What Paths We Take: 31. And Life Went On

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31. And Life Went On

Everything in Middle Earth was how it was meant to be. Faramir and Eowyn married again soon after she returned to Ithilien. There was no reason to court or get to know each other. They had already done that. And besides, Eowyn learned much to her surprise that she was indeed pregnant. They thought it was impossible after all they had learned years before. The healers were stunned. There was no such cure for such an ailment. They claimed it to be a miracle. Faramir said it was the removal of the shard from the sword hilt. Eowyn agreed for he had been a different man since then. Whatever the reason, it was the greatest day in their lives when their son was born.

"You have your heir, my love." Eowyn told him as he held his son for the first time.

"He will be named Elboron." Faramir declared and Eowyn agreed.

Caladwen was overjoyed to have a little brother. She could not wait to teach him everything she knew. "I'll even share Haldir with him." she told her parents.

Faramir laughed. "I'm sure the Marchwarden will be overjoyed by this offer." he told her.

Legolas came to visit Eowyn and Faramir and to get a look at the newborn babe. He was a regular to the city and today was no different.

"He is a beautiful child." Legolas said, holding the baby boy. "Already there is much of his father in him. He will be a strong leader one day."


Faramir and Eowyn took their children to Minas Tirith as often as they could spare. They became rather good friends with Aragorn and Arwen's children. Eldarion and Caladwen had much in common, both having human and elf-kind parents. They often competed with their archery skills, Caladwen being the stronger of the two. As they grew into their teenage years, she developed a fondness for Aragorn's eldest son.  However, Eldarion was quite a few years older than she was and he did not share the same feelings as she did. He thought of her more like a stepsister than anything else.

Caladwen wished every day that Eldarion would change his mind until one day she visited Rohan with her parents. There she met a young stable mate named Leodred. Now he assisted in the raising of the horses but he would one day train as a Rider of Rohan. His father had been a Rider. He fought at Helm's Deep and Pelennor Field and when he learned of the last fight at the Black Gate, he felt this would be his end. Already he had barely escaped with his life in two wars. Something deep down told him he would not return from the last. So he proposed to and married his long time love the night before he marched off to Mordor with Aragorn and the rest of the company. It was that night that Leodred was conceived. His father's intuition was correct and he died in combat in the last war. Leodred was told many stories of his father's bravery and wanted to assume his father's role.

For Caladwen it was love at first sight. She shied away from him at first, but soon she learned of his return interest for her. They became friends at first, being told they were too young for affairs of the heart. They only saw each other when Caladwen visited Rohan. Then he reached adulthood and joined the Rohirrim Riders. He was very busy and hardly saw Caladwen during these years of training. It paid off in the end as he was promoted to Captain. Soon he was traveling abroad and made many trips to Emyn Arnen to visit Caladwen.

There was the issue of her Peredhil bloodline. Many eyebrows rose at the discovery of the attentions of Leodred and Caladwen, none more than Haldir. He had appointed himself as her protector, her guardian many years before and he meant to remain so until the day she left Middle Earth. Haldir had become more accepting of humans but after being on this earth for many millennia, he still held some doubt and distrust. He watched over Caladwen at a distance now, but he was never far.

And so it came to be that Caladwen and Leodred married during their young adulthood. Not everyone agreed with their choice but they were only following their hearts. And life went on.


The marriage was a success and they were very much in love. They decided not to have children since it would change Caladwen's path as a Peredhil. One day she would have to choose between a mortal life or eternal life as an Elf. To have Leodred's child would mean to bind to him and forsake her Deciding Day. They were quite in love and happy with their life when a few years later, tragedy struck. While out patrolling the borders of Rohan, Leodred a Wildsmen arrow struck him. He was brought back to the city but died in the night. Caladwen was with him when he passed. He gave her his permission to go on and find love once again. It was an odd request at the time but she eased his mind and accepted his recourse.

Haldir had not left Lothlorien much after Caladwen married. He felt he was not needed as often since she had a husband to watch over her. When he learned of Leodred's passing, he rushed off to be by her side and help her through those difficult days. Caladwen was thankful for the March Warden. He had always been there for her in one way or another. Now that she was older, at least in the eyes of Men, she was becoming more of Haldir's equal. They were no longer teacher and student. He was beginning to sense her maturity and thought it was time for her to move on. Caladwen grieved for a while in Rohan. When she decided it was time to leave, she went with Haldir back to Lothlorien. And so life went on.


