What Paths We Take: 3. A First and A Last

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3. A First and A Last

Chapter 3 - A First and A Last

A few months had passed since Boromir and Faramir visited Rohan and strange things were taking place as of late. There were rumors of activity in Mordor where Orcs seemed to be gathering more and more. In addition, smoke rose from Isengard where the White Wizard Saruman ruled. Eowyn had felt uneasy every now and then even in her own city. Théoden did not seem to be himself lately. When she asked him about it, he told her he was feeling a little under the weather and she should not worry. Nevertheless, she always worried about the ones she loved.

What troubled her more was her visit to Minas Tirith. She had recently received a message from the Steward Denethor, requesting her presence in the White City. He urgently needed to speak with her in person. Eowyn did not look forward to the trip but she had no choice. Why did he want to see her? Fear grew as she was afraid that word had reached him about the kiss her and Faramir shared. On the other hand, maybe it was Boromir who learned of their affection. Was he going to confront her and call off the wedding? Would she be put on trial? Eowyn's head hurt from it all.

She had finally arrived at Minas Tirith. The sight of the towering city made her heart pound. But what was more nerve wracking was meeting with Denethor. He was a very serious and intimidating person but she would put on her bravest face and take anything he had to dish out.

Upon entering the gates, Eowyn had expected to find an escort to lead her to the top level. She was correct in her assumption but she did not presume it to be Faramir who would meet her. He was the last person she thought she would see at the gate but she was glad. Her heart raced at the very sight of him. He was sitting tall and proud on his horse, dressed in regal attire. Why was he here and not Boromir? Eowyn was puzzled but also glad that it was Faramir. She had missed his warm smile, which she could see from afar. Just to see him there made her blood race and her skin tingle. He was as handsome as ever.

Faramir was full of joy to see Eowyn. Too long had he wished to look upon her face. He had tried very hard to forget about her but it was no use. She always worked her way back into his mind. It came as a total shock when his brother asked him to meet Eowyn at the gate. It should have been Boromir but he was busy getting ready to travel and he trusted no one else to escort his lady up to the citadel.

Eowyn approached. "It is so good to see you again, Lord Faramir. I hope all is well in your city." she said keeping to formalities.

"Yes Lady Eowyn. All is well. And you? How are things in Rohan?" More formalities.

"As well as could be expected during these strange times." She would not mention Théoden while eyes and ears were around.

Faramir gave her a warm smile and her heart melted. "I was sent by Boromir to escort you to my father. If you would like to stop at your quarters and freshen up we have time."

"Thank you but I would rather go straight to the Steward. There is no need putting this off any longer. Tell me, do you know why he has asked to see me?" She hoped she would learn something before she faced Denethor.

"I'm afraid they have told me nothing of the request of your presence. It might have something to do with Boromir's departure for Rivendell. The Lord Elrond calls for an important meeting and asks for representatives of all the realms of Middle Earth. I volunteered to go but my father does not trust me to do the right thing so he is sending Boromir. He says a weapon of the enemy was found. I believe he wants Boromir to obtain this thing and bring it to Gondor to use against Mordor if they attack."

"Then it must be something about the wedding. Do you think it is to be postponed?" Eowyn could only hope. But why do it in person? No. Something else was taking place. Surely, Boromir would not expect her to travel with him to Rivendell.

Faramir searched Eowyn's expression. "I can not say, my lady, though I know what I hope for." He wished for the wedding to be called off permanently.

Eowyn knew what he was thinking and looked away. She was thinking the same thing but would not admit it to him.

Soon they were at the citadel. Eowyn entered through the great doors and approached the Steward. He sat by himself on his throne. Looking up, he motioned for Eowyn to come forward. She walked the long hallway, escorted by Faramir. Boromir was nowhere to be seen.

"Welcome, Lady Eowyn. I hope your travels were uneventful." Denethor said.

"They were my lord. I came as soon as I received word from Minas Tirith." she said in a shaky voice.

"I will get straight to the point for there is not much time. Has Faramir informed you of the council being held in Imladrias?" Denethor said as he got up from his throne and approached Eowyn.

Faramir could sense Eowyn's nervousness. His father was rather good at making people uneasy so he spoke up for her. "I have told her of the meeting and of your request to send Boromir to speak on behalf of our city."

Denethor shot Faramir an unnerving look. "I was speaking to the lady. Faramir, you may be excused from my hall. I will speak to our guest alone."

Eowyn looked at Faramir wishing she could go with him, not wanting to be left alone with this man of such high power.

