To Expore Arda: 14. Revelations

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14. Revelations

Rúmil burst through the flap on Gildor's tent, a triumphant smile on his face. Elrilon was helping the elf-lord settle in and both turned when the young warrior came in.

"You are of Finarfin's house - King Finrod's son." It was said as a statement, the challenge to deny it clear.

Gildor turned away. "Finrod had no wife, penneth. I could not be his child."

The brown-haired captain sighed and shook his head. "I think you have things to discuss." Elrilon squeezed Rúmil's shoulder as he moved past. He paused briefly. "Do not let him dismiss you."

Rúmil nodded and waited for the captain to leave. "I do not have all the pieces; I was hoping you would fill in the rest."

Keeping his back to Rúmil and staring at the tent wall, Gildor asked, "What pieces do you have that led you to think I am Finrod's child?"

"I heard you call Galadriel Theladar [aunt] and she said something about being a prince and that you came with the host of the Valar. Then there is the necklace you wear. You said that your father gave it to your mother. I remember my lessons on the ancient houses and it is Finrod's standard. I know you are Noldo, but they are mostly all brown or black haired. Only those of Finarfin's house carry the golden hair of your grandmother." Rúmil stopped and waited. When no reply was forthcoming, he stepped closer to Gildor. "Look me in the eye and tell me I am wrong and I shall never ask about your past again. Look me in the eye and tell me to get out and, though my heart will break, I will do as you ask and leave you forever."

Gildor sighed. The secret was out. He could not look Rúmil in the eye and lie. Fearing the young elf's reaction to the truth, the ancient prince continued to face away. When he spoke his words were soft and sorrowful. "You speak the truth, though there is much missing. I am Finrod's bastard child. My father knew nothing of me. My mother is Amarië of the Vanya. She and my father were in love and planned to bind. Then the turmoil began and my father agreed to go with Fingolfin and the Noldor. In the weeks of preparation before anyone actually decided to leave, my parents pledged their hearts and souls to one another. They sealed their vows by making love. By the time my father left, my mother already knew she was with child. She told me once that she did not tell Finrod because she felt his path lay in Arda, and being the honorable elf he was, he would have remained behind. After he left, she confided in my grandmother. She was afraid of what would be said when she began to show. My grandmother spoke to my grandfather and he took her in. I was born into the house of King Finarfin. As I grew, any doubt that my father was Finrod faded, for according to those who knew him, I look just like him…except for the eyes, which are my mother's. Since his own sons left, he named me heir apparent.

"In time, I realized that although Finarfin said that my parent had bound themselves and I was their legitimate child, there were those who disagreed and scorned us. Many did not think elves could bind without a proper courtship and ceremony. My mother began to hear the cruel whispers about her. Soon she began to spend most of her time in Lórien's garden, having grown tired of it all and missing my father greatly. I was beginning to get restless, and with out her calming influence, I agreed to follow the Valar to battle.

"So the bastard son of Finrod came to Arda to learn that his father had perished years before. I had arrived to help my father too late. I could not take that news back to my mother so I stayed, wandering the land. In time, I had companions, and as the battle for the Silmarils raged and elves found themselves scattered, many joined me on my path. Soon those who knew my father found me pledged themselves to me and encouraged me to take up my father's crown. It was, and still is, something I do not want. I made those who knew my lineage swear silence. So now you know the story." Gildor ended abruptly. "I am nothing more that a bastard child, wandering aimlessly. I understand if you do not wish to stay with me. I have nothing to offer you."

"Why would I leave?" Rúmil asked as he moved forward. "I have fallen in love with you."

"How can you say that?" Gildor whipped around. "How can you love an elf that you thought was someone else? I am nothing, Rúmil. I am not prince, nor a great Elda. I am a poor bastard child who cannot even offer you a home! You deserve better. Find a more worthy elf!" Tears ran down Gildor's face. He turned away again in shame. "Please, just leave me now."

"You are the same elf as you were when I first met you. If you want nothing of your birthright, that is fine with me. I only wanted to get to know you better; I care not if your parents were bound or not, or if you are a prince, king or wanderer. I just want to be yours. You say I deserve better. But why? I am just a guardian, a common warrior. I cannot even choose to be greater than that. Furthermore, I am little more than a child. I fear you will grow tired of me; that you will find another, more worthy of you." Rúmil stepped up behind Gildor and tentatively placed his hands on the taller elf's shoulders. "Please do not send me away. Let me show you my love."

Rúmil stepped back and began unfastening his tunic. Gildor, missing the closeness turned and watched with tear-filled eyes as Rúmil let his tunic slip from his shoulders. He kept eye contact with Gildor as his hands moved to the laces on his leggings. Soon those were stepped out of and the young elf stood before his soon-to-be lover in naught but a loincloth. He moved to stand in front of Gildor and gently wiped away the last of his tears. "No tears," he whispered as he leaned in to place a butterfly kiss on Gildor's neck. His fingers moved under the silken tunic. As he brushed against a hardened nipple, Gildor gasped. Rúmil kissed his way up the jaw to a soft earlobe, which he sucked.