Faramir was a wonderful leader. The people respected him and loved him and they cherished Eowyn as their lady. Many great things were accomplished in Osgiliath. Their son, Elboron was put in charge of certain rebuilding projects. He had a mind for stonework and made Faramir proud. Eowyn pestered Elboron to find a wife and settle down but he insisted he was not ready for such a commitment. He took his position as heir of the Lord of Ithilien very seriously. Only a certain type of woman would do and there were not many that fit his idea. She would have to be strong willed and confident. Faramir told Eowyn he had not met the right girl yet but that she was out there somewhere. It would just be a matter of time.

Faramir was of the Numenorean bloodline and should have lived well over a century. However, he had suffered many evil wounds and none harsher than that of the piece of hilt. Like Frodo and Eowyn, the pain came back to haunt him on the anniversary of the injury. It took its toll on his body over the years and greatly shortened his life.

He had been enjoying a beautiful morning. Summer was just winding down and he felt the first cool breeze of autumn blow through the woods. That's when a pain struck him and he fell to the ground. Legolas had been near and heard a muffled cry. He came running to find Faramir lying on the ground, moaning in pain.

"Where does it hurt?" the Elf asked his friend.

"Oh, it's just an old battle wound acting up again. I'll be alright Legolas." he said.

Legolas helped him to stand up and was walking him home when the pain shot through his shoulder again. Legolas called out to his fellow Elves and they got Faramir home as quickly as possible. They got him to his bedchambers and notified the healers.

It was not even close to the anniversary of the injury. Even if it had been, Faramir never experienced anything more than a twinge or a dull throb on that day. However, it was still a good three months to that time of year. Something else was happening and Legolas feared for his friend.

Eowyn was notified right away. She came bursting into the room and was met by Legolas.

"What has happened, Legolas?" she said with panic in her voice.

"It's the pain again. It comes earlier and earlier every year though never this soon. Tis still three months off." Legolas was just as worried as Eowyn.

Eowyn patted Legolas on the arm and went to Faramir. She smiled down at him and he laughed through the pain. "Had you worried didn't I?"

"Faramir, this is no time for joking. Tell me what you are feeling? How long has this been going on?" she demanded as only a wife can.

"Eowyn, you are worrying yourself. I will be fine. It's just a slight twinge in my shoulder again." he lied.

"Again?" she said in a raised voice. "You have experienced this before and didn't tell anyone?"

"I didn't want to worry you, my love." he said trying to put on the charm. It had always worked in the past but somehow, he wasn't pulling it off this time.

Eowyn glared at him with accusatory eyes. "Why did you not say anything? Perhaps we could have gotten you to the healers and…"

"What ails me can not be cured by any healer." Faramir reached out and took Eowyn's hand. "It seems my injuries are coming back to haunt me. They always have, like a reminder. Because of them, I have lived my life to its fullest. Nevertheless, I have paid a steep price for the choices of my youth. So don't worry yourself my love."

Eowyn could not help but worry though she did not let it show. She smiled and leaned down, kissing his forehead. "Get some rest and I will be back to check on you in a while." She exited the bedroom and went into the hall. She knew this was much more serious than he was making it out to be. She stood there a moment, trying to collect herself. Legolas came out into the hall and walked up to her. He gazed down upon her and sensed her worry. Reaching out, he pulled her into an embrace. That was all it took and Eowyn began sobbing into the Elf's chest. Legolas knew more about the situation than he led on but he would not tell her. Yet, somehow, Eowyn sensed Legolas' thoughts and she guessed what he thought was locked away in his head.

"Is he dying?" she asked. She already seemed to know the answer but she needed to hear it out loud.

Legolas could not bring himself to tell her so he kept silent.

"You are an Elf, Legolas and you cannot lie. So tell me, is he dying?" she demanded.

Legolas hated having to tell her but she was right, he could not lie. "He deteriorates at an increased rate now. His body is tired. For too long he has fought off the effects of his old wounds. It seems to be catching up to him. The healers will bring him something to help with the pain. But from this day forward, it will be something he must live with daily." Legolas wrapped his arms around Eowyn. "I'm sorry. I wish I had better news." he said and realized he hadn't held Eowyn like this in many years.

She was thankful for his comfort but backed away from Legolas. "We must tell Caladwen and Elboron. They need to know immediately."