Faramir bowed to her and turned to leave. There was nothing more he could do.

Eowyn watched him leave before turning her attention back to Denethor. When Faramir was gone, he began again. "Boromir leaves in a week. This meeting is very important to Gondor. I hope to obtain something that could ensure our security. Boromir is smart and strong and hopefully he will convince Elrond not to send him home empty handed. This is where you come in. I wish for you to marry Boromir before he leaves. If Elrond sees that Boromir has become more responsible by settling down with a wife, it may help to convince him that my son is worthy of this treasure. I believe your marriage will greatly help our plight." He smiled at her but Eowyn could tell it was forced.

She was in shock. "But the wedding wasn't to happen until the spring and here it is late autumn. There are still too many arrangements to be made. This could not be done in less than a week. And what about my brother and my uncle? They could not ride here in time and the king is not well."

Denethor put on his best smile to try to convince her. "My child, I understand the importance of these matters but I must think of my city. If you agree, we will have a quick ceremony now and a big celebration upon Boromir's return. We will even repeat the ceremony for all to see. Everything will be fine. You will see."

Something about the way he spoke raised a red flag and Eowyn did not trust the Steward. There was more here than he let on and she was skeptical of his intentions.

"I'm sorry, but I don't think I can agree to this arrangement. The wedding will just have to wait until Boromir returns from Rivendell. Even that will be earlier than we originally planned."

Suddenly, Denethor seemed to grow in size. His eyes turned dark and he was unable to contain his anger any longer. He walked away from Eowyn then turned to face her. She did not like his demeanor and felt a chill run down her spine.

"My lady, you have no idea of the importance of this weapon that was found. Some say it is Isildur's Bane that has resurfaced.  If we acquire it, we can use it against Mordor. My city will be more powerful than any other in Middle Earth."

As Denethor spoke, he moved closer to Eowyn and his voice became louder. "What I ask of you is such a small price to pay for the assured security of Gondor."

Just then, Boromir entered the hall. Neither Denethor nor Eowyn noticed him as he listen to his father's words.

"What say you, my lady? Do we have an agreement or must I take more extreme measures to solidify this marriage? You do realize treason is punishable by death?" Denethor said in a threatening tone.

Eowyn began shaking as tears streaked her face. This was what she was afraid of. Boromir heard the fear in her voice as she spoke. "I guess you leave me with no choice, though I feel it is not right to threaten someone to do your bidding. I will stay in your city and marry Boromir in a week's time." She barely got out the last sentence as she was crying and could not suppress her feelings any longer. She turned and ran through the hall to the great doors hoping no one would stop her. She was frightened and needed to get away. She did not see Boromir as he came out of the shadows and approached his father.

Bursting through the wooden doors, she found herself in the courtyard where the White Tree stood. Faramir was sitting on a bench in the corner and saw her run out, crying. He went to her.

"What is wrong? What happened with my father?" he said to her but she was so distraught she could barely speak.

"I can't… I just can't." was all she managed to say. He was the last person she wanted to see right now and the only one who she felt she could confide in. Eowyn looked up into Faramir's eyes and saw his compassion. She threw her arms around him and sobbed uncontrollably. He held her tightly in his arms, nuzzling his face in her hair, taking in her scent. He did not speak a word but just held her and cradled her in his strong arms.

Back in the hall, Boromir approached his father. "What has taken place here? Why was Eowyn so upset? What did you say to her, father? Tell me now!"

"Boromir, I am only thinking of you, our people, and our city. You must get that weapon any way possible. I merely thought if you were already married before arriving in Rivendell, Lord Elrond would see…" Boromir cut him off.

"You would have us marry before my departure? You should have known she would never agree to that." Boromir said his anger evident.

"Ah, but she did agree." Denethor smiled.

"Those were not tears of joy. You have threatened her and she has no other choice. Do you not see what you have done? I have worked long and hard to gain her trust and now it is ruined. Even I would not have agreed to this. It is madness. All my time and effort was for naught. She will never trust me again. This marriage is failed before it even begins."

Denethor straightened himself up as he approached his son. "This marriage was never to be anything more than convenience. Did you think she would fall in love with you? She is no different from any other woman. They do not know love. They must be told what to do. She is no different than your mother."

"Is that what you think, that all marriages are like the one you and mother shared? You never loved her. She tried but you never cared and it led to her death. Well, I am not like you. I love Eowyn and I know she will love me soon enough." Boromir said regaining some of his composure. "I am a man of Gondor and I will not disobey my king. But I disagree with this and when I return from Rivendell, we will leave Minas Tirith and begin a life somewhere far away from you."

