What Paths We Take: 12. Remembering

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12. Remembering

Legolas and the others had been gone for three days now. Eowyn was feeling much better and given permission to roam about the city, though she could not leave the level of the healing houses. She was glad to be able to go outside and breathe in the fresh air. Now she wished to leave the city all together. Minas Tirith was not the grand city it had once been when she first arrived. Life all together had changed rather drastically. She was once again alone to wonder how the others faired. She worried for Legolas and Eomer. They would be reaching the Black Gate of Mordor within the next few days. Everyone who went was prepared not to return but she hoped that would not be their fate.

Eowyn had just come back to her room. She was feeling a little tired from her walk. Her arm was hurting and that took a lot out of her. She was just getting ready to call for a healer to bring her something for the pain when she heard a faint moan coming from the room next to hers.

"No! No, it can't be." the voice said. Whoever it was seemed to be having a distressing dream she thought. It got quiet again and Eowyn did not think much of it for a while. Then once again, she heard the voice.

"Must… find… Lady… does not…" The words did not make much sense to her, but the voice kept on moaning in what seemed to be horrific pain. Most of the healers that traveled to Minas Tirith to help went home. Eowyn wondered if anyone checked on the patient recently.

Eowyn left her room and went to the door of the unknown person. She rested her ear on the door and listened. The moans became more desperate. Some poor soul was in trouble but there was no one around. Eowyn decided it best to peek in and check for herself. She pushed the door open slightly and looked inside. No one was in the room except for the injured person. She could see a head thrashing back and forth. Obviously, this person was having some kind of nightmare. She pushed the door open a little wider and was about to go inside when suddenly she felt a hand grab her arm. Eowyn jumped and turned to see one of the healers.

"My lady, you should be resting." the old man said to her. He had been a healer in the city for many years.

"I meant no harm. I heard someone in distress and came to check how they faired."

"Yes, I stepped out to get his medicine. He was brought to this level earlier today. He was badly injured and needed special attention. He is doing better but he has not woken up yet. Poor soul seems to have awful dreams as of late. Always yelling out for a woman but never says a name. He seems desperate to find her even in his reverie. Sometimes I wonder if we brought her to him, would it help bring him out of his dark place. He just seems trapped by his own will. We had a hard time reversing the poison in his system. We were successful but there may be permanent damage. We just won't know for sure until he wakes up. I am sorry if he disturbed you. I can move you to another room if you like."

Eowyn smiled at the old man. "No, it is fine. If there is anything I can do to help, I would not mind."

"Thank you my lady, but only he can will himself back into consciousness." the healer said. Then a thought came to him. "Although, oh never mind."

"Please tell me if I can help. I have been cooped up here for so long. I want something to do." Eowyn begged.

"I was just going to say, maybe you could talk to him the next time he has one of these dreams. If he heard a kind voice, it might bring him out of his dark dreams. But I wouldn't want to bother you with this."

"No. Please. I want to help. I do not mind. If it will bring relief to him, I will do it." Eowyn smiled.

"Very well. Thank you my lady. That is very kind of you." the old healer said. He went into the man's room and closed the door.

Eowyn went about her business that day. Her thoughts were of Legolas. She wondered where he was and if he was alright. She missed him terribly and could not wait to be back in his strong loving arms, feeling his touch, skin against skin, bodies entwined. How she had wished he had made love to her that day. She had a feeling he was waiting until she was truly his and give herself to him, making the binding complete. Her mind drifted to the fact that they were so different. Could they really be together as man and wife, or Elf rather? Would the Valar bless this union between human and Firstborn? Sometimes she had her doubts. This would be a difficult path to take but Legolas was worth it. She loved him with all of her heart. Her whole heart? There was still unfinished business to take care of. She longed to be set free of Faramir. It was like a curse, knowing he still loved her after all they had been through.

Eowyn was resting later that day when she heard the patient next door moaning again. She listened for a moment. The sound became louder and more desperate. Then there was a knock on her door. It was a maiden.

"The master healer requests your presence, my lady. He said you offered to help." she said timidly. It was not common to ask for the help of another patient, especially one held with as high regard as the Lady of Rohan.

"Yes, of course." Eowyn said and she followed the maiden to the neighboring room. The maiden went in first. Eowyn entered the room but stayed close to the door, waiting for word from the healer.

He was leaning over the bed, trying to calm the patient who was thrashing about wildly. He sounded like he was in great pain with every touch from the healer.

