What Paths We Take: 19. Brief Hiatus

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19. Brief Hiatus

One year later . . . .

The sun was setting. Eowyn stood on her terrace looking out towards Osgiliath. Faramir would not be home tonight. It would be the third time this week. At first, it was only occasionally but lately she felt like he was avoiding her. Frustration was getting in the way of their marriage. It had been a year and still Eowyn and Faramir were childless. In the beginning, it was fun for them. They made love often and in many places. However, as time went on and Eowyn's prayers went unanswered, she began seeking out advice from mid wives. She tried new ideas, new positions with Faramir, and even different times of the month. He was all for it at first but soon started to feel pressured. It was no longer spontaneous or slow or sometimes not loving. It was becoming a second job for him. Sometimes he just wanted to come home to her and hold her in his arms. Now every time he touched her it had to lead to sex. She would explain how this person said to try this or that person said to try that and he felt as if he was being told how to satisfy his wife instead of just enjoying her on his own. He had not come home a couple of times just to avoid whatever new idea she had that evening.

Eowyn heard a knock at her door. It was Arwen. "It is so good to see you Arwen. What brings you to Emyn Arnen this evening?"

Arwen floated effortlessly into the room as only an Elf can. "I heard you were alone this night and thought I'd join you. I think we need some girl time."

"I would very much enjoy the company. How are things in Minas Tirith?" Eowyn knew why Arwen was here. It was common knowledge that the Lord and Lady of Ithilien were having trouble.

"Things go well in the city." Arwen paused.

"Well, come in and make yourself at home. Would you care for some wine? It came from Rivendell, a gift from your brothers actually." Eowyn said pouring herself a glass.

"None for me thank you." she said. Eowyn turned to face her friend. The women had always shared a glass of the sweet wine from her fathers' land. This could only mean one thing. "Arwen, my dear friend, are you with child?"

"I didn't want to say anything but yes." Arwen said slightly smiling.

"Oh, I am so happy for you." Eowyn gave her friend a hug. "Why would you hesitate to tell me? This is such wonderful news."

"I didn't want to make you uncomfortable."

"Don't be silly. This is something to worth celebrating. Just because I haven't a family does not mean I can not be happy for you."

Eowyn was trying to be sincere, but deep down the thought of Arwen pregnant with her second child was tearing her apart. As she smiled at Arwen, tears welled up in her eyes. Arwen tilted her head and embraced her friend as Eowyn began to sob.

"My dear Eowyn, what has happened here? I sense such sadness in you."

"I don't know what has happened to us. Faramir and I were so happy and in love. Now, he does not even come home. I think he tires of me already. We have tried everything possible but still there is no child. I have told no one this but I visited one of the healers who gave me a special tonic. She said it would increase my chances of pregnancy. Still, there is nothing. Arwen, is it possible Faramir suffered damage when he was poisoned and so close to death? The healers thought he recovered fully, which he did, physically. But maybe the damage went deeper than anyone knew."

"That is a possibility." Arwen said. "But maybe you want it too much. Maybe you try too hard."

Eowyn interrupted, "Maybe he no longer loves me."

"Faramir has always loved you. That will never change. But do not forget what he has been through. His whole life he was told he was not good enough. Maybe those phantoms come back to haunt him now. Do not pressure him. Let your love for him ease his pain from the past. Just love each other with no expectations and you will be successful."

"I know you are right. I will try. Maybe I have pushed this on him too much, but my desire to have a child is so great. Sometimes I feel I am running out of time." Eowyn said.

"You have an anniversary coming in a couple days. Take this opportunity to care for him. Make this day about him and not about conceiving a child. Cater to his needs. He should know that he is the only one who matters."

Eowyn blushed slightly. "You are right of course. I will plan a romantic evening for us with no expectations. Thank you for your help, Arwen."


Faramir was in his city finishing some business before he went home. Today was his and Eowyn's first year anniversary. He knew he was not easy to get along with lately and wanted to make it up to her. A warm bath, a romantic meal and an evening of passion would suffice. His mind made plans but his heart suffered. He was beginning to feel like a failure. He could not give Eowyn the one thing she wanted more than anything. He tried desperately to push these thoughts out of his mind. Tonight would be about them, not family, not babies.

