Heart of Stone: 3. Shaken

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3. Shaken

The sun crept up slowly shining its light upon the ancient city of Caras Galadhon. The winds blew softly amongst the trees making them shake in delight. Birds were chirping and flying in circles. Flowers had begun to bloom in the early morning light. Through the draperies of her room, light peeked in and rays of sunlight poured into the talan. Calavénë stretched on her bed, reluctant to join in the morning's excitement. She did not sleep well last night. Being in a new place with new people stirred some fears and anxiousness inside her heart. She dreamt of her own bed and her wonderful home which she had shared with her parents.

Half-heartedly, she pushed the covers down from her body. She sat on the edge of the bed reflecting on yesterday. Lady Galadriel has been accommodating and warm but she still did feel alien in the palace. Her demeanour did not reflect that of a royal bloodline thus she doesn't know how to behave and act in a manner of nobility and stature. Her new found status as one of the Maidens of Galadhrim was new to her. Calavénë took a deep breath and proceeded to the bathing area.

The pool shimmered under the watchful eye of the sun. There was still some mists surrounding the area but it was pleasant on her eyes. She took off her nightgown and slipped into the cool waters of the pool. The water was crisp and fresh. It washed away all her weariness and calmed her mind. She found a nice spot in the crook of a rock not far from the steps to the pool. She rested her head on the mossy rock and closed her eyes, enjoying the feel of the water.

A few yards away, an elf shrouded in the mists focused his gaze on the elleth in the pool. She had no knowledge of him being there. He looked at her golden hair which changed to a darker colour when it hit the water. He watched as she splashed water on her face. His gaze followed intently at a drop of water falling from her face down her neck and on to her chest. He could see part of her breasts for the rest of her body was hidden under water. He watched her lift her leg and washed it. Her leg was smooth and supple. He could feel his body reacting to the vision in front of him. His elfhood throbbed as he watched the young elleth stood up, revealing her beautiful body.

Her beautiful golden hair fell to her waist and beneath it was a rounded rump. She turned around and he could see her magnificent breasts. Haldir drew in a breath. He had never seen an elleth so intimately as this. His jaw clenched as he remembered the last time he saw a naked elleth. Muttering a curse under his breath, Haldir stood out of the water abruptly and left in the opposite direction.

Calavénë turned around, shocked by the sound of water splashing. Someone was with her in the pool! She gasped and hurriedly put on her nightgown trying to shield her modesty. She looked out at the pool, "Who's there? I demand to know who is there." Her plead went unanswered. She picked up her belongings and made her way back to the talan, shaken by what had happened.

She sat on the bed, waiting for news of her lesson. A small knock came moments later. She stood up and walked towards the door. She was very surprised to see Orophin there, "Fin! What do I owe this pleasure to?" Orophin bowed before her, "My lady, Master Annoguil has asked me to escort you to the border. He has to leave in the middle of the night for some of the wardens had been injured in an ambush." Calavénë was concerned, "Are you sure? I might get in the way of the healing since I know not much of the trade." Orophin smiled, "Yes, my lady. Master Annoguil insists." Calavénë nodded in agreement, "Very well, Fin. I need a moment to gather my things. I will meet you downstairs." Orophin bowed again and left Calavénë to get ready.

Calavénë walked downstairs hurriedly. She did not want to give a bad impression on the master healer. Orophin was waiting patiently as he watched the maiden approach him. She came to a halt when she saw Orophin riding on a horse, "My lady that is your ride." Calavénë gasped, "I'm afraid I must once again be a nuisance Fin. I do not know how to handle a horse. I shall walk alongside you, if that is to your approval." Orophin would not hear of this, "No, my lady. It is not appropriate. Wait there. I shall discard the weapons and ask another warden to carry them. You can ride with me."

A stern voice came from behind the two elves, "That would not be necessary, Fin. The task of carrying those weapons was appointed to you. I shall help with the lady." Orophin was surprised to see his brother, "Brother! I had thought you would be longer at the pool." Calavénë gasped. Pool? Was it Haldir at the pool with her this morning? Haldir walked forward, "No. I had matters to attend to. Fin you have always been in charge of the weapons. I will ride with the lady, if she would allow it." Calavénë bit down on her lip. She didn't want to ride with the March warden but it would be a greater trouble to Orophin to move the weapons from the horse.

