What Paths We Take: 25. Last Night In Lorien

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25. Last Night In Lorien

Thranduil's visit had been good for Legolas. Having his father near seemed to rebuild his confidence. They spent hours walking through the gardens and talking about the past and the future. Thranduil told him stories about his mother that he had never heard before. The king always felt bad that Legolas lost her at such a young age. But this loss shaped him and helped make him the Elf he was today.

Legolas admitted to his father the guilt he felt about not being there for his own child. He knew first hand what it was like to miss a parent and never wanted that for his own. Thranduil talked things through with Legolas and eased his mind somewhat.

Now, Thranduil was well on his way back to Mirkwood and it was time for Legolas and Faramir to be on their way to Lothlorien. They would first venture to Minas Tirith where Legolas would see Aragorn and Arwen before he left.

Aragorn was waiting for Legolas inside the Citadel, anxious for his arrival. "There you are my friend. You are looking well. How was your visit with your father?"

Legolas smiled. "It was wonderful to see him again. He has not changed much over the years."

"So you locked up all the young ellith while he was there?" Aragorn joked. Thranduil had quite a reputation when it came to young, beautiful elf maidens.

"I assure you, he was on his best behavior." Legolas laughed. "Actually, we spent a lot of time talking and just being father and son. It was a side of him I don't get to see very often."

Aragorn patted Legolas on the shoulder. "I hate to see you go, Legolas. We have known each other for a long time and we have journeyed far together. Is there nothing I can do to make you change your mind?"

"It is not my mind that desires this. It is just something I am supposed to do. I know I made a promise to stay here as long as the fellowship survived but I cannot go against the Valar. Things happened along the way that I did not expect when we first started out."

Just then, Arwen entered the hall. "Legolas, it is so good to see you. I hear you are traveling to Lothlorien. I hope it is just as beautiful now as it was when Galadriel roamed beneath the trees. But I'm afraid you will find its luster to have diminished a bit since you first visited."

"It will still be just as wonderful to these elf eyes, my lady." Legolas bowed.

Aragorn had plans for him and Legolas, just a few last minute details to go over. "Let's go to my study." he said and led Legolas away.

Arwen went out into the courtyard and found Faramir observing the White Tree. "My brother would have loved to have seen the tree in all its glory. He talked about it often, the old days of the king." he said solemnly.

She approached him. "Boromir was very proud of his city. He was a good man." Arwen smiled at Faramir. "You are looking very well, Lord Faramir. It seems you have made a full recovery."

Faramir turned to the Queen and bowed properly. "Yes, my Queen. I am much better. I haven't felt this good in years."

"So you are traveling with Legolas to Lothlorien?" she asked.

"Yes, Queen Arwen. Legolas insists that I join him and speak with the Lady Eowyn." Faramir was a little uneasy talking to her about such things.

"You seem hesitant to do this. What troubles you, Faramir?" Arwen was good at getting inside peoples heads.

"I'm afraid of what I will find. In the last few years, I have treated Eowyn in a way I said I never would. I know I was hindered and a lot of my thoughts were not my own, but it doesn't make it any easier."

Arwen walked to a bench and sat down. Then she gestured for Faramir to join her. "Do you still love her?"

"Of course I do. Every fiber in my being is bent on seeing her again." Faramir answered.

"What are your thoughts of her condition? She carries another's child now. How does that make you feel?" Arwen was getting deeper into the situation with every question.

"I love her no less. She moved on with her life, as she should have. I am glad she found what she was looking for. Legolas deserves her heart. He will be a good father."

Arwen looked at him with concern. "Have you spoken to Legolas lately?"

"No, he has been busy in his city and I have not left Osgiliath until now. Unfortunately, my memory before that is vague." he answered.

Arwen took his hand. "You will have plenty of time on your journey to Lorien to discuss things. You should know that all is not as it seems to you now. Eowyn will need you. She will need your support and your love."

"I don't understand. She has Legolas now… and their child. She has found the life she always wanted."

"Talk to Legolas. There is much you do not know but I will tell you this. Your love for Eowyn is very important. She will need to know just how much you love her for she has yet to decide her future."

Faramir got up from where he was sitting and looked out into the distance. "You seem to know something I do not, yet you keep it hidden from me. It sounds like you are saying I should seek her out once again. I am no fool. I know we could never pick up from where we left off. We have done that too many times already."

"No, Faramir, you cannot. But you can start anew." She stood up and went to Faramir. "Legolas' path has not changed. His destiny is laid before him. However, Eowyn is at a crossroad. She has a child to think of now. If you love her as much as you say, you can help her. Start over with her. She still loves you, Faramir."