He had mounted his horse and was returning home when something caught his eye. A single lantern sat at the foot of a pathway leading into the woods. He went for a closer look. There was a note under the lantern that read, 'Take this and follow the path.' So Faramir picked up the lantern and walked his horse along the path. Again, he came upon another note, this time with an arrow laying on it. 'Follow the arrow.' the note said. He went off in the direction the arrow was pointing, using the lantern to light his way. Soon he found a handful of white flower petals in the shape of a heart. He looked up and recognized the place where he was lead. A carefully placed single white rose marked the mouth of the hidden cave. He picked up the rose and smiled, remembering the evening he proposed to Eowyn. Pushing the vines aside, he entered the cave. As he went further inside, he noticed it still looked the same. There was a flickering light at the far end where the small alcove was and he went in that direction.

Eowyn stood by the small table wearing the long forgotten white elven dress. Faramir walked up to her and handed her the white rose, his hand grazing hers as he did. He still felt the same tingle on his skin. He felt guilty for being such a fool lately. He smiled at her.

"You look every bit as beautiful as you did the first time I saw you wearing that dress." He paused before he went on. "I'm sorry for how I've acted lately. I have been such an idiot for treating you in any other way than you deserve and I have no excuse."

"I'm sorry for being so demanding and pushing things on you. You are what matters most to me. Without you in my life, I am nothing. You are all I need, my love."

Faramir heard her words but still he knew how much she wanted a baby. Could she ever truly be happy if she did not get her wish? Would his love for her be enough to make this marriage a success? It was something that plagued his mind.

Eowyn took his hands in hers. "Tonight is about you and me, nothing else. Let me please you. Just tell me what you want. Tonight I am yours to command. I love you, Faramir, and I just want to make you happy."

Her arms snaked up around his neck and she kissed him with open mouth and tongue already in search of his. Faramir put his hands on her waist and pulled her to him. Their bodies pressed against each other and she felt his desire for her growing hard against her thigh.

"I am yours to take as you wish, my lord. Anything you ask of me, I gladly give." she whispered with her hot breath in his ear. Then she nibbled on his lobe and ran her tongue along the edge.

"Anything?" Faramir groaned in a low carnal tone, sending shivers down her body until they lit up her womanly regions. She began to wonder what he had in mind that they had not already tried in this first year of marriage.

"Yes, my lord, anything. Command me." she said and instantly his hands were squeezing her breasts through the dress.

Faramir undid the clasp at the back of her dress. He backed up and sat next to the table, gazing at her with dark eyes full of desire. "Take off your dress." he commanded her.

Slowly she slid the dress down her shoulders letting it pool around her waist. Her hands went to her hips and she very seductively pushed the dress over her hips and down her thighs until it came to rest on the floor. She was completely naked and vulnerable standing there, waiting for Faramir's next directive.

His eyes traveled slowly down her body and back up, studying every curve, every dimple. He smiled impishly. "Touch your breasts as you would want me to."

Her hands came up and rubbed her nipples, making them harden even more. She rolled them with her thumbs then massaged them with her whole hand. With her eyes closed, she imagined Faramir touching her and let out a slight moan.

"Does that feel good?" he asked but she only nodded. "I said does that feel good?" he asked again.

"Yes, my lord." she said in a breathy voice. "What else would you have me do?"

"I want you to reach down with your hand and feel your body. Are you ready for me yet?"

Eowyn's hand traveled from her breast, down her stomach to her mound and under. The other hand remained on her breast. She began rubbing and fondling her nether region as Faramir watched.

"How does it feel?" he asked.

"It feels so good, my lord."

"No. I want you to explain how it feels. I want details. Tell me. Now." His voice was low and demanding.

Eowyn continued her ministrations. "It is very warm, my lord, warm and wet. I slide my finger in and… Oh yes." Her other hand came down to fondle her special place. "It feels so good now." Eowyn was becoming very excited as she pleasured herself, knowing Faramir was watching. She started to open her eyes and look at him.

"Don't open your eyes just yet. Just keep doing what you're doing and pretend like it is my hand touching you, my finger sliding in and out of your wet folds." he said as he watched her and felt his hardness strain inside his pants. He wanted to take her but this was so arousing to watch. "Are you getting close yet, my love?"

"Oh yes." she moaned. "I can feel it building in my core."

"Good. Now go faster and tell me how it feels."

