What Paths We Take: 13. Finding Friendship

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13. Finding Friendship

The healers gave Eowyn a clean bill of health. She was allowed to roam freely around the city. They gave her her own living quarters outside of the healing house. Only occasionally would she go back for the healers to check her arm. It seemed to recover quite nicely. There was no permanent damage though she still felt a little numbness in some places.

The lower levels of the city were in a shambles but the rebuilding had already begun. Eowyn avoided those areas and stayed in the upper levels. She was careful not to be to close to Faramir's healing room. She thought it best to avoid him for now. She needed time to let everything sink in. At night, she would lie in bed and think about Legolas, where he was and what he was doing. Somehow, the vision of Faramir would creep into her mind. Was it possible to be in love with two people at once? That's how it felt sometimes. She would find herself comparing the Elf and Man. They were complete opposites besides being mortal and immortal. Her love for Legolas was strong, solid. Their relationship had grown at a normal pace allowing them to learn much about each other. It was different with Faramir. The passion was instant but she never had the chance to really know him. It felt like she had already known him for a lifetime. She never believed in love at first sight until she met Faramir. She had always wished they had more time together to explore these wants and passions. Now he was here again, still wanting her, still loving her. The part of her that remembered him long ago wanted to go to him and embrace his love, absorb him into the very core of her being. It was the stronger, more rational side of her mind that needed Legolas. She made up her mind and decided it was Legolas she wanted more than everything in Middle Earth. He was her savior, her protector. He was the only one who ever kept a promise to her, though Faramir was never given the chance.

Eowyn was sitting in the courtyard by the Citadel. It was as far away as she could get from Faramir without leaving the city all together. The sky was a different shade of blue today. It seemed more cheerful. There was a change in the air. Life was blooming around the courtyard where there hadn't been before. Had something happened? Was there a change of events taking place? She wondered as she walked around the White Tree. There were a few white flowers blooming way up high on the upper branches. There was life growing again in the old tree. Her heart began to pound. Were they victorious, those who went to Mordor? Did Frodo destroy the One Ring? Did any survive to tell the tale of their travels?

Eowyn was so wrapped up in her thoughts that she did not notice someone spying on her from the shadows. Faramir had snuck out of his room and away from the healing house to follow her. It was not the first time. He understood why she stayed away from him and allowed her the space she needed. But at the same time, he just had to look upon her beauty. He took notice of the things that amused her or caught her attention, making a mental note for future reference. He knew what foods she liked and what flowers made her smile. He wondered if the Elf knew these things about her, or did he draw her in with nothing more than his ethereal glow. He knew the Elves were hard for a human to resist. He himself had been smitten with an eleth or two.

Faramir watched as Eowyn examined the White Tree. A slight breeze blew her long golden hair about her shoulders. The dress she wore accentuated the curves of her body. His mind wandered back to the night she gave up her virginity to him. Many times, he wished they had never left that cave for that was their last true moment of happiness together. She would still be his and their life would be blissful. But that was only a wish. Faramir would need to do everything in his power to gain her trust again and hopefully her love.

She was alone out here. It was a good time to approach her. She would resist at first but his words would calm her and maybe they could just talk. He was about to step out of the shadows when suddenly there was a commotion by the gate leading into the courtyard. He watched as
Eowyn spun around, surprise on her countenance. Her hands flew up and covered her mouth as if to stifle a scream. Then she reached out her arms for someone. Faramir turned to the gate and saw a tall figure bound across the yard towards her. It was Legolas. He had returned. Faramir watched as he scooped Eowyn up into his arms and spun her around. Her laugh was contagious and she was ecstatic to see her love. Faramir's heart fell as he watched the reunion. How he wished it had been his arms embracing her. Then he forced the self-pity out of his mind and told himself that she would be his again someday. Faramir left to go back to the healing house before he was missed. Then he would set his plan into motion.


An electric charge coursed through their bodies as they held each other for the first time in a month. Legolas held Eowyn tight around the waist. Her arms reached up and wrapped around his neck. They did not say a word but just gazed into each other's eyes. Then they kissed as if for the very first time. Legolas lightly brushed his lips against hers sending shivers down her spine. She responded by pushing herself up against his chest. Her hand drew his head down and her tongue searched for entry to his sweet tasting mouth. Legolas invited her in and their tongues danced passionately together. Eowyn moaned as she felt his hands travel up the sides of her body and lightly graze the curve of her breasts. He felt her warm breath as she whispered into his ear. "I want you, Legolas. It has been far too long." Then she proceeded to suck his earlobe into her mouth before running her tongue along the outer edge up to the sensitive tip. Legolas shuttered as she did and then kissed her again.

