Sight Unseen: 4. Chapter 4

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4. Chapter 4

Námo woke in the morning rested but filled with a deep longing. He quickly cleaned up his nowdry mess and waited. A servant brought breakfast. The healer checked his progress and deemed the Vala fit enough to leave the halls once a room was ready for him. Námo waited. Still she did not come. At lunchtime, Círdan joined him. The shipwright explained that rooms would be ready mid afternoon. They, or rather Círdan, talked through the meal. When Námo pushed his half eaten plate aside, Círdan took pity on the Vala.

"What happened last night?" Círdan asked calmly.

"Surely you know by now."

Círdan's stormy eyes looked at the Vala with understanding. "Then tell me what you think about what happened last night."

"I think," Námo began, "that I should leave this place. I have caused enough of a disturbance."

"I thought you sought love."

"I do, but how can I search here, now that I have terrified a new mother and a blind girl. I should just return to my halls. They fear me too much. None could love the Herold of Death"

"You would give up so easily? I though you mightier than that," Círdan challenged. Námo sent the elf a warning look; his already dark mood getting darker. The ancient elf ignored it. "The mother is just fine. I spoke with her earlier. She said that you gave a prophecy about her newborn son. She believes the child is blessed by the Valar."

"So he is," Námo said.

"How easily you forget that you are also the Vala of Comfort and of Rebirth. As for the blind girl, Súrelindë is surprised to have been in the company of a Vala. Actually stunned is a better word for it. She became all flustered about playing for you. She came half way here this morn then turn around to head back to her rooms. I swear it took four times before she finally made it here. Hmm, actually I am surprised to find you alone. She was rather cross that I knew and never told her."

"She has not played for me today," Námo said dejectedly. "I understand though. I am just sorry she learned the truth."

"Why are you sorry? She should know the truth, and of all people should be able to see beyond the persona. Súrelindë just lacks confidence in herself, no thanks to how people perceive her. It has not been easy to adjust to life here. She did not want to stay, but Gildor feared for her safety, given her lack of sight. I regret that many of the young ladies were less than supportive. Many do not think much of the Wandering Company or the Edain. As such, well, Súrelindë does not think much of her self. She is such a beautiful creature."

"Yes, she is," Námo said without thinking. He blushed.

"I wish she would find someone who will show her just how special she is. I know it would make her father, and me, happy."

"Surely she has many suitors." Námo tried to sound nonchalant.

"Few seek her out and she approaches none. As I said, many think themselves above her. The ellon here want a wife who does all the traditionally wifely things. Súrelindë does many of them but has limitations." Círdan sighed. "She is a gem that is always overlooked."

Námo remained silent for a while. He could not imagine someone with so wonderful a fëa alone. Were all the ellyn here as stupid as the ellith were shallow? If she would give him a chance, he would show her how precious she was. That thought brought a flutter to his insides.

"Well, come on. Let us get you to your rooms. I am sure you are sick of the healing halls," Círdan was saying as he laid out new robes for the Vala.

"Forgive me, what did you say?" Námo asked as he had been thinking about Súrelindë and his sudden attraction to her.

Círdan chuckled. "I said let us get you settled in your rooms. I will bring you your belongings in a bit. Here, they are not what you are used to, but they will work for now." he said, indicating the clothing he had set out for his guest.

Námo looked at the robes. They were perfect and he was grateful for the shipwright's generosity. When Círdan turned his back, the Vala dressed. "I truly love Súrelindë's playing. Do you think you could convince her to play for me again?"

"Hard to say. I think she took a bit of a fancy to you and now that she knows you are a Vala, she is embarrassed."

"I am no different now than I was when I first arrived."

"I know that and you know that, but she, well, she is a woman. Who truly understands them at all?" Círdan finished with a laugh. Hearing the Vala approach, the old elf turned with a smile. "Now that is the Námo I remember. You will turn many heads here that is for sure. I do not think fear of you will be an issue."

Námo rolled his eyes and indicated the shipwright should lead the way. "There is only one head I believe I want to turn," he mumbled.

Círdan smiled as he led the Vala down the hall. He had heard the muttered words and if he read the signals right, Námo more than fancied Súrelindë. That made him very happy.

Círdan chuckled as the two walked from the house of healing to Círdan's main house. The ancient elf had been right, heads turned. Every elleth and ellon greeted them with a smile and few averted their hungry gaze. Námo ignored the looks; he knew whom he wanted.

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