Eowyn increased the speed of her ministrations and her hips started twisting. "It feels… it feels… sweet Eru, it feels so good. I am so wet now. Oh, yes. I am close now. I am ready for you." she panted.

Faramir touched himself through his breeches just to bring a little comfort to his straining member. Eowyn was standing there pleasuring herself, moaning and on the edge of climax. He could take no more and went to her. He surprised her when he grabbed her arms to stop her. She gasped and looked at him. They stared into each other's eyes for a moment. Then Eowyn reached for the laces of his breeches and started desperately undoing them. Faramir undid his shirt at the same time. In a matter of seconds, he was naked, his desire very evident. She threw herself on him and started to wrap a leg around his waist, kissing him madly as she did. Faramir stopped her and looked down into her passion filled eyes.

"I am in control here. Are you still willing to do as I say?"

"Yes, my lord." she said and put her leg down.

Faramir began ravishing her neck and traveled down to her breasts. He did not linger there long before he was down on his knees. He dipped his tongue into her bellybutton before moving lower. His hand moved along her thigh then lifted her leg so it rest on his shoulder. She was right where he wanted her now. His finger separated her folds and delved into her wet entrance. Eowyn moaned at the feel of his intrusion as a second finger joined in. Next, his tongue flicked over her hard nub, making her hips gyrate uncontrollably. He set his pace and brought her to a most satisfying climax. Her moans made him ache to be inside her. When he was done, he stood back up and looked at her flushed face.

"You taste so sweet, my love. Would you like to know how delicious you are?"

Eowyn could barely speak as she was still recovering. "Yes."

Faramir kissed her deeply, her essence still covering his lips and tongue. She tasted herself and ached for him again. She liked this masculine, commanding side of him and hoped he would be like this more often.

"Are you ready for me now, my love?" he whispered.

"Yes, my lord."

She pulled him close and tried to pull him down to the hay-filled bed, forgetting her place with him tonight. She let go and looked down. "I'm sorry my lord. What would you have me do?"

Faramir kissed her, his hands squeezing her round behind. He ground his hips against her until she was writhing against him. Just when she thought he was going to lay her down, he let go of her and spun her around so she was facing the table. He pressed his hardness into her backside and she writhed against him again. He trailed kisses along her neck and shoulder, occasionally nipping at her skin. Eager hands reached around to her breasts. He became further aroused when he found her hands already there. Faramir helped her by covering her hands with his and squeezing. He left her to her own ministrations to find sweeter rewards and found her wet and ready. He nudged the back of her legs with his knee, spreading them slightly. Working her with one hand reaching round in front, his other came around back. When he was sure she was slick enough, his finger began fondling her tighter entrance. Her body protested to the intrusion.

"Relax my love. I'm going to bring you such pleasure like you have never felt before but you must relax in order to enjoy it."

Faramir felt her body ease up and he continued stroking her front and back. Slowly he slid his finger into the tight area. Once past the tight ring of rejecting muscles, she began to relax and moan. He needed release now. This was amazing, the affect he had on her. He had her so worked up she would do anything he asked of her.

"I can wait no longer to claim you." he said rather animalistic. He leaned onto her, forcing her to bend forward. She let go of her breasts and grabbed the table for support. She was not sure what he planned to do but her sexual desire was at such an escalated state; she did not much care, as long as she would be screaming his name soon.

Faramir entered her traditional area swiftly and deep, filling her. He was buried to the hilt and it felt like heaven. Her body was hot and slick with her essence. He pulled almost completely out and then slid back in forcefully. He pushed her forward more so that now she was practically lying on the table. He increased his rhythm, slamming into her every time. His hand returned to her tighter opening and again he inserted one finger, then two. He was very close to completion now and he wanted her to be too.

"I want to hear you say my name as you come for me. Say it now, my love." he growled. His climax was building quickly.

Eowyn was almost there. She was pinned to the table totally under his control and loving every minute. Suddenly, stars seemed to burst behind her closed eyes. She screamed his name at the top of her lungs, repeatedly as he pounded into her.

He felt her muscles contract around his swollen member and thrust deep, holding himself there as he released his seed deep into her womb. At the same time, his body shivered and he moaned loudly, his voice echoing throughout the cave. He collapsed onto her back but made sure not to crush her against the table. Sweat rolled down both their bodies as they lay there panting, trying to catch their breath.

