Heart of Stone: 1. Prologue

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1. Prologue

It was the beginning of the third age on Middle Earth. Lorien prospers although at times, the peaceful city of Galadhrim had darkness fell upon it. The dark forces are growing. Orcs' activities had doubled. Caras Galadhon was kept save by the brave militia of Lorien. They defend the borders of the land, preserving the elven ways of life. Heading this mighty force is Haldir, March warden of Lorien. He was known throughout Galadhrim as a brave and mighty warrior. Together with his brothers, Rumil and Orophin they work hard to ensure the safety of Lady Galadriel and Lord Celeborn's land.

Today however was a day, Haldir waited for a long time. He had been on duty defending the borders for almost ten moons now. He was given two days of rest to regain his strength and to sort out personal affairs. He had the latter in mind as he walked back to the city. Along the way he found beautiful wild flowers, "She would greatly appreciate these." The tired and weary warrior hastily made his way to the city for his heart greatly desired to look upon the beauty of his love, Gwilwileth. Since the day he had professed his affection to her, she had been on his mind every single moment. His heart danced in his chest as he approached the stairs to her talan.

A few steps away from her door, Haldir adjusted his tunic and cape. The journey back from the borders has been rough but he was still presentable. He stood in front of her door and paused. He retracted his hand back to his body when he heard the sound of two people giggling. He pushed the door open and walked to the source of the sounds. His stealth movement went unnoticed and he heard other sounds, sounds of moaning and gasps. His hand instinctively grabbed the sword at his side, ready to pounce on the person harming Gwilwileth. As he reached the door to her bedroom he came to realize what was happening.

Through the opened space of the door, he saw her, his Gwilwileth. Little did he expect his welcome would be in such a manner. He watched as the ellon in her bed moved on top of her and caressed the smooth skin of his beloved. Anger rose inside of him. Haldir gripped his sword tighter when he saw her arch her back to his ministrations. He pushed the door ajar, watching the two elves on the beautifully crafted bed. He stood in the doorway, making his presence known. He will get his retribution, even if that means being called a kin slayer.

Gwilwileth felt a breeze come in through the door. She spoke in between her moans to her lover, Idhrenon, one of Lord Celeborn's personal guards, "Meleth, did I not tell you to close the door? The breeze is icy tonight." When he ignored her heed, Gwilwileth opened her eyes. Fear bubbled inside her when she saw Haldir standing in the doorway, gripping his sword tightly, "Haldir!" She pulled the sheet to cover her body and that of her lover.

Haldir's eyes turned a dangerous dark colour as he watched her push her lover aside. He walked two steps closer to their love bed, "This is the welcome I get from you? Give me one good reason, wethrinaer, so that I would not kill you and your lover!" Haldir's gaze never left the two of them even when the ellon rose from the bed. Idhrenon tried to calm his March warden down, "Haldir, mellon! It is not as it seems. Gwilwileth an-d…"

Words left Idhrenon's train of thought when Haldir placed the sword under his chin, "Do not speak, ellon for whatever you may say has little interest to me. I am talking to her whose name fits her well. Butterfly who flies from one flower to another soon as its pleasures indulged." He turned his attention to the shaking elleth on the bed, "Tell me, melleth, is my love not enough for you? Is your body full of lust until you cannot wait for my return?!" Gwilwileth stood up slowly from the bed, "Haldir, please do not harm us. We have not committed any wrong doings. Idhrenon here is my hervenn."

Haldir's eyes widened. His heart was hurting beyond words. What did this lowly guard have to offer her? He is the March warden, the bravest warrior in all of Galadhrim. Haldir icy gaze pierced her flesh, "Iire?" Gwilwileth came closer to her hervenn, "Two moons ago. I waited for you Haldir. But for many moons I had not heard from you. I was alone and lonely. Soon after that I met Idhrenon who cured my loneliness. I am sorry I did not tell you mellon but I thought there was no future for us."

Haldir reached his boiling point, "I was on duty! I was protecting your life and the life of your lover! You said you would wait for me before I left. Such betrayal! I love you Gwilwileth unlike all the other elleth before you. Here I thought I would find you waiting for me, for I intended to make you make betrothed! There is no forgiveness for such treachery!" Haldir moved forward, swinging his sword aiming for Idhrenon's neck. Gwilwileth ran in front of her hervenn and fell to her knees, "Please Haldir. Do not harm him. I am with child…"

Haldir stared in disbelief. Are the Valar playing with his life? Did he not deserve his retribution? He had never fallen in love with an elleth before. He had focused his heart and his body to the protection of the realm of Galadhrim. But today when he has decided to give his heart to someone else, fate played him like a toy. He dropped his sword to the floor and turned his body away from them. Tears began to fill the brim of his eyes.

He closed his eyes. The fear of losing control gripped him. He had better leave before the sword winds up back in his hands. He spoke to them over his shoulder, "I have spared your lives today for the sake of the laes in your womb. You will never have my forgiveness. Know this, I would never help or protect you from the darkness of this world. Your deaths cannot be by my hand but I would not prevent them if they are caused by others."

Gwilwileth cried in earnest to his words. She had hurt him in ways she could not have imagined. Idhrenon held on to his hervess. Both watched as Haldir walked out of the room with his last words still ringing in their ears and echoed through their hearts.

He stood in front of his talan, looking out at the moon. The night was beautiful. The light from the moon shone on to the lake in the middle of the gardens surrounding the palace of the Lord and Lady of the Land. Today however, the beauty of Caras Galadhon did not soothe his pain. Tears fell down his cheek and the mighty warrior brushed it off hastily. He swore tonight that he would not love another. He swore to close of his heart and soul to the murderous effects of love.

He watched as the moon disappeared behind a cloud. He felt a change in his body. It became hard and stiff. He closed his eyes, hearing the sound of his harden heart beating in the cages of his chest. When Haldir finally opened his eyes, the soft grey colour was now gone, replaced by a darker shade of hate and despair.

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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Author: luthien85

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