"I will send messengers to Lorien." Legolas stated. "She should be here in a few weeks time."


Caladwen had lived in Lorien for quite some time now. She had become a teacher and was giving the Lorien Elves lessons about mankind, something they never fully understood. She felt it was her calling to bring together the different races of Middle Earth. If there was ever to be peace, all beings would need to learn to respect each other.

Eowyn was not happy that she lived so far away but Caladwen felt it was something she had to do. Something drew her in that direction and only recently did she find out what it was.

Elboron took over more and more of his father's duties. He was becoming a fine leader. Many said he was just like his father but Faramir could see a lot of Boromir in him. He was kind to his people, yet strong minded when he needed to be. He was not the daydreamer that Faramir was in his youth. When Elboron set his mind to do something, it was done correctly and with much consistency. In addition, he had finally found a wife, much to Eowyn's joy. They met in Minas Tirith. She had lived there for quite some time. Originally, she was born in Rohan and trained as a Shieldmaiden. However, she longed for bigger and more advanced places and came to Minas Tirith to experience city life.

The moment Elboron saw her he knew she was the one. He courted her and she was very stubborn. After many years of break-ups and make-ups, they decided they were meant for each other and married soon after. She was with child now and due to deliver very soon. Elboron hoped for a son who he could teach and bond with. His wife wished for a daughter to soften Elboron's tough exterior.

A few weeks passed and Caladwen arrived at Emyn Arnen. When she saw Faramir, she was shocked to see how much he seemed to age in such a short amount of time.

"I came as quickly as I could. How are you feeling?" she asked with much concern.

"Oh I have had better days. The healers keep me on medicines for the pain. Without them, I don't think I could get out of bed." He took Caladwen's hands in his. "Look at you. You are absolutely glowing. How goes life in Lorien? It has been years since I've seen that fair land."

"The Elves mourn for their Golden Woods. They say it is not what it once was when the Lady Galadriel walked among the mallorns. To me it is the most beautiful place in Middle Earth, even more fair than Ada's forest. They are leaving in great numbers now. Soon, Lorien will be vacant and that will indeed be a sad day."

Faramir smiled at his stepdaughter. "You seem more elf-like now then I remembered. You have their radiance and wisdom. It agrees with you, daughter. So tell me, is there a reason you shine like the stars?"

Caladwen blushed. "Well, there is one who has captured my attention."

"And who is this lucky gentleman or is he elf-kind?" Faramir went on trying to make her surrender the information. He had his suspicions of who he thought it might be.

Caladwen stood silent. She had not spoken of her love to anyone outside of Lothlorien. Faramir smiled. "I knew it would happen some day. It pleases me to know I was able to witness it. He is very noble."

"And stubborn." she said.

"Did he come with you?"

"Yes, but he cannot stay long. He has duties to attend to in Lorien. I told him I could travel on my own but he would not hear of it." Caladwen stated a little irritated.

"Enjoy your time together for you will miss him greatly when he is gone." Faramir said and hugged her.

At that moment, Elboron came into the room. He and Caladwen met outside the palace when she first arrived. "I forgot to ask you how your trip to Ithilien was, dear sister."

"Uneventful as always. Not a single arrow left my quiver." she stated.

"You sound disappointed." Elboron joked.

"What is the use of being a skilled archer if you can never put your craft to work?"

"Because you are the daughter of the Prince of Mirkwood and you shall be the best at what you do." came a smooth voice from the doorway.

Caladwen turned to find Legolas standing there. "Ada!" she beamed and ran to his awaiting arms. "I have missed you. How are things in North Ithilien?"

"Uneventful as you would say." Legolas said smiling at his daughter.

Faramir sat in his chair and silently enjoyed seeing everyone together again. He relished in the moment knowing there may not be many more for him to witness.

Just then, Eowyn came in and completed the family reunion with her presence. Caladwen went to her and they hugged. Eowyn took a step back and looked at her daughter. "Look at you. You absolutely shine henen." Then she turned to Legolas and said, "There is no mistaking the family resemblance." Eowyn could not ignore the fact that Caladwen took on many of Legolas' features. They shared the same smooth alabaster skin, blue eyes and golden hair, though Caladwen's hair was wavy like Eowyn's, not straight which was common with the Elves.