"Every night I dreamed of this moment, when I would once again hold you in my arms. I will not let go this time for the war is over. Sauron has been destroyed. The Ring is no more and we can be free to love and never to be separated again. Let us go now before I lose myself to my desire and take you right here." he said, his hand roaming down her body to the space between her thighs.

Eowyn took his hand and lead him to her room. As soon as they closed the door, they shed their garments and were naked in seconds. Legolas studied her body as she moved across the room to the divan on the other side. He could see that her arm looked normal again. She had recovered fully. There was no need to be careful. His want was so great he was not sure he could contain himself. Eowyn lay down on the plush sofa and motioned for Legolas to come to her. He was caught up in the site of her when he realized he had not moved yet. He walked over with such fluidity as only an Elf could move. Eowyn's heart raced and her body was alight with warmth that spread to all her secret places. She looked up at Legolas who was now standing at the end of the bench. His eyes were as dark as a stormy sea. Desire filled him as he knew he was about to take what was his. Eowyn's body writhed with anticipation of what was about to transpire. Legolas crawled his way up her body like a predator stalking its prey. He had her within his grasp and she was willing, wanting, writhing for his touch. The next moment he buried himself deep within her warmth, moving inside her walls. Eowyn's moans excited him even further. Her inner muscles squeezed him and he was suddenly floating on the waves of his ecstasy. As much as he wanted to take it slow and make the moment last, he could not. It had been far too long since he felt her body, inside and out. He could not contain his desire another minute and yelled Eowyn's name as he thrust deep and spilled his essence. Eowyn joined him as she rode her own erotic wave time and time again. Once again, she felt whole, protected and loved as his body draped across hers. She felt his quivering muscles as he came down from the cloud he rode. This Elf, this ethereal being was like a dream from which she never wanted to wake. They were one now and remained that way a moment longer as they recovered.

Legolas rolled onto his side and looked at this beautiful mortal woman. He ran his long fingers along her neck to her collarbone, down her arm to her shapely waist, over the contour of her hip and thigh then back up again. He felt the goose bumps prickling on her skin and smiled at the effect he had on her. He loved her so much, there was only one way to go from here, and that was to bind with her. They had hardly said a word to one another since he arrived but their bodies spoke volumes. He watched as she closed her eyes. Legolas would let her sleep now. They would talk when she awoke.

Eowyn was beginning to stir from her slumber. There was a sparkling outside her closed eyelids. A light was twinkling on her face, the sun perhaps or was it the stars. She knew not how long she had been asleep. Her eyes fluttered open and found that it was indeed still daytime. She was alone on the divan and sat up looking around for Legolas. He was sitting on the wall of their balcony wearing nothing but his leggings, one foot firmly planted on the floor while the other was on the railing, his knee up to his chest. The sun was low in the sky and the colors were like none Eowyn had ever seen before. Gold and red hues played and mixed together creating something that looked almost magical. She looked back to Legolas who stood out in contrast to the skyline behind him. He was absolutely glowing, more so than normal. He held something in his hand. He smiled and held the object up so the sun caught it; making lights twinkle and bounce off everything they touched. She realized that's what the sparkling was. Legolas laughed as she shielded her eyes from the bright light. Eowyn got up, wrapped a silk sheet around her naked body, joining her love on the balcony.

"What is that you hold?" she asked looking at his hand. He concealed the object in the palm of his hand. Legolas seemed not to want her to see it just yet.

"This is something very special to me. It belonged to my mother once. She gave it to me before she died. She told me I was to give it to my hearts desire when the time was right." Legolas jumped down from the wall and stood in front of Eowyn. His gentle fingers lifted her chin so he could look into her eyes. Eowyn melted under his gaze.

"Meleth nin, I want you to have it. You are my hearts desire for no one has ever made me feel so whole, so absolute. Please take this as a token of my love and a promise that you will one day join your soul to me for eternity. The choice is up to you. I will wait forever for you."

His last statement brought Eowyn out of this blissful state. Hadn't Faramir said something similar? She would not allow thoughts of Faramir to ruin this moment and pushed the notion right out of her head but not before Legolas took note of her expression.

"Something has happened. I see it in your eyes." he said taking a more concerned tone with her.

She could not avoid the subject anymore. They would have to talk eventually. Things were becoming rather serious between Eowyn and Legolas. He had to know what had happened since he'd been gone.