The golden haired elf was so mesmerized by the onslaught he did not move as Rúmil caressed his chest and licked at his ear. Realization finally dawning, Gildor took control, needing the intimacy. He grabbed Rúmil's head and kissed the soft lips passionately.

Rúmil moaned as Gildor claimed his mouth and a demanding tongue plunged in to taste him. The slighter elf pressed against the strong body before him, rubbing himself shamelessly against Gildor's leg.

"Aye penneth, what you do to me," Gildor panted as he nipped at Rúmil's collarbone. "Do you trust me?" he asked.

"With my life." Rúmil gasped as demanding hands explored his body.

"I do not want your life." Gildor's breath tickled his ear. "I want you. I want to show you a unique method of pleasure. Will you let me teach you?"

The guardian of the Golden Wood was weak in the knees. Gildor was undoing him with words alone. "Teach me. Do as you will with me."

Gildor pulled Rúmil to a pile of silken blankets on a low bed. A gentle push and Rúmil lay down. Gildor went to a small table and retrieved what looked like scarves. He returned to the bed, and tying a scarf to each of the bed legs, he looked at Rúmil with sapphire eyes dark with desire.

Rúmil watched with fascination as his lover grabbed one of his ankles, pulled it to the bed corner and tied it with the scarf. His other leg was treated the same.

Gildor kept a careful watch for any sign of fear. Seeing only love and trust in the bright blue eyes, he moved to tie each wrist.

Soon Rúmil found himself spread-eagle on a pile of cool satin and silk. He watched as Gildor removed his own clothing, very slowly. Rúmil's pulse quickened as each article was tossed aside. Gildor stood in front of him in his naked glory, his member already heavy.

The elf-lord climbed onto the bed and straddled his lover. "Laid out like a feast," he said looking over the beautiful body below him. "I learned this long ago from the Haradrim. Be prepared for pleasures beyond your wildest dreams." With that, he leaned down and lapped at a nipple. It pebbled and he took it in between his teeth. Rúmil arched against his restraints. Gildor's hands caressed him and his lips suckled at his nipple. Sliding down, Gildor licked a trail down the plains of his abdomen, stopping to dip into a quivering bellybutton.

Rúmil was moaning and writhing wantonly. He gasped as he felt warm breath close to his straining member.
Gildor smiled as he ignored the bulge and instead lapped at the hip junction. His hand ran over the hardened flesh before sneaking under the loincloth at the thigh. He gently stroked the hot velvet, nuzzling the area and breathing in the musky sent of his young lover.

Rúmil thought he would die from sheer pleasure. Never had his body been so excited.

Gildor grew impatient and pulled at the ties that held the loincloth. As the material fell away, he ran his tongue up the long shaft. Rúmil was babbling incoherently. Gildor sucked and licked. His hands reached up to play with the sensitive nipples. Once he knew Rúmil was lost to the passion, he moved one hand to fondle the soft sacs. Then his hand slid under the firm arse and began to search for the most private entrance.

"Oh yes," panted Rúmil, pulling against the bonds as his body was played. "Saes, more. Gods, I will not last!"

Gildor stopped his ministrations for a moment, and reaching up over Rúmil, he grabbed a small jar. Kissing Rúmil with all the passion he felt, Gildor returned to the impressive member. Taking it full in his mouth, Gildor opened the jar and dipped his fingers in the cool slick mixture. While Rúmil was focused on the heat surrounding his member and how erotic it felt to be unable to move and at the complete mercy of his lover, Gildor pressed at the puckered opening and inserted a finger.

Rúmil gasped momentarily then groaned in pleasure.

Gildor continued to suck as he added another finger, pumping into the tight channel. He sighed around Rúmil's member and nearly spent himself. Rúmil was hot and tight and oh so willing.

"Ahhh! Gildor, I am going…hmmm! More! Faster…Saes, I am going to…." Rúmil arched as far as the bonds would allow and came hard. Gildor swallowed every drop and continued to stretch the tight passage, hitting that magical bundle of nerves every time.

Rúmil collapsed like jelly but soon found himself squiring again as pleasure began to build.

Removing his fingers, Gildor quickly unbound the long legs. Raising them, he positioned himself at Rúmil's entrance. "I do not take lovers lightly and I want more than tonight. Will you be mine and only mine?" He looked at Rúmil.

"Melethron," was the answer, and with a groan and a smile the Lord of the Wandering Company pushed in to the hilt. He waited a moment to let his lover adjust to the fullness.

Rúmil did not want to wait, and he wrapped his freed legs around Gildor's waist and squeezed.
The older elf groaned at being pulled in deeper. Leaning forward, he began to thrust, making sure to send wave after wave of pleasure through his lover.

Rúmil panted and moaned, begging and pleading for more.

Reaching up, Gildor freed Rúmil's arms, and the younger elf immediately pulled the elf-lord close. They fell into a steady rhythm and soon both called out as their orgasms were ripped from their bodies. As the passion subsided, Gildor pulled out carefully and slide to Rúmil's side. He pulled the younger elf close. "Melethron," he said lazily.

"Aye, Forever."

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