first time in a long while I feel free to have these desires and it is astounding." she said reaching for his ear again.

Legolas took her hand in his and brought it to his lips, laying a tender kiss on her. "There is one thing you do not know about Elves." he said, lightly brushing the back of his fingers along her cheek. "Elf ears are very sensitive to touch. One more caress from your gentle hands will have me at the edge of my desire." he smiled. He felt her embarrassment as her face turn bright red.

"Oh. I did not mean to… I'm sorry if I… It was not my intention to…" Eowyn didn't know what to say. She had never done anything like that before. At least she didn't think she did.

Legolas reached for a strand of hair that fell loose and tucked it behind her ear. "It's alright. You did not know. I hope you know I would never ask anything more from you than you are willing to give. I know of your love for Faramir for you have spoken about it in the past and I will not take this any further if the past still hinders you. First and foremost, you are my friend and I never want to lose that. I will understand if you do not want to pursue anything more." he said lowering his head.

Eowyn took his chin in her hand and raised his head so that their eyes locked. She looked deep into those blue pools and found honesty and admiration within them.

"You have shown nothing but compassion and morality towards me and for that I am most grateful. I do not regret a single moment we have shared this night." She smiled and looked away for a moment before returning her gaze back to his. "I would like to remain your friend and explore other possibilities with you. I think I have always been drawn to you, Legolas of Mirkwood. You bring out something in me that no one else has. But I must be honest and say I'm not sure it is right for us to take things further, you being elf kind and me being human. I don't want to lose our friendship because of that."

"I have thought about that too." Legolas said. "But if we are meant to share something special, then I will not let it get in the way."

She kissed him on the cheek. "And I agree that we should take it at a slower pace." she said as a mischievous smile spread across her face. "But not too slow for I rather enjoyed your kiss."

Legolas got the hint and leaned into her as they touched lips once again. This time they made sure not to let things get too heated which was hard to do as their tongues twirled and danced around each other. They wished the night would never end.


The next day, Eowyn was tending to her duties when she heard a commotion at the gate. She looked up and saw a horse carrying a man, barely alive it seemed. Legolas' intuitions were right, it was Aragorn. He had returned though he looked worse for wear. Legolas and Gimli joined him and helped him down from his horse.

Legolas looked over to Eowyn. "Tell the king that Aragorn lives. He is in need of medical attention but I think he will be fine. When he has had time to recover, we seek counsel with Théoden. Aragorn has seen the black army and their numbers are greater than we thought. They will be here by the evening."

Eowyn ran off to see Théoden while Legolas and Gimli took Aragorn to the healing rooms. He was quite beat up but he would heal. Later they met with the king to discuss their plans for war. Every man young and old who was able to fight was fitted with armor and given a weapon. Without Eomer and the rest of their army, these were the only people they had to rely on. Things were looking very grave for the people of Rohan.

Helm's Deep was a strong fortress, but if things went awry there would be no escape. Legolas became anxious over their situation. If only more had come to fight, maybe they would stand a chance. But as the sky darkened over the area, so too did Legolas' mind as a shadow of doubt was cast upon him. He could see nothing but death and despair as a result of this fight. He had tried to get Aragorn to see their demise but he would not hear of it. Aragorn supported the king's decision.
Feeling as if no one would listen to him, Legolas went to find Eowyn. He could always find comfort with her.

Eowyn was down in the caves, helping the women and children to settle into their temporary home. She was just getting the last of the food supplies organized when she looked up and saw Legolas. His countenance showed her something was wrong and she went to him.

"Legolas, why are you not with the others? There is not much time left. What is wrong?"

"I don't know. My mind is clouded and I have an overwhelming fear that more death is upon us this night. Eowyn, our numbers are so low and if Aragorn is right about this orc army, we will soon be overrun. Your people are cornered in this fortress. If the walls are breeched, you will have nowhere to go. I tried to make Aragorn see this but he will not listen. I have a bad feeling about this battle. I fear for you and your survival."

Eowyn could see his trepidation and took his hand. "Come with me." she said, leading him to a private alcove where she could talk to him alone. Once they were there, she cupped her hands to his face and looked deep into his blue eyes.

"I have never seen you like this before. Where is the brave Elf I first met on the steps of my city? I thought you were foolish to think you could defeat such a powerful wizard as Saruman. But you walked into danger as if playing a game, smiling with an arrogance I had never witnessed before. It was then that I was first drawn to you, Legolas. You had not a care in the world as you fought off Grima's men. Do not let today be any different. Saruman may be powerful, but we have something he doesn't; your fellowship. I have seen the bond you three share. When you are together you have a strength which cannot be matched. I believe it is the reason Aragorn survived his fall. Nothing can break the union of ax, sword and bow. Now, do not let the darkness enter your mind as evil approaches. Remember hope. If you have taught me anything it is to let hope fill you. And our hope right now is for Gandalf to return with my brother and the Rohirrim."