Eowyn noticed Faramir looking a little tired. "Alright everyone, Faramir needs his rest. We will see each other later for the evening meal." she said shooing everyone from the room. Caladwen hugged and kissed Faramir. Elboron hugged his father and patted him on the arm. Legolas smiled and bowed. They all exited the room, except Eowyn. She remained behind to spend a few quiet moments with her husband.

"It is good to see everyone together again." she said, brushing a stray hair from Faramir's face. He was still very handsome. The tinge of gray in his hair made him look even more distinguished. They looked longingly into each other's eyes and Eowyn wondered how many more of these quiet moments they had left. Faramir leaned forward and kissed Eowyn. "I love you, Eowyn." he said and as she started to get up, he caught her arm.

"Stay with me." he whispered and a fire shown in his eyes.

"Faramir, you need your rest." she protested.

"I need you." he said very matter-of-factly. "I may be older, Eowyn, but I am a man and I still have needs."

Eowyn leaned into him once more and kissed him with all of her passion flowing from her lips. She got up and Faramir grabbed her arm again. "I'm only going to lock the door." she smiled wantonly.

She came back to where Faramir sat and straddled his lap, kissing him feverishly. "Let me take care of these needs, my love. You needn't do a thing." she said as she began unlacing his leathers.

Faramir let her undress him but at the last minute, he lifted her up by the waist. Eowyn gasped at the unexpected strength she felt in him. He lifted her in his arms and carried her to the bed. "I am not so weak that I cannot satisfy my wife properly." he said as he undressed her. "There is still a lot of life left in me." He lay down on top of her. "Let me show you, my love." he whispered.

They made love slow and gentle, memorizing every movement, every touch. They remained undisturbed in their room for the rest of the day and did not emerge until the evening.


Several years passed and Faramir weakened considerably in recent days. Now he was bound to his bed. Eowyn took care of him along with the healers. She hardly left his side lately and Caladwen worried she was not taking care of herself. Eowyn assured her daughter that she was fine. Taking care of Faramir was something she had to do.

On this particular day, Faramir had been sleeping. He awoke to find Eowyn sitting in a chair beside his bed. He noticed how worn down and tired she looked. He did not want this for her. He felt there was nothing more he could do on this earth. He would not be a burden to his wife. Her life was far from over. He knew she would grieve for him but he hoped it would not be for long.

"Eowyn," he said in a weak whisper. "Please won't you go and take a walk or something? It is too beautiful a day for you to be cooped up in here with me."

"I am fine right where I am, my love." she said smiling.

This was not going to be easy. "I insist that the sun should touch your beautiful face on this lovely day."

"Are you trying to get rid of me?" she joked.

"Never my love." he said and thought up a new plan. "How about a deal? You take a little time for yourself and send Legolas here to take over while you are away."

"Why are you being so insistent?" Eowyn got up and sat at the foot of his bed.

"I merely want you to take some rest for yourself, darling. Please, do this one thing for me. It will gladden my heart."

"Very well, if it will make you feel better. But I will take you up on your offer and send Legolas to sit with you."

Eowyn sent for Legolas who was out in the gardens with Caladwen. He came immediately, unsure of why he was being called on.

"Legolas, will you stay with Faramir for a bit. It seems my husband thinks I need to get outside more often, even if I don't agree." she said glaring at Faramir.

He smiled back. "And it seems my wife won't do as I say unless someone takes over for her. If you don't mind, Legolas?" Faramir said gesturing for the Elf to have a seat.

"Of course not. I agree that Eowyn needs some fresh air. I'm sure Caladwen would like some alone time with her dear mother." Legolas said. Eowyn's glare was not wasted on him but he could take her wrathful looks.

Eowyn turned back to Faramir and kissed him. "Fine then. I will go but I won't be long. You boys behave yourselves."

"Yes, my lady." they answered in unison and Eowyn left the room shaking her head.

"So Legolas how are things in Ithilien's forest? Do the Elves still roam your beautiful woods?" Faramir asked, making small talk.

"Our numbers are fewer than they once were but the ones who stay have not yet felt the pull of the sea." Legolas sat down and noticed how weak Faramir looked.

"So, your plan to get Eowyn to leave seemed to work but I don't think we will have very long. Why did you send for me, Faramir?" Legolas knew there was something on his mind.

"You know me well, Legolas." Faramir said sitting up further in his bed. He took a deep breath and looked out of the window. "My time comes soon my friend. I can feel it now. There is not much strength left in me and to tell you the truth, I am ready."

