Death Long Suffered: 18. Agony

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18. Agony

Morning came and with it a light fog that covered the Pelennor and enveloped Faramir in peace. How he loved the morning and everything about it. The birds sang joyfully; the light breeze swirled the fog about as if gossamer wings covered everything; and Boromir lay beside him, sound asleep. Faramir smiled in delight, noting his brother's leg covered his. His cock grew. Furtively, he looked about and saw that Damrod was occupied with the fire and Mablung was nowhere to be seen. They were still in their leggings from the night before, but Faramir's were quickly becoming snug.

Damrod turned and looked at him. "Good morrow, Lieutenant. Did you sleep well?"

Faramir swore that the man stifled a hearty laugh. "I slept well."

"Mablung and I are going fishing for our meal. I have the coffee made, but we might be gone for a bit, so I made some flat bread. There is honey." He picked up a blanket and walked away, shouting over his shoulder. "We will probably be gone for at least an hour, perhaps two."

"Good. About time they left!"

"Boromir! You have been awake this entire time?"

"I never thought he would leave."

"Did you plan this?" Faramir asked, suspicion coloring his voice.

"I did. But not as well as I thought, for we are already well into the morning and I have yet to feast on you." He moved closer to his brother and took him in his arms. "I need you," he whispered as his cock, already hard, grew further. He nibbled Faramir's neck. "Are you going to keep those leggings on?"

A laugh escaped Faramir's lips then turned into a moan as Boromir took his clothéd member in his hand. "You undo me, Boromir. I cannot think when you are about."

"There is naught to think of," Boromir began undoing the ties of Faramir's leggings. "Naught but me." He laughed quietly, "Is that too much to ask?"

"Never." Faramir turned, flinging himself into Boromir's warm arms. "Take me. Please, Boromir. I hardly slept the night in anticipation."

Boromir's laugh was loud. "You snored."

"I did not," Faramir protested hotly. "I hardly slept, thinking upon you."

"You snored. And loudly. If that is how you think upon me," his hand lowered to Faramir's member, giving up on the attempt to open the lacings, and stroked it slowly through the cloth, then lowered to- "Faramir!" he shouted, falling back and scrambling away from his brother. "Faramir!" he sobbed. "What has he done to you?"

Faramir looked down in surprise, and realized, his face flaming from the shame, that Boromir had not known, had not felt in the night, that Faramir only had one stone. He lowered his head, voice low, and responded, "It is nothing."

Boromir bent over double and vomited.

"Please Boromir," Faramir whispered as he knelt at his brother's side, gently stroking his back, wishing he could die. "There is naught to be done. As you know from last night, I still function." Tears filled his own eyes at his brother's anguish. "Boromir. Please look at me."

His brother held up a hand in protest.

"Boromir. I am still your brother. I am still a man."

"Faramir!" The name was torn from Boromir's lips in agony. "Faramir," he whispered and collapsed against his brother. "Faramir!" he wept bitter tears.

"Hush, Boromir. Do not let this burden you. It is over. I am in no pain. I do not know what further I can say."

Boromir turned to him, tears streaming down his face, and took Faramir's mouth, desperately sucking on his lips, his tongue, trying to trade the taste of despair in his mouth with the sweet taste of his brother. "Faramir," he groaned. "I am sorry. Somehow, I should have protected you. I am sorry."

"Hush. It is done with." Faramir gasped, reeling at how quickly his member hardened. "I still have needs." He took Boromir's hand and wrapped it around his cloth-covered cock, gently squeezing it. "I have needs," he whispered, hotly. "Will you help me?"

Boromir pulled him closer, savaged his mouth while tearing the laces of Faramir's leggings, resulting in deep knots.

Faramir laughed. "I suppose we will have to use your dirk. How ever I shall be able to ride home without leggings, I know not."

Boromir's chuckle became a riotous laugh, dispelling all gloom. "Let me slow for a moment." He looked down at the mess he had made of Faramir's laces and sighed in mock resignation. After but a moment, he had the laces open and Faramir's cock in his hand. "I have not done this often, my brother, but I do know how to release something this precious."

Faramir arched into Boromir's hand and almost fainted again. "Boromir, you undo me," he repeated for what seemed the hundredth time. "Please. If you have any mercy within you, take me now."

Boromir gently pulled the leggings off his brother and held him tightly to his chest. "I love you beyond endurance, Faramir. I should be the one comforting you, yet you have more strength, more courage in your little finger than I have in my whole body. Forgive me." He burrowed his head into Faramir's shoulder.

"Your little finger would be most appreciated stuck up my ass, Boromir," Faramir said in the sweetest, hottest tones that Boromir had ever heard. "Now, Damrod said there is some honey by the fire. It will be warm... and sticky... and sweet. Might you think of another way to use it, lest it be wasted on bread?"

Boromir scrambled to the fire, found the package and unwrapped the comb. He brought it to Faramir's side and smiled. "Your mind is ever crafty, dear brother. Mayhap I can think of a use too."

Faramir lay back on their blanket and opened his legs. "Show me," he murmured.

Shuddering from desire, Boromir bit his lip. "You are beautiful. Gorgeous. Words cannot describe."

"Please, Boromir. If I had wanted a lesson in speech, I would have stayed in Minas Tirith and read some books. Have you no scruples? I suffer: take me. Now." He swallowed convulsively as his cock twitched.

Boromir removed his own leggings and lay down next to Faramir. He took his brother in his arms and gently kissed him.

Faramir sighed, cocked an eyebrow and said, "I need more."

Boromir smiled. "You will receive all that you ask for and more. I can deny you naught." He held the comb in his hand and let the honey drip from it onto Faramir's cock. It slid down, under the one stone, and into Faramir's crack. Boromir licked a finger, then kissed Faramir fiercely. The sweet taste of honey filled them both. Ravaging Faramir's mouth with his tongue, Boromir never ceased caressing Faramir's cock with his honey-laden hand. His brother writhed and moaned. Boromir's own cock was rock hard now.

"What are you doing?" Faramir pulled away in surprise as Boromir placed Faramir's cock at his entrance.

"Let me do this once more, Faramir. I love the feel of you in me. Please, take me again."

"I do not understand. You promised you would take me."

"I told you. I love the feel of you inside me, filling me. Your touch on my sweet spot is incredible."

"Would you not have me share that same touch?"

"Faramir, please." Boromir all but wailed.

"I do not believe you, but if this is what you say you want, then so be it."

Faramir looked crushed, but Boromir had decided, as he lay next to Faramir during the night, that it was still too soon for his brother. He would not allow himself to breach Faramir yet. Not yet.

Faramir took him in his mouth then, licked and sucked on him until Boromir's mind grew numb and his body flamed. Then Faramir opened his legs, took Boromir's member and tried to shove it into his hole.

"Stop that!" Boromir cried in alarm.

"You lie to me, Boromir. You are afraid for me. Please," he held Boromir's face in his hands, "Please take me else I go mad."

Boromir's eyes filled with tears. "I am afraid for you. But I will take you, Faramir, at my own pace." He touched his brother's cock and held it, delighting in the feel of the pulsing member under his fingers. Slowly, he stroked Faramir, moaning as he did. He could wait no longer, else he would be mindless and take Faramir with abandon, not with the gentleness he knew Faramir required. He pulled away from his little brother and smiled. "I would take you with you lying on your side; it is the easier way, for your first..." He bit his lip.

"It is my first time, Boromir," Faramir's voice was gentle. "The other... was but a nightmare. This is my first time. Make it good." His smile turned into a soft gurgle. "I have heard tales of your prowess. And - from the front. I want to see you." His face flamed in sudden shame. "I need to replace his face."

Boromir's eyes filled with tears. "As you wish, Faramir."

"No. As I command."

Boromir raised his hand in mock salute. "As you command, Lieutenant."


This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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