Death Long Suffered: 19. Ecstasy

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19. Ecstasy

With the utmost care, Boromir took his little finger and inserted it into his little brother's most wondrous place. Not once letting his gaze leave Faramir's face, he watched for any hint of hurt or distress.

Faramir giggled. "Any slower and I would think you are not willing."

"It does not hurt?"

Faramir's smile lit up his face. "It feels wonderful. Truly it does."

"You would not lie to me?"

"I have never lied to you." His brother's eyes filled with tears. "Never."

"Then I will proceed."

"Now," Faramir's laugh was louder, "you sound like our old tutor, telling us the next line of the Lay of Leithian."

"Faramir! Do you want me to fuck you or no? I cannot continue with this frivolous air of yours."

Faramir blushed. "I only jest..."

"I know why you jest. You mock me. Are you telling me you think my cock is the size of this?" He held up his little finger, coated in honey.

Faramir gasped at the sight. His cock swelled uncomfortably. "Take me, Boromir," he croaked. "Please take me now."

Boromir took his own cock in hand and gently placed it at his brother's opening. "Take a breath and then push against me. I think it will help the breaching."

Nodding, Faramir did as he was told.

Boromir gently pushed against the muscle and Faramir's opening accepted him immediately, popping loudly as the cock entered and slipped into the waiting orifice. Boromir stayed for a moment, watching Faramir closely.

"It feels wondrous, Boromir. Honestly it d- does. Would you m- mind m- moving just a b- bit? I seem to n- need m-more."

Smiling, Boromir lay for another moment in total stillness, then he shoved further in and touched Faramir's gland. As Faramir screamed in complete abandon, Boromir pulled out a hair then shoved back in, smiling at the rapture on his little brother's face.

Faramir shuddered and wept. "Never had I thought... None have ever said this felt so glorious. Why, Boromir? Why does no one speak of this ecstasy?"

As Boromir chuckled, his cock throbbed and moved inside Faramir. He pulled out again and then slowly pushed in, once again hitting that wondrous gland. He held Faramir tightly as his brother shook with passion. "I love you," he whispered. "I love you."

Faramir wept into his brother's shoulder. "Boromir, my love, my own."

With the greatest of care, Boromir, Captain-General of Gondor, rode his little brother. He found himself panting, sweat dripping from his brow, as he tried to control his thrusts. No other sound passed his lips as he kept total control. Faramir's hot, wet, opening clenched at him, and pulled him into gusts of ecstasy that left him shuddering. His arms ached as he held himself up, so that his full weight would not be upon his brother's smaller frame.

Faramir had been silent for some time. Boromir slowed, then stopped, looking fully into his brother's face. "Are you well, Faramir? Have I hurt you in any way?"

Turning glazed eyes to Boromir, Faramir wept. "I love you, Boromir. I love you. How is it possible that such a thing can be so beautiful, so..." His breath hitched. "I can hardly breathe, let alone speak." He swallowed. "You are beautiful. So kind. It... It was nothing like this, Boromir." His tears continued to fall. "He tore me and laughed."

Boromir stilled completely, almost wilting as Faramir told of the horrors that had been done to him.

"He shoved into me. I was hanging from the ceiling of his chambers. My wrists and ankles were shackled in irons. He opened the door and called in some Orcs and... others. He let them watch." Faramir's face flamed a deep red, up to his very roots.

"Faramir. You do not have to tell me." Boromir's tears dripped onto Faramir's face. He took his clean hand and wiped them away, along with Faramir's. "It is over and done with. You are mine, now. Mine, little brother."

"I must tell you. So that you can understand how exquisite you feel. How you heal me with your member inside me. It is unimaginable, the difference."

Boromir nodded, gently thrust so that his cock would not totally wilt and slip out and was rewarded with a lust-filled moan from his little brother.

"Yes," Faramir's whisper was almost too low for Boromir to hear. "Slowly, Boromir, please keep that pace so that I might know the difference as I speak?"

Boromir answered with another gentle thrust, making sure he touched Faramir's prostate.

"He was naked and huge. Not just his body, Boromir, but his... shaft. He came at me, pulled my bound body close, and sho- shoved inside." By now, every word that Faramir spoke was a whisper. "Three, mayhap four times. He pulled out, stepped back, put his hand to his mouth and I could see blood on it. Mine. He licked it and laughed, then turned to the Orcs by the door and let them l- lick it too." Faramir shuddered.

His older brother held him tighter and thrust gently, though horror filled him at the tale. His brother's courage overwhelmed him.

"He took me every day, at least four times a day. From in front, from behind, chained to the ceiling or to his bedposts. Sometimes laid over a table. He never let the Orcs touch me, but they always watched, whimpering and drooling. I could hear them as they got themselves off watching." Faramir's shuddering grew the longer he spoke. "He whipped me as he took me, and he whipped me when he did not. He put things on my nipples that hurt and pulled. He put things in me, Boromir. Some very long and some larger than my fist. Some alive. He put them in my... my hole and he put them in the slit of my cock."

Boromir gasped, his stomach roiling at the torture his brother endured. By now, Faramir was openly sobbing and Boromir had lost all rigidity. He slid out and lay next to Faramir, holding him close and gently stroking his arm.

"I always came, Boromir. No matter that I willed it not, I came. He laughed every time. Sometimes, he would put a ring, or a string, or some contraption around the end of my cock so that I would not spill, and I would scream as the pressure built, but could not escape. He would leave me for days, unspilled. I screamed into the night, trying to release, but to no avail. After four days, he took my balls and squeezed them; cum spilled. 'I have an idea,' he said, 'I wish to see how much seed you can hold before you burst.' Oh, Boromir. I knew I would die. The pain was already so great. My balls and cock were on fire. At any touch, either his hand or the cloth of the bed, I would scream. It hurt so much."

Boromir turned his face into the blanket and sobbed.

"I will stop. I am sorry, Boromir. I should not share this with you. I needed to speak of it," his voice cracked.

"Continue. Do not let my spinelessness stay you. Heed me not."

"Boromir. I thought of you the entire time. Not during the pain, and yet - yes, during the pain. I thought of how you would not let this happen. That your strokes would be soft and gentle. That your touch would make me the happiest man alive. It kept me sane, Boromir, hoping that one day you would hold me and love me the way it is supposed to be."

"I will spend the rest of my life making you happy, Faramir, I promise."

"He... He kept the contraption on for six days, Boromir. Sometimes, I know not how, it would lessen a bit and he would howl in rage, then pull on me until my cock grew again. At last, it turned a deep purple. He touched it and I screamed. It felt as if he had cut it off, the pain so terrible. He slapped it hard and I fainted." Faramir's grip on Boromir tightened. "When I woke, the contraption was gone, but so was one of my stones." His face blushed in shame.

He was so quiet that Boromir began to think he had fainted again. He kissed Faramir's forehead.

"I... it was soon after that when he... I cannot continue. Forgive me." Faramir's tears increased.

Boromir held him tightly. "I think it is time for sleep, little one. Do not question me," he smiled. "Sleep now. I will hold you." He pulled the blanket around Faramir and held him, gently rocking him and shushing him, comforting him, all the while, dying inside.


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