Calavénë looked at the March warden, "I shall ride with you for I do not want to be of much trouble to Orophin. I am afraid I must be of a nuisance to you once again, March warden." Haldir was taken aback by her words. He looked at her with a gaze that pierced her whole being. Calavénë could feel her body tingle at such a study. She watched as Haldir mounted his steed and offered his hand for her. She hesitated for a mere second and grabbed hold of his hand. With one smooth pull, she was on the horse sitting in front of him. Calavénë moved forward to create some space between them. Haldir saw this. He can feel the anger build inside him again. How dare she move away from me? I will have her know who I am! I am the March warden not some lowly guard!

Calavénë could feel Haldir's body stiffen. She turned around to look at him, "Are you not comfortable my lord?" Haldir looked at the elleth in his arms, "No, my lady. I am well. We should be moving out if we want to reach the borders before sundown." With a small kick, the horse move forward and the small contingent made their way to the northern borders.

It was nearing noon. The heat from the sun was sweltering. Haldir looked at the elleth who was now asleep in his arms. Her soft body pressed on his hard chest. He could smell the scent of jasmine and roses in her hair. His body was stiff from riding in an awkward position, trying not to move too much fearing that the lady might awaken. Orophin watched his brother with such amusement. It has been awhile since he had seen him in the company of an elleth. The first time he had fallen in love with an elleth was almost thirty years ago. Gwilwileth had now had two children of her own. She had declared her remorse at how things turn out between Haldir and her. Orophin shook his head. His brother had grown hard and stubborn in the last thirty years. Orophin did not know the full details of what had happened and Haldir was never one who talks about his emotions freely.

Distracted by his own thoughts, Haldir did not see the uneven grounds in front of him. The horse almost slipped and Calavénë stumbled forward. In his attempt to stabilize the elleth in his arms, his hands accidentally crossed over her breasts. Calavénë woke up when she felt the commotion. She struggled to get up but the horse was still on uneven grounds. Haldir tried his best to calm his steed. After a few tries, the horse finally settled. He pulled Calavénë back into his arms and held her.

Calavénë swallowed hard. She could feel his hands on her chest. One particular hand grabbed her breast fully. She shifted her weight but Haldir did not seem to notice what he was holding on to. She closed her eyes, feeling the heat on her face and turned to face the March warden, "My lord…" She said in a whisper, "You're hurting me…" Haldir looked at her. How was he hurting her? Suddenly the feel of soft flesh was evident in his hand. He looked down and saw his hand across her chest. Shocked by what had happened he pulled his arm away swiftly. Calavénë let out a breath of relieve. It did hurt but it also felt surprisingly good. She shook away the thought from her head. It was inappropriate for her to be thinking of Haldir this way.

Haldir cleared his throat and looked upon the shaken lady in his arms. He bent down close to her ears so that no one other than her could hear what he wanted to say, "I am sorry. I did not realize. The horse was in a fit and I was trying to hold you from falling." Calavénë nodded but she did not look at Haldir. Her face was far too red and she feared he might see what effects he had over her, "No matter, Haldir. I understand." They continued on with their journey in silence, both drowned in their own thoughts.

It was nearly nightfall when they reached the encampment. Calavénë was delighted to see her learning grounds. Orophin helped her down from the horse and went on his way to deliver the weapons. Calavénë turned around to thank the March warden, "Thank you my lord. It has been a pleasure travelling with you." She watched as the elf nodded and walked away from her. She looked around the encampment for the healing tent.

She spotted the tent not far from where she is standing. She made her way to the tent accompanied by the stares of young ellons there. At first she did not notice them until Rumil greeted her, "Good evening lady Calavénë. I see the spirits of the wardens are already mending with you here." Calavénë did not quite follow, "Whatever do you mean Rumil?" Rumil smiled and cocked his head to the directions of the staring ellons. Calavénë turned around to see and blushed immediately, "I didn't mean to cause such a stir. Surely there are female March wardens here?" Rumil laughed, "There are my lady. But none of them are connected to the noble house of Galadhrim. That would certainly arouse some intrigue. Let me escort you to Master Annoguil."

