Endurance: 6. Reunion

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6. Reunion

“Can we walk faster?” Elrond demanded as he literally dragged his foster-father along the road at almost a run.

They reached the magnificent palace of the Noldor.

Feanor pulled Elrond into a more respectable pace hissing, “We spent weeks rehearsing the welcome we were to give you! And now you are going to spoil everything. I especially had to fight with my brothers for the order of our seating here!”

Maglor turned a laugh into a cough before gently leading Elrond into the palace. For a moment, Elrond’s fears and hopes were taken away from his mind as he gazed in awe at the magnificent corridors. Great doors opened with a resounding thud.

Elrond was in the hall of audience of the high-king. On both sides of the carpet that led to the throne were kings and rulers of the Noldor.

“HAIL ELROND HALF-ELVEN!” the herald called, “Son of Prince Kanafinwe!”

Elrond had to fight down a blush as the weight of the entire audience’s gaze fell upon him. Maglor squeezed his hand reassuringly. Feanor had already left them to take his position in the court. Maglor led Elrond to a fair haired handsome elf.

“This is my cousin, Finrod Felagund”, Maglor introduced, “Galadriel’s brother.”

“Welcome to Valinor, My Lord Elrond”, Finrod smiled easily, “As handsome as Beren, I see.”

Elrond was led to meet one royal after another. He stared in awe at Turgon and Fingon. Finally he was introduced to the younger brothers of Maglor. He exhaled in audible relief. He would soon see his beloved Lord.

“This is my uncle Arafinwe”, Maglor said softly, “And this is your great-grandfather’s father, Nolofinwe.”

“That makes us really old”, Fingolfin laughed as he pressed a kiss to Elrond’s blushing cheeks, “We are glad to have you finally amongst us, Elrond. This”, he pulled Feanor’s arm and dragged his brother closer, “Is my beloved brother, Feanoro.”

“We have met”, Feanor said sullenly, “On the docks. Seeing that all of you were feeling too old to walk down there.”

Elrond smiled and then anxiously looked to the next elf, hoping that Maedhros stood by his father. Instead of the copper hair he hoped to see, a black haired elf smiled at him. Elrond stared, it was Maedhros’s features in replica except for the hair.

Maglor tightened his grip on Elrond’s hand and whispered reverentially, “Lord Finwe.”

“My father”, Feanor muttered even as Fingolfin made a good-humoured cough.

Elrond turned and looked at Maglor imploringly. Now that they had met the high-king himself, where was Maedhros? The elder elf smiled and led Elrond further on. Elrond simply was not in a mood to meet any more nobles. He refused to even look up as Maglor paused and cleared his throat.

“Elrond, the High-King of the Noldor”, Maglor whispered gently as he bowed. Elrond bowed deep, a scowl emerging on his features again.

“And my son”, Feanor’s rich voice interjected proudly. Elrond raised his head so suddenly that he almost cricked his neck.

Before him, clad in soft, silken black robes stood Maedhros, a gentle smile on his lips and his eyes filled with happiness.

Elrond bowed again, tears falling down his cheeks, his voice suddenly refusing to cooperate.

“Rise”, the well-loved voice, that he had dreamt of on many desolate nights as he had brought himself to completion in a solitary bed, commanded.

Elrond obeyed. Maglor relinquished his grip on his arm and backed to his father’s side.

Elrond whispered the only words that he could form as he stared into the deep grey eyes, “My Lord.”

“Stop staring at my son”, Feanor’s curt demand broke in on the magical moment, “His wife would not appreciate it at all!”

Elrond gasped and met Maedhros’s wide eyes with horror and disbelief.

Maglor’s voice was chastising, “Atarinya, you scared Elrond!”

“My father has a strange sense of humour”, Maedhros blushed even as Fingon said in a carrying whisper, “Ah! So this is what they call his madness now.”

“I think he deserves a second round with that dragon”, Feanor muttered as Maglor stared him down, “All right, I take back my words!”

Elrond stared up at Maedhros as the elder elf descended down the stairs and came to stand before him. He shivered as an elegant hand caressed his face, lingering on his cheeks.

Before he could lean into the touch, one he had craved for centuries, Maedhros withdrew his hand whispering in rather stilted Sylvan, “I will come to you tonight. Three knocks.”

“My Lord”, Elrond bowed again in relief, his lips bursting into a mad grin.

“So your ward has finally returned, Nelyo?” Finwe asked good-humouredly.

“Indeed”, Maedhros said softly as he turned to his grand-father’s side.

Elrond spent the rest of the day in Maglor’s company exploring the palace and listening to the news. Maglor warned him of Feanor’