The Sweet Sound of Music: 4. 4

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4. 4

AN: So sorry to have lapsed in posting!  The fic is complete and I will be adding the chapters regularly now...would love to hear from readers!


Ecthelion found himself staring into eyes as dark at a clear midnight sky.  Taking in the whole picture, he found the ellon crowned with strands of moonlit silk.  Realizing he was staring, he quickly moved to stand. "Forgive my manners!"

"Please, remain as you are.  I did not mean to intrude."  The vision before him said quietly.  "I was out for my evening walk and heard your song.  It truly is beautiful."

Ecthelion sat back down, never taking his eyes off the newcomer.  "I assure you it is no intrusion.  Tell you play?" 

The stranger's eyes lit with amusement. With a smile gracing the bow-shaped lips the ellon answered,  "No.  My instruments are the harp and lyre.  But please, now I forget my manners.  My name is Lindir."  The elf said with a bow.  "I am head minstrel here.  I would be honored to have you play in the Hall of Fire some evening."

Ecthelion could not help but smile back.  "You honor me with the request, but I am not much for public performances."

"That is a shame my lord."  Linder replied.   "Would you consider playing again for me?"  He asked boldly.

The smile Lindir received stole his breath away.  The warrior motioned the bard to sit with him.  "Is there something you would like to hear?"  He asked, and then quickly added, "I am afraid I know few songs from this Age."

"Anything would be agreeable with me."  The fair elf answered.  With that, Ecthelion raised the mithril flute to his lips and played the sweetest melody Lindir ever heard.

"Ah, there you are!"  Both elves turned to see Glorfindel approach from the main house.  "I got worried that you lost your way to your room."   Ecthelion laughed while Lindir looked on with an amused smile.

Giving Lindir a conspiring wink, Ecthelion countered, "Unlike some elves I know, I can remember how to get back to my rooms."

"Hey, that only happened once" Glorfindel said in mock offence, "and it was not my fault!" A silence fell over the group.  Casting a look at his friend, Glorfindel decided it was time to make his exit.  "But now that I know you are safe I will leave you two be."  With a wink, the Elda turned and headed back the way he had come.  Without turning, he called over his shoulder, "Do remember that you are riding out on patrol with me in the morning Thel."  He could be heard chuckling as he vanished from sight

Lindir attempted to process what just transpired and after a few minutes, gave up.  Perhaps he would ask about it later.  As he watched the dark-haired elf, he wondered if the rumor were true. Had they been lovers?  He found that he hoped not.  Ecthelion was built much like Glorfindel, taller and more muscular than the elves of the present age.  His hair cascaded over his shoulders in waves of black obsidian. His eyes were a unique color.  They were not green or blue or bluish-green.  They were a deep teal.  They reminded the minstrel of the sea.  The more Lindir thought about it, the more he hoped that Ecthelion was available.  He found Ecthelion as enchanting as legend said. Of course, he could not come right out and ask, that would be forward!   Casting one last glance at the former Lord of the Fountain, Lindir stood.  "It as been a pleasure my lord; however it is late and it seems you will have an early wake-up call."

Before the young elf left, Ecthelion made a request.  "Please, just Ecthelion.   I am no lord here."

"Oh, but I…"

Ecthelion stood and rested his hand on Lindir's arm.  "Please?" he implored.

Lindir found himself lost in those fathomless eyes.  "Very well, as you wish, but only in informal settings."

"Agreed."  As they turned and walked the path back to The Last Homely House, Ecthelion made another request   "I have played for you.  Will you play for me in return?"

The sweetest blush crept over the fair elf's face.  "I am afraid that I am not in your league."

'Aye, he is precious.  I'll have to ask Fin if he is attached,' the lord thought.  Aloud he responded, "I do not believe that for a moment."  Lindir's face flushed a gorgeous rose right up to the tips of his ears.  As they came to the parting of ways, neither seemed inclined to continue on.

"Thank you for playing for me," Lindir said shyly suddenly finding the tile pattern quite fascinating.

"It was my pleasure, Master Bard."  Lindir's eyes shot up.  Ecthelion held his gaze…lost in the indigo depths.  "Good night," he said softly.  Then with a small bow he turned toward his room.  Lindir stood there looking after the lord.  'I do hope I am not wrong about his relationship with Glorfindel.  He is most wonderful.'  With a dreamy look in his eyes, Lindir glided to his own chambers.  What began as an ordinary evening turned out to be marvelous night.

As Ecthelion entered his room, he realized that, at some point during his return walk, he had become quite aroused.  Closing the door he let out a sigh and a smile danced across his face.  How someone could make his heart flutter after one chance meeting, he did not know.  What he did know is that the beautiful sprite he met this night, stirred his heart.  Removing his clothes, he made his way to the plush bed.  Falling back on it, he went about alleviating the pulsing between his thighs.  Lying on the bed, he closed his eyes and thought of silken hair; endless blue eyes; and a gentle, musical voice.  It really took little time before he arched his back off the bed in a powerful orgasm.  Before he could clean himself up, reverie claimed him.  It mattered not; he was walking in the land of dreams with the beautiful bard.


Lindir drew himself a bath as he did every night.  Although he loved the Hall of Fire, he hated the smell of fire and smoke in his hair.  Therefore, on nights when he played in the great Hall, he bathed and washed his hair before retiring for the night.  Discarding his clothes in an untidy heap on the bathroom floor, the minstrel turned on the taps to fill the deep basin and added a combination of bergamot and coriander oils.  With a sigh, he slipped into the tub.  Closing his eyes Lindir breathed deeply.  The oils he added had the calming effect he needed.  In the candlelit silence he began to think of the mighty Lord of the Fountain.  There was none of the pretence or arrogance as one might expect in a living legend. The warrior had such strong arms and elegantly long fingers, not to mention enticing lips! 'I wonder if they taste as sweet as they look.' he mused.  As he began to wash his hair he wondered what it would be like to have Ecthelion wash his hair…from there his thoughts took a naughty turn.  'Mmm' Lindir thought, 'I bet those fingers are good at more than flute playing.'  Before he knew it, the calming effect of the bath was gone and he was hard.  He smiled to himself.  It had been a long time since someone made him feel this way.  Leaning back in the cooling water and looking at the stars, Lindir took himself in hand dreaming of raven hair and crystal eyes.

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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