Unrelenting Love: 5. Chapter 4 - Decision to Journey

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5. Chapter 4 - Decision to Journey

Legolas sat alone in what used to be Gollon's study. It was his now ever since becoming the crown prince. He ran his hand over the large wooden table. Gollon used to spend most of his time locked away inside this chamber, learning every single thing he was meant to know. But now, he was gone. It had been almost a week since the funeral. Gollon and Oriel were laid to rest in the forest, near the wild gardens where they lost their lives. It was a quiet but beautiful ceremony, focusing more their lives rather than their deaths.

Legolas sat on the plush chair. He eyed the letter that came earlier today. It was from Haldir and he was gladdened to have heard from him. He took the letter and opened it again, rereading the contents.

Legolas my dear friend,

Words cannot express my sadness and grief when I heard the news. Gollon was like a brother to me and I adored and looked up to him. I understand what you must be feeling for I too felt the void. I am sorry this tragedy had befallen your family Las. You deserve more than this but perhaps the Valar have something else planned for you.

How are you coping with the task of being the new crown prince? I hope you are doing well my friend. Your father and mother will need your strength. How are they? And how is Lothestel? Tell me Las, do you need me there? If you do, just say the words and I will travel to Mirkwood. I wanted to come right away but my duties here withheld me. But Lord Celeborn has kindly relieved me of my duties for a fortnight if the need to be with your family arises. Just say the word.

Send my regards to your parents. I hope they stay strong. I hope you stay solid as a rock Las. Your family needs you now more than ever. Take good care of them and of yourself. Until your reply.

Your trusted friend,

Legolas sat the letter down. He took a deep breath and took out a blank parchment. He dipped the quill in ink and pondered for a moment for his reply. This past week had been rough. His mother recovered but was still very weak. Lothestel remained shut in her room and his father was grieving silently. There were a number of things Legolas had to learn quickly as the crown prince. Thank the Valar he was a fast learner. Did he need Haldir here? Of course he does. But it was not a good idea to have him here. Legolas had been planning to travel to Lorien to discuss a treaty with Lord Celeborn in light of the attack on Gollon and his wife. He looked at the blank parchment once again and began penning down his answer.

Haldir my friend,

Thank you for your letter. It brought me comfort to be hearing from someone dear to me. It has been a very rough week. My mother was taken ill by the news but recovered from it, although slightly weakened. My father is the symbol of strength for all of us. He is grieving Haldir but he is doing so silently, not wanting to trouble my mother or myself. As for Lothestel, I cannot do anything good by her. She kept herself locked in her room and no one but Nyonna was allowed in. I was grateful for Nyonna's presence. She has helped me through this. I could not have survived this if it was not for her strength and love.

Truth be told, I would want nothing more but your presence here. But I would advise you not to travel Haldir. The roads to Mirkwood are still treacherous and I cannot bear the thought of losing anyone else. Besides, I am journeying to Lorien myself. I have business to discuss with Lord Celeborn. I will be leaving for Lorien in a week's time. I do hope to see you there Haldir.


The prince reread the letter once again before folding it neatly and sealing it with wax. He called out to one of the young sentinels to have the letter sent out to Lorien, "Take this letter and mail it to Haldir. Use my best pigeon." Legolas instructed the young sentinel and he went on his way with the letter.

Legolas sat down again on his chair. What a week it had been. He started that day with a smile and now, a week had passed and he found himself unable to smile any longer. He leaned into the chair, his mind was racing. He had been talking to his father about a possible treaty with Lorien. The woods of Mirkwood have been treacherous of late. He suggested to the king to create an alliance with the Galadhrim. They were better armed and trained than Mirkwood's soldiers. Perhaps with this alliance they could help keep both realms safe.

A small knock on the door startled him. He sat up looking at the thick wood, "Who is it?"

A sweet voice caught his hearing, "It is I, Nyonna, Your Highness."

Legolas stood up and walked towards the door. He opened it and was glad to find the love of his life in front of him, "You are a sight for sore eyes..."

He pulled her in and embraced her lithe body with his. Nyonna held on to him, feeling his need for companionship. She knew how Legolas felt. He was hurting but he could not bring himself to fully grieve with all his new duties as crown prince. Nyonna held him in her arms, stroking his long silver hair, whispering soothing words to calm his soul. She could feel his tears wetting the cloth on her shoulder, "Shh... Oh, Las... I am so sorry..."

