What Paths We Take: 2. A Visit to Rohan

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2. A Visit to Rohan

Chapter 2 - A Visit to Rohan

Eowyn would be seeing Boromir today. He was due to arrive soon. She had not seen him since she left Minas Tirith a couple months ago. There was much talk of the upcoming wedding. The maidens all smiled and giggled when they saw Eowyn, telling her how fortunate she was to be wed to such a strong, handsome man. She was tired of hearing it. She was sure Boromir was kind and respectful. He would probably make a good husband. But she felt no love for him. She was sure he would want children right away and, being a virgin, that terrified her. He would probably understand and take it slow and gentle but how could she share her first time with a man she didn't love? She trembled at the thought. When did things become so complicated? And to make matters worse, she kissed his brother the day she left their city. Not only did she kiss him, but she rather enjoyed it. Her thoughts often drifted back to that scene in the stables. His lips were so soft and warm. Her heart raced when she felt his touch. Secretly, Eowyn wished Faramir rode with Boromir for his visit. Maybe it was better if he didn't but she longed for another chance to melt in his strong arms.

Boromir arrived as expected and much to Eowyn's joy, Faramir was with him. Her heart felt as if it would burst from her chest at the sight of him. He rode next to Boromir on a grey horse. His shoulder length hair was light brown where Boromir's was dark. His facial features were somewhat softer but still very masculine. But his eyes were what Eowyn found most attractive about him. She could see into his very soul that he was so very kind and loving of all living things. He had not been influenced by war like his brother. Being the younger brother, he spent most of his time in Minas Tirith learning the ways of the scholars.

Eowyn was careful not to stare at him too long at any one time. She had to keep her head about her. Every time she caught herself dreaming of Faramir, she was reminded that she was promised to another. That would bring her right back down to earth into the reality of the situation. She still held onto hope of the wedding being called off. Then she would pursue Faramir. But she wasn't sure of his feelings for her. She told herself that he probably thought the kiss they shared was a huge mistake and had already forgotten about it and moved on.

Boromir approached Eowyn, took her hand in his and kissed it. "My lady Eowyn, you look more beautiful than ever. Tell me, how have you been?"

Eowyn was glad for the formalities. "I have been well, thank you. Come, my uncle awaits your arrival. He has some things to discuss with you and your company."

Boromir looked behind him and grabbed Faramir by the shoulder, pulling him forward. "You remember my little brother don't you? Faramir, show your manners and say hello to your future sister in law."

Faramir felt embarrassed by his brother's words. He wasn't being rude. He was merely staying in the background as not to call attention to himself. It seemed that Eowyn was not the only one to remember the kiss in the stables. Faramir often thought about that moment. He had fallen in love with her from the moment he first laid eyes on her and the kiss just made it that much harder to forget about her. All his life he had searched for that one woman who made his heart sing and when he did, she was promised to another, his brother. Faramir tried to forget about the beautiful Shieldmaiden but her face would not leave his mind. He would tell himself that the only reason she kissed him that day was because she felt sorry for him and guilty for the way she treated him earlier. But she haunted his dreams. Now that he saw her again, it renewed his feelings for her and he realized that it was not just a dream. He was truly head over heals in love with his brother's future wife. He cursed himself for letting Boromir talk him into traveling with him to Rohan.

Faramir and Eowyn locked eyes for a moment, each one enjoying the sight of the other but neither realizing the other knew of their feelings. Faramir bowed to her but he did not take her hand. He had to be very careful of what he did and said.

"It is good to see you again, Lady Eowyn. The way you described Rohan last time we talked made me want to see it with my own eyes. You described it perfectly. It is just how I imagined it would be." Faramir said formally.

"Why thank you Lord Faramir. I'm glad you came. Maybe I can show you and Boromir around later. I think you will enjoy a tour of my city. It is simple but it is a wonderful place to live." Eowyn made sure not to sound to eager.

"We would like that very much, right Boromir?" he said turning to his brother and finding Boromir staring at Eowyn longingly. Boromir did love Eowyn and hoped she would return the feelings after the wedding. She just needed time to get to know him better he told himself.

"Oh yes, of course. That is a grand idea." Boromir said, almost not hearing his brother. He took notice that Eowyn would not look him in the eye and deep down he began to second guess his decision to force a marriage. He quickly dismissed the thought from his mind.


That evening there was a big feast in honor of the Lords of Gondor. Everyone ate their fill. Wine flowed freely that evening. And then the dancing began. Boromir went to Eowyn and offered her his arm. She took it and he led her onto the dance floor. Despite everything, he was a rather good dancer and Eowyn found herself enjoying the evening. Her thoughts of Boromir changed. He was not always the pushy heir of a Steward that he portrayed. He could be quite entertaining at times.