Boromir stormed out of the hall, his blood boiling. He burst through the doors to the courtyard and stood there a moment looking around for Eowyn. That is when he saw Faramir and his future bride in an intimate embrace. She was crying and he was holding her, whispering in her ear. They looked at each other for a moment and then they kissed. Eowyn's arms wrapped around Faramir's neck as she drew him in closer. Faramir's arms encircled her small waist. They had no idea Boromir saw them.


Eowyn buried her face into Faramir's chest and sobbed. He held her tight and spoke quietly, trying to find out why she was so upset.

"Please, Eowyn, speak to me. Tell me why you are crying. Was it something my father said?"

With her face still buried she spoke. "He told me I must marry Boromir before he leaves for Rivendell because of a weapon of the enemy. It would help ensure its rightful place in the hands of the Steward. I told him I could not but he threatened my life. I have no other choice, Faramir. I must go through with this false marriage or face execution." Eowyn looked up to Faramir. They locked eyes with each other. "Just know this, I love you. I have always loved you. It is you that I want, not Boromir.

"Eowyn, I have waited so long to hear these words utter from your soft lips. I tried to forget my feelings and move on but I couldn't. You always drifted back into my thoughts. Eowyn, I love you."

Unable to contain their feelings any longer, they leaned into each other's arms and found what they both wanted more than anything. Their bodies tingled as their lips touched knowing of the love they shared. Faramir's tongue searched for entry and Eowyn parted her lips feeling his warmth enter her mouth. Tongues circled and entwined as their grip became tighter. Eowyn wished for it to never end. She felt heat in places she had never felt before. Faramir could feel his desire for her building. They had admitted their love for one another and it felt so right.

It was at that very moment that Eowyn decided she still held some control over her life. She looked up at Faramir. "There is something I must ask of you."

Faramir brushed a stray hair from her face. "Anything you want from me, I will not hesitate to give."


Boromir's heart shattered as he watched them. Now he understood why Eowyn kept him at a distance. She was in love with Faramir not him. Nevertheless, she had agreed to the marriage anyway. Of course, she would. That was the type of woman she was, always acting for the good of her people. He had forced an arrangement with her not knowing of her feelings for his brother. Had he known he would have acted differently. However, something deep in his mind told him to do things this way. His father was the one who initiated the whole arrangement. That was it! His father had always been responsible for the arranged marriage and now he was using threats. But why? Why did Denethor want this marriage to happen? The more Boromir thought about it the more it made sense. If Boromir married Eowyn, Gondor would have a solid connection with Rohan.  If Isildur's Bane was brought to Minas Tirith, Denethor could possibly rule over Gondor and Rohan. Somehow, he knew about this evil weapon but it was found much sooner than expected. Now with things hastened, Boromir would need to marry Eowyn before he left for Rivendell. It all made perfect sense and he agreed with none of it. I will leave for Rivendell tonight, he thought. Quietly, Boromir left the courtyard and Eowyn never knew he was there.


"Faramir, I will not let my first time be with someone I do not love. Already my dreams of marrying for love are ruined. Denethor will not take this away from me also. Please, Faramir, take me away to somewhere, tonight. This may be our only chance."

"Are you sure this is what you want, Eowyn?" he asked.

"I have never been surer of anything. I love you and I give myself to you, freely." Eowyn said kissing him again.

Faramir looked around the courtyard and saw that it was still empty. "I know just the place to go but we must leave the city. There are too many prying eyes here. Besides, I would rather have you somewhere far from this cold place. In one hour, go to the stables and retrieve your horse. When you pass through the gate, ride out to the edge of the forest. I will be waiting for you there." He kissed her once more. "If you change your mind and do not show, I will not be angry. I will understand if you are frightened."

Eowyn looked deep into his eyes. "I will not change my mind. I will be there."


She went to her guest quarters and gathered some things. She wanted to look nice for Faramir but the clothes she had were too plain. It probably would not matter to him, but it mattered to her. Then she remembered the elven dress. Knowing there would be no use for such a fine dress in Rohan, she had left it in her room. Eowyn opened the closet door and there it was. She quickly slipped it on, and then wrapped a cloak around her. It would look too suspicious riding out of the city in such a fine garment.

An hour later, Eowyn was making her way to the stables. She was afraid of running into Boromir or even worse, Denethor. It puzzled her that she had not seen Boromir since arriving earlier. He was a very busy man though. He would probably expect her for dinner. Would he search for her when she did not show? Would he be worried and send guards out looking for her? Now a new set of fears washed over her. It would not stop her from seeing Faramir. He was all she wanted right now. She would feel safe once she was in his loving arms. Running off with him tonight was something she had to do, a first and a last liaison before she walked down her chosen path into an uncertain and almost frightening future.