Eowyn could not move. Even now, having him inside her still, she almost thought she could lose herself again. He was still quite hard and she told herself she would not waste such a precious gift.

They finally pulled away from each other. Faramir helped her to the makeshift bed and laid her down. Then he joined her at her side, stroking her hot sweaty skin, paying close attention to every contour of her body.

Eowyn pushed the hair from his face. "That was amazing. I have never felt such intensity. It was as if I floated out of my body. Oh Faramir, I have never seen this side of you. I want to see more. You are wonderful."

Faramir smiled. "Oh, I am far from being through with you tonight. I have more surprises, each one more intense than the next if you will indulge but only on one condition."

"And what is that?" she asked.

"I like when you refer to me as 'my lord'."

Eowyn laughed. "Then I will indulge, my lord, for as long or as many times as you will have me. Like I said, I am yours tonight to do with what you please."


For the next couple of months, they forgot all about trying to have a baby and concentrated on just making each other happy. But obviously, the fact that Eowyn still was not with child began to weigh heavily on Faramir's conscious again. He was home every night since their anniversary and they made love most of those nights. They had been relaxed and enjoying each other's bodies. But even without pressure, there was still no baby. As time went by, Faramir began to feel like a failure again.

It began with less sex. What started out as every night turned into once a week then less and less. Faramir began staying in Osgiliath again, saying he had too much work to accomplish in one day. Eowyn wanted to surprise him once and rode to the city to be with him. Unfortunately, she found he was not as busy as he had said. He had been drinking with some of his captains instead. Needless to say, Eowyn left and returned home, crying for what Faramir was becoming.

On those occasions when they did make love, it was good but it did not get her pregnant. In addition, Faramir became more and more depressed. He thought about his father often. Denethor had wanted him to be great like Boromir, but he had never had the heart of a warrior. His father started to belittle him, telling him he would never amount to anything. Maybe he was right. Now Faramir could not even produce an heir. He was a failure but what hurt the most was being a failure to Eowyn. He understood how badly she wanted a child. She had told him repeatedly if all she ever had was him, she would be happy but he did not believe her. He could not live with the fact that he was a disappointment to her. All he ever wanted was to make her happy. If he could not do that then maybe she deserved better. Maybe she would have been better off to stay with Legolas. For as long as he had known Eowyn, he had never hurt her in any way until now. Could he really stay with her knowing he could not give her the one thing she wanted most? These thoughts plagued his mind and it scared him to think that he might have to set Eowyn free to seek another path, without him.

Eowyn was hurting for Faramir. She could see his disappointment and tried to reassure him that she would still be happy even if they did not have children. She loved Faramir so much she was willing to do what ever it took to make their marriage work but she worried that he would not see things the same way. He had become very distant towards her and that concerned her. What if he decided to end everything, what would she do? She could not imagine not being with him, not seeing his face when she woke up, not feeling his touch or looking into his loving eyes. She had to do something to convince him they were meant to be together no matter what. The only thing left to do was to obtain a little distance from each other. Just a little break so they could get their thoughts together. Eowyn decided to visit her brother in Rohan.

When she approached Faramir about going away for a little while, she almost cried as he was emotionless by their separation. That's when she knew she was losing him. So they had a long talk. They decided they both needed some time to think and sort through their feelings, although Eowyn was sure she did not want this.

"I so desperately want to stay here with you. I miss you so much when I am not with you." she said to him. "But maybe if we are apart, we will come to realize why we are meant to be together." She kissed him then, sending out every ounce of love she felt for him. "I love you Faramir, and I am ready to get on with our lives even without children. Nothing is more important to me than you are. A part of me would die if we were not together. That's why this trip is going to be so hard on me."

Faramir held her face in his hands and smiled at her. "And you are so important to me that I would rather die than to hurt you. I feel like I have let you down and you don't deserve that kind of treatment."


Eowyn left Emyn Arnen for Rohan. She cried about the whole way there. When she saw her brother, she could not hold it in any longer and sobbed like never before. It reminded Eomer of the time she cried over losing Faramir because of her arranged marriage to Boromir. He knew how madly in love she was with him and hated seeing her so upset.

She spent a lot of time with Lothiriel. They talked mostly about what was happening. Lothiriel tried to help her best she could. She had never been in a situation like this though. She had the love of her life and two of his children. She never gave it a second thought. However, Eowyn made her realize what a special gift she had and she promised herself never to take it for granted again.