Both of the elves walked to the tent. Inside Calavénë saw the most peculiar looking elf. He had silvery hair which was tied into a ponytail, which was unusual for elves to do. He wore a bright yellow tunic and something that looked like a funnel hung from his neck. On his forehead was some sort of looking glass which he pulls down occasionally to inspect the wounds on the injured wardens. She stood near the entrance, entranced by the healer. Rumil cleared his throat announcing their arrival. Annoguil looked at the source of the sound and exclaimed in delight, "Rumil! Yallume! I was much worried about you!"

Rumil smiled and walked forward, "May I present Lady Calavénë, Maiden of Galadhrim. Calavénë, this is Master Annoguil. He will be the one teaching you about the healing arts." Annoguil stepped forward and took Calavénë's hand and kissed it, "A! Vanimle sila tiri. I hope you had a pleasant journey here." Calavénë blushed at the compliment, "I did Master Annoguil. Is there anything I can help with?" The older elf smiled, "You are eager my dear and I am pleased. As for tonight there is not much to do. I suggest you take your rest for tomorrow will be a tiring day." Annoguil pulled Calavénë away from the crowd, "There is a small waterfall not far from here. I do not think many know of that place. You could refresh yourself there." Calavénë smiled, "Thank you, master. I do indeed would love a wash. I bid you good night."

After setting down her things in her talan not far from the healing tent, Calavénë took her washing cloth and some scented oil with her. She needed a bath. It was not because she smelled bad rather she needed some time to think and clear her mind. She didn't know why her body reacted to Haldir the way it did. She shook her head. She was still an elfling compared to Haldir even if she did celebrate her majority one hundred and fifty years ago. She had never been in such close contact with an ellon before. She was so lost in her thoughts the sound of the waterfall startled her.

She stood in awe of the beauty of the flowing water. The reflection of the moon glinted on the surface of the water. Beautiful fireflies hovered around the glade giving it an eerily calming effect. Calavénë stripped off her clothes and stepped into the water. The water was slightly cold; making the buds on her chest grew hard. She did a few laps around the pool before settling down near the waterfall. She washed her hair and rubbed in the scented oil. She was having a good time until she heard someone walking towards the waterfall.

She quickly gathered her things and hid behind a small boulder. The clothes that she brought were now soaked having to take it with her. She looked at the clearing and saw Haldir at the edge of the pool. She watched as he took off his tunic and then his legging revealing a strong, broad chest, flat, rippled stomach and strong muscular thighs. Calavénë breathed in when her eyes looked upon his elfhood. Never had she seen such an image. She watched as the elf swam to the middle of the pool, soaking his long hair and washing his back.

Haldir stopped what he was doing. He sensed a presence with him in the pool. He looked around the pool slowly trying not to alarm the intruder. His eyes stopped under the waterfall where he saw an elleth behind a small boulder. He decided to confront whoever it was. He dove under the water and swam towards the direction of the elleth.

Calavénë watched as the March warden dove into the water. She sighed. It was best that she leave before she's discovered. She waded through the water slowly trying not to alert him. She let out a cry of surprise when a strong arm held her wrist and twisted them behind her back while the other circled her waist pulling her back into a hard body. She knew it was him. She was discovered, alas.

Haldir held the struggling elleth in his arms, "Did not your naneth and ada told you it is wrong to spy on others when they bathe?" Calavénë would not be intimidated, "As much as your parents taught you, Haldir. Tell me; is it not you in the pool this morning in Caras Galadhon?" Haldir chuckled, "It was I." Calavénë tried to break free from his hold, "Have you no shame March warden, spying on the modesty of a maiden?" Haldir was now angry, "What of you, meleth? Here you are watching me so intently. All elleth are the same, filled with lust and desire."

Calavénë pushed harder against him, "I am no such elleth, Haldir! Unhand me for I will scream if you don't!"
Haldir laughed, "You would not scream. You and all the other elleth are the same and I will prove it." Before Calavénë could make out what was happening, she felt his hand on her breasts, kneading and squeezing. She protested, "Haldir! No! I am a maiden! Haldir…" He ignored her plead. He will prove his point tonight, "You like that don't you rwalaer." Haldir lifted her slightly from the water and waded back to the small boulder she was hiding behind. He turned her around and placed her in front of him, pinning her to the smooth rock.