Eowyn made it out of the gate without so much as a head turning. She headed west and could see the line of trees where Faramir told her to meet him. The sun was setting quickly as she approached the trees where a tall hooded figure stood. Eowyn's heart raced as she got closer. It was Faramir, hidden beneath a green cloak. He lowered the hood from his head and smiled at Eowyn. She jumped down from her horse and ran to him. Faramir caught her in his arms and they kissed.

"I hoped you would come. Was there any trouble?" he asked.

"No one took notice. I was not stopped or questioned. I rode straight here as quickly as I could. But I worry that Boromir will come looking for me when I do not show for dinner."

"Do not worry, my love. I know of a place where no one would ever think to look for us. Not even Boromir knows of this place. I found it when I was a child playing in the woods and it has been my secret ever since. You are the only person I have ever shown it to."

They walked through the woods, hand in hand, until they came upon what looked like a tall pile of rocks covered by vines. Eowyn looked around but was confused as they stood by the rock wall.

"Well," Faramir smiled. "We are here." He walked up to the pile and grabbed the vines, pulling them to the side, and there was a cave entrance. It was not very big and unless you were looking for it, you would never have seen it.

Eowyn bent down and peered into the darkness. "Is this it? It seems so small." She did not much like caves and this one seemed to be a little closed in.

"Looks can be deceiving. Go on. You will be surprised once you climb in." he said. "I would go first but I need to take care to replace the vines properly."

Eowyn bent down and stepped through the cave entrance. It was very dark. She could not see her own hand in front of her face. However, as her eyes adjusted to the darkness, she noticed a dim light a little further ahead. She waited where she was until Faramir was next to her and then he led her into the cave.

Instantly, it opened up into a large cavernous area. It must have been a couple of stories tall. All around, protruding from the walls, were what looked like little silver lights. Eowyn moved in for a closer look and found that they were not lights but some sort of silver metal.

"What is this?" she asked touching the shining rocks.

"That is mithril, or what is left of it. I believe the Dwarves secretly mined here ages ago. They made this cave when they removed the precious metal. This is all that remains. Come, look at this." Faramir led her through the cavern to the other side where there was another entrance. They walked through. Only a single candle was lit.

Faramir walked Eowyn to the side. "Now just stand here and close your eyes."

"Where are you going?" she said a little worried.

"Nowhere. But I have a surprise and you must first close your eyes." He put his hand over her eyes forcing her to close them and then he kissed her. She smiled at the feel of his warm, soft lips.

Faramir left her standing there in the darkness. "Now don't open your eyes until I tell you. No peeking."

Quickly, he began lighting lanterns all around the cave and sitting them by the walls. When he was done, he walked back to Eowyn and took her hands in his. "Alright, you may open them." he said, watching her reaction as she first looked around.

"Faramir, it is so beautiful. I have never seen anything like it before." she said amazed at the sight.

This cave was smaller that the previous one, but it was littered with millions of tiny pieces of mithril from top to bottom. The flickering light from the lanterns lit them up, making them look like millions of twinkling stars in the night sky. In the middle was a bed made of fresh sweet hay and blankets laid on top. To the side was a stone carved into the shape of a small table. It held a plate of fruit, cheese, bread and a carafe of wine. Obviously, Faramir had been here earlier and gotten everything ready for her arrival.

Eowyn smiled and felt a little nervous when she saw the bed. "Everything is so beautiful. You did all of this, for me?"

"Of course. I want you to be comfortable. I wanted us to be away from the city and somewhere secluded. Our first time should be special. Eowyn, I love you and I will do whatever it takes to make you happy."

"Just having you near me makes me happy. So tell me, how did you find this place?" Eowyn said, sitting down on the makeshift bed.