Legolas cried in earnest. It was painful and finally all the anger and the hurt flowed out from him in his tears. He held on to her body for dear life, clinging to her warmth, thanking the Valar that she was here for him, praying no harm would befall her. It felt like almost forever when he finally released her. He cupped her beautiful face, kissing her cheeks and then capturing those delightful lips with his own. He poured all the love and all the care he had for her into his kiss. In it, Nyonna also felt fear... Fear of losing her...

Legolas kissed her neck, gently nibbling her earlobe and whispering sweet nothings into her ear, "I love you... You are so beautiful..."

Nyonna knew where this would lead and it was not the best time for it. She was here to talk to Legolas about Lothestel. She was worried for her. Lothestel was not eating properly and did not come out from her room. Reluctantly, she pulled away from Legolas, "My love, you do not know how much I want this but I need to talk to you. It is something of utmost importance."

Legolas sighed. He wanted to make love to her. They have been apart for far too long this week and he longed to feel her body and hear her moans. But if she had something important to say, he would hear it nonetheless, "What is it my dear?"

Nyonna took Legolas' hand and they both sat on the bench, "I fear for your sister my love. She is not eating properly and she has not left her room in days. I hear you will be leaving for Lorien soon? Take her with you. Perhaps a change of scenery would calm her mind."

Legolas nodded. Indeed, a change of scenery could help Lothestel and what is more, she has never been to Lorien before, "It is a great suggestion my dear. I will talk to our father and see. Would you like to come along as well?"

Nyonna's face lit up, "Really? You would let me go with you?"

Legolas laughed. The first time in many days, "Yes, of course I would! What better company then yours? Maybe we could even make love under the Mellyrn trees in Lorien..."

Nyonna giggled, her face blushing, "Oh, Las. Do not tease me..."

Legolas came closer to her, "I was not teasing... We should make love...I want to feel you against my skin."

She shuddered as Legolas ran his fingers across her chest, stroking her collarbone. She wanted to make love to him so badly but this was not the right place, "Oh, Las... No... Not here... This is the royal study..."

Legolas nibbled her neck, leaving love marks on the side, "Where then? I want you... Just tell me where..."

Nyonna stroked his handsome face, "Not now, Legolas. Go talk to Lothestel first. Then tonight, after the moon has rises, come to the great Oak... I will be waiting for you there."

Legolas looked at her with desire in his eyes, "The great Oak? Whatever for?"

Nyonna stood up, walking away and teasingly played with his hair, "I have a surprise for you... I will be waiting..."

Legolas watched as the subject of his desires and the owner of his heart walked out of the study. He sighed; love and content filled his being. He will be looking forward to tonight then. He watched the sun outside from the windows. It was almost noon and he should be going to see his father soon. They were to discuss the treaty and then perhaps he would visit Lothestel and see how she was faring.


Thranduil sat in the gardens with his beautiful wife Thelenineth. She was recovering and he thought today they should have lunch outside. It has been a week and his wife needed sunlight and fresh air. They sat quietly, not saying a word but their gazes were on each other, telling them of their love and of their grief. Thelenineth reached out to her husband and kissed his hand, "There have been countless times I thanked the Valar for you as my husband. But this time I would give anything to have you by my side forever, even my life. You have been my strength..."

Thranduil smiled and kissed her hand in return, "No... You have been my strength all these years. Raising our children, making me see the errors of my ways, making love to me and being there for me... It was my honour to have been of service."

Thelenineth wiped the tear that was forming in her eyes. All her long years with Thranduil only two things have managed to cause her sadness. The first was when they thought they could never have children and the other was the death of her firstborn. Thranduil has kept her happy and joyous her long life. Every wife should have a husband like him. As she watched her son, Legolas approaching them, she prayed in her heart, he too would be like his father.

Legolas watched King Thranduil kiss his mother's hand. He was gladdened to see that she was faring well now. As he approached them, she flashed him a brilliant smile, "Come, my son. Join us for lunch."

Legolas walked forward and kissed the top of her head and then went to his father for a fleeting hug, "Thank you mother. I think I shall do just that. I have matters to discuss with father and I do not want to be the reason he would have to leave your side."

Thranduil smiled, "You have come to discuss the treaty?"

Legolas nodded, "Yes, father and also of Lothestel."

The king frowned, "Of your sister? Why? Is there something wrong?"

Legolas shook his head, "Nothing of severe consequence. Let us talk about the treaty first. Father, I wish to send some of our troops to Lorien, to train with the Galadhrim. It is known that they are better equipped and better trained than our soldiers. With the extra training it could help strengthen our troops in battle or in an attack."

Thranduil nodded, "It is a logical notion. But Las, if we send away some of the troops it will leave us vulnerable. We cannot have this."