A slow song was now starting and Boromir drew Eowyn in a little closer. He wrapped one hand around the small of her waist. She felt good in his arms and he wished they were already married. He imagined that this was their wedding dance and later they would consecrate the marriage. He would be so gentle with her and she would see how much he loved her and give herself to him freely without fear.

Eowyn was a little uncomfortable with the closeness that the dance brought. But Boromir stayed a respectable distance away. He was being every bit the gentleman.

They spun around and Eowyn saw Faramir at the edge of the dance floor. He was watching the couple as they danced their first slow dance and wished it was him instead of his brother. He longed to be that close to her again, to smell her scent, taste her sweet lips, feel the warmth of her body close to his. Just the thought sent shivers up his spine.

The dance ended and the music picked up its pace. Boromir led Eowyn from the dance floor over to where Faramir stood when a messenger came up to them. Théoden requested that Boromir meet with him in his study. He had some important business to discuss that could not wait until the morning.

"Lady Eowyn, I leave you in good hands. Faramir, entertain this lovely woman in my absence. I think I will be gone for a while so I will say goodnight. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow, my lady." Boromir took Eowyn's hand and kissed it.

"Very well, until tomorrow my lord." Eowyn responded and watched Boromir leave the festivities. She was almost too frightened to turn back to Faramir. Her heart was pounding as loud as a drum. Slowly she turned her attention on Faramir and smiled a nervous smile. He was just as handsome as she remembered. What was she doing? She should just tell him she was tired and was retiring for the evening. But she could not find the words.

Faramir was having his own difficulties with their situation. So long he had dreamed of having her all to himself but they were just safe dreams. Now here she was in the flesh, very soft supple flesh. So he returned the smile and they stood there for a moment not saying a word.

"Would you care to dance, my lady?" he finally asked.

"That would be lovely." she said with a smile.

Faramir offered her his arm and she gladly took it. Their bodies tingled where they made contact but their body language was very rigid. Neither one spoke during the entire dance. When it was over they made their way to the side of the dance floor.

"Would you care for some wine, my lady?" Faramir asked. He could use a glass or two to help calm his nerves.

"Oh yes please." she said, thinking the same thing he was. He bowed to her before he left to get the wine. Eowyn took a moment to look around. She felt all eyes were on her, keeping her in check. But in all actuality, no one paid her any attention. They were all wrapped up in their own dances and conversations. This made her feel a little better.

Faramir came back with two goblets of the king's finest wine. The hall was feeling a little stuffy for his taste and this was his chance to have some quiet time with Eowyn.

"Would you care to step out onto the terrace? I could use some fresh night air, if it's alright with my lady." He hoped she said yes.

Eowyn, having already finished half her wine was feeling a little warm. "I rather enjoy the outdoors myself. Come, let us go."

They walked through the wood doors of the hall and went to a bench out on the terrace. It was a beautiful evening. The sky was full of stars. Faramir proceeded to tell Eowyn about some of the brighter stars, recalling stories of the Elves and the names they had for them.

"You know a lot about the Elves. Have you ever met any?" Eowyn said curiously for she had never seen an Elf before.

"Most things I know because of the old wizard Gandalf the Grey. He visits Minas Tirith quite often and has taught me a lot about the different realms of Middle Earth. I find the Elves the most fascinating. And yes, I have met an Elf once. An Eldar actually, one of the oldest of the race, Lord Elrond of Rivendell. He was quite captivating and rather intimidating at first sight. But after talking to him for a short while I found him to be very kind. I would like to meet him again some day. He probably has many stories to tell. And being a scholar, I would like to know every story ever told so I can immortalize it in writing."

Eowyn gazed at Faramir as he spoke. It took everything she had to not throw her arms around him and kiss him again. His words were like poetry. He was well educated unlike most men who could not read or write. It was part of what drew her to him. He knew a lot about the world, not from experience but from reading and it gave him a sort of innocence that Eowyn found very attractive.

The two spent most of the evening talking, telling each other stories of  their cities. They became caught up in conversation and forgot all about feeling nervous and awkward. Eowyn had never felt so relaxed and comfortable around any man, even sharing a few innocent secrets with him that only Eomer knew of.

Faramir was feeling much less anxious than before. He felt they were comfortable enough in each others presence now and he wanted to discuss their chance encounter in the stable. He just had to know what she was thinking at the time and if he needed to apologize to her or not. After a moment of silence he took his chance.

"Eowyn, do you remember when you left Minas Tirith and I found you in the stable?"