Faramir was shocked to hear this. He had thought it was over for him and Eowyn. He thought she had chosen to be with Legolas, sealing their bond. Now that he knew Legolas was still planning to sail, his heart once again beat for Eowyn. There was still a sliver of hope for them. It was the one thing he wanted above all, to be with her again. "I'm not sure I understand all of this my Queen, but I will heed your advice. Legolas and I have much to discuss for I would not overstep my boundaries if there is still a chance for him to be with Eowyn and their child."

Arwen smiled at him. "Your honesty and nobility will help lead you. I wish only the best for you, Lord Faramir. Go with peace and may the Valar watch over you."

Faramir bowed to her. As he did, Arwen kissed the top of his head. "Thank you my Queen. You have brought comfort and hope to my troubled heart." he said. Then he was off to look for Legolas and get ready for the journey to Lothlorien.


Legolas, Faramir and the Elves of Lorien had been traveling since early morning. They found a glade in which to set up camp for the night. Normally, the Elves would not stop. They did not need rest and could journey non-stop to their destination. Legolas insisted that they respect Faramir and rest. Faramir was thankful. Since recovering from his latest wounds, he seemed to tire quicker.

He set up a small tent at the edge of the trees where the Elves had made a fire. When he was settled, he sat down by the fire. Thoughts of Eowyn plagued his mind. He questioned his decision to let Legolas talk him into going to Lorien. He never thought there would be another chance with her and he still did not.

As he sat deep in thought, Legolas came up next to him. "Are you feeling well?" Legolas asked.

"I have been better, but I am fine." Faramir said. He looked up to where Legolas was standing. "Please, have a seat, friend."

Legolas sat down. "I know how awkward all of this must seem to you. You must be wondering why I have asked you to join me on this trip."

Faramir starred into the fire. "Arwen told me that you still plan to sail. But why, Legolas? Why leave Eowyn and especially your child behind? Why won't you stay?"

"Many times I have asked myself that. You should know that I had a last chance to speak to Lady Galadriel through her mirror. She explained my role as a Chosen One. It seems this is what is supposed to happen. I was never meant to share in any of this. My task is done and my time is limited. But you are here, Faramir. Eowyn will be alone without you. She has a child to raise and she needs your support. Whether or not you will find each other's hearts again, I cannot say. But I know you were her first love and that is something that is never forgotten." Legolas explained.

"Not forgotten and maybe not forgiven either." Faramir said looking at the Elf. "What makes you think we are to find each other again? And how can you be so willing to let her go? I know how much you love her, Legolas. You gave her a child. I have brought her nothing but grief. The love we once felt for each other was so brief. It happened early on when we first met. Even then, it seemed we were not meant to be together. At every turn of our relationship was a wall that blocked our way. Sometimes I think it should never have happened in the first place."

Legolas was quiet for a moment. This was a difficult conversation to have. He was still very much in love with Eowyn himself. To sit here and tell another to win Eowyn back was killing his heart. The roll of the Chosen… his father's words came back to him. It was for the greater good. "It will not be easy. It may not even happen. All I am saying is to be a friend to her. Be there for her when she is lonely. Help her when she needs help. I need you to do this for me for I cannot. I will not be here. Please, Faramir, I need to know she will not be alone when I sail. My heart pains me so. There is no other which I trust as much as you. I not only speak of Eowyn but of my daughter also. Please help to ease my mind before I leave."

Faramir had never heard such desperation come from his friend. His heart was breaking for him. He was truly in such pain as he had never seen an Elf in. Why could the Valar not make an exception in Legolas' case? Hadn't he suffered enough? "I promise you, Legolas Thranduilion, I will not let Eowyn or your daughter go through this life alone. I will protect them and watch over them for you. When you leave these shores, there will be no doubts about Eowyn's well being. If there is anything I have learned of the Elves, it is their ability to make a promise and keep it. I make such a promise to you now." Faramir stood up and bowed to Legolas in true elven fashion, hand over heart.

Legolas stood up. "Thank you, my friend. I know you will do what is best for Eowyn and my child. I have always trusted you, even in your times of darkness. I know it has not been easy for us to both hold the heart of the same woman. Yet somehow, we have remained friends. That in itself says a lot. You are truly a most noble and respectful man, Faramir." He reached out to Faramir to gesture a handshake. Faramir took Legolas' hand and shook it. Then he pulled him in and hugged him, as brothers would do.