"Faramir is here in the city. He was gravely injured and lost his memory. I befriended him during this time. He had no idea who I was. I was aiding him with his recovery for my presence seemed to help. Then one day he just remembered everything. It was like a flood gate had opened and he was himself again. I finally was able to talk to him and clear the air about what happened to us so long ago." Here Eowyn paused for a moment. Legolas was looking intently at her, hanging on her every word, worry shown in the crease between his eyebrows. "He still holds out hope for us, admitting his love for me."

"And what about you? Where do you stand?" Legolas said in a most serious tone.

"I will not lie to you, Legolas. I think a part of me will always love him. He was my first and that is something I cannot forget. I opened my heart to him then and a part of him is embedded forever inside." Eowyn saw the confusion on Legolas' face. "That's just how it is with humans. We were not meant to love only once like the Elves. It gets inside and stays with us always. But we can recover and find love again and sometimes it is a better love. That's what we have, a better love."

"How can that be? How can you find it again even after heartbreak?" Legolas asked.

"How can you not? We are so different you and I, yet we share such intense feelings as we may never know again. Please understand, this is just how it is with the human race."

Legolas was not wholly convinced. A part of him doubted her story. She had admitted she still felt something for Faramir and it worried him. He felt like Eowyn would never be his fully, not as he had wanted her. But she was with him now. It was Legolas' name she called out when they made love. It was his arms she ran to upon his return from Mordor. Maybe she was right. Maybe the human heart went much deeper than that of the Elves.

Eowyn looked down at Legolas' hands. He still concealed the secret jewel there. She touched his hand. "May I see it?" she said in a delicate voice.

Legolas turned his hand over and opened his fist. On his palm was the most beautiful thing Eowyn had ever seen. It was an emerald, made into a teardrop shape. Mithril formed the outer edges making it look like a leaf. It hung from a mithril chain and sparkled in the sunlight.

"It is beautiful. Did your mother wear this?"

"Everyday. My father had it made for her. It was his binding gift to her." Then Legolas smiled slyly. "A year later, I was born." He took Eowyn into his arms. "I would be honored if you would accept this."

Eowyn had tears in her eyes. She turned her back to him and he slipped the necklace around her neck. When she turned back to face him, his eyes lit up as if he were looking upon her for the very first time. "I will cherish it with the promise that I will one day bind my soul to you, Legolas Thranduilion. I love you." she said and as they kissed, she let the silk sheet drop to the floor, wearing nothing more than the necklace. They made love many times that night. It was unforgettable and Eowyn would treasure the moment they shared until the end of her days.


A week had passed and it was time for celebration. There was a huge feast being held that evening for everyone in the city. First, Aragorn had arranged meetings with many lords and captains of the land. Aragorn had rightfully accepted his role as King of Gondor though he was not yet crowned. The people knew he was the one spoken of in prophecy and accepted him quickly. Aragorn needed to appoint people to the places where they were needed most. Among those in attendance were Eomer, Legolas, Gimli and Faramir. Aragorn had important positions for them all if they would accept.

Since Eomer was now King of Rohan, he was asked to keep up the brotherhood between the two cities. He was to be the eyes and ears of the Westfold, notifying Aragorn of any unwanted activity in his part of Middle Earth. Eomer was ruler of his own country now and Aragorn made it known that Gondor would also be there for them if called.

Aragorn had seen the garden Legolas made in the healing houses. He remembered what the Elf said about needing more life in the stone city and asked Legolas to share his wisdom of nature with the people of Minas Tirith. Aragorn would find those who were interested in learning his craft and make them master gardeners. Legolas was excited to get started, as was Gimli.

Gimli was asked to use his knowledge of building and carving of stone to help repair Minas Tirith and bring it back to its original state in the days of old. No one had seen Gimli more proud than at that moment. Up until now, only his skill with an axe was needed. Now he could show everyone where his heart truly lies. Legolas and Gimli would conspire on some of their ideas for gardens. Gimli had some wonderful solutions on how to bring running water to some of the gardens and make fountains of marble.

The last and most important detail was left to Faramir. Aragorn knew he would no longer be needed as a Steward in Gondor. "Ithilien needs a leader. Your people love and respect you. I appoint you, Faramir, as Lord of Ithilien. Rebuild the city of Osgiliath and bring it back to the quality it once was. It will be a long hard road to follow but there is no one else I trust with this. You have all the qualities of being a great ruler. Will you accept?"

Faramir had never been trusted with such a huge challenge. No one ever had such confidence in him or his judgment. "I will, my King. I am honored to have this opportunity. Osgiliath will once again shine with the pride and respect it deserves."

Legolas took notice of the dignity and honor in Faramir's demeanor as he spoke of his city. He was a noble man. The Elf saw for the first time what it was that Eowyn saw in him. He decided it was time to help heal old wounds and approached Faramir who was hesitant at the site of Legolas.