Eowyn felt heat rush to her cheeks and blushed at the fact that he was bringing this up. "Yes, I do very much so. Faramir, if you are going to apologize, please don't. The kiss was mutual. I was glad to have that moment with you." she said shyly, afraid to admit to him that she had enjoyed it.

Faramir felt her reserve and laid his hand on top of hers where it rested on the bench. "I have often thought about our kiss." he said nervously. "I feel I must tell you this before it is too late and you become Boromir's wife." He took a deep breath and searched for the right words.

Eowyn wasn't sure she wanted to hear what he had to say. It was her deepest fear and a dream come true all at the same time. "Please, Faramir, you don't have to say anything. Let's just…" but her words were cut off.

"No. I must say this. Eowyn I have loved you since I met you. I know things can not change and you marry my brother. You may not even return these feelings but I could not let things continue and not tell you. I understand if you never want to see or speak to me again. And I'm sorry if I have made you uncomfortable. I mean no disrespect. I just could not live the rest of my life never having told you…"
She did not let him finish, putting her hand to his mouth. "Please, do not say another word." she said to him. Tears welled up in the corners of her eyes. Whether they were tears of joy or tears of pain she did not know. Her emotions swirled all around in her head. "I want to speak but I don't know what to say for fear of betraying Boromir. But I will admit to you that I wish it had been you. Boromir is a good man. But my heart feels for you. I don't know what to do Faramir. I don't know how I will go through with this marriage. To refuse is to commit treason. I feel I must sacrifice my happiness for the good of my people. But if I were free to choose it would have been you."

Faramir had mixed emotions. "Your words bring me much joy and sorrow. Is there no other way around this mess?"

Eowyn said the only thing she knew to say, as hard as it was. "I… I can't be with you. I must follow the path chosen for me. We must never speak of this again and put these feelings aside. I will marry Boromir and live my life with him." Eowyn laid a gentle hand to the side of his face. "You must move on. Find someone who makes you happy. Now is the time to end this, before we do something we might regret. Please respect my wishes and let me be. I am sorry, Faramir. I wish things could have been different." Eowyn stood to leave but Faramir grabbed her arm. She turned to face him. They looked deep into each others eyes.

"I cannot ignore my feelings for you." Faramir began. "I know we only shared one secret kiss, but a lot was said in that moment. I have searched so long for someone who makes me feel the way you do and I cannot forget so easily. Eowyn, when I see you I fear my chest will burst from the pounding of my heart. You are my hearts desire. You are burned too deeply into my memory."

"Please say no more. It cannot be, you and I. There is nothing more I can do. Your brother and your father feel strongly about this marriage. To go against them now would be to commit treason. I could be tried and possibly put to death for going against them. I would be disrespecting my king and my own people and that is something cannot do. I wish things were different but they aren't." Eowyn began to cry.

Faramir gently wiped the tears from her face. "I will not be the cause of your sadness. I will respect your wishes and not pursue this anymore, but not before I do something."

Eowyn looked up to see what he would do. Faramir grabbed her by the waist and pulled her into him. He looked longingly into her eyes and then captured her lips. She did not resist. They kissed deeply as their tongues danced together. Eowyn's body was on fire. She pushed her body harder against his and felt an aching desire grow deep within her. She was losing herself to him.

Faramir could feel her breasts pushing into his chest and wanted to touch them. His hands slowly slipped from her waist and traveled up her sides. He hesitated a moment awaiting her reaction. She did not stop him so he continued on, bringing his hands to her breasts. He caressed them through her silky shirt. They were so firm and round. Her nipples hardened under his palms. It was all he could do to keep from tasting her as she moaned from his touch.

Their breathing was becoming heavier. Eowyn had never actually done anything like this before but she didn't want it to end. She felt so good, so right, here in his arms. She drew herself away from his embrace and looked at him.

"We can't. We must stop. As good as this feels, it is not right. I am promised to your brother."

Faramir regained his composure. "You are right. We can't go on." Faramir said looking down. "I'm sorry. I should not have done that." Then Eowyn laid a loving hand to the side of his face. She had no more words for him. They both knew what had to be done and they went off in separate directions.

They didn't speak much to each other for the rest of time the brothers were in Rohan. Eowyn actually spent a little more time with Boromir, getting to know him better. She had no choice really. But she was finding him to be quite amusing. Maybe she was wrong about him. Maybe she could learn to love him like everyone told her she would. These thoughts came to her when she was with Boromir. But when she was alone and her mind was free to wander, it always came back to Faramir. She could not erase the memory of him as she told him it could never be, the look on his handsome face and knowing she was breaking his heart as well as her own. She regretted telling him of her fondness for him and indulging in their most intimate of kisses. It probably would have been better if they had never known of their true feelings for each other. Maybe it would have been easier to forget him.

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