The rest of their journey was uneventful. Faramir and Legolas talked quite a bit about their lives. They gained a better understanding of each other, their goals, their misfortunes. Legolas told Faramir stories and taught him songs so he could one day teach them to his daughter. Faramir knew how important it was to Legolas that she have an understanding of her background and where she came from. Faramir swore to make it a priority to do the things Legolas asked of him.

They were just a day's journey from the borders of Lothlorien. The Elves were anxious to return to their beloved woods. They had been away for a couple months, longer than they expected. They were missing their loved ones, knowing there were not many days left for them in Middle Earth. Now that things were in order, many Elves would be heading for the Grey Havens. Legolas would not be alone at the shore.

He could feel her. His strength was returning and his heart was beating. Eowyn was near. He would see her soon. Nevertheless, this reunion was bittersweet for Legolas. He would not stay long, not even for the birth. It was time to go. It was time to build his ship.

They entered the forest early the next morning after traveling through the night. A sense of relief washed over the Elves as they took in the sight and smells of their home. As they went, they split off and went towards their homes amongst the trees. Legolas and Faramir headed for the heart of the Golden Woods. That was where Eowyn was and that was why Legolas picked up his pace. She was very close now.

"Well, it's about time you showed up." said a gruff voice from behind a tree. Legolas knew who it was before he even saw him.

"Gimli. What are you doing here? And why aren't you being guarded? Since when do the Galadhrim allow Dwarves to walk freely through their forest?" Legolas laughed.

"Since I have befriended one of their captains. We fought together in Rohan. I taught him our game and I daresay the scoundrel beat me." Gimli did not look happy about it.

Legolas knew Gimli did not like to lose. "Come now Gimli. No one beats the son of Gloin. Fess up and admit that you let him win." he laughed.

Gimli looked around to make sure no one was listening. "To be honest, I thought he may have counted wrong, not knowing the game and all. But I let it slide. Not next time though."

"I'm afraid you're out of luck, Gimli." Faramir chimed in. "I don't foresee there being a next time since the Orcs have all been destroyed."

"Well, you may be right there. I had not thought of that or I would have questioned the tally." Gimli patted Legolas on the shoulder. "There is someone who has been anxiously awaiting your arrival." He tilted his head and motion over his shoulder.

Legolas' eyes focused on the distance until he felt his heart pound out of his chest. There she was, Eowyn. She was standing amongst the trees looking so radiant and beautiful. She had not seen him yet. Faramir felt awkward just then. He decided it was best to exit from the scene about to play out. This reunion was for Eowyn and Legolas. He would meet her again in due time.

Legolas walked until he was within her sight. Eowyn looked in his direction and smiled. She ran to where he was standing. He caught her in his arms and noticed how much she had grown in the last couple of months. When last he saw her, she was not yet showing.

"Legolas, you are here. I have missed you so much." she said holding him tight.

Legolas buried his face in her hair and took in her scent. She smelled more like the woods than ever before. "Eowyn, how I have longed to see your beauty. I have missed you too."

Faramir stood back in the shadows where he would not be seen and let them have their moment. He felt like he was intruding upon something that was not meant for his eyes. A part of him ached to see her run to Legolas and not him but it did not last long. There was no reason for her to run into his arms. She had not even known he was there yet so he stayed in the shadows.

"You have missed so much since you have been gone. The baby grows and moves. Here. Feel." she said grabbing Legolas' hand and putting it on her bump. It was as if the baby knew her father was near as she moved right away. A smile spread across Legolas' face. He got down on his knees and put his cheek where his hand had been. He whispered in elvish into Eowyn's belly. She laughed and rested her hands on the back of Legolas' head while looking down at the father of her child.

It was such a private moment that Faramir backed away and went to find Celeborn. He wanted to thank him for taking care of Eowyn and being such a gracious host. He looked back once more to catch Legolas and Eowyn sharing a kiss. At that moment, he knew he would never be more than a friend to Eowyn. Legolas said she still had to make a decision but to him, the choice was already made. It would not be until after Legolas sailed that she would need support from Faramir and he promised himself he would be there for her on that dreaded day. Until then he chose to remain unseen and let them have their final time together.

"You look beautiful, Eowyn. I have never seen anyone but the Elves glow but you are beaming. There is so much life in you. I can feel it and it makes me feel renewed." Legolas said as they walked hand in hand up the walkway of the giant mallorn. "How is life in Lorien?"