"Ah, Lady Eowyn. I am glad you are here. I just need you to speak to him. If he talks to you, just answer him as calmly as possible." he said.

Eowyn slowly made her way to the bed. She came around and looked down to the man. Bandages bound his head and hands. All she could see was a bit of light brown hair sticking out of the top of his head. The man was mumbling something that she could not understand.

"Please help. She must know." the man said desperately.

Eowyn leaned down. "What must she know?" Eowyn asked in a quiet voice. The man calmed instantly at the sound of a new voice in the room. "What must she know?" Eowyn asked again.

"She needs to know." the man said. His eyes were closed. He was still in a comatose state even though he spoke.

"Does she need to know where you are?" Eowyn asked trying to pry any information she could from the patient.

"Yes. She needs to know everything."

"What do you mean by 'everything'? Does she know you have been injured?" Eowyn asked.


"Does she know you are in the city?"

"I don't know. Please. Tell her."

"Who must I tell, kind sir?" Eowyn asked. She waited for a response but got nothing. "Who is it you look for?" Still nothing.

The healer came forward. "It seems the medicine has taken affect. He will sleep soundly now. You calmed him quickly. Thank you for your help."

"I would like to do more. Maybe I can visit him and talk with him when he is in this state. I think my voice helped to ease his mind." Eowyn said to the old man.

"I don't see any harm in that. You are welcome any time. Thank you."


Over the next few days, Eowyn visited the man twice a day. Each time he was looking for someone and each time she could not get a name before he went back into a healing sleep. Sometimes, Eowyn would tell him stories while he slept. That seemed to help him sleep well for he did not wake into a nightmare.

Then one day, while she was visiting and telling him stories, she saw his eyelids flutter. Eowyn starred at him for a moment. The man was awake. He looked around the room before his eyes came into focus and landed on Eowyn.

"Where am I? What has happened to me?" he said reaching up and feeling the bandages on his head and face. He winced at his own touch.

"You are in Minas Tirith, in the houses of healing. You were gravely injured and have been asleep for weeks now. I am also a patient here. My room is next door. The healer gave me permission to visit you and keep you company." Eowyn said. "I must find the old man and tell him you are awake." Eowyn got up and started to leave the room.

"Wait!" the man said. "What is your name?"

"I am Eowyn of Rohan." she said with a smile.

"Thank you Eowyn of Rohan, for helping me." he said. Eowyn nodded in acceptance and left the room. She brought the healer back with her.

He looked his patient up and down before speaking. "Well, welcome to the world of the living. You have suffered much trauma to your body. In order for it to heal properly, you have been unconscious for a while. You will need to regain your strength but now you need to rest. There will be plenty of time for exercise later."

Eowyn looked at the man. He seemed familiar somehow. "What is your name?" she asked after the healer left the room and they were alone.

The man looked around the room as if waiting for someone to help him. "I… I don't know. I don't know anything. I don't remember what happened to me or why I'm here."

"Do you remember any of your dreams? You have been having awful nightmares and you are always looking for a woman. You just kept saying she needs to know. I tried to get more from you but you would fall back to sleep."

The man looked at Eowyn and thought hard. "I don't know who it is but I remember the dreams. There was a woman. She was smiling and happy but there always seemed to be darkness surrounding her. I needed to tell her something so she would not be harmed. Then the darkness would envelop her and she was gone, disappeared. Do you know what any of this might mean?"

Eowyn shrugged her shoulders. "It sounds like you have unfinished business with this woman. Are you sure you can't remember a name or a place? What is she wearing in your dream?"

"I don't know who she is but I feel a closeness to her. I think we share a love though I am unsure. She is always happy, laughing and carefree. She wears a long white dress with embroidery on the sleeves. Her face is a blur. I cannot make out her features too clearly."

Eowyn thought about the description of the dress. It sounded closely familiar to the elven dress she owned, but there must be many white dresses about. It was strange. She looked at the man again. His bandages covered his entire face except for his eyes. She decided to ask around and find out who this man was since he himself did not know. She told him she would be back later to visit him and left to get some answers.

The old healer was just leaving the room of another patient when Eowyn caught up with him. "Tell me, who is the man in the bandages? He seems to have lost his memory and I thought if I could tell him his name it might help him to remember."

"Why, my lady, I thought you knew. He is the Lord of Gondor, the new Steward since the tragic death of his father. This man is Lord Faramir." the old man said as if everyone in the city knew this.