This was what Legolas feared. He could feel a change in Faramir, as if life was leaving him but he hoped he was wrong. Death was never something Elves dealt with very often but when it seemed inevitable, it was almost too much to bear. "Are you sure?" he asked.

"I would not have asked you to come otherwise. I have not said anything to anyone else." Faramir turned his attention on the Elf. "Legolas, I need you to do something for me." He paused a moment. "I need you to look after Eowyn when I'm gone. This will be hard on her and I worry for her. She will need you and of course, she will be stubborn and not want your help. There is no one else I trust more. Please stay with her and make sure she is cared for properly. I love her so much. It hurts to know she will suffer. Ease her mind and her sorrow."

Legolas laid his hand on Faramir's arm. "I promise to do as you ask. You need not worry about her. I will make sure she does not delve into depression. She will, of course, resist as you say. Always the Shieldmaiden that one. Rest your weary mind, my friend. She will be surrounded by those who love her."

Faramir smiled. "Love is a powerful thing, is it not? I know you still hold a deep affection for her and in some way so does she. A day may come when she needs more than friendship from you. I will be long dead by then and she needs to live life fully. She always has. I want you to know you have my blessing. Love her as she deserves, Legolas."

"This is an odd request my friend. I could not betray you, even in death." Legolas said with a crease forming between his brows.

"I may hold her heart and soul, but she still holds a special love for you. It may resurface one day and I want you to make her complete. Eowyn will live long after my death. She should live life to its fullest and if she chooses you, I am fine with her decision. Please Legolas; will you give a dying man his last request?"

Legolas was silent for a moment. He never imagined Eowyn wanting to be with anyone but Faramir. Humans had strange thoughts sometimes. The look on Faramir's face told him he was very serious. The Elf softened his features and smiled at his friend. "I will do as you wish." It was a simple answer and all Faramir needed to hear.

"Thank you Legolas. You have been such a good friend to me over the years. I am honored to have known you."

"It is I who should be honored. You are a most noble man. There is definitely some ancient elven blood linked to you." Legolas smiled.

"Maybe so but not enough to keep me bound to this earth." Faramir lay back down in his bed. "Will you send for Eowyn and the children? I think it is time we had our final talks."

Legolas stood up and bowed with his hand on his heart. Something told him this would be the last conversation they were to have. A tear came to his eye as he left the room.

Word went out to Faramir's family and they all came immediately. Elboron went in first. He sat down next to his father and waited for his instructions. "My dear boy, you have made me most proud. I hope I have told you this enough. You have already earned the respect of our people. You will be a great leader. My son, I hereby pass reign onto you. You are now Lord of Ithilien and shall keep that title until you see fit to pass it on to your own heir."

Elboron knelt down beside his father. He rested his head on Faramir's chest. It was a rare moment of closeness between father and son. Faramir placed his hand on Elboron's head and held him there. "You were a miracle for your mother and me. We did not think we could have children and then you came along. The day you were born was the happiest day of my life. I want you to write down these moments of your own, my son. Document all the events of your life. Keep the work of the scholars alive."

"I will start with your story father and make sure it is told to all who cross into Gondor. Only then will my story start where yours leaves off." Elboron held Faramir's hands. "I know you second guessed yourself a lot during my upbringing but I want you to know I am proud you are my father. You never made a bad decision or said the wrong thing. I always felt loved and I have always loved you."

Faramir's eyes misted over. "Thank you, son. I love you very much. Go with peace in your heart. And when you are being honored at your coronation, know I will be there looking down on you and smiling."

After some time, Elboron left the room and walked out into the hall where everyone was gathered. Among them was Haldir. Elboron went to him and greeted him properly.

"Haldir, I did not know you had come." he said.

"I felt a change in the wind and thought it best to make my way here. I can see that my intuition was correct."

Elboron looked to his stepsister. "He wants to see you next, dear sister."

Caladwen nodded her head and hugged Eowyn. She looked to Haldir and took a deep breath. Haldir stepped toward her. He smiled slightly and reached for her hand. She returned the smile and secretly squeezed his hand. The others were too grieved to notice the gesture. Only Legolas observed this, but he showed no display of acknowledgement.

Faramir's eyes lit up at the sight of Caladwen. She always did seem to shine but now she seemed brighter than ever before. Maybe it was because he was so close to death, he thought.

