Leithian Script: Act IV: 28. Scene IV.vii

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28. Scene IV.vii

A Boy, A Girl & A Dog
The Lay of Leithian Dramatic Script Project



[Elsewhere: the council chamber]

[It's very loud and the discussion quite animated.]

But if you made all the gears out of crystal, then the water wouldn't corrode them--

Would they not be so heavy then that they'd sink, my Lord?

Aule's Assistant:
No, they'd be on rods lifted off the bottom, at varying heights -- quite possibly adjustable, sliding along a series of paths not unlike a clock's elements--

'Tis a great challenge to capture the depth of iridescence natural to plume or scale in enamels, for the layers seek to obscure and oft groweth milky like to ice--

[Looking more than usually sardonic, the Doomsman of Arda snaps his fingers and a flash, similar to that of a white phosphorus flare, illuminates the room, though without the "bang" that usually accompanies such intensely-bright fireworks. Instant silence, followed by looks either abashed or irritated from the participants as the glare fades back into the basin and the lighting returns to normal.]

Namo: [flatly]
Well. Now that we've talked about the technical requirements of preparing limestone to receive paint, the best way to create the effect of sunlight indoors, the problems of dust in relation to various artistic and domestic processes, and determined that neither my wife nor I have any desire to have fake trees or replicas of small woodland animals affixed thereto -- not even realistic ones fetchingly rendered in lifelike tones of striated agates with polished jet eyes, Nerdanel, Tavros -- cluttering up our house, though the decision is still pending on small, restrained, and I do emphasize restrained, sculptures of plants in hanging baskets, we'll have to think about that -- could we, possibly, return to our original discussion? Or am I being totally unreasonable in asking that?


And no artificial goldfish either, unless Vaire wants them.

I really don't like it when you're sarcastic, brother.

That isn't on topic either.

Vaire: [trying not to smile]

Why? We're only all going to say the same things all over again to each other.


Very likely, yes. --Particularly if you're going to take that attitude from the start.

You're not being fair -- it's not just me who's being obstinate, so please don't make it sound that way.

[he raises an eyebrow to her; Irmo struggles not to smile. (Orome doesn't even bother trying.)]

I confess I do not find the matter so simple as 'twas first present--

Vaire: [aside]
I suppose it would be impolite -- not to mention giving the wrong message entirely -- if I were to fetch some knitting?

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Author: Philosopher At Large

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Last Updated: 08/11/03

Original Post: 12/24/02

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