Eowyn went pale. She felt faint but she did not falter. Her eyes widened at the mention of his name and she looked off into the distance. "This man is Faramir? But I did not even know? I have not seen him in so long."

"Oh. So you know Faramir?" the healer asked.

"Why yes. We were… we were friends a long time ago but we lost touch." Eowyn kept it short and simple. Her heart was pounding out of her chest. She had no idea the man she had been helping all week was the one person she had been seeking.

"But he does not know who he is. Has no one told him?" Eowyn asked, concerned about his memory.

"We thought it best to give him time to strengthen before we tell him he is the ruler of the White City. Besides, there are rumors that the king has returned. The prophecies tell of the return of the king to his rightful place on the throne of Gondor. It would be too much to put on Faramir at this fragile stage of recovery. You see, the poison took its toll on his body. We expected it to affect his mind for the black poison can do much damage."

"Will it be permanent? Will he ever remember who he is or where he comes from?" Eowyn asked, suddenly saddened by his predicament.

"Only time will tell, my lady." the healer said and he left Eowyn standing in the hall alone with her thoughts.


Eowyn stayed away from Faramir for the next couple of days. She could not bring herself to see him just yet. The thought of him made her heart race and she wasn't sure what to make of it. Up until now, he had been nothing more than a memory. She knew she wanted to confront him but was not prepared for the feelings that were stirred up again. Knowing a part of her would always feel for him, she wasn't sure she could give it up so easily. Eowyn needed to get her thoughts and feelings together first.

However, here was the difficult part. Faramir's memory had been lost. He had no memory of himself let alone a love they shared more than a year ago. Maybe it was better he did not know her, didn't remember the heartache and sadness. That was fine as long as he could not remember. But if and when his memory returned, then what?

There was a knock on Eowyn's door. It was one of the maidens she knew from the healing house. "My Lady Eowyn, Lord Faramir has been asking for you. He says he has not seen you in a couple days now and wondered if you would return. He greatly enjoyed talking to you the other day. You seemed to cheer him up and he would like to continue your conversations. What shall I tell him?"

Eowyn was put on the spot. She wanted to tell the maiden to lie and say she left the city, but that would not be right. This is what she waited so long for. It is what she risked her life for. One last confrontation with Faramir and she would be free to bind with Legolas. With his memory gone, how would she complete her task?

"Tell him I will come visit him shortly." She told the maiden. The girl left Eowyn's room. She gathered her composure and decided to face her problem head on, let things fall where they may.

After a few minutes, Eowyn walked next door and knocked. She slowly opened the door and found Faramir sitting up in bed. It was the most alert she had seen him. He still wore the bandages.

"Come in my friend. Where have you been? I have so longed for a visitor who is not a maid or a healer. Here. Have a seat." he said pointing to a chair next to his bed.

Eowyn was hesitant but entered his room. He must think I am acting strange she thought and readjusted her stature. She walked over to the chair and sat down. Words were not coming to her now. Here was Faramir, her first love, and he had not a clue of any of it.

"How are you feeling today? I must admit, it is good to see you sitting up. I have only ever seen you sleeping." she said. Although she could not see his face, she knew he was smiling by the look in his eyes.

"I am feeling much better, though my muscles are weak from lying in bed for so long. Today is a joyous one for I finally shed these dreaded bandages. The healer says to expect some scarring but it's nothing a little elvish salve can't fix. I would be honored if you were here for the unveiling, if you will." he said excitedly.

"Oh well, I'm not sure…" she stuttered.

"Please stay. Somehow, I feel it was you who helped me to come about. I would like you to be here for support. You are my only friend now since I remember no one else." His voice was so kind and sincere. Eowyn could not resist.

"If it will make you feel better, then I shall stay." she said with a friendly smile. What else could she do?

"The healer will be here is a little bit." Faramir informed Eowyn. "While we wait, why don't you tell me a little about yourself. Where are you from and what has brought you to the healing houses?"

She really did not want to get into this right now. What if he suddenly remembered her? And why was she afraid of this anyway? Eowyn forced herself to relax a little.

"Well, as you already know, my name is Eowyn and I hail from Rohan. Do you know this name?"

"Rohan? No, I'm sorry but it does not ring any bells. Should I know it?" he asked.

"Yes, everyone knows of Rohan just as everyone knows of Gondor. We are allies in these times of war."