Calavénë struggled, trying to get away from him, "Haldir… Please! Stop!" Her words were muffled when his lips came crushing down on hers. Her head was spinning and she was grasping for air. She closed her mouth tightly, blocking any outside intrusion. Haldir could feel her tense up and he smiled against her lips. With her body pinned between the rock and his body, his hands roamed free on hers. He cupped her breast, playing with the hardened bud. Calavénë gasped. Haldir pushed his tongue in her mouth. The feel of his tongue inside her mouth and the strong hand kneading her breast was too much for her. She let out an unexpected moan.

Haldir felt his body reacting to her moans and the taste of her tongue. He dipped his head down her chest and took a rosy bud in his mouth. Calavénë moaned and her breathing became uneven. He continued his ministrations over and over again until the bud stood hard and proud. Haldir came back up again, kissing her delicious mouth. Calavénë closed her eyes. She did not know what was happening but her body seemed to be enjoying it. Haldir slid down into the water and took some floating vines from it. Calavénë was helpless. She knew this was wrong but her body wanted this so badly. She watched as the March warden tied her wrists.

Everything around her moved in slow motion as she watched Haldir slipped lower in between her legs. He placed both of her legs on his shoulder and without warning he plunged his head in her centre. Calavénë cried out in surprise. The feel of his tongue on her sex was out of this world. She could feel her body tingle all over every time he hit a particular spot, making her moan louder. She could feel the pleasure building inside her. Haldir untied her bonds and soon she was pulling and tugging at his hair as his tongue swirled around her velvety folds. With a few last strokes, Calavénë arched her back and cried out in pleasure. She had never felt this way before.

Haldir made his way back to her mouth, kissing her hard. Calavénë could taste herself on his tongue. She closed her eyes and lay there on the boulder with her whole being shaken to the very core. Haldir let her legs down and came up close to her ear, "This is why I say, all elleth are filled to the brim with nothing but lust and desire, rwalaer!"

Calavénë opened her eyes in shock; the realization of what was happening finally hit her. Tears filled her eyes as she tried to cover her body with her hands. Haldir merely stepped back looking at her naked form. Tears were flowing from her eyes down her cheeks. Haldir was taken aback at what was happening. He was lost for words and he stepped forward to console her.

Calavénë held up her hand, "Thank you Haldir for pointing out how filthy I am. You have violated me and my modesty. But I must thank you for not ravaging my purity. I shall not tell anyone of this but I will never forgive you for what you have done!" Calavénë took her gown and pulled it over her body. She ran as fast as she could towards the encampment.

Tears were running down her face and when she finally reached the encampment, Orophin saw the distressed elleth, "Eru! What has happened to you?" Calavénë wiped her tears, "Nothing, Fin. I saw something in the forest that scared me." Orophin was concerned, "Are you sure you are fine?" Calavénë nodded, "I am. Do not worry. I am much wearied mellon. I will retire to my talan. 'Quel undome."

Orophin settled down next to Rumil near the fire. He was deep in thought. Rumil was watching him and saw that his brother was concerned, "What is troubling you, Fin?" Orophin told his younger brother of the state he found Lady Calavénë in. Rumil was worried, "She was crying you say?" Orophin nodded, "Yes. Her gown was also soaked wet. It seemed like she had fallen into the pool." Rumil looked at his brother, "We should scout the place. Maybe indeed she saw something." Orophin nodded. Just then they saw Haldir walking back to the encampment in the same direction Lady Calavénë did earlier.

Orophin nudged Rumil's side and nodded in the direction Haldir was coming from. Both looked at their older brother. He looked distraught and restless. Orophin stared in disbelief when he saw what was troubling him. The March warden's desire was evident inside his legging. Orophin looked at Rumil who obviously saw what he did. They watched as Haldir climbed up the watch talan and disappeared behind the door. Rumil turned to Orophin, "I do not think it was Orcs that scared her. I think it was Haldir…"


Yallume! – At last
Vanimle sila tiri – Your beauty shines bright
Quel du – Good night

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