Unrelenting Love: 2. Chapter 1 - By Chance

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2. Chapter 1 - By Chance

Legolas stood atop the branch of the great Oak tree near the river, gazing down upon the beauty of Mirkwood. Mirkwood was so much different from Lorien. In Lorien, leaves were golden but here in Mirkwood, everything was a vibrant green. He looked upon the great river that flowed through the lands providing the nourishment the trees and creature of the forest needed. He breathed in the fresh air, he had missed his home. He has been away for almost three moons now, patrolling the borders of Mirkwood. He was gladdened to be home at last.

The sound of rustling grass below made him looked down. A smile formed on his lips, his latest prey. He looked on as the beautiful creature moved gracefully on the ground below. His eyes fixed on the beautiful golden mane, swaying left and right. He missed the hunt for this elusive being. He watched as the creature stopped to rest under the great Oak. This was his chance to finally conquer this wondrous being. With his bow in hand, he jumped down.

Nyonna screamed when someone or something landed in front of her. Her eyes widened as she watched the ellon stood up, straightening his attire. Without even having the said ellon looking at her she instantly knew who it was, "Legolas! You are back!"

Legolas smiled and took the beautiful elleth in his arms. He held on to her lithe body, burying his face in her hair. She smelled wonderful, rose and cinnamon. Nyonna has been on his mind every single day since he left Mirkwood for the patrols. He knew the elleth too missed his presence. She pulled apart, trying to look at her prince, "You are indeed back! I have missed you..."

Legolas smiled, "And I you...You look wonderful. Did you know I was coming back today?"

Nyonna smirked, "Why would you assume that? Just because I dress luxuriously today does not mean it is for you. I am a free elleth, perhaps I was trying to impress another ellon."

"You are mine and mine only!" Legolas growled.

Nyonna pushed away from his arms, "I am not. You have not claimed me and therefore I shall dress for whom my heart desires."

Legolas stalked forward, eyes fixed on his prey, "Oh, no! You are mine and I will claim you today!"

Nyonna laughed, "You will have to catch me first!" With that she turned and sprinted towards the woods.

Legolas smiled. She had always managed to escape but not today. Today she will be his. Legolas waited for a few minutes to give her a head start. With determination in his eyes, he darted towards the woods.

Nyonna was panting. She was quickly getting out of breath trying to run and laugh at the same time. What made Legolas think that this time he would finally catch her? She had escaped numerous times and today will not be an exception. She glanced back, trying to see where Legolas was. He was nowhere in sight. Nyonna smiled. She was going to win yet again today. Suddenly she could feel her body bumping into something and she fell backwards to the ground. Dazed by the sudden intrusion, she tried looking up at her attacker.

Legolas stood over the elleth, a smirk on his face, "I caught you!"

Nyonna glared at him, "No, you did not." She kicked his shin and tried to run away yet again.

But this time Legolas was quicker. He held on to her wrist and pulled her into his arms, "Now... to claim my prize."

Nyonna struggled in his arms, "Unhand me Legolas! You did not fight fair!"

"But I did. You were the one who kicked me, my dear. Now, I shall punish you..." The look in Legolas' eyes was that of lust. Nyonna could feel her heart beating wildly in her chest. Many a times their little game would lead to this, but they never really consummated their love. Legolas pushed her gently to a tree, her hands still twisted behind her back. When both of them came to a halt, he gently lowered his face close to hers.

Legolas looked at the beautiful face. Never would he thought in a million years he would finally choose one elleth to be his forever. But it seems fate had other plans for him. He kissed her temple and then her nose. He drew back, looking at the trembling elleth in his arms. He smiled and gently brushed his lips on hers, sending tremors down her spine.

Nyonna gasped and tried to wriggle free from his hold. But Legolas was strong. After almost three thousand years of patrols and archery the prince was now a warrior. His body was strong and lean. She could feel his muscles rippling on her body. Her breathing became uneven as he continued to kiss her, now delving deeper into her sweet mouth. Nyonna moaned as he gently pushed his tongue into the deeper recesses of her mouth, tasting her... teasing her.

His kisses turned impatient and passionate. He kissed her hard and long, drawing her breath out from her lungs. When he finally broke the kiss, his passion had aroused every inch of his body and now his leggings felt uncomfortable. He released her from his hold and looked deep into her eyes, "I want you... I want you so badly my love..."

Nyonna looked at her prince. She loved him with her every being. She snaked her arms around his neck and pulled him closer. She tiptoed and kissed him, lightly as if the air just caressed his lips. She kissed his neck and nibbled gently on his sensitive earlobe. She then whispered the words he longed to hear, "And I you... Take me..."