By the time all was said and done, Eowyn had been there a couple weeks. She felt much better now though she worried about Faramir's decision. It was time to go home and face her fears. She would be leaving the next morning. She was packing her things when she heard the horns blow throughout the city. Someone was approaching Rohan. Eowyn ran to her window and looked out across the golden plains. Two riders on one horse approached. She recognized the riders. One was short and stout and the other tall and lithe with hair the color of sunshine. She remembered the first time she saw them, when Théoden was locked in a spell and war was close at hand. It was Legolas and Gimli. Her heart just about leapt out of her chest. She had not seen them in over a year and she missed them terribly. What a wonderful surprise and right before she left for home. This meant there would be a marvelous feast and a celebration in their honor tonight. It would be a great welcome for them and a fantastic send off for her. Eowyn ran out to the steps of the Meduseld to surprise her friends and be the first one to greet them.

Legolas' heart soared as he climbed the steps. There she was, still just as beautiful as she was the day he left Ithilien. What an unexpected fortune to find her here. As he reached the top of the stairs, Eowyn ran to him and grabbed his hands. A rush of energy coursed through his body. She had always had that affect on him. He needed it now more than ever. Not seeing her for so long took a toll on him as he was beginning to feel the effects of fading. Now his soul felt renewed by her mere touch.

"Eowyn, what great joy it is to lay my eyes upon your beauty. It has been so long. You look absolutely radiant."

"Oh Legolas, I have missed you. How are you and what are you doing here in Rohan?"

"Gimli and I are just finishing with our journey. We have come from Fangorn where we were so graciously accepted by Treebeard and the Ents. It was such a magical place. I think I may never know a forest so grand, not even my own."

"Well, you will tell me all about it later. I am sure Eomer will have a feast tonight. You are staying aren't you?"

"Yes. We are just replenishing our supplies and taking a well needed rest before we head for Helm's Deep and explore the Glittering Caves. So tell me, what brings you to Rohan? And where is my friend, Faramir? I would greatly like to meet with him again."

Eowyn hung her head. "Faramir is not here. He is back in Emyn Arnen tending to his duties." she said sadly.

Legolas considered the tone of her voice just then. All was not well with the Lord and Lady. "Something has happened. Tell me, is Faramir all right? Are you alright?" he asked very concerned.

"Well, I hope everything will be fine as I return home. I am leaving tomorrow for I'm afraid I have overstayed my welcome here. I don't want to be a burden to my brother and his wife any longer."

Legolas was about to ask more when he felt a hand on his shoulder. "Don't be foolish, sister. You are never a burden and can stay as long as you like." It was Eomer, come to greet his guests. "Legolas my dear friend, it is good to see you. I heard you were traveling this way and hoped you and Gimli would pay a visit to our pristine city. I believe this calls for a celebration."

Eowyn smiled and winked to Legolas in an 'I told you so' kind of way. Legolas smiled and laughed, his voice renewing Eowyn's spirit. It seemed like a very long time since she'd heard such a joyful sound. Tonight would be relaxing and a relief, maybe the last time she would be so happy in a long time.

Eomer turned to lead Legolas and Gimli to their guest quarters. Gimli smiled and bowed to Eowyn. "After the Lady." he said with pleasantries. Legolas offered his arm to her. She took it letting two of the finest beings in all of Middle Earth escort her. It was feeling like home again.


Eomer had outdone himself, again. It was another fine feast to honor the Elf and Dwarf of the fellowship. The food was delectable. The best wine and ale Rohan had to offer was brought out. Everyone was enjoying the fine evening. As the music started, Gimli rushed to Eowyn and asked her for the first dance. He danced with her at her wedding and remembered what fun he had. He of course, told her funny stories of him and Legolas in Fangorn. She laughed until tears streamed down her cheeks as the Dwarf twirled her around the room. When the music ended, Gimli's ears perked up as he heard a commotion around the ale kegs. Gathered around with mugs in their raised hands were Eomer and other Rohirrim riders. This could mean only one thing, Gimli thought. The drinking game was about to begin. He was not about to be outdone by a bunch of horsemen. He turned to Eowyn and bowed.

"Thank you, fair Lady of Ithilien, for allowing this Dwarf the honor of the first dance but I must go and protect my claim as master of their game."

