Leithian Script: Act IV: 18. Scene III.vii

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18. Scene III.vii

A Boy, A Girl & A Dog
The Lay of Leithian Dramatic Script Project



[Elsewhere: the Conference chamber]

[Luthien is leaning against one of the columns, her arms folded, frowning, while the Powers look gloomily at her or at the light-dish; the Ambassador, apparently having given up, is wandering slowly along the circumference looking at the scenes of Doriath while the argument goes on.]

Aule: [gesturing for emphasis]
You keep saying that we are not listening to you, but you don't seem to be aware that you yourself are not aware of what we are telling you. Clearly you've already made up your mind to ignore everything that my colleagues, and I, have to say.

That's because it's irrelevant. Some situations are not negotiable.

[the Ambassador gives her a startled look -- deja-vu]

Everything about Beren being unworthy of me is simply wrong. So that's irrelevant.

Namo: [patiently]
No one has said that, Luthien. You're projecting your arguments with your parents on this situation.

Luthien: [pointing to her father's counsellor]
He did.

Namo: [dispassionate]
Correction. None of us has said that. --Or that you don't really love him, or that he doesn't really love you. Or that he hasn't done heroic service in the cause of Arda, or that he isn't real, or any of the other things you keep on insisting we have. What we are saying is simply the truth: you can't keep him here indefinitely discorporate. It isn't fair to him to deny him the Gift of Men.

Orome: [speaking up finally, still scowling darkly]
We want to help you both.

Luthien: [fretfully]
I just want to go home. --With Beren.

And then what? Do we do this all over again in fifty or sixty years? He isn't made for this.

[Luthien bursts into tears, turning to hide her face against the pillar; Vaire gives her husband a reproachful look]

Vaire: [getting up]
That wasn't a very sensitive thing to say, darling.

The truth usually isn't.

I know, but still--

[she goes over to where Irmo is already trying to comfort her]

Child, child, please don't cry --

Luthien: [through her teeth]
I want to go home.

Vaire: [hugging her]
But this is your home. You were meant to come here, and be safe, that's why Tav went to find your people in the first place. If you'd been born here you'd never have had all these troubles.

Orome: [ironic aside]
--Other troubles, but not these troubles.

Luthien: [pulling away, sniffling]
But if my father had come back with everyone else, then he wouldn't have met my mother, because she was already in Middle-earth then, and so I wouldn't have been born. Here or anywhere else. --Or I'd have been someone else. So there wouldn't be a Luthien for you to talk to.

Ambassador: [resigned]
It's just like arguing with the King her father. Neither one of them knows how to stop.

Aule: [snorting]
--If this is what Melian puts up with on a daily basis, I'm surprised she was born at all.

Este and I would be so happy to have you come live with us. And for your own sake, not just because we loved your mother so much: the Gardens would be made inexpressibly more delightful for your presence--

Luthien: [raising her voice]
I am not a collectible!!! --Do I look like a garden statue, I ask?!

[stunned silence -- into which Aule's Assistant and escorted company arrive, all three with postures indicative of wary reluctance]

Luthien: [not quite so loudly]
I hope you're not more "old friends of my mother's."

Nerdanel: [wry]
That would be most difficult, forasmuch as I never met thy mother. I am Nerdanel, of Lord Aule's Following, and presently attached to Queen Indis her household -- though most known for another familial connection, I confess.

Luthien: [narrowing her eyes]
You're Feanor's wife, right?


I have to say, you didn't do a very good job raising your children.

[collective cringe -- Nerdanel sighs, and Finarfin looks over at the Lord of the Halls.]

Namo: [before he can say anything]
Yes, it's been like this all along.

Aule: [cynical smile]
Have a chair, welcome to the party.

[he gestures toward the vacant seats]

It's the most excitement there's been since we launched the Sun -- you wouldn't want to miss any of it, now?

Finarfin: [warily]
As I do recall, my Lord -- much of that ado was was born from lack of certainty as to the durance of the vessel and risks therewith.

This isn't too different, as you'll find. Waiting for something to blow up, crash, burn or otherwise wreak havoc--

[to Orome]

I'm almost willing to concede that Tulkas has the right idea -- I could use a drink right now myself.

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