"When I was a child, my brother and I would come out to the woods to play. Sometimes, things got unbearable when our parents would argue. It was our escape to come out here. We would play many games, but hide and seek was our favorite. That is how I found this place. I was bored with hiding behind trees. I thought I would just hide behind the vines but instead, I fell backwards into a hole. Afraid of the dark, I jumped out but later returned with light and explored the cave. I never told anyone what I had found until now. I still come here when I want some quiet time to read or write. My father thinks it is a waste of time to learn like the scholars. Nevertheless, it makes me happy. I never meant to be a warrior. That is Boromir, not me. I would much rather document the battles of old or write down the stories of Elves and wise men so they will be remembered in the years to come. I think it is just as important to remember the past, as it is to live in the moment. However, my father sees it as a sign of weakness. After my mother died, he tried to redirect my interests by having me train to be a Gondorian soldier and then a Captain. Secretly, I studied elven culture and took up an interest in archery. My mother first told me of the Elves. She helped me learn to read and write, until my father found out. After she died, I spent more time in the library, much to my father's dismay. Then one day, I met Gandolf. He saw my potential as a scholar and took me under his wing. Quite often, I would come here to study, so my father would not find out that I had begun my life's ambition again. Now I have brought you here. I wanted you to see my secret place. It has been a safe haven for me as I have grown into adulthood and now it will be yours. You should know I would never do anything to harm you. If ever Boromir is not present, I will be your protector. But if things should turn for the worse and you find yourself alone and frightened, let this place be your sanctuary."

"That is very kind of you." she said looking around. "A sanctuary, I like that."

Faramir poured some wine and brought the plate of food to where Eowyn sat on the bed. He handed her a cup, put the plate down and sat next to her. As she took a sip from her cup, Faramir watched her. She had removed her cloak and he was just noticing the dress she wore.

"You were wearing that dress the very first time I saw you. That was the moment you captured my heart. I remember how elegantly you walked in; your head held high and a fire in your eyes. You were so beautiful and I could not take my eyes off of you."

"I remember you too that evening, dressed as the captain of your grand city. I could tell right away that you were Boromir's brother and I knew it was you I wished I had spent the day with."

"Are you hungry? I brought something to satisfy our appetites." Faramir said, handing her a piece of the fruit he'd brought.

"You seemed to have thought of everything tonight. As a matter of fact, we have enough that we could spend the whole night right here." Eowyn said innocently.

"That was the plan, unless you want to go back. I will not make you do anything you do not want to do."

"That is what I love about you, Faramir. You are so thoughtful, always wanting to please others." Eowyn's expression turned from joy to sorrow rather quickly. Faramir saw this and lifted her chin so that their eyes met.

"I know where it is your mind wanders and we will not think about such things. Tonight is only about us. We may not have a future together and we may never have another chance to be alone like this. That is why tonight is so important. At least we will have had this small moment in time with each other. We will always be able to look back on this evening and know we had our time of love. I will always love you, Eowyn, and if I could make things different, I would."

Faramir slowly lowered his head. His lips brushed across hers. Eowyn caught hold of his bottom lip and sucked it into her mouth. When she let go, he deepened the kiss and their tongues engaged in a sensual dance.

Eowyn's hands roamed up his arms and over his shoulders, memorizing every muscle and dimple. Her fingers entwined in his hair as she wrapped them around the back of his neck, all the while kissing him madly. Her body was responding to his kisses as his lips began to explore her neck. An ache began to grow deep down.

Faramir brought his hands up along her arms, sensing the silkiness of her dress. He moved them lightly over her breasts, feeling her nipples harden beneath the soft material. He wanted to touch her naked skin but was hesitant to press forward any more than she was willing. Her body arched into his touch and he was aware of her eagerness to precede with the evenings activities. Faramir's hands closed around her breasts as he caressed her firm globes. His own desire was building as his arousal swelled beneath his trousers. He needed to feel her touch but he stayed in control. It was all he could do not to cover her with his body and take her innocence quickly. That is not how he wanted the evening to progress.

To her surprise, Eowyn let out a moan as he fondled her breasts. She had never been touched like this before and she was quickly giving in to his ministrations.

"Do you like that?" Faramir asked in a whisper as he continued to massage her chest.

"Yes." Eowyn said in a breathy voice. "It feels good."

"Do you want me to do more?" he said, nibbling on her ear.

"Oh, yes." she said, exposing her neck for him as his tongue traced down the side of it.

He reached around and undid her dress in the back. It started to fall away, exposing the very tops of her breasts. Looking at her, he said. "I want to taste you if you will allow me."

"Yes, I want you to." Eowyn's eyes closed as she melted in his arms.

Faramir pulled her dress down, exposing her naked breasts. He cupped them in his hands. "You are so beautiful." he said as he lowered his head and took her nipple in his mouth.

The sensation of his warm mouth made her gasp and arch her back into him. Her hands played with his hair as it tickled her naked skin. A shiver of intense pleasure ran up her spine as he took her other breast in his mouth, his tongue flicking across her hard nipple.