"Thank you for telling me your stories. Now I have something to tease Legolas about." she laughed.

Gimli disappeared into the crowd but she could still hear his gruff voice. As she stood there laughing for a moment, she felt a gentle touch to her back. She knew it was Legolas before she even turned around.

"Would you care for another dance, or has the Dwarf worn you out already? He is quite the dancer. Who would have ever known?" Legolas said smiling.

"I would love to dance with you Legolas Thranduilion. How long has it been?"

"Too long, even for an Elf."

Just being around Eowyn made Legolas feel stronger and he wished he did not have to leave Middle Earth at all. He led her around the room, dancing until she was ready for a break.

"This has been so much fun Legolas, but I require a bit of a rest now. Would you care to join me for a glass of fine Elvish wine? It is some of my favorite."

"I believe I could use a draught of the sweet nectar of the Elves." Legolas answered and led her to a table. They each got a glass, and then he led her outside for some fresh air. They found an empty bench and sat down to enjoy some long needed conversation. Legolas told her about Fangorn forest and the Ents and some of the adventures he and Gimli shared on the way to Rohan.

"I feel like I have been doing all the talking this evening." Legolas said. "I'm sure you have some interesting tales to share. How goes life in Ithilien?"

Eowyn turned her head from Legolas. She did not want to admit that life back home was not what she expected it to be. They were having such a good time, why ruin it with sob stories. "Well, life there is not as exciting as roaming freely about Middle Earth. Osgiliath is coming together well but there is still so much reconstruction to do. Emyn Arnen is a beautiful place to live but it is your forest that has changed the most. It is so alive and beautiful. I visit there as often as I can spare."

"It pleases my heart to know you frequent my home even if I am not there." Legolas said.

"Why wouldn't I? Legolas, you seem a little down. Is there something you are not telling me?"

"I am just missing my fair woods. Sometimes I feel like I will never get back there." He did not want to say too much. She did not know about his decision to leave for Valinor before he faded.

They had finished their wine and Legolas went to get more. He came back with two fresh glasses and a full carafe. They continued with their conversation, delighting in each other's company, letting the wine go to their heads. After a while, Legolas became curious why she did not speak of Faramir.

"In all of our talk tonight, you have hardly mentioned Faramir. Tell me what is wrong, Eowyn. I can feel your anguish and it hurts my heart to see you like this." He laid his hand on hers.

As soon as he touched her, Eowyn began to cry. She knew she could not keep anything from Legolas. "I'm sorry. I do not mean to cry like this. I just want to be happy and not think about my life in this short time we have together tonight. I'm leaving in the morning to return home, but I'm not sure what I'll find when I get there."

"Has Faramir hurt you?"

"He doesn't mean to. You see, we have been trying since our wedding night to conceive a child. But it seems it is not our destiny to have a baby. Faramir feels responsible. His fathers words come back to haunt him. I don't know Legolas. I think I am losing him. I have tried to reassure him that I only need his love but he does not listen. I'm afraid he might leave me. He just won't listen to me. I cannot lose him. I love him too much."

"I'm sorry Eowyn. I did not know how dire your situation was. I wish there was something I could do to help."

She laughed, "You can't. No one can but Faramir. If he would only see past this and recognize my love for him. He knows how much I wanted a family and, in his mind, if he can't give that to me, I'm afraid he will be gone soon."

They sat in silence for a while, drinking their wine. Eowyn finished her third glass and poured another. She was becoming quite tipsy. Legolas was feeling the effects of the wine also, though not as intensely.

She was rather drunk now and became very bold, which is what led to her next line of questioning. "In all the time we were together, you never once talked about children. Didn't you ever want a family?"

"It's not that I didn't want one but that I would not have one as I am the last of my kind. Though I may be three thousand years old, I am still young for an Elf, too young some would say as to start a family. My kin leave these shores as we speak. It does not make sense to bring Elflings into the world just to have them sail before they reach maturity."

"Oh, I never thought of it like that. I have never seen an Elfling. Elves are so different from humans." She paused a moment. "How do Elves go about making Elflings anyway? Do you say some elvish incantation and they just pop out of a hole in a tree or what?" She was trying to lighten the mood. The wine was also playing a big part in her brashness.

Legolas laughed, recognizing her condition and noted that he had never seen her like this before. "You have been talking to Gimli, haven't you? Of course, we do not pop out of trees. Elves are born just as humans are. We have a mother and a father. There is a birth, very normal."