With her declaration, he truly lost control. He lifted her into his arms and walked towards the rose bushes. He laid her down gently, his eyes never leaving hers. She looked up to him with love and adoration in her eyes. Carefully, he pulled down her gown from her shoulders and slowly down her body. When the gown was finally discarded, he looked at her. His heart swelled with love and pride, to be the one she chose. He pressed his clothed body on to her naked form, kissing her and whispering sweet nothings into her ears.

He broke the kiss and looked at her swollen ruby lips. He kissed her again, now leaving a trail of kisses down her neck and between the valleys of her breasts. Nyonna moaned and arched her back trying to feel his body, his touch, "Shh... Hold on my love... Let me taste you..."

Legolas sat up, pulling his tunic and leggings from his body. She looked at her prince. His strong shoulders were gleaming under the sun, the muscles rippling as he moved back towards her body. He cupped her breasts, gently kneading and squeezing. The touch was too much for Nyonna and she whimpered and moaned his name, "Legolas..."

He continued his ministrations until the buds on her chest bloomed and stood proud. He flicked his hungry tongue all over her body and watched as she wriggled and listened as she moaned. With his lips and mouth still devoted to her chest, his fingers found their way in between her legs.

Nyonna's eyes fluttered open as the feel of his long fingers moving in between her folds. It was heavenly and painfully erotic. She clenched her thighs tightly but when Legolas coaxed her to open them, her knees fell open like a willing flower. She was moist and ready for him, "Legolas..."

Legolas kissed her and raised his body to settle down between her thighs. He looked at her once again, love and admiration in his eyes, "I love you, Nyonna..."

She looked at him with anticipation, "I love you too... more than anything."

With that Legolas gently pushed his way into her yielding body. Nyonna gasped and moaned at the feel of the enormous girth of his arousal. He watched her face intently for any discomfort as she settled to his size. With one more thrust, Nyonna clung to his body as her maidenhead broke through. She was his now, through and through...

Legolas moved his body, thrusting upwards, driving hard into her sleek canal. Nyonna held on to him as their bodies bucked and gyrated. Sounds of moans and gasps echoed throughout the woods. Waves upon waves of pleasure surged through their bodies. Nyonna could feel her peak rising, "My love... Las... I... I am..."

Words were lost to her as her body shook and convulsed around his arousal. Her blissful end sent him off the edge as he thrust one last time and spilled his essence inside her. He collapsed on top of her sleek body and all was lost to them save for the sounds of their heartbeats.
After a few moments, he finally looked up at the love of his life, "That was wonderful, my love. Now you are mine, forever..."

Nyonna smiled and kissed her prince, "Yes, I am yours as you are mine. I love you Las..."

Their coupling was cut short when the sound of Gollon's voice echoed through the forest, "Las! Where are you? I know you are somewhere in here. I saw your bow at the end of the path. Answer me!"

Legolas shook his head. Leave it to his brother to disrupt this wonderful moment he and Nyonna shared. He handed her gown and addressed his brother, "I am here Gollon but please do not come any closer. I shall be with you in a moment."

Gollon shook his head. He was sure Legolas was with an elleth. He waited for a few minutes before he saw two figures walking towards the clearing. It was indeed Legolas and with him, Nyonna, Lyean's daughter. Gollon's eyes widened. What was the advisor's daughter doing with Legolas?

He watched as the two elves approached him, "Las, Nyonna... What brings you here to this side of the forest?" Gollon could see the flushed appearances on both of their faces. He could also see that his little brother was holding the elleth's hand almost protectively.

Legolas looked at his brother, "We were out on a stroll. Her dress got caught in the rose bushes."

Gollon merely nodded. He was sure it did not get caught there accidentally. He looked at the both of them again, "Come. You have a visitor Las."

Legolas looked confused, "Visitor? I am not expecting anyone today. Who is it Gollon?"

Gollon smiled and placed a hand on Legolas' shoulder, "It is your old friend, Haldir."


Haldir sat in the throne room conversing pleasantly with King Thranduil and Queen Thelenineth. It has been almost three thousand years since he last visited Mirkwood. After the fateful incident with Legolas' little sister, he stayed away from the green forest. Legolas took the initiative to visit him every so often. But it has been a while since the prince came to Lorien. It has been a busy century for him having been promoted to Marchwarden, his duties to Lorien were his utmost priority. Even now, his visit to Mirkwood was of official duty not pleasure. He was dispatched by Lord Celeborn to send an important letter to the King of Mirkwood. Now since he was to wait for the reply, he was looking forward to meeting his old friend Legolas once again.

The sound of hurried footsteps reached his ears. Haldir smiled, Legolas has heard of his arrival. Moments later the door burst open and in came Legolas, "Haldir! My friend!"