"War? There is a war?" Faramir said with much confusion.

"No one has told you what is happening in the world right now as we speak?" Eowyn said creasing her brow.

"I'm afraid no one has told me anything, Eowyn. But it sounds like a lot goes on in the world while I am stuck here in this bed."

Eowyn's heart raced when he said her name. She had not heard it uttered from his lips in so long. She had forgotten how it sounded coming from him and was brought back to days long passed when they shared many an intimate moment.

Just then, the healer entered Faramir's room with the maiden she had talked to earlier. "Oh I see you have a visitor. Well, it is time to get these bandages off and see how you are healing." he said turning to Eowyn. "My lady, will you excuse us."

"Please Master healer, I have asked the lady be present with me for this. If it wasn't for her, I might still be in a coma."

"Very well then. I see no harm in it." the old man said, picking up a small knife. "Let's begin, shall we?" Slowly, the old healer cut the bandages away from Faramir's face and removed them. Eowyn watched as more and more of Faramir's features were exposed. Her heart beat out of her chest. She had not set eyes upon Faramir in so long.

Finally the healer was done. Eowyn looked at Faramir. He was just as she remembered him but for a few scars below his ear from where the fire burned him. His eyes squinted as if trying to focus. Then he looked at Eowyn and smiled. Her heart melted instantly. She never thought she would see his shining face again. She did not think there would be much to smile at when they finally met. However, the circumstances were different now.

"Well, how do I look?" Faramir asked, his eyes beaming. That was a dangerous question but she held her composure.

"You look as good as new. How do you feel?" she asked.

Faramir touched his fingers to his face and winced slightly. "It is still a little tender to the touch."

"That is to be expected." said the healer. "In time that too will go away. I have brought an elvish salve for the scarring. You should put it on twice a day making sure to rub it in fully. Eventually, the scars will vanish and you will be as good as new. As for the wound on your back, it is still quite deep and will take much longer to heal. You may start walking but do not leave the healing house. And don't do too much. We don't want you opening up any of those stitches."

Faramir smiled at the old man. "You have my word. I will follow your instructions to the fullest for I want so badly to leave this level and look upon the city. Maybe it will help jog my memory."

"All in due time, my son. All in due time." the healer laughed. He was glad to see Faramir's determination. He left the room leaving Faramir and Eowyn alone once again.

Eowyn suddenly felt very vulnerable sitting here with Faramir. She was at a loss for words.

"Tell me more about yourself, Eowyn. Do you have family?" he asked picking up their conversation right where they left off before the healer came.

She was very careful with the information she gave him. "Yes, I have a brother. He has gone off to fight in the war. Our parents died when we were young and we were raised by my uncle."

"Does he fight in this war also?"

"No." she said not wanting to bring up these feelings. "My uncle has perished. Now it is just my brother and I."

"I'm sorry for you loss." Faramir said. He studied her features. She looked so tired and worn. The loss of her uncle must have been very difficult. "How did you become injured?" he asked trying to change the subject.

"Oh well, I came across a nasty creature. My arm was injured but it is healing nicely. They say I will make a full recovery." Then she decided to take it a step further. "What about you? Do you know how you became injured? Do you remember anything?"

"No. They told me I was fighting in the forests of Ithilien when an Orc overtook me. My men found me and brought me here. They say the blade was poisoned and that made matters worse. They still don't know if I'll fully recover, though I feel much stronger than I have in days."

"Have they told you anything about yourself other than your injuries?" she went on.

"My name is Faramir. I am a soldier in the Gondorian army and when I asked about seeing family, they told me they had all perished. But nothing sounds familiar. I am only repeating what has been told to me."

"But you remember your dreams? The one about the woman you seek?" she asked digging deeper.

"I remember them, but I have no vision of this woman or even a name. I feel she is someone of great importance, as if I have a message for her. At times, I felt like I needed to save her life. She haunted me for days. Then one day, you were there with your calming voice and the desperation melted away. I know it sounds strange, but to speak to you seemed to ease my mind. I no longer have these nightmares. I feel so much better when you are around." Faramir noticed a pink blush spread across Eowyn's cheeks. "I did not mean to make you uncomfortable. I am just very grateful for your help."

"I'm glad you feel that way. I rather like our conversations myself. I hope we will have the chance to become friends." Eowyn said. What was she doing?

"I would like that very much Eowyn of Rohan." he said and then a yawn came on. Eowyn noticed and thought she should let him rest. She bid him goodbye for now and left him to get some sleep.