Faramir leaned back and looked at her. Her eyes gleamed with a fire he had not seen before. She reached for his shirt and unbuttoned it, pushing the garment down his shoulders. She looked at him for a moment, and then ran her hands down his muscled chest, feeling his smooth skin on her fingertips.

Faramir was on fire from her touch. He stood up and reached for her hand, helping her to stand. They kissed again, embracing each other tightly. Faramir was enjoying the sensation of her naked breasts on his chest. His hips ground into her and Eowyn felt his arousal against her belly. She hesitated a moment, not expecting the feel of it.

Faramir looked into her eyes. "Are you alright? Have I done something wrong?"

"No." she said with a blush. "It's just… I've never felt a man's… you know."

He smiled at her innocence. "This is what you do to me. I am mad with desire from just your touch and I want you badly. But I will only go as far as you are willing. Giving yourself to someone for the first time will only happen once in your life and it should be how you want it."

"It already is how I want it and who I want it to be with." she said. He made her feel so relaxed that she was ready to take things a step further. She reached down and undid the hook at the top of his trousers. Faramir watched as her fingers were so close to his arousal.

"I want to see it." she said, surprising Faramir with her words. He didn't think she was ready yet. Must be the Shieldmaiden in her, he thought. He nodded for her to continue and watched as her fingers slid around the sides of the waist. She pushed his pants down and slowly uncovered his hidden desire.

"It is beautiful." she said staring at his erection and then looking back up catching his expression of pleasure.

"Do you want to touch it?" he asked.

She nodded and he helped guide her hand along his rigid member. Eowyn was amazed at how hard it felt but the skin was so soft and supple.

"Does it hurt?" she asked before realizing how silly that sounded.

"No, but I feel an ache deep down; a need, a desire for more." Faramir said.

"I feel an ache also. I want to know more about our bodies. I don't want to stop, Faramir. I want you." She wrapped her hand around his erection and began stroking him. She was shocked at how naturally it came to her, how she just knew what to do. She wanted to please him and the look on his face let her know she was doing just that.

Faramir was enjoying her touch a little too much. He placed his hand on hers and she stopped what she was doing. "If you continue, you will undo me and I will not be pleasured before you, no matter how good it feels." he said smiling. "Are you sure you want to go on?"

"Very sure." she said and he reached for her dress. Slowly, he slid it down her body until it fell to the floor. They were both now fully naked and seeing each other for the first time. Taking a step towards each other, they kissed again. This time there was no hesitation. This kiss was full of heated passion. Their hands roamed over each others bodies and they were in complete ecstasy.

Faramir lowered Eowyn to the makeshift bed so that she was lying on her back. He stretched his body out next to hers. "I want to make love to you, but not yet. First I want to pleasure you, give you a taste of what is yet to come."

"I am yours tonight. Do with me what you will." Eowyn said with a slight shiver. Her dreams were about to come true.

Faramir kissed her deeply before continuing down her body. First, nibbling on her neck and then traveling to her breasts. He sucked on each one making her back arch as her hands reached for his hair. His tongue flicked wildly across her belly and then went lower. Gently, his fingers felt the soft curls of her mound. He looked up to her face. Her eyes were closed and she wore a smile. She completely trusted him and was giving herself freely, just as he had always imagined.

Slowly, Faramir's fingers moved lower to her folds, separating them and finding her moist heat. Already she was very wet and he could not wait to sample her sweet essence. As he caressed her, she gradually opened her legs, giving him access to her nether regions.

Faramir could not believe this was about to happen. Up until now, he had only imagined her in his thoughts and dreams. Now, here she was in his secret place, ready for him to take her virginity and make her a woman. But not yet. First, he would pleasure her only. He could wait for his turn, even if his body said differently.

His fingers found her hard wet nub and gently massaged it. She moaned and her hips moved upwards. Then he carefully slid a finger to her opening. He circled it, spreading her moisture before inserting the tip. When he thought she was ready, he slid the rest in and felt her muscles contract. He lowered his head and tasted her essence. His tongue flicked wildly over her clit and her body writhed from his touch.

When he touched her for the first time, she could not believe how good it felt. Then, when he entered her with his finger, she convulsed at the sensation. Now, with his tongue doing its dance on her body, she thought she would just die, it felt so good. Her hips gyrated uncontrollably. It was as if she had no control over her own body, and she liked it.

Another moan louder than the last escaped her lips and Faramir knew she would not last long. This had been building for some time now. He sped up the rhythm of his finger and his tongue. Her body moved to match him. It would not be long now. He covered her with his mouth and that's all it took.