Haldir smiled and stood up. The two long time companions embraced each other. Haldir looked at his old friend. One century can definitely change a person. Legolas was taller and his hair was longer. His shoulders were now broader, "Las! You look just the same!"

Legolas laughed. None of the same could be said about Haldir. He was slightly taller and his shoulders and built were even broader. He had a stern expression on his face and air of nobility about him. This was not the same warden of Lorien he met years ago, "You look different. What is it? I cannot put a finger on it..."

Right then Gollon came in and patted Haldir's shoulders, "He looks different for he is the Marchwarden of Lorien, Las, no longer a normal warden but the captain of the Galadhrim!"

Legolas was stunned and beside himself with joy, "You finally made it! My congratulations to you Haldir! Come, we must celebrate!"

Haldir laughed and bowed before the king and queen. He shook Gollon's hand and followed Legolas out of the throne room. The two of them spent the entire afternoon laughing and exchanging stories. Legolas told him of the spiders and Haldir recalled the Orcs' attacks on Lorien. Both warriors were happy to be in each other's company once again. Haldir looked at his friend intently. There was something different about Legolas.

He studied the prince's face. His eyes twinkled when he spoke and he had fervour for life. Without even thinking it, Haldir said it out loud, "Las, you are in love!"

Legolas was taken off guard, "What do you mean? No, I am not!"

Haldir would not believe it. Legolas had this idiotic smirk upon his face that revealed a thousand stories and feelings, "You are! By the gods, I would never have thought you would finally choose one elleth after all your frivolity in our youth! Who is it? Who is the lucky lady?"

Legolas shook his head, "All in good time, my friend. I will introduce you soon. Now, tell me. Has anyone caught your attention yet?"

Haldir smiled, "There is this one lady back home. Her name is Elwen. We are getting to know each other..."

Legolas snorted, "Look at you, blushing like a bride!"

Haldir kicked Legolas' foot, "Need I remind you, you laugh like an elleth. Tell me, where is Gollon's wife? I did not see her in the throne room. Forgive me for not attending the wedding. The situation in Lorien needed my undivided attention."

Legoals waved his hand, "No matter Haldir. My sister in law, Oriel Aranel is probably resting. She is expecting a child soon."

Haldir was happy to hear this, "My congratulations to you! You are to be an uncle and Mirkwood is with an heir to the throne."

Legolas nodded, "I am happy for Gollon. He will make a great king."

Haldir continued to ask about Legolas' family, "How is your sister? What was her name? Losthester?"

Legolas laughed, "Lothestel, Haldir. She is fine. Stubborn as always but flourishing nonetheless. Why?"

Haldir shook his head, "Nothing. I was just wondering. Come Las. It is almost nightfall. We should head back and join your family for dinner."


Haldir stood in front of the mirror and looked at his attire once again. This would have to suffice, he thought to himself. He was to have dinner with the royal family and he wanted to look his best. After braiding his hair into the Galadhrim braid, he walked out of his chamber. While walking towards the dining hall his eyes wandered about the grounds. The flowers and trees in Mirkwood were magical. It was different from Lorien and he was glad that he could finally experience this one more time.

Lost in his reverie, he did not notice an elleth coming out from her chamber and immediately ran into her. They both fell to the ground with Haldir pinning the elleth down. Haldir scrambled up trying to regain his balance and quickly uttered his apology, "Forgive me. I did not see..."

He breathed out slowly. What a day this will turn out to be. There in front of him stood Lothestel, princess of Mirkwood. Her eyes were dark with anger as she looked upon the hateful Haldir again, "YOU! What are you doing here?"

Haldir shook his head, "I did not mean you any harm. I am a guest of your father's..."

Lothestel laughed, "You? A guest of my father's? What would a mighty king like my father want with a lowly warden like you?"

Haldir could feel the anger boiling inside him. He stepped forward with his hands in fists, "Be careful Lothestel. I am not the same elf anymore. Last time you could have mocked me and said hurtful words. I did not rebut. But you will not have the luxury this time."

Lothestel gulped and backed away. She looked at him. This was Haldir but he seemed different. He looked slightly different. He had a cold expression on his face and his body was harder. She turned to walk away but before she left, she looked at Haldir and spoke, "You do not scare me warden. You never have and you never will..."

As she walked on, Haldir merely shook his head. That was Lothestel, proud as before. He had better talk to Legolas about his little sister. One day her pride could be the end of her. He watched as her dark mane flowed behind her. She was still as beautiful as ever. Feisty, was the word that could easily be said about her. Like a young mare, waiting to be tamed. Haldir smirked; it would be too easy if he were to take up the challenge. But his heart belonged to someone else. Though, the notion was not entirely bad...