Legolas moved in closer to explain, "Here is what I was thinking. Perhaps we could persuade Lord Celeborn to lend us the same amount of wardens to the amount of soldiers we send to Lorien. That way our defences will not be weakened. Lorien has many wardens and I am sure he will not mind sparing us a few."

Thranduil considered this. Legolas' proposition sounds fair. Perhaps Celeborn would be so kind to agree to this. After all, it would be such a compliment to Lorien to have Mirkwood soldiers training there, acknowledging the expertise the Galadhrim had, "Very well Legolas. I am pleased at your progress. Now, what about Lothestel?"

Legolas sighed. He took a sip from the wine goblet and looked at both of his parents, "Father, mother... I am worried about her. Nyonna tells me she has not been eating well and she keeps herself locked in that room of hers. I saw her change three weeks ago, even before Gollon... Well, I do not know what is bothering her and now with this... She will slip away if we do not intervene."

Thelenineth nodded, "I saw the change in her too right after Haldir left. Did anything happen between them?"

Legolas shook his head, "Not that I know of, mother. But she needs to be here with us, not lost in her sorrows. I do not think she has properly grieved yet. Well, after talking to Nyonna, I think it would be best that I take her with me to Lorien. Maybe a change of air will be good for her."

Thranduil paused for a moment and then nodded in agreement, "I do think a change of scenery will do her good. Take her with you, but be cautious. I will be sending our best guards to protect your journey. I am not taking any chances."


After the lunch he had with his parents, Legolas decided it was time to see Lothestel and have her tell him her problems once and for all. As he approached her chamber, he could see that the windows were drawn shut. He shook his head. How long has she not seen the sun? He walked up towards the door and knocked softly, "Lothestel? My love, it is me, Legolas. May I come in?"

There was no answer from inside the room. Legolas tried again, "It is I, Legolas... Your brother. Let me in my dear. Please?"

Just then the door clicked and as the door opened, Legolas could see his sister, dishevelled and forlorn. She immediately buried herself in his strong arms, crying and sobbing. Legolas lifted her small body and carried her into the room. He gently placed her on the bed but never letting her go, "Shh...little one. I am here... I have missed you. Look at you. Have you eaten anything?"

Lothestel looked at her brother, her only brother now and shook her head, "I had not the appetite."

Legolas would not take a no as an answer, "That will not do. You are eating something." He stood up and walked towards the door and called out to a maid passing by, "Bring me a plate of fruits and some juice."

He crossed the room again and sat next to her. He looked at her, trying to read her expression. He stroked her hair, "What is the matter my dear? You have been miserable and sad for some time now."

Lothestel sobbed, "I just lost a brother Legolas... How can I not be sad?"

Legolas shook his head, "No... You were already sad even before Gollon passed. What is this about? Will you not tell me? You never keep secrets from me. Is it Haldir?"

Lothestel turned sharply to look at his brother. Her face had shock written all over it, "Haldir? Why would you say that?"

Legolas shrugged, "You were sad the very next day after he left. What happened between the two of you? I saw the horses' filth in his room. Did you two fight?"

Lothestel managed to smile. The memory of that night's mischief echoed inside her mind, "Umm... No. It was just a jest. I was paying him back for something he did to me."

Legolas however did not laugh. He looked at her once again, "What did he do to you? Did he... Did the two of you..." He was finding it hard to say what he wanted to say. This was after all his little sister and the idea of his best friend sleeping with her was slightly hard to swallow.

Lothestel winced, "Las! Nothing of that sort happened. Believe me... He teased me and played a prank on me. So, I taught him a lesson..." She had to lie. She could not bring herself to tell him the truth.

Legolas sighed a breath of relieve, "I am glad to hear that. Now, I have something to tell you. I will be travelling to Lorien in two days time. I want you to follow me. Go someplace new, have a change of scenery. It could do you good."

Lothestel's eyes widened in surprise. Go to Lorien? But Haldir will be there... with that Elwen. She did not want to go but saying no now will raise suspicion. Perhaps Legolas was right. She needed to get away from Mirkwood for a while. Maybe Lorien's magic would calm her soul, "What did father and mother say?"

Legolas smiled, "They have agreed to let you come and I will be bringing Nyonna with us to keep you company. Would you like that?"

Lothestel nodded, "I would like that very much. Very well, Las. I will follow you to Lorien."

Legolas kissed the top of her head and stood up, "Well... I have to go. I have a mountain of parchments to go through. You should go sit with father and mother. They are in the gardens. They have missed you and so have I. I almost forgot how you looked like."

Lothestel chuckled and threw a pillow at her brother, "Las! Why are you always teasing me?"