Two weeks had gone by and still no word came from Legolas, Eomer, or any of those who left for Mordor. Eowyn became increasingly anxious. She hoped they were alright wherever they were and that they would return soon.

She was visiting with Faramir again. He felt her reserve. She was not her usual bubbly self. "Is everything alright, Eowyn? You seem distant today. Have you heard anything from your brother?" he asked concerned for her well-being. In the days they had spent together, Faramir was becoming rather fond of her.

"That's just it, Faramir. I have not heard anything. I am getting worried for them." she said.

"You say you worry for them. Are there more that you know besides your brother who fights in the war?"

His question caught her off guard. They had never discussed personal relationships before now. "Well, yes. Someone very dear to me has gone to Mordor with my brother."

Faramir saw how her eyes sparked when she mention this person. "I see. So someone holds your heart?"

"Yes, I guess you could say that." Eowyn was not comfortable with where this conversation was going, especially with Faramir. He still had not regained any memory. Things were getting a little too awkward.

"Is he your husband?"

"No, not yet anyways."

"So he has proposed then."

"Yes, in a way. You see, he is an Elf. Do you know anything about the Elves?"

"I'm afraid all I know of the Elves is that they make this salve I use twice a day and that it is their medicine which saved me from the poison."

Eowyn was taken aback slightly. At one time, Faramir knew everything there was about the Elves, their history, the Eldars, even the stars they named. Now he knew nothing or at least he could not remember. He had been the one who taught her about them. This greatly saddened her.

She proceeded to tell Faramir what she knew of the Elves. He listened intently. Eowyn thought maybe this would help him remember but he just sat and listened as if this was all new information. And really, it was.

"And so that is why we have not bonded yet. I am not sure the Valar will accept us, me being mortal and him being one of the First Born. Nevertheless, he promised me we would be together when he returned from Mordor, which is why I am so worried. He has always sent message of his whereabouts until now." she concluded.

Faramir thought it was about time he helped her instead of the other way around. "I feel some strength returning. Will you go for a walk with me? I think we could both use some fresh air."

Eowyn smiled. "That is a good idea. Let me help you." Eowyn helped Faramir out of bed. He was getting stronger but he still needed support. She held an arm around his waist and he wrapped his arm around her neck. At first, it was awkward to have his arm wrapped around her and she still felt a static charge ripple through her skin where they made contact. She shook it off, noting that she was merely helping a friend now. This sensation did not go unnoticed by Faramir for he felt the same connection. Together they strolled down the hall to a door that led out into a small courtyard. Legolas had planted small trees and flowers there before he left for Mordor. It was her favorite spot. She led Faramir to a bench beneath the shade of one of the trees and sat down next to him.

"It is very beautiful here." he said looking around. "No one has led me here before. I have only ever been allowed to roam the halls."

"This is my favorite place. Legolas planted everything you see here. I feel so close to him amongst the trees and flowers." she said with a smile, imagining Legolas sitting in the boughs of one of the trees.

"You have not mentioned his name until now. You must miss him terribly." Faramir said noticing her far off stare.

"I do, very much so. He has been so kind and loving. He is unlike anyone I have ever met."

"You sound like you have been deeply hurt before." Faramir said wanting to know more about Eowyn. His fondness for her was growing though he knew she belonged to another.

"I would rather not talk about that." she said. She most definitely would not discuss this with Faramir. He had no idea it was he who hurt her, or so she was led to believe. This was going in the wrong direction. This was the conversation they were meant to have but not while his memory was still unclear.

"I'm sorry. I did not mean to offend you. It's just… well… you say you love this Elf but I sense a shadow and a doubt cast over you. I just thought you might like to talk about it."

"I cannot discuss this with you. Maybe some day but not now. Come, let's talk about something more cheerful." she said quickly trying to change the subject.

They spent the rest of their time talking about the plants and animals of Rohan, something Eowyn knew much about. She told him about the Rohirrim horses and how she raised most from foals. Faramir listened intently and hung on her every word. He watched her as her face lit up when she talked about her home. He thought she was very beautiful. If only her heart did not belong to this Elf, then maybe he could start anew with the help of Eowyn's friendship and then possibly blossom into something more meaningful.

