Journey Into Harad: 2. The Shipyard at Pelargir

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2. The Shipyard at Pelargir

And now here our story begins...

The day was August 28; two weeks after the Fellowship of the Ring had left. Aragorn, the King of the Reunited Kingdom, was about to arrive back in Minas Tirith. This seemed to be the beginning of a long peace in Gondor.

Faramir, the surviving son of the late Steward Denethor, was now the Prince of Ithilien. He had fallen in love with Éowyn, the sister of Éomer the new King of Rohan. At the funeral of King Thoden, it was announced that Faramir was engaged to Éowyn and they were to be married some time during the following year. No exact date had been set for the wedding, though, but it was expected to be quite grand.

It was a bright, sunny day during the late summer in the city of Pelargir along the River Anduin. Many people of the town were outside enjoying the fresh air. Birds were flying overhead. The shipyards were busy as well. People were stocking the ships with goods to transport along the river to other parts of Gondor.

Faramir was staying in Pelargir. He had brought Beregond with him. The two were going to inspect ships in the shipyard. But first, they were taking a walk through the streets of Pelargir. The city was quite busy, but it was still a good sight. The buildings that lined the streets, complete with the flowers and trees below them, made a perfect spectacle for viewers. The buildings' shadows kept Faramir and Beregond cool from the sun's heat.

"It's quite lovely out," said Faramir. "I haven't been here in a long time. In fact, I haven't enjoyed the real outdoors since before the war."

"Yes, my lord," said Beregond. "Nor have I enjoyed it."

Faramir looked at the colorful flowers that were planted on the sides of the road. "It's too bad that I couldn't bring Éowyn here with us," he said. "She would have loved to see this."

"I agree," said Beregond. "But we should be getting to the shipyard. Those ships are not going to inspect themselves! We should be there soon, but there's no time to be dawdling. Right, my lord?" Faramir nodded.

The two walked for a few minutes, and then Faramir noticed the shipyard. "Look!" he said. "There's the shipyard. Beregond, let's approach it and look at the great ships."

"Yes, Faramir," said Beregond.

Faramir and Beregond walked towards the shipyard. There were many ships of Gondor anchored there, ranging from small boats to great galleons that were used to cross the seas. These great ships had often traveled to the vast southern lands where the stars were strange. Aragorn had been on such a ship on a journey to the southern Harad.

At last the two reached the shipyard. This shipyard was known as Falastir. The captain of the shipyard, a fat, bald man in dirty, ragged clothing, saw Faramir and Beregond. He ran up to them and greeted them by wildly shaking their hands - much to Beregond's displeasure. "Hello, there!" He said. "It's me, Halgorm. I am glad to see you. These here ships need the approval of Your Excellency..." Here faramir blushed.

"Please," said Faramir to the man, "call me Faramir. I'm not even close to the King when it comes to grandeur."

"We will do so," said Beregond. "The King has been planning this for a few weeks now."

"Okay...Faramir..." said Halgorm, feeling snubbed. "You can get to the inspection."

Faramir and Beregond got to the inspection. They went inside each ship and looked through the insides. It was quite boring for both Faramir and Beregond, but it did help pass the time. After all of the ships were inspected, Faramir felt tired. As soon as he had walked off of the last ship, Faramir walked up to a wooden pole, sat down against it, and fell asleep. He lust sat there for a while...until...

"Wake up!" said a voice. The voice turned out to be Halgorm's. "Thank you for inspecting the shipyard!"

Faramir got up and walked besides Beregond, who was standing to Halgorm's right. "As a token of my thanks, I will give you some money!" Halgorm gave Faramir and Beregond some gold pennies, silver pennies, and a few crystals. "Get something nice of yours," he said. This made Faramir look at Halgorm in a weird way.

"I know you already have a lot of money," Halgorm added, "being a prince. But I figured that you'd need some."

"I don't understand you," said Faramir, "but thanks. Nice to be seeing you." Halgorm left the shipyard and went into the wharf nearby. Faramir and Beregond just looked at each other blankly. Halgorm was definitely a weird man.

"Is it me," said Beregond, "or does Halgorm have something wrong with him?"

"Give him a break," said Faramir. "Halgorm is an old man. You should just be glad that he made it through the war. A lot of people did not make it. Just think what could have happened to your sons?" This made Beregond almost worried for a minute, but he did realize that Faramir was just pointing out something to him.

"I understand, Faramir," he said. "I should have been more considerate of Halgorm."

Faramir and Beregond made their way out of the shipyard and back onto the streets of Pelargir. They decided to take a walk to a tavern called The Revenge Star. It was a tavern where many travelers and rangers gathered.

Eventually, Faramir and Beregond arrived in the tavern. Since the tavenmaster recognized them, Faramir and Beregond were seated at a table of honor. They were given ale to drink and roasted chicken to eat.

Faramir drank his glass of ale. "Refreshing," he said.

"Indeed," said Beregond. "Things have been going smoothly lately. When did Aragorn say that he was going to be back?"

"August 29," said Faramir. "That is tomorrow. He said that he was going to travel with the halflings for a while before bidding them farewell."

"We should not be troubled for any amount of time," said Beregond. "There is peace in Gondor, and no damned armies of Sauron can change that!"

"Beregond, don't get overly zealous," said Faramir. "An army of Orcs or Haradrim could easily overtake us if we don't remain on guard. You have shown great courage during the war, but courage shall never turn into overconfidence. Remember that."

Now Beregond felt snubbed, for he did not like being rebuked by someone a full ten years younger than him. But he responded to Faramir. "My wife Galedhel has been worried about an invasion," he said, "and I am willing to defend Gondor from any foe. I have heard of a particularly wicked king of the Haradrim...."

"Hazajthôr?" asked Faramir. "The King of the Corsairs? That must be who you are referring to. He is supposedly greatly detested even by other Haradrim. And yet Hazajthôr has a tight influence over Harad. He had helped Sauron attack Osgiliath, and I had briefly mentioned him to Frodo and Sam back in Ithilien. Hazajthôr is not a man to be messed with."

"At least he's not here."

"Yes. But he might be planning an attack as we speak."

Faramir and Beregond finished their meal and left the tavern. They decided to walk through the streets, which were now lit by a late afternoon sun, and go back to the shipyard.

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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