Dinner was a fun affair. Gollon and his wife were present and so were the rest of the family. Thranduil's advisor Lyean and his daughter, Nyonna too was present. Haldir smirked. He knew instantly that Nyonna was the elleth that had stolen Legolas' heart. The way they looked at each other was magical. His gaze fell upon Gollon's wife. She was a beautiful creature. Her rosy cheeks glowed under the wondrous effects of motherhood. She was almost ten months along he was told. Gollon was so proud and happy. Haldir could only wish that one day he would be able to have that happiness as well.

He walked back to his chamber slowly. The wine was taking its effect on his senses. He stumbled every so often and miraculously made his way into his bed. He took of his tunic and leggings and jumped into the soft wooden bed. He rolled around the bed, pulling the covers over his naked form. Sleep came swiftly and Haldir snored as he flew to the land of dreams.


Nyonna walked to her chamber. She had never drunk that much wine before. Perhaps it was the anger in her heart causing her to down a little too much wine. Her body was on fire. Haldir's words echoed in her mind. What could he possibly do to her? Nothing! He was all talk and no action. He would not dare lay a finger on her.

She pushed the door to her room and slipped inside. It was dark and the windows were left open. She was grateful for her body burned with the heat from the wine. She dropped her gown to the floor and climbed up on to her soft bed. She pulled the coverlet upon her naked flesh and stared at the ceiling. She breathed in. How she hated Haldir! Why was he here again? The memory of the kiss almost three thousand years ago burned her lips. She closed her eyes and soon fell asleep.


Haldir was having a wonderful dream. He was in bed with Elwen and they were both naked. Her head was on his chest and he was stroking the small of her back. He heard her moaned and he gently pushed her back to bed. He pressed his body on hers and gently licked the rosy bud on her chest. Her body arched trying to feel more of his touch. Haldir smiled and kissed her neck. He came upon her dark tresses and kissed the hair. Her dark brown hair... Wait. Dark brown? Elwen's hair was silvery, not dark. Who was this in his dreams?

Lothestel arched her back as the feel of soft lips tugging at her hardened nipples. It was heavenly. The soft lips left a trail of kisses up her neck and she could feel a strong body pressing hers. The kisses stopped but she did not want them to stop, "Do not stop... Kiss me..."

The body jerked up and left hers. She felt cold as the morning breeze caressed her skin. She stretched lazily and opened her eyes only to find a wide-eyed Haldir, sitting on her bed, naked. She sat up pulling the covers around her body and screamed, "What are you doing here in my room?!"

Haldir stood up, pulling the sheets around his body, trying to hide his arousal, "Your room? My dear princess, look around! This is my room and you are in my bed!"

Lothestel sat up and looked around. By the Valar, he was right! She was in his room. Embarrassment and fear came upon her as she scrambled out of the bed, trying to put her gown back on.

Haldir looked at the startled elleth, "What are you doing here? What are you trying to do to me?"

Lothestel had managed to pull the dress up her chest and she turned around to look at him, "I was not trying to do anything to you! I would never! I am above lowly wardens!"

That sent Haldir off the edge. He crossed the room and grabbed her. He threw her upon his bed again, pinning her to the mattress, "Really? You are above me? Looks like I am above you now. Tell me, were you planning to bed me and have I pleasure you? I thought you stayed clear of us, lowly wardens. Then why do I find you in my bed, moaning and asking me not to stop kissing you?"

Lothestel was now frightened. It was still dark outside and Haldir's chamber albeit was only two rooms from her, was at the end of the palace. No one would hear her scream. Though she cannot scream for she was in Haldir's room. It would send a wrong message to the guards. She looked at Haldir, "Please... Let me go... I did not mean to offend you... I was drunk... I might have stumbled into your room by mistake."

Haldir was angered by the abuse she had given him years ago and just now. He was not a lowly warden! He was the Marchwarden of Lorien, Captain of the Galadhrim. She will learn her lesson tonight!

Haldir bend down his head and kissed her breast, "Are you sure you came here by mistake?" He continued to torment her, "I will let you go, if you apologize for barging into my room."

Lothestel struggled to be free of him, "Apologize? I did nothing!"

Haldir smiled, a sinister feeling upon him, "Very well. Then I will take it that you are here to seek pleasure from me. I will oblige..."

He continued to stroke her body and licked the rosy buds on her chest until finally she cried for him to stop, tears in her eyes, "Please stop... Forgive me... I entered your room by mistake. Let me go now please."

Haldir lifted his body of hers. He watched as the princess pulled her gown up and picked the rest of her things from the bed. He said nothing. His goal had been achieved. He had hurt her pride, brought her down to earth. With tears still in her eyes, she left the room. Haldir sighed. It was not the way to handle the situation but he was tired of her arrogance. He looked down at the bulge underneath the layers of sheets. What now?

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