She smiled. "I have never been so well taken care of, except for you of course. Haldir has been with me everywhere I go. He has been a big help in your absence, though he is quite strict." she said, sealing her secret.

"That's Haldir, ever the Marchwarden." Legolas laughed.

Eowyn took on a more serious mood as they got closer to Celeborn's dwelling. "Lord Celeborn awaits your arrival. He wants to know if you plan on following through with your decision." Eowyn hesitated, wanting him to say he changed his mind. However, the look on Legolas' face gave her the answer she wished not to hear. "Nothing has changed, has it?" she whispered.

Legolas stopped walking and embraced Eowyn. These were to be some of the last moments he would have with her. "I'm sorry, Eowyn. It is the legacy of the Chosen to follow their path."

A tear escaped from the corner of her eye. "I've had plenty of time to dwell on this and I have come to accept your decision to leave, though I wish you would not. But I cannot hinder you. This is your choice." She turned from him, not wanting Legolas to see her tears. "How long before you go?"

"Not long, I'm afraid. It will take some time to build my ship. Gimli says he will help since this is his ship too. In return, I must keep my promise to him and visit a few last places he wishes to see before we leave."

"Will you not be here for the birth?" Eowyn said searching his face for an answer. "I thought you would want to see her come into the world." Eowyn said disappointedly.

"I will come back on the begetting day of her fifth year. I will not leave without ever seeing her. However on that day, I must leave to set sail." he said as he held her tight.

"How am I supposed to do this alone, Legolas? How will I endure the labor and the birth without your love and support?" Eowyn seemed to panic. She thought for sure Legolas would be there for the birth of his daughter. Why were the Valar being so cruel?

"You will not be alone. You will be here, in Lorien with the Elves and with one other." he said.

Eowyn wrinkled her brow. "Who do you speak of?"

"He is here." It was all Legolas needed to say. Eowyn knew whom he referred to.

"Faramir? Now?" she said suddenly not feeling so alone.

"I asked him to travel here with me. His story is long, at least the parts he remembers. During the battle, he was injured. The healers were able to remove the shard and tend his wounds. He is a changed man now. So locked in a spell he was that the last few years are uncertain to him. But he is fine now reverting back to the Faramir you first met." Here, Legolas paused a moment. This next part was the most difficult thing to tell her. "He still loves you very much. He hates all he has put you through. It was not his intention to hurt you. He says he wants nothing more than friendship and acceptance from you, but I know his feelings go much deeper than that. He is scared of what you might say or do. Go easy on him. His heart has been broken for so long that I almost think he has forgotten what it feels like to be loved. Do not turn him away, Eowyn. Let him into your heart even if it is just as a friend. I asked him to keep a promise to me but he can only do this if you let him in. He has changed. You will see when you finally speak to him again."

"Where is he then?" she asked, looking around and expecting him to come out from hiding.

"He is here but he is not ready. He is still getting his mind together. You will see him soon. Give him some time. Perhaps he is waiting until I am gone for that is when he will take over for me."

This comment annoyed Eowyn slightly. "I do not need a sitter. I am a grown woman and perfectly able to care for myself. I am with child for Eru's sake. If I can weather this, then there is nothing I cannot do."

Legolas smiled. "There is the bold Shieldmaiden I have so long desired to see once again. You will be fine." He kissed her gently. "Come. Celeborn awaits us." he said and they once again walked hand in hand down the pathway.


There were no feasts or gatherings for the return of the Mirkwood Prince. Legolas asked Celeborn that his arrival not be celebrated since he was not staying long. All he wanted was to spend his final time with Eowyn. Celeborn respected his wishes and it was life as usual in the Golden Wood.

Legolas and Eowyn were inseparable but she wondered about Faramir. Why had he not even attempted to see her or speak to her? She hated that he was so elusive. She desperately wanted to see him and know he was alright. Legolas had told her he was giving them their space during these last few days that he was here. Still, Eowyn wished to see him.

On Legolas' last night with Eowyn, Celeborn had a special evening set up for them. A fine elven meal was prepared for them, which was served in a private glade cut off from the rest of the colony. It was a beautiful moonlit night, which shone down on the couple. Legolas had spread out a blanket on the soft grass and helped Eowyn to sit. He set the tray of food down next to them and poured Eowyn a glass of nectar, since she was not drinking wine. She watched Legolas as he took off his boots and walked barefoot across the lawn. The moon shone on him, giving him a silver glow, an ethereal light, like the light she once dreamed of. It was then that she thought of a name for their daughter.

"Caladwen." she said, looking up at Legolas.