Eowyn, on the other hand, was having a hard time with their current situation. She was beginning to feel guilty for not telling Faramir the truth about them. She felt she was misleading him. It was not right for the healers to want to keep his former life a secret from him. Maybe if he knew, he would remember. However, the way things were preceding was not right or fair to Faramir. She sat next to him on the bench and looked deep into his eyes. Faramir looked back at her, losing himself in her gaze. He wondered why he was so drawn to her.

"Faramir, has anyone ever told you of your past? Do you not know anything about whom you are or where you come from?"

"No. They say I need to be stronger before they fill me with this information that is unknown to me. Why do you ask?"

"There are things you need to know and I am feeling awful for not telling you sooner." she said looking away from him.

"What do you know about me? Have we met before?" he asked very curiously.

"Yes. We know each other but we have not seen each other in a long time. It is such a long and twisted story that to tell you everything would only confuse you further."

"Then tell me this, my lady. Why do I feel for you? Since I have met you, I have thought only of you. My nightmares have ended and have been replaced by visions of you. You are all that I think about lately. You say we know each other. How well?"

Eowyn did not know where to start. To tell him everything that happened since they met would be too much information too fast. "We knew each other very well before we were separated by lies, which we both believed to be true. Life went on and we moved forward."

"You told me once that you came to Gondor in search of something." Faramir said. He put his hand on her lower back and felt a spark travel through him. "Were you looking for me?"

Eowyn said nothing. She did not even move. Faramir grabbed her waist with both hands and turned her. Looking upon her pale face, he waited for her to answer. When she did not say anything, he lifted her chin gently and forced her to look at him. Tears filled her eyes. He wished he understood what had happened between them. "Was I the one you were searching for? Please tell me."

She did not need to say a word. Faramir saw by the look in her eyes that there had once been something between the two of them. If only he could remember. He cupped his hand to the side of her face and looked deep into her tear stained eyes. "Help me remember, Eowyn. I want to know what has happened." he whispered. He leaned toward her and lightly kissed her lips.

Eowyn's heart raced as she felt his kiss. It had been so long but she remembered the feeling like it was yesterday. They separated and gazed at each other. For one moment, she forgot about everything and lived only for his kiss. Her senses returned when Faramir tried to kiss her again. She turned away from him. "No Faramir, this is not right. My heart belongs to another and I cannot do this to him."

Faramir released his hold on her. "We were much more than friends weren't we? What are you hiding from me? Why won't you help me remember?"

"Because the healers worry you are not strong enough. This was a mistake, Faramir. I should not have said anything at all. I'm sorry." She stood and ran from the garden. Her emotions were swirling in her head. Why had she let him kiss her?

Faramir returned to his room. He was angry with himself for advancing on Eowyn. He was angry for not being able to remember his past. He was angry with the healers for keeping him in the dark. His wounds hurt him so he lay down in his bed and fell asleep. Dreams overtook him. Darkness surrounded him. The smell of death was everywhere. Bodies of both men and Orcs lay in the streets of a destroyed city. He saw a blade rise above him and his thoughts were suddenly of Eowyn. Life was not worth living if she was not with him.

The scene changed and he was in a stable. Eowyn sat upon a horse. She was leaving. Her face was full of anguish but there was love in her eyes as she looked at him. They kissed and he felt her love.

The scene changed again and he was with a man in a great hall. It was the Citadel and this man must be his father, he thought. Denethor was very angry as he barked out his orders. Faramir turned to see Eowyn taken away by guards. He remembered wanting to go to her but his father made him stay. Darkness took him once more and he was alone. The darkness turned into flames surrounding him where he stood. He could barely see something through the flames. Squinting his eyes, he saw Eowyn. She was smiling at someone. He heard his father's voice in the distance. 'You are a fool to love her. She does not belong to you.' said his father. Eowyn was embracing someone. It was the Elf. They held each other tightly, kissing. Faramir felt anger and jealousy rose within him. His father spoke once again. 'I don't know what she ever saw in you. You are a failure in everything you do. She is with the Elf now. She doesn't love you. She could never love a fool.'

The words rang repeatedly and Faramir yelled in frustration. His father's voice turned into an evil laugh and the flames engulfed him. It was as if he could feel the heat and he screamed for help but Eowyn would not look at him. She continued to kiss Legolas, ignoring the fact that Faramir was burning alive.


"Faramir! Faramir wake up." Eowyn said shaking him. She had been in her room when she heard him in distress.

