To Expore Arda: 1. The Summons

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1. The Summons

To Explore Arda

Author: Gwaelinn

Fandom: Tolkien

Type: FCS

Characters: Gildor/Rúmil, Haldir/OMC

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: All characters (save those no one recognizes) are the sole property of Master Tolkien’s estate. This is written purely for enjoyment.

Warnings: None at this point except…Slash and…

Beta: Aglarien (thanks for putting up with my very rusty writing skills)

Author's Notes: This fic is very AU and doesn’t fall anywhere in Tolkien’s timeline. I have also changed the relationship of Haldir, Rúmil and Orophin. On the trading card for Orophin, he is named as Haldir’s kinsman. This got me thinking…I needed an outside relation for the family dynamics so for the sake of this fic, Orophin is Haldir & Rúmil’s cousin. A little while back, Tuxedo Elf sent out a request for some Lórien Brothers smut. This is her Birthday fic, filled with her favorite elves…Hope you enjoy Tux! Ebe's painting of Gildor and the Lórien Brothers greatly influenced my mental images.

Summary: All Rúmil wants is to explore Arda and learn all he can about the people and places beyond Lórien’s boarders. Haldir does not think it is a good idea, but Galadriel has her own plans.


His kinswoman had sent word that she wished to see him by the fall festival. She did not say why, but she clearly did not expect him to refuse. The blond chuckled. He could and had said no to lords and kings alike, but Galadriel…he was never able to refuse her. So, he changed plans and headed to Lothlórien.


Rúmil walked beneath the giant trees in moody silence. The fall festival and his one hundred and fiftieth begetting day were tomorrow. Even if there were not a feast for the change in season, one would have been planned for his begetting day. After coming of age at fifty, this was the next “big” one. One hundred and fifty was an important age for the elves of Lórien. It was at this age one could be considered for a position on the Lord and Lady’s council or as a Marchwarden. Unfortunately, neither was something Rúmil had a desire to do. He was content to be the best tracker in the realm. What he wanted was to explore the outside world…all of it! Haldir, unfortunately, did not think that was a good idea and made certain Rúmil’s guardian duties kept him busy. If he wants to see Arda, he would have to leave the ranks of the guardians…at least that was how Haldir put it. As his direct captain, Haldir could deny a request for leave and his brother had done so. The young elf sighed.

“There you are.” Orophin caught up to his kinsman. “The Lady asks for you.” Rúmil slowed to let Orophin fall into step. “She said you are to see her right away. You will find her in her garden.”

Rúmil smiled. He was very fond of his lady. His family had served her even before the golden days of Lórien. When his father passed to Námo’s care seventy-five years ago and his mother sailed, Galadriel took a special interest in the young elf. She made sure that there was a mother figure in his life, whether it was herself or her daughter. Haldir took over the role of father being well over seven hundred at the time. Orophin, Rúmil’s mother’s brother-son, but still three hundred years older than Rúmil, did his best to keep Haldir from smothering his sibling. Rúmil always had a champion in Orophin. He smiled at the tall elf next to him.

“Then I had best not keep her waiting.” Rúmil broke into a lazy run.

“You’d best not,” Orophin called after him. Having delivered the message, he turned towards the training fields. He had something to discuss with Haldir. And he was ready to beat it into the older elf’s head if necessary.


Arriving at the clearing, Orophin spied his cousin working with the newest recruits. Standing off to the side he patiently waited for the Marchwarden to acknowledge him.

Haldir looked up and groaned. “Do you require something?” he asked, already knowing in the answer.

“A moment of your time, Marchwarden,” Orophin replied with a slight bow. Although related, Orophin always maintained a formality when other warriors, especially young ones, were present.

“Very well. I will be finished in a moment.” Haldir returned to his trainees and Orophin leaned against a tree to wait. “Lessons were well done today. You all have the remainder of the day to yourself and there is no training tomorrow. Enjoy your time and the feast, but do not be late come the day after.” A loud cheer and repeated thanks echoed through the area.

The Marchwarden gave his second in command, Authion [Son of Battle], the sign to dismiss his recruits and the field was soon empty save for the cousins and Haldir’s captain, who busied himself with picking up practice arrows.

“Do I really want to know what you wish to see me about?” Haldir asked as he approached the waiting elf.

“You are not being fair,” Orophin said bluntly.

Haldir rolled his eyes. “Is this about my little brother’s crazy desire to explore Arda? I have already told him to leave.”

“To leave? You told him he would first have to give up his rank and position in the guard! You put unreasonable conditions on him! How could he choose to leave?”

Haldir pulled himself tall. “They are the same conditions I would put…”

“Orc dung!” Orophin’s voice rose. His finger pounded into Haldir’s chest as he continued. “You have given leave of absences to many in your ranks for indefinite amounts of time! Mandos, you let Faelinn go to Imladris to spend the winter with his lover! Why will you not grant the same kindness to your own?” They stood nose to nose. Orophin shook his head, sighed and backed away. “You will find him gone one day…and he may not wish to return…ever.” The younger elf turned and left a stunned elf in his wake.

Haldir unclenched his fists, looked across the field to his Second and began to clean up his own training area.

Authion approached him slowly. “I am sure you have things to attend to,” he said, as if he had not overheard Orophin’s dressing down. “I will finish here.” He took the quiver of training arrows from Haldir gently.

Haldir looked at him blankly, Orophin’s words ringing in his ears. “Hannon le,” he said quietly.

Authion watched Haldir leave. He had harbored feelings for his leader for some time, but given their professional relationship, could do little about it. His heart, therefore, went out to the strong warrior. While he agreed with Orophin on the matter, he understood Haldir’s fear. The Marchwarden did not want to loose the last of his immediate family. Haldir had confided in him about all this once, but it was not the captain’s place to intervene. Unfortunately, he feared Orophin was right…Rúmil may very well leave for good.


This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

Story Information

Author: Gwaelinn

Status: General

Completion: Complete

Era: Other

Genre: Romance

Rating: Adult

Last Updated: 07/03/10

Original Post: 08/05/09

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