Now Eowyn was enthralled with this information. "But why aren't there any Elf births. I mean, humans make love and sometimes the woman gets pregnant, well… not all of us… but some do. Look, what I'm trying to say is, why don't the ellith get pregnant? I have seen you, Legolas. The male Elf has a veracious appetite when it comes to matters of love."

Legolas began to blush now, something he did not do often. "I think I know what you ask. There are no unexpected birthings for Elves. We can make love any time and as often as we like. Conception must be consensual. If the Elf and the elleth do not agree, impregnation cannot happen. It forces both parties to verbally approach the subject and make a decision together. Otherwise there will be no baby."

Eowyn listened carefully. "That is amazing. I never knew such a way of life existed. So… all those times we made love, there was no chance of getting pregnant, even though I am human?"

"There is not much on the subject of human and Elf conception because it is forbidden to cross paths. But I believe in that case, only the Elf must will it to happen." Legolas looked at her curiously. "Why do you ask such questions? What are you thinking about?"

"I just wanted to know that's all." she said looking away from him.

Legolas cocked his head and studied her countenance. "You have had too much wine if you are thinking such things. Having a child will not solve all problems. Do you not remember why Faramir was born in the first place? He was to be the bond that would bring his mother and father closer. She died not long after, of loneliness. Faramir just needs to deal with his fears. Only then will he be able to continue with his life. You must help him work through this. Just love him and let him know you will be by his side no matter what."

Eowyn was becoming angry. "What do you think I've been doing all this time? I open myself to him every day but he only builds a higher wall between us. I don't know what else I can do?"

Legolas caught the tone in her voice. "If you try so hard, then why are you here in Rohan and not with him this very moment?" he said in a calm, understanding way.

She started to cry again but managed to speak through her tears. "Because if I am not there, he cannot leave me."

Legolas sat their glasses down and took her in his arms. He never imagined Faramir and Eowyn having such troubles. He knew they were meant to be. It was very evident. Unfortunately, they were thrown from their direct path to happiness. Now there were difficulties put in their way that must be overcome. His heart pained him to see her like this. For a moment he thought about the time they had spent together, loving each other. He would never have made her sad. Nevertheless, their path would not have been any easier, being Elf and human. She would have faced difficulties of a different kind.

After some time, and noticing how late it was becoming, Legolas walked Eowyn to her room. They said goodnight and before she went inside, she kissed him on the cheek. "Thank you Legolas, for making me see I must face my fears as well as Faramir. I do not know what will happen to us but now I understand that they must happen regardless. I hope you return home soon. The woods are just not the same without you there."

"In just a couple months I will be back. Take care and sleep well. I will see you off in the morning." Legolas took her hand and kissed it.

Legolas went back to his room and pondered his thoughts. He realized that he and Eowyn still cared very much for each other and they needed each other. He thought his was the only need. Now he saw Eowyn's requisite for him as well, though only as a friend.

In the morning, Legolas was waiting for Eowyn. "How fairs the beautiful Lady of Ithilien?" he said extending his hands to her.

"I am a new woman today. I go to face my future, good or bad. Hurry home, Legolas. I miss your company." She pulled him into an embrace. Legolas drew in as much of her energy as he could before she left. Feeling completely renewed by her nearness would make the rest of his journey tolerable and less susceptible to the effects of fading.

"I look forward to our next meeting, my lady." He kissed her forehead and gazed one more time into her eyes. She put on a brave face but he saw the fear in her eyes and wished it was not so. He loved her and it made his heart break to know she was pained. If he could, he would absorb her suffering and add it to his own.

Eowyn said goodbye to Eomer and his family, then mounted her horse and headed off for home. A Rohirrim family who wanted to move to the city accompanied her. They were ready for a change in their lives. They had two children, one of their own and one they took in after the war. The enemy slew this child's parents. The couple were very good lifelong friends of the deceased. They felt it was their duty to take in the orphaned child and raise her as their own. Their story intrigued Eowyn. It gave her new hope to finding a solution to her and Faramir's problem. Maybe they could adopt a child of their own. After all, Eowyn and Eomer were perfect examples of surviving a broken family, being raised by their uncle. It was definitely something to discuss when she got back, if Faramir was still willing to take her back.

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