Faramir opened his eyes and saw Eowyn leaning over him. The flames were gone and he was in his bed. He reached up to feel his face. The pain was gone. It was just a dream. He looked at Eowyn, tears in his eyes. "I remember, Eowyn. I remember what happened to me. My father tried to burn me when he thought I was dead." he cried.

"I should get the healer. You need to relax and know you are safe. It was just a dream." Eowyn tried to calm him.

"It was not a dream. It was a memory. It was all my memories. You… you were taken away by my father's orders. I remember our first kiss in the stables. You were supposed to marry my brother but you did not love him. You loved me." Faramir reached out and took her hands. He sat up and looked at her with desperation in his eyes. "What happened to us? We were so in love then."

"Maybe I should get the healer first." Eowyn said. She was unsure of what to do.

Faramir pulled her to him. "I need to know, Eowyn. What happened?"

Eowyn could not pretend anymore. It was time to tell him. "We were deceived, forced apart by Denethor. I thought you no longer loved me, as it said in the letter. You were gone from my life."

"But it is not true. I remember everything and I know I love you, Eowyn. I have never stopped loving you."

"Faramir, I… I cannot do this. We are no longer together. I am with another now."

"But you came looking for me." he said confused. "If you did not love me then why would you risk your life to find me?"

Eowyn tried to be as gentle as she could. "It's not like that. I needed to find resolve with you. You left me so suddenly and I never knew why. We were madly in love back then and the next day you were gone. I was heartbroken for the longest time. I never thought I could love anyone else like I loved you."

He cupped her face in his hands and looked longingly at her. "What do you feel now, Eowyn?"

"I did not come in search of you for the reason you think." she said turning from him. "I needed to know that it was really over. I wanted to move on with my life, with Legolas. I love him and I want to bind to him, but my conscious must be clear. When he asked this of me, I hesitated. I realized it was you that held me back. I thought I needed to know why you no longer loved me. But now that I am here I realize I need to know if I still feel love for you."

Faramir smiled at Eowyn hoping she still felt for him. "I have never stopped loving you. Even with the loss of my memory, I felt something. My love for you is stronger than it will ever be."

"Legolas is in my life now. He is very dear to me. I want to bind my soul to his. When everything seemed dark and desolate, he was my light. When I faltered, he was there to catch me. We started out as friends but now we are ready to move on. I love him. I guess I just needed you to know that I have not forgotten you. I still hold you close to my heart but I'm ready to move on." Eowyn kept her composure as she spoke. She truly loved Legolas but she could not ignore the feelings Faramir brought out in her. For now, she would bury it and spend all her energy on her Elf. "I'm sorry Faramir. I have to go. This has all been too much and I need to find the healer. He needs to know your memory has returned." Eowyn turned to leave but Faramir grabbed her arm to stop her. She just stood there without looking at him. She was afraid of what she would see in his beautiful eyes.

"Eowyn, I have heard you and I respect your decision. I also saw a flicker of love and hope in your eyes. I will say this but once for if I don't it will haunt me to the end of my days." He paused, feeling her body become rigid. Eowyn wished he would say no more.

"I want you back. I want to start over with you. We belong together. I felt it the very first time I ever laid eyes on you and I know you felt it then too. I love you and as long as there is any hope left, I will wait for you." he said. His heart was wide open to her.

Eowyn did not move. It took everything she had not to turn to him and jump into his arms. She could not speak afraid she would say she loved him too. She took a deep breath as Faramir let go of her arm and continued walking back into the hall. She stopped in the doorway and cocked her head to the side making sure not to make eye contact with him. "I will find the master healer and bring him to you." she said and disappeared through the door.

Faramir sat on the edge of his bed. He could have taken her leaving as a sign that things were over between them. He could have accepted defeat and wallowed in his own misery and sorrow but he did not. The fact that she did not answer him or even look at him made his heart realize she still cared. He planted the seed in her head. His love was still strong for her and now she knew. What she did with the information was up to her. Nevertheless, Faramir would not stop his pursuit though he would be subtle. Eowyn was of strong mind and you could not push her around. She would not bend so easily. He would drop slight hints and make her think, make her still feel for him. For the first time in his life, he would not just sit around and accept defeat. If he had been more determined with his brother, maybe none of this would have happened and Eowyn would already be his. This time he would fight for her love, but his challenge was great. He had to go up against one of the Firstborn, an Elf. He was a prince, a master warrior, a well-respected figure for many millennia. It was worth it to have Eowyn back in his loving arms.

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