Legolas' mind cleared as Eowyn spoke these words of encouragement. "You are such a beautiful being, inside and out. Lord Elrond was wrong to think we could not put our trust in mankind. You have a determination which far out numbers any other race. Thank you for renewing my spirit. I must go to Aragorn and apologize. I'm afraid I spoke abruptly when last we met. But you must listen to me now. I know it is your duty to stay here and protect your people. You are a last line of defense if things should go awry. I will try my best to not let that happen. But if it does, you must be prepared. Just know that I will come for you. This I promise as long as my body still breathes."

Legolas then grabbed her by the waist and pulled her close. "Eowyn, I know I've told you that you are special. Now I tell you that you are special… to me. You warm my heart and up until last night I was unsure if it could ever be anything more than friendship. But I think we both felt something unique in the kiss we shared. I need you to know, before this battle, that I have opened my heart to you. It is yours for the taking. I will understand if it is too soon for you to feel this way again. Let me help you heal. Love should not hurt. It should not be hidden. It should be given freely. You need not make any decision. I do not seek an answer. I just needed to tell you of my feelings, should something happen this night."

He leaned into Eowyn as if to kiss her. She closed her eyes, anticipating his movements. But at the last second, he decided not to. He would not influence her in such a way. This had to be her decision.

When she did not feel his lips, she opened her eyes to see Legolas turn to leave. But she could not let him leave for battle this way. This could very well be their last few moments together.

"Legolas!" she yelled and he stopped. She ran to him. As he turned to face her, she threw herself into his arms. He caught her and they embraced. "You cannot leave yet, not without this." she said and she kissed him with such a passion she had never experienced before. They held each other tight as they devoured each other. Tongues flicked wildly. Hands roamed over muscles and flesh. Everything around them seemed to melt away as they let every emotion flow into each other from this one kiss.

When it ended, they stood there gazing at each other. Thinking she may never see him again, Eowyn spoke her mind in the heat of the moment. "I love you, Legolas."

Legolas smiled. "I have longed to hear these words pass your sweet lips. And I love you, Eowyn, beautiful Lady of Rohan."

Eowyn let go of him but her gaze remained fixed. "Please, stay safe. Rohan needs you. I need you."

Legolas put his hand to his heart and bowed, giving her a proper elvish departure. Then he turned and left the cave in search of Aragorn. When he had found him, he apologized and set things straight.

The fellowship made their way to the fortress walls and watched as the evil army approached. Soon they were in full battle. Legolas fought as never before knowing of Eowyn's love for him.

It was a tough battle, one they felt at times they were losing. Just when all hope seemed to have vanished, Gandalf showed with Eomer and the Rohirrim. Théoden and the fellowship rode out to meet them and put a quick end to this war. Legolas had just used the last of his arrows when a messenger ran up to him. He informed the Elf that a few Orcs stayed behind and made their way to the caves. They were now attacking the entrance to the cave where the Shieldmaidens held them at bay. "But I don't know how much longer they will hold out for. Please, gather your companions. They need your help." said the messenger.

Legolas jumped on his horse and rode back to the fortress. Aragorn and Gimli followed. Eomer was not far behind. They arrived just in time. Eowyn was jousting with a rather large Orc. Legolas watched as she brought her sword down onto its arm, slicing deep. She was about to swing again when she lost her footing and fell. The Orc was taking this opportunity to finish her off and raised its weapon above its head.

"Eowyn!" Legolas yelled. She had heard his voice and knew he had kept his promise to come for her.

"Legolas, help!" she yelled back. Legolas intervened as he plucked an arrow from a dead Orc nearby and quickly shot it at Eowyn's attacker making his final kill.

Aragorn, Gimli and Eomer watched as the Elf ran to Eowyn and embraced her. They were all rather shocked to see such affection between this unlikely pair.

Aragorn smiled to himself. He knew something was occupying his friends mind as of late. He had no idea it was the Lady of Rohan.

"That young rascal." Gimli muttered to himself. Aragorn heard his comment and laughed.

But it was Eomer who was in disbelief the most. He was not taking too kindly to the scene which was playing out in front of him. He had been away for a while and didn't know how much things had changed. He thought it was too soon after Boromir's death for her to be acting in such an inappropriate manner and with an Elf no less. And what of Faramir? As far as Eomer knew, it was he who Eowyn gave her love to. Just what had taken place while he was gone? He would say nothing now, not with the others here. He would wait until they were alone before he questioned his sister about her recent choice of companions.

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