Legolas laughed, "That is what brothers do, my dear." He leaned in and kissed her cheek, "I am glad you are feeling better."

Lothestel watched as Legolas left her room. The idea of journeying to Lorien was not a bad one but the notion of seeing Haldir again was. She did not want to see him, especially with that Elwen. She knew Legolas and her parents meant well but it just made her even sadder to think about his rejection yet again. Lothestel fell back in bed with tears in her eyes.


Legolas was anxious for tonight. He spent the entire evening with his scholars, learning more about Lorien and the Galadhrim. He wanted the treaty signing to be perfect for it will ensure the safety of his realm. But he was itching to venture out to the great Oak where Nyonna would be waiting. But first he wanted to return to his chamber and take a proper bath. He wanted to please her, make her happy tonight. She was the beacon of hope in his life and his one true love.

As he dressed in his chamber, he could feel little butterflies flying around in his stomach. He was nervous about their meeting. He smiled to himself; he was acting like a boy again. Nyonna has this effect on him, making him feel younger than his years. He looked at the reflection in his mirror again. Tonight will be wonderful...


Nyonna laid the blanket on the grass under the great Oak. She wanted tonight to be perfect. She poured the wine and served the cheeses and fruits. She lit candles and placed them around the blankets. When she was done, she stood up, admiring her hard work. The sound of grass rustling grass made her smile; he was here... Her prince, the love of her life, the whole reason for her being. Before she could turn, Legolas wrapped his arms around the precious elleth, "Stars shine upon our meeting this evening. My heart aches for you. My blood boils when the waft of your delicious scent greets my senses. Why do you do this to me?"

Nyonna breathed raggedly. The closeness of his body to hers was making her body tingle and there were butterflies in her belly. She could feel his lips on the side of her head, gently nibbling her ears, "Las... Why do you have this effect on me?"

He turned her to face him ever so gently. A strand of unruly hair brushing her long lashes. He coaxed it gently back into place, "That is because you love me and I love you, my queen... You are the better part of me." He pulled her closer and suppressed a moan as he kissed her long and soft. His lips were slowly working their magic on hers, making her breathless and flustered.

When he was made to stop, she held him close to her body, "Do not stop, Las... Do not stop..."

And he obliged...


Legolas woke up the sounds of birds chirping and he could feel the heat of the sun on his face. He looked to his right and saw a beautiful sight. Nyonna lay asleep in his arms, covered by a blanket that shielded their naked bodies. Instinctively, he pulled her body closer, gently rousing her. Their lovemaking the night before was gentle and passionate. There was no rush and Legolas took her more than once that night.

Nyonna woke up at the feel of his hands pulling her close. Her eyes fluttered open as she looked at him, "Las?"

Legolas smiled, "Yes, my dear. I am here..." Legolas held her, gently kissing her shoulders and her back.

Nyonna shuddered. She was in utmost bliss. Never would she expect to be loved by him this way. He was a tender lover, attentive and generous. She felt her heart blooming with happiness and love. Legolas smiled against her skin as he felt her body shake to his ministrations, "You are so easily seduced my love..."

Nyonna chuckled, "You do not make it hard for me... I only have to listen to your voice and be kissed by you... Then I yield to you, through and through..."

Legolas laughed, "Yes... and I recalled, repeatedly... You drive me out of my wits my dear. As much as I want to be here with you, we must return to the palace. I need to prepare for our journey tomorrow. We will have plenty of time once we are in Lorien and I have promised you a good loving under the Mellyrn trees..."

Nyonna giggled, "Yes you have my prince..." The two of them rose from the blanket and dressed in yesterday's attires. As Legolas packed the things they brought together, Nyonna looked at him with love in her eyes and her heart. When he stood up and turned to leave, she held his hand, making him stop, "What is it Nyonna?"

The elleth merely shook her head but then said, "I love you..."

Legolas' heart melt when he heard her say those three little words, "I love you more..." He pulled her closer and captured the honeyed lips with his again. The kiss grew in passion and intensity and this time it was Nyonna who pulled away, "Las... No. We must return home. I fear if we keep doing this we might not be able to leave..."

Legolas laughed in earnest, "I think you are right, my love. You do have this spell over me."

Nyonna blushed, "And what of you? What spell have you placed on me?"

Legolas placed his head close to her temple, "Hmm... you bewitch me, my dear... heart, body and soul... and lately body more than ever."

Nyonna shrieked and pinched his straight nose, "Las! Need I remind you, you seduced me?"

Legolas laughed again, "Peace! Peace! We seduced each other my love...we seduced each other..."

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