"Lord Faramir," Legolas said as he gave a proper elvish greeting, hand on heart and a bow. "It would be my honor to help you with this task. I would like to help repair and rejuvenate the gardens and forests of Ithilien. It will once again be the fairest forest in Middle Earth."

Faramir was taken aback at Legolas' offer and he was able to understand why Eowyn preferred this Elf. If she could not be with him, then Legolas was a good choice. "I must admit, I wasn't sure I would like you Legolas for you have something now which I still hold dear to my heart. You know of what I speak. However, you have been true to all you have helped. You have done great things for Gondor. I know Ithilien will once again be lush and beautiful with guidance from the Elves, though I know not how you will achieve such an undertaking."

"If it pleases my lord, I will establish a colony of my fellow Wood Elves to settle in North Ithilien. There are still some who do not wish to leave these shores and sail into the West just yet. They still feel a purpose here."

Faramir took a mental note of his comment about the Elves leaving Middle Earth and wondered if Legolas too would sail soon. Would he leave Eowyn, her heart to grieve for another lost love? "And what about you? Have you heard the gull's call and now suffer the sea longing?" he asked.

His question surprised Legolas. "You know of the sea longing?"

"I know much more about the Elves than you think son of Thranduil. Do not forget, Gandalf himself taught me much. It is a part of my scholarship and I have written much in texts to be remembered and passed down through the generations."

Legolas looked at Faramir with a raised brow. He was definitely unlike any man he had ever met. "I must be honest and say that I too have heard the call of the sea. The Lady of the Golden Wood warned me, but my oath to the fellowship was much stronger. It is my sacrifice to make. My day shall come when I will leave these shores, but not until my oath is fulfilled."

"And what have you been sworn to uphold?" asked Faramir.

"To stay true to my friends until our bond is broken by death. Only then will I sail." Legolas said proudly.

Faramir was torn. On one hand, he perceived the nobility of this Elf. He was true to his word. On the other hand, he held the love of the only woman Faramir ever wanted. Jealousy was never far from his thoughts. However, he held his composure for Eowyn's sake. He at least had her friendship now and would not risk losing it. If that was all he could obtain from her, then it was enough for the moment. Faramir would set aside his love for Eowyn and any begrudging for Legolas. He had a city to rebuild. It was time to take back his life and prove his self-worth. Aragorn would not be disappointed in the rebuilding. So Faramir breathed deep, looked at Legolas with a warm smile and extended his hand. Legolas looked down at this odd gesture. He had seen men do it and mirrored Faramir's motions. Faramir took Legolas' hand, shook it and said, "I would be pleased and honored to have you and your company help rebuild Ithilien and make it as it had been long ago. I would very much like to walk in peace among the trees there. Thank you Legolas." Faramir said and surprised Legolas with a respectable elvish bow.

Aragorn spoke up. "Then it is settled. It seems we have our work cut out for us. Now, let us celebrate this evening with a feast. All are welcome."

And with that, the meeting was adjourned. Tonight would bring joy, dancing, remembrance and good food. Tomorrow they would begin their reassembly.


It seemed like all of Middle Earth was at the feast that evening. There was food from every corner of the world; red meat for the Dwarves; fruit, cheeses and sweet rolls for the Elves; roasted venison and vegetables for Men, and plenty of wine and ale for all. There was music, dancing and laugher all around. New friendships blossomed while some old alliances were reborn. It was all in honor of the new King of Gondor who had returned. Soon, Aragorn's coronation would be held and he would be crowned. That would begin the fourth age of men when their rule would be great and last many, many generations.

Eowyn was standing with her brother. Eomer noticed a slight sadness in her. "What is wrong, sister? Is this not a joyous occasion?"

Eowyn looked at her brother with a tear in the corner of her eye. "He should be here, our uncle. He was as much a part of this as anyone. I should have saved him but I was too late."

"You went beyond the call for him. It was his time. He made peace with himself before he left and now celebrates in the hall of our fathers. Do not be sad for Théoden. I know he is much happier where he dwells now. One day we will join him there and rejoice in his company once more." Eomer tried to cheer her up but now she seemed only more doleful. "There is something else bothering you, dear sister. Come out with it."

"I have given much thought to Legolas' proposal and I still feel torn. He has told me what will happen when I die. He will fade, never reaching the shores of his beloved Valinor. What kind of future is that for him? He says it is his path but it pains me to know I will be the cause of his death. He waits for me to make my decision to bind our souls. I love him very much but I do not want him to suffer. Oh Eomer, what am I to do?"