He joined her on the blanket. "It means light."

"That will be her name. That is how she first came to me and that is her gift to mankind, a shimmering light of hope illuminating a path into the future." she said smiling.

Legolas leaned toward Eowyn and slightly brushed his lips across hers. Then he laid his hand to the side of her face, looking deep into her eyes all the way to her soul. "It is a beautiful name and very fitting." He rested his forehead against hers.

Eowyn reached up and cupped his ears in her hands. They gazed into each other's eyes once more, memorizing every feature, every scent. They only had this one night left. There would be no eternity even though Legolas' soul was bound to her forever. Tonight would have to last a lifetime in their memories.

"Make love to me, Legolas. I want to remember everything about you." Eowyn kissed him again, parting her lips and enjoying the feel of his warm tongue on hers.

He was slow and gentle with her as he laid her down on the soft ground. He very carefully undressed her and studied her body in the midst of its transformation. It made him see her in a whole new light. "I have never seen you look more beautiful than you do right now, carrying our child. Are you sure you want this? I don't want to hurt you."

"I still have needs, even being pregnant. You will not hurt me. You could never hurt me. I love you, Legolas."

Legolas undressed and lay down next to her, covering her with kisses. When he made his way down to her belly, he stopped and whispered elvish words there, laying his ear on her. Eowyn smiled and ran her fingers through his soft hair. She loved when he spoke to the baby. "Do you think she will remember hearing your voice?" she asked.

"I'm not sure but I hope she will. I hope she hears me in her dreams." Legolas said crawling his way back up along Eowyn's side. She rolled him onto his back and straddled his hips, looking down into his loving eyes. Leaning forward, they kissed again and the fires within their bodies were alight.

Eowyn sat back up and lowered her body down onto his awaiting arousal, moaning as she did. Legolas watched her as she closed her eyes and threw her head back. Her long hair brushed against his thighs. He reached up and caressed her breasts, careful not to be too rough.

Eowyn rocked back and forth as Legolas thrust upwards to match her ministrations. They were in no hurry and continued for a while, their desire slowly building until the waves of ecstasy washed over them. They were one, inseparable in that instant, hanging on to these feelings as if to never let go. She felt his warmth fill her as her muscles contracted around his length and wished it would never stop. They starred deep into one another's eyes, seeing only each other as the forest seemed to melt away and nothingness surrounded them. In that one moment, it was just them in this world. Nothing else existed that did not matter.

"I love you." they said in unison as their climax still reverberated throughout their bodies.

Then, the forest came back into sight. Moonlight replaced the nothingness and the sounds of the woods came back to their ears. They were back on solid ground again.

Eowyn settled back down next to Legolas. He held her in his arms, her head resting on his chest. He ran his fingers through her hair and whispered elvish words of love in her ear.

She drifted off into a dream where he never left. He stayed with her and their daughter and did not fade. The sea longing was overcome because of his love for her and their child. The Valar granted him this one last wish and all seemed right with the world. But when Eowyn opened her eyes, the reality of their situation came flooding back into her mind. It was only a dream. When she awoke, she looked up at the sky. It was still night though the moon had moved. They were now lying in the night shadows of the surrounding trees. She looked at Legolas. He lay next to her with his eyes closed. His face looked so peaceful and young. She studied every feature, burying it deep within her memory.

Legolas opened his eyes and found Eowyn's smiling face looking down upon him. They did not need words as they came together once again, making love through the night. Neither would forget this last night they shared and she knew she would think of him every time she closed her eyes.


Eowyn watched from the edge of her talan as Legolas and Gimli walked off into the forest with a small Galadhrim escort. Their night had ended and they had returned at sunrise. Legolas gathered his things, kissed her once more and spoke to the baby. She watched as he climbed down so effortlessly to the forest floor. She wanted to go with him, at least to the borders but he would not let her. He said she needed her rest since they did not get much sleep the night before. So she stayed and watched him leave.

He was just about out of her line of sight when he stopped once more and turned back to her. With his hand over his heart, he bowed to her. Then with a final wave of his hand, he was gone, disappearing into the trees. It was not until that moment that tears streaked her face. He was gone to build his ship. Now she would see him only once more, on their daughters fifth birthday, but that was a long time from now.

She could have drowned in her sorrow. She could have entered into a deep dark depression. However, she was a Shieldmaiden, a daughter of Rohan. Her life was full of trials and misfortune. She had overcome them all and she would do it again. Eowyn always knew Legolas would be gone one day. The fact that this day was here now did not make things any easier but life would go on. So, she made her way down to Galadriel's garden where it was always quiet and peaceful.