Eowyn was lost in ecstasy. The ache she felt earlier was replaced with a fire building deep down in her core. It was growing, making her body writhe wildly. "Oh yes. Faramir. This feels so good. Please, don't stop. I want this." she moaned. This sensation was building more and more and she thought she would explode. Just when she thought she could take no more, she let herself go completely as her orgasm washed over her. Eowyn yelled his name as her body tingled from head to toe. It was unlike anything she had ever felt before.

Faramir smiled, bringing himself back up to lay by her side as she recovered. "That my love was wonderful." he said.

Eowyn could only smile as she was still trying to catch her breath. "You are wonderful. Now, I want to please you." she said, sitting up. She looked down his body. He was still hard and she wanted to bring him release but was unsure of how to go about it. "Tell me what you want, what you like, what feels good. I want to give you pleasure like you did to me."

Eowyn sat up and kissed Faramir, tasting herself on his lips. He rolled onto his back and she nibbled lightly on his neck. The smell of the hay filled her senses and made her think of home. That was how she felt now, at home with her true love. It excited her and she wanted to taste more of his body. Eowyn laid delicate kisses down his chest as her fingers outlined the muscles of his pecks and then his rippled stomach. He was all man and the thought of bringing him pleasure made her body begin to ache again.

She worked her way to his manhood. Her fingers examined every bump and vein. She looked up to Faramir. 'What is it you would have me do? What do you like?" she said wantonly.

Faramir was extremely aroused at the thought of telling her exactly what to do. "I want to feel your tongue." he said watching as she started at the base and licked him to the head before reversing the motion.

"Oh, yes. That's it. Don't stop." he said. He knew he would not last long.

Eowyn noticed how it pulsated every time she made contact. She licked him some more, amazed at how alive this part of a man's body was. She looked up at Faramir again and he was watching her.

"Take me in your mouth. But I must warn you, I will not last much longer. This feels so good."

Eowyn focused her attention back to his hard member. At the very tip was a pearly liquid, his essence. She licked it from his head. Salty, she thought to herself, but not unpleasant.

Her lips wrapped around his tip as her tongue traveled around the rim. Faramir let out a moan as she concentrated on this part of him, but he needed more. He pushed his hips up and he went further into her mouth. She looked up again.

"Take me into your mouth, all the way." he told her and she did. Her mouth was so warm and her lips were soft and her tongue so alive. Faramir's hips pumped to match her rhythm as she slid her mouth up and down his shaft. His desire was about to boil over.

"Oh yes, Eowyn. Keep going. I am coming, my love. Don't stop." he said, watching himself slid in and out. Then with one last push, he spilled his seed into her awaiting mouth as he screamed her name.

She was not expecting the feel of his hot essence flowing from him like that and was slightly taken aback but did not show it. She already knew how it would taste. The thought of bringing him such pleasure made her blood race through her veins. He was satisfied and she was the cause.

Eowyn brought herself back to his side and the couple lay in each other's arms recovering from their orgasms. They were in total bliss. It was as if time had stopped and it was only the two of them now.

They both sat up and Eowyn reached for the fruit, grabbing a strawberry. She took a bite and offered the rest to Faramir. "I wish we could stay here forever." he said, taking the fruit from her.

"But don't you think someone would come looking for us?" Eowyn asked playfully, taking another berry.

"Yes, but they would not find us as long as we stay in our sanctuary." Faramir took another bite from the fruit she fed him.

"But what will we do for food? This fruit will not last forever." she said taking the last strawberry and offering him the first bite.

He took the berry from her. "We will just have to live off of our love for each other." he said. He placed the red fruit in his teeth and gently pushed Eowyn down on the bed so she was lying on her back. He took a bite from the berry and ate it. Then he offered to feed her the rest. She opened her mouth but he teased her with it, getting juice on her lips. Faramir leaned down and kissed the sweetness from her mouth. Then he traced the berry down her neck. His tongue licked the sticky juice from her soft skin. Next, he rubbed it over her erect nipples and sucked them clean. Eowyn was enjoying this game. She would never look at strawberries the same way again.

Faramir threw the berry to the side. They had waited long enough as their bodies recovered. Faramir's erection began to harden again and Eowyn took notice. The time had come and she knew that soon she would no longer be a virgin.

He laid his body on top of hers and she felt his arousal against her lower stomach. Her own desire was already building deep inside as Faramir kissed her hard.

Looking deep into her eyes he asked, "Are you ready for the next step, to become a woman?"

"I think so." she said sheepishly. Now that it came down to it, she was becoming a little nervous. But when she searched Faramir's face, all she saw was compassion and love. This was how she had always imagined her first time to be. "Yes, I'm ready. I am certain."