"I have no answer for you. This is something you must decide on your own. You know I will support you no matter what you choose, but I think you should decide soon. It is not fair to Legolas to keep him waiting like this." Eomer brushed a stray hair from Eowyn's face.

"Legolas leaves soon for his home. He is going there to gather a colony of Elves who wish to make Ithilien their new home, just as he promised Faramir."

"You are not going with him?" Eomer asked.

"No. I am needed here to help prepare for Aragorn's coronation." she said, a sly smile spreading across her face. "I am sworn to secrecy but I will tell you, brother that a very special guest arrives soon; someone Aragorn has not seen in a long time."

"Someone from Rivendell?" Eomer smiled knowing of whom she spoke. "But I thought she sailed into the West long ago."

"She could not. Their love runs too deep. She has made her choice and gives up her immortality for the only man she has ever loved. It is so romantic is it not dear brother? If only I could make my choice as easily." Eowyn said looking to the ground.

"Your situation with Legolas is much different. He is not half-elven as Arwen is. He cannot choose mortality." Eomer suddenly understood the conflict Eowyn must be going through. "Do not think of this one moment more. Tonight is a grand celebration. Go and find Legolas. Enjoy this evening with him. Do not let this burden ruin your night."

Eowyn hugged her brother. "Thank you for understanding, Eomer." she said and was off to find Legolas.


He was standing underneath the White Tree observing its flowers. Everyday there were more. Many times, he had stood here in this very spot but then the Tree seemed dead, as he had felt deep inside at the time. This Tree seemed symbolic for him. In much the same way, they were alike. Now the Tree slowly sprang to life waiting for the official beginning of the fourth age. He felt the same, dead for so long and suddenly new hope sprang forward. So much had changed for Faramir since Boromir's death and the death of his father. A new life awaited him in Osgiliath. If only Eowyn were by his side then he would feel complete. But it was all right. He was accepting her relationship with Legolas though he hardly understood it. What he sought was friendship and that was what had been missing from the very beginning. She would be closer to him if she were to live with Legolas in Ithilien's forest. It would give him the chance to befriend her and once again find closeness with her.

Eowyn stepped out into the courtyard looking for Legolas. What she found was a handsome Gondorian man who she hardly recognized at first. It only took a moment to realize it was Faramir. She turned to leave when she heard his gentle voice call to her. "Please, don't leave. It has been far too long since we have spoken to each other."

Eowyn turned to see Faramir standing under the White Tree and beckoning her to join him. "Oh, I don't want to disturb you. I was just looking for Legolas."

"Nonsense! You could never disturb me. Please stay if only for a moment. I just came out here for some fresh air and to rest my ears from the voices and music." he said with a contagious smile.

Eowyn returned the smile and walked towards him. "Alright, but only for a moment. I must get back inside before I am missed."

"If you are uncomfortable with me then I will not keep you any longer." Faramir said sternly.

Eowyn felt she had given the wrong impression. "I'm sorry. That is not what I meant. I was asked to assist back inside and I left without giving notice." Eowyn took another step towards Faramir. "You should know I have never felt uncomfortable around you."

Faramir smiled once again. "I am glad to know that. Things were a bit strange between us when I had lost my memory. You were a great help to me during that time. Thank you. And for that reason, I would very much like to start anew and remain, if nothing else, a good friend to you. I have come to realize what you and Legolas share. He is a very noble being and someone you most definitely deserve."

Eowyn was at a loss for words. Faramir was giving up any pursuit of her. In a way, she was relieved to know this. She did not like hiding from him, which she regretted doing. However, his reaction saddened her slightly. Would he not fight for her? Did he no longer love her? She swept these feelings aside and took Faramir's hands in hers. Faramir felt a jolt of electricity course through him from her touch but he did not show it outwardly. He meant what he said, as difficult as it would be to stick to it.

Eowyn squeezed his hands and smiled at him. He had changed. She could see it in his eyes. He was an honorable man, like the man she had visions of as a child. It made her wonder if she could ever really give Legolas what he sought, for she knew Faramir would always own a piece of her heart and soul. Eowyn leaned in to Faramir. He closed his eyes and let her make all the movements. She placed a warm but friendly kiss on his cheek. "It means the world to me to know this. I would like nothing more than to remain friends. We have shared a lot together. I could never throw that away. Thank you Faramir." she said with a smile. "I have to get back now. Won't you come back to the party? I have yet to dance with the new Lord of Ithilien." She still had a hold of his hand and pulled him toward the gate.

Faramir laughed. "I guess I have no other choice. Whatever my lady asks of me, she shall have." he said and they disappeared back into the hall.

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