The Sweet Sound of Music: 3. 3

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3. 3

The morning found Glorfindel well rested and at peace. With a happy

spring in his gait, he headed to Ecthelion's room. They would have

breakfast in the main hall and Glorfindel would make the announcement


When they arrived, Glorfindel was disappointed to not see

Erestor at the table. That in itself was not odd; however, when

Elrond was gone Erestor usually took his place at the head of the

table. `Oh well,' Glorfindel thought. When it was clear that all the

elves coming were seated, Glorfindel stood and addressed the


"My friends," he began in a loud voice. "Last night a

blessing was bestowed on us all. Beside me sits an elf that all have

heard of. Beside me sits the other Balrog slayer! Ecthelion!"

There was a sudden moment of oppressive silence. Ecthelion had urged

Glorfindel to not do this, especially with his Lord absent. But when

Glorfindel set his mind on something, one would have an easier time

trying to get a deer from a warg's jaws. A thunderous cheer arose as

those present finally digested what they heard. Glorfindel raised

his hands to quite the room. "Furthermore, there will be a welcome

celebration when Lord Elrond returns." A cheer followed before the

masses returned to their breakfast. The whispers, of course,


"He is as fair as it is said." One elleth could be heard


"His return cannot bode well." One of the guards whispered

to his companion.

"Do you think they really were lovers?" Another said with a

conspiring gleam in his eye.

It was beginning again, Ecthelion thought. He hated being

the subject of talk. It was bad enough in his first life; now it was

unbearable! He finished eating in relative silence. After

breakfast, the dark warrior accompanied his friend through the daily

routine. That included going over reports with a certain advisor.

When the knock came, Erestor sighed and centered

himself. `Be polite,' he reminded himself. Aloud he called, "Enter."

Glorfindel peeked into the office with a contrite look on his

face. "Um, do you have a moment?" He inquired.

"Captain, I am buried under a pile of correspondence. As

nothing has occurred on the boarders, I think we can skip this

morning's briefing." It had sounded a bit harsher than planned.

There it was again…the use of a title. Something was off with

his friend, but who could tell for sure. "I understand that,

Counselor," Glorfindel countered coolly. "However, I would like to

introduce you to the newest resident of Imladris." He stepped further

into the room with a sheepish looking Ecthelion trailing behind.

Erestor never looked up, nor did he stop writing. "I believe

that was handled last eve. Please close the door as you two leave."

Glorfindel stared in stunned silence at his friend. Realizing that

the matter was closed, he quietly left.

In the hall he turned to his friend. "Sorry, I do not know what his

problem is. Stern and aloof, yes. Rude... No."

Ecthelion thought about the night before. "Tell me meldir, who

stands in the place of your lord when he is absent?" Glorfindel gave

him a puzzled look.

"Erestor does."

"Well it seems to me that he is a bit hurt." When it was clear that

Glorfindel was clueless, he continued. "It is his place to welcome

me; his decision to allow me to stay or not. You took that away from


The golden lord gave his friend a disbelieving look. "Erestor is not

so egotistical! I am sure he understood the circumstances. That is

just Erestor being Erestor."

Ecthelion just shook his head. Some things never change. The Lord

of the Fountain hated attention and the Lord of the Golden Flower was

clueless. He hoped that Erestor did not detest him too much. He was

certain that they would have to speak at some point in time. "Tell

me…how did he know I was there? I made no sound and he never looked


Glorfindel smiled. "Like I said, that is just Erestor."

That evening, going against his better judgment, Erestor went to

the library and sat down at the chess table. Nothing had changed; at

least not as far as the game went. `You are too old to behave like

this,' he scolded himself. `Not once did Fin ever give any

indication of wanting more than friendship. You need to handle

this. Ecthelion is not going away.' With that thought, the chief

councilor of Imladris retired to his quarters.

At the barracks, talk was all about Ecthelion. Glorfindel introduced

him to the guards, and at once they all wanted to hear the real

story. Ecthelion put on his most pleasant mask and told and retold

the story many times that night.

"Hey," Glorfindel stood, "I nearly forgot that Erestor and I never

finished that game of chess. I am sure he is waiting for me. If you

get tired before I return, one of these cretins can guide you." He

gave an apologetic look as he dashed out the door. `I hope he is not

too cross,' he thought, `I am really late.'

Upon entering the dim library, Glorfindel realized that the dark

haired beauty was not there. He strolled to his office expecting to

see Erestor still diligently working. He was quite surprised to find

himself wrong. "Wonder were he is," he mused aloud. His heart did a

sudden plummet as a thought crossed his mind…what if Erestor did not

want to finish the game? Was Ecthelion right? Had he stepped on his

dear friend's toes? Being too late to do anything about it now, he

headed back to the barracks. He was stunned to find Ecthelion gone.

"I'm not sure, Captain." One guard said. "He left shortly after

you did."


Glorfindel turned back to the soldier, "Yes?"

"Well, we are all wondering. Were you and Lord Ecthelion


Glorfindel raised both his eyebrows in shock, then rolled his

eyes and turned away with an exasperated "humph".

After he left, a unanimous sigh was heard. "You know you will

probably be guarding the horses for that? And you didn't even get an

answer." As the young guard dropped onto his bunk, his companions

had a good laugh.

After leaving the barracks, Ecthelion made a quick stop to pick

up his beloved flute, then he quietly made his way out into the garden.

He followed a path leading him away from the main building. Finding

a nice oak tree, he sat down under its branches and began to play.

Despite what history seemed to say about him, the Lord of the

Fountain did not like crowds or the limelight like Glorfindel did.

He always just went along for the ride. He always preferred to find

a quiet place and play. It was very soothing to his soul.

"It is as they say. Your playing is extraordinary, my Lord."

Ecthelion's eyes snapped up. If he did not know that the Lord

of the valley was away, he would be convinced that the lithe yet regal

elf before him was Lord Elrond.

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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Author: Gwaelinn

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Era: 3rd Age - The Kings

Genre: Romance

Rating: Adult

Last Updated: 07/03/10

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