"My dear, Caladwen. As I look upon you, I feel I am between worlds. If I did not know better, I'd think I was looking at one of the Valar themselves."

Caladwen went to his side, sat on his bed and looked questioningly at him. She had never seen anyone dying before nor had she known anyone who had passed naturally. Being a Peredhil, she would one day have to make the choice between life and immortality. She wondered what it was like not to have a choice. "Does it hurt?" she asked.

"No. Death does not hurt. It is very peaceful as long as you do not fight it and let it take you wherever you are meant to go. I know you will struggle with this choice one day. Follow your heart and it will lead you to your destiny." He paused a moment. "Is Haldir here?"

"Yes. He just arrived. Why?" she said wondering how he knew.

"Ever has he been you guardian. I expected him to be here during this time, to watch over you."

Caladwen smiled. "He always seems to know." she said looking out into the distance.

Faramir smiled as he watched her. "Haldir is very honorable. Keep him close. He may seem to be made of stone at times but he only wants what's best for you."

Caladwen looked back to Faramir. "I know you are not my real father, but I have never thought of you as anything else nor have I loved you any less. You have shown me how wonderful it is to live a mortal life. You have taught me so much, especially to never give up. My decision as a Peredhil will be a difficult one but your words will help guide me." She leaned down and kissed his forehead. "I love you, Father."

Faramir smiled and cupped his hand to her face. "Go, Caladwen. Go and spread your brightness among the world. It awaits you."

As Caladwen left the room, Haldir met her. Tears came to her eyes and no one else seemed to be able to comfort her in that moment other than the Marchwarden. She laid her head on his chest and he wrapped his arms around her. He held her as she cried. Finally, she lifted her head.

"He wants to see you." Caladwen whispered to Haldir. He nodded, released her and entered the room.

Faramir looked upon the Marchwarden. "Haldir, I knew you would be here. Thank you for being with my family during this time."

"If I had just a sliver of the powers of the Valar, you would not be in this state, my lord." said the tall Elf.

Faramir was taken aback, for Haldir had never once referred to him as 'my lord' before. "I understand how difficult it was for you to accept my presence in your forest all those years ago, though you kept your disapproval well hidden. Still, over the years I think we have come to an accord. I highly respect you and your Lorien kin and I always have. But I think you know that." Faramir paused. "Take care of her."

"Eowyn will be in safe hands. You need not worry." Haldir responded.

"I do not speak of Eowyn." Faramir said and smiled. "I have not been so weak that I have not noticed a shared glance or a brush of a finger. It was no coincidence that you were drawn to her even before her birth." He was of course speaking of Caladwen. "Should she choose immortality, I can think of no one else more fit for her to spend eternity with."

Haldir looked confused but it was just for show. He was unaware that anyone except Caladwen comprehended his recently admitted affections. "It must seem strange to you for an Elf to fall for one he has known since birth. Nevertheless, immortality has no age restrictions. She still has much to do in Middle Earth. She sees her path and understands what it is she must do. I will wait for her and promise not to sail before her Deciding Day. Whether or not anything is to develop between us is still to be seen." With that said, Haldir bowed to Faramir. "May you find the halls of your fathers everything you hoped it to be. Namarie, Lord of Ithilien, my friend."

There was only one left to come to Faramir's side and she would not leave him again. Eowyn entered with a smile. "There is my handsome husband. How are you feeling, my love?"

"Better now that you are near." he said sleepily.

"Get some rest now. I will be right here when you wake up." she said.

However, Faramir felt differently. "I love you wife and I wouldn't trade a single moment we have shared, good or bad. You have been the most important thing in my life. Promise me you will not turn away anyone's help. I worry for you, my love."

"I promise to do this for you. Have no fears for my well-being. The Shieldmaiden in me is still strong."

Faramir laughed. "That is what I am afraid of. Sometimes your stubbornness gets in the way of others assistance. Remember, every time you say no to someone you are hindering his or her joy for wanting to do good."

"I will remember, dear husband." Eowyn smiled. "Now get some rest." She kissed him tenderly. Faramir brought his hand up and held her there a moment longer as they deepened the kiss.

"I love you, Eowyn." he whispered as he closed his eyes.

"And I love you, Faramir." she answered. She made herself comfortable as she held his hand while he slept and began to dose off herself.

And outside, beyond the walls of their home, life went on.

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