Faramir nudged his knee between her legs, separating them. She did so willingly. He lowered his body so that his hard member was at her entrance. He held it there as he kissed her mouth and sucked her neck. Eowyn lifted her legs and wrapped them around his waist. This is it, she thought.

His shaft slowly entered her bringing Eowyn some discomfort. Faramir saw her expression and stopped. "Am I hurting you? I will stop if you want."

"It is a little uncomfortable but not like the ache I feel deep inside. Don't stop. Just take it slow."

Faramir pulled out before sliding into her a little more. Finally, he pushed his length past the point of no return. Eowyn moaned and he held himself there another moment. Carefully, he slid out and back in. He could feel her inner muscles contract and squeeze him as he pushed deeper.

Eowyn was past the pain now and pleasure was taking over. He filled her and it felt like heaven. She squeezed her legs around his waist signaling for him to go in farther. All the while, she was experiencing that same fire building deep within, only this time it was surfacing faster. With every thrust, Eowyn felt her body slip into another dimension, one where only their bodies remained. There was no outside world, no pain, no sorrow, and no worry. It was only them, their bodies joined as one.

"Eowyn, you are so beautiful. Your body surrounding me feels magnificent. I want to stay buried deep within you walls." Faramir said, thrusting in and out. He picked up his rhythm and she met his as her body writhed beneath him.

"I never knew anything could feel so good. Oh, Faramir, you fill me completely." she cried.

Faster and faster, their rhythm increased. Their moans of passion became louder. Breathing became more rapid. Their bodies were moist with perspiration.

"Faramir, I am almost there. Come with me, my love." she yelled. With one final deep thrust, Faramir managed to touch that one place that sends every woman over the edge. The anticipation was too much and her orgasm was the result. Faramir spilled his seed into her and she felt its warmth spread.

They cried each other's names in unison as passion washed over them. Every muscle in their bodies was alive. They were aware of every inch of each other's bodies. They were more alive than they ever knew was possible.

Finally, Faramir collapsed on top of Eowyn. He stayed buried deep inside her, feeling her muscles contract and relax as she came back down to earth. She felt his length pulsate inside her. Slowly, he softened in her body. Their breathing slowed and they recovered in each other's arms before Faramir slid out of her and came to rest at her side. She laid her head on his chest and he played with her golden hair. They were content, fulfilled.

"I have never experienced anything so satisfying." Eowyn said laying gentle kisses on his chin. "You were wonderful. I will never forget this moment."

"That's exactly how I feel, my love." Faramir said kissing her forehead. "I don't see how anyone will ever make me feel this way besides you, my sweet Shieldmaiden."

As Faramir drifted into a light slumber, Eowyn lay in his arms thinking about how her life was about to change. Would she never have another moment with Faramir? How would she be able to do this with Boromir? Suddenly she felt sick to her stomach. How was she going to go through with this marriage when she had just given herself to the only man she could ever love? Now her feelings for Faramir were boiling over. He was in her mind, her hearts desire. He was the only one she wanted, not Boromir. It was at that moment Eowyn decided to take matters into her own hands. She would not marry Boromir, not now, not after making love to his brother. It was wrong and she would not be forced into it. I would rather hang for treason than live my life with one whom I do not love, knowing my soul mate still waits for me, she thought to herself.

She began to cry, waking Faramir. "What is wrong, my love? Why are you crying?"

"I cannot marry your brother. I love you too much. I feel nothing for Boromir. I can't go through with this fake marriage. I would rather die." she said sitting up and looking at Faramir.

"But you will be committing treason. You could very well end up hanging from the gallows. Do not underestimate my father. He means to make good on his threats."

"I do not care any more. I just cannot go through with this. I will confront your father and face the consequences. I love you too much, Faramir." Eowyn said as tears streamed down her face.

"We will face him together. I am as much a part of this as you. Nevertheless, it pains me to know we will be breaking Boromir's heart. I believe he really does love you. I do not think he does this for any other reason. He is a good man and only knows what he's been taught. He doesn't mean to harm you."

"I know for this pains me also. But it would be worse to be married to someone who does not love him. That would be even crueler than letting him down now." Eowyn said.

"Then it is settled. We will go to my father tomorrow and tell him. I swear on my life, I will not let any harm come to you."

With that said, they kissed again, which eventually led to more love making. Eowyn learned more in that one evening than she ever thought possible, the main thing being how deeply and madly in love she was with Faramir. He was her one true love.

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