Haldir followed her, making sure she was alright. Eowyn caught sight of him out of the corner of her eye. "Either I am getting used to being around Elves or your quiet stealth is lacking lately, Haldir." she said without turning around.

"I assure you, my stealth is lacking in no way, nor will it ever. I did not want to frighten you and made my presence known." Haldir boasted. Eowyn was the only one to ever to speak to the Marchwarden in such a way. The two had become fast friends.

"I'm glad you are here, Haldir. I don't feel like being alone right now." Eowyn said taking his arm as he offered it.

"I thought you could use the company. I am sorry this had to happen. You deserve much more, Lady Eowyn. You show such strength as I have never seen. So much like the Elves you are."

"Thank you, Haldir." she said smiling up at him. "That means a lot coming from someone like you." Then she turned and looked around the garden. "So where shall we go today? I need some sort of adventure. Sitting around and feeling sorry for myself just won't do."

They were just leaving the garden when she heard a familiar voice. "Eowyn?" She turned and there he was, Faramir. He looked more handsome than she remembered.

"I heard that Legolas and Gimli left today and I was concerned." he said looking upon her. "You look wonderful. Motherhood seems to agree with you." He started to approach her but Haldir stepped forward.

"The Lady Eowyn is not seeing anyone at the moment." Haldir said with authority. He knew who Faramir was. He had been keeping an eye on him since he arrived. Not all the stories he had heard sat well with the Marchwarden. Outside of Eowyn, he did not trust humans, least of all men.

Eowyn placed a hand on the back of Haldir's shoulder. "It is alright, Marchwarden. There is no reason to distrust Lord Faramir. We have a long history and have not seen each other in a very long time."

Haldir turned to Eowyn. "Very well then. But I will not be far if you should need me." He looked back over his shoulder at Faramir and gave him that famous glance with slanted eyes.

Faramir did not turn away from Haldir but showed him an utmost respect. "Thank you Haldir."

Eowyn smiled at Faramir's response. She knew he did not want to cause a disruption in the daily lives of the Lorien Elves. He had a deep adoration for them.

Haldir seemed pleased with his response and left the couple to be on their own. Nevertheless, he was true to his word and stayed within sight of Eowyn.

Faramir laughed. "So it would seem you have a bodyguard."

"Haldir has been very good to me and has helped in more ways than one. I am honored to have him as a friend." She paused and looked him up and down. "You look well, Faramir. I have not seen such life in you as I see now. You are healed then?"

"My body is healed." he said as he looked upon her face. She was absolutely glowing from head to toe.

"Have you ever been to Lothlorien?" she asked.

"I have seen Imladris but not here. It holds a beauty which is beyond words." Faramir said glancing around him.

"Would you like to go for a walk? I can give you a tour. I have been here long enough to learn my way around. It was quite confusing at first but I have gotten used to it." Eowyn wanted him to be comfortable. She could sense his nervousness around her but he should not be. They had been lovers, husband and wife even. He seemed different somehow. This was the true Faramir, the man she had fallen in love with so long ago.

"I would like that very much but first I need to say something which has plagued my mind for some time now." Faramir laid his hand on her arm. "I am truly sorry for all the hurt I have caused you. I never wanted you to feel the way you did. I tried to stop myself but I was weak. I will not stand here and claim it to be the fault of the enemy. I may not have been in my right mind but at times, I had control and still did nothing. I hope you can forgive me and one day start over anew, but this time as friends. I will seek nothing more from you for I know where your heart lies."

Eowyn could almost have cried to hear him say these words but she stayed strong. "I now understand why things happened as they did. I accept your apology, Faramir, and would like nothing better than to start over as friends. I think that was what was missing all along. We were always under pressure and acted upon our feelings too hastily."

"Thank you, Eowyn. You have done my heart good by your words. Now, how about that tour?" he smiled and looked over to where Haldir stood. "Will he be joining us?"

"I'm afraid so. He is very protective over me and my child, but you will get used to him. I know I have." she said laughing. Then she turned to Haldir who was now standing with his arms crossed. "We are going for a walk, Haldir." she yelled to him.

"Very well, my lady, but stay on the paths and do not venture too far." he answered her.

Eowyn looked back to Faramir. "See what I mean?"

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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Author: L8Bleumr

Status: General

Completion: Complete

Era: 3rd Age - Ring War

Genre: Romance

Rating: Adult

Last Updated: 11/06/10

Original Post: 08/26/10

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