Death Long Suffered: 17. Flesh Unto Flesh

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17. Flesh Unto Flesh

Terror filled Boromir when Faramir slumped against him, but the boy woke almost immediately, and shamefacedly apologized for his reaction to the kiss. Boromir was most pleased - and a bit proud. When he felt his brother's newly hardened shaft against him, he took the small vial that he deliberately returned to their camp for from his tunic's inner pocket, and poured a bit on Faramir's straining erection and on his own fingers. He watched Faramir's mouth turn into a small 'o' of delight. Chuckling he put a finger into his own hole, adding another within a moment. He withdrew them after scissoring a few times, then he kissed Faramir in as gentle a manner as his state of arousal would allow.

"Little brother. I would have you take me. It is a wondrous feeling, one you will like. I will kneel and help you enter me. Then, when you are comfortable, thrust forward. It is a sensation you will never forget."

"I cannot take you, Boromir."

"I wish it. With all my heart." He continued to stroke Faramir's now oil-glistened member. He smiled as Faramir shuddered. "If you think this feels exquisite, wait until you are in me up to your short hairs. Come now and be not afraid. I will help you."

Faramir swallowed as Boromir turned over. The moon shone on the only part of Boromir not sun-darkened. Tentatively, he touched Boromir's behind. He felt his brother's body shudder and stopped.

"Please continue else I go mad, Faramir. That felt wonderful."

"Oh Boromir. I... You like me to touch you?"

"There and anywhere else your clever mind desires. But now, Faramir! I ache."

"Oh!" Faramir's eyes filled with tears. "I ache too."

"Then touch me, Faramir, please."

Faramir stroked the firm buttocks, then found his hand moving lower, towards Boromir's cleft. His face flamed in shame. "I dare not."

"You dare or I will turn over and push you in forcefully! I cannot contain myself much longer."

Faramir's fingers slid down the cleft, then moved lower, almost of their own volition, bypassing what he furtively tried not to think about, and touched his brother's balls, discovering not the soft rounded globes of his own experience, but ones as hard as stone. He bit his lip, cupped one and then the other in his hand. His own shaft, already rigid, twitched. He took both balls into his hand and held them, appalled and awed at the same moment. 'This is my brother that I hold.' His member pulsed. He touched the hole and quickly withdrew at Boromir's sharp hiss. "Did I hurt you?"

"Oh Faramir. If you continue at this pace, I will be dead ere anything happens. If it hurts, I will tell you. Just take me before I die."

Faramir snickered. "You would die of this?"

"If you do naught, I shall die of want. Faramir, you torture me!"

At that, Faramir fell backwards, stifling a cry of anguish.

Boromir turned and quickly embraced him. "I am a fool's fool. I am sorry. This is not torture, Faramir, this is the purest of delights. Nothing in life, except being in your arms, is better than this. Forgive me. Perhaps if I faced you? You could take me from the front and watch as I writhe in bliss."

"I think that would help," Faramir said. "I do not want to hurt you, Boromir." He began to weep. "It hurt me so much. Is there some way to do this so that it will not hurt?'

"You? Hurt me? Never. I should have thought of this before, oaf that I am. Just lay on top of me and I will help you enter me. It is easy, believe me."

Faramir lay down upon Boromir. His brother lifted his own legs and settled them along Faramir's ass. He almost came as Boromir took his member in hand and placed it against his entrance. Slowly, he pushed and Faramir could feel it pulsing against hard flesh.

"That is the muscle, Faramir. Once you have passed it, you will feel such joy. Now, use some force; I promise, it will not hurt."

Shuddering, Faramir pushed and felt the muscle open, heard a pop and felt his cock enter fully into his beloved brother. He laughed in exhilaration as Boromir took him by the buttocks and shoved him against him. The muscle fully opened and Faramir found himself engulfed in such wet and wondrous heat that his breath hitched. His cock throbbed and pulsed as did Boromir's fissure. He could not breath for the pure joy of it. Never had he felt such rapture. His body on fire, even his nipples hardened, he forced himself to stop and drink in the passion engulfing his body. He could not believe these sensations.

Boromir took his hips and pushed him back a little, then pulled him forward as Faramir cried out in wonder. Again, Boromir pushed and pulled him and smiled when Faramir moved, understanding at last what his role was. He jerked as Faramir took over the motion and screamed in ecstasy.

"Boromir?" Faramir pulled back but not entirely out.

"Do it again, if you can, Faramir. Right there. That is the place. Oh Faramir, do it again."

Rhythmically Faramir's body rocked. Engulfed in pure excitement, he delighted to see Boromir's body react in kind, as he unwittingly stroked his brother's prostate. He could not believe the erotic sound of his flesh hitting Boromir's balls. He continued pushing in and pulling out until his breath caught and held. His mind-numbed in pure ecstasy as Boromir shouted his name.

Boromir's scream turned into a continuous moan as Faramir stroked the gland with each thrust. Tears filled his eyes as he looked upon his beloved little brother's bliss-filled face. For a moment, he saw not the eye patch, nor felt the scars along Faramir's back. He imagined them in another time, their childhood when both dwelt in innocence. He loved him with all his might, holding his brother as close as their bodies allowed.

Too much for Faramir, this wondrous feeling of oneness with Boromir; he spilled, screaming out Boromir's name, shuddering and writhing in his brother's arms.

Boromir took his own shaft in hand and began to stroke it, but Faramir, still in the sweet wetness of his brother, joined his hand to Boromir's and stroked him, bringing him to completion.

Could anything be more sensuous than Boromir's cum on his hand? He could not believe his fortune. To finally, after all these years of hidden and shame-filled love, have his brother under him, loving him completely... His mind reeled as his body began to stiffen once again. "I think I am hard again, Boromir. How is this possible?"

Boromir laughed at Faramir's surprise. "You are young, dear heart, and virile. I understand the body does not recover as quickly, once one grows older, but for now, let us relish it, drink this lust in, and savor it." He took his little brother's mouth again, breathing in as his tongue licked every part. His own cock hardened. He moaned in pure delight. "Ah, Faramir. You undo me."

"Boromir?" Faramir hesitated, and Boromir placed a now gentle kiss to his brother's lips. "Will you take me? I want to feel what you did. I want to feel you inside me."

"Faramir! I cannot. Your memories are of pain and horror. I cannot."

"Better that I should have good memories! You can dispel all the horror, Boromir. I know you can. And I know you would be gentle. Please?"

"I cannot take you. Not because I do not want this," Boromir quickly interjected as Faramir's blushed face turned in shame. "You have endured much this past year. You still do not have your full strength back. I would... we have held each other twice already this night; I think it better, safer, that you rest."

"The morning?"

Boromir's smile split his face. "The morning then."



"It is strange to be out of the City. I must admit I am fearful when you are not next to me. Might we lie together? Until morning?"

Boromir took his brother in his arms, helped him with his leggings then put on his own, and led Faramir back to his bedroll. He helped Faramir lie down, then turned to Damrod. "Thank you. Will you relieve Mablung now?"

"Yes. Though I can report that nothing was seen or heard this night."

Boromir nodded and laid himself down next to Faramir.

"You screamed a number of times, Boromir?"

"That I did. As did you. But those who can be trusted were the only ones who heard."

"Ah!" Faramir blushed a deep shade of red. "I do not know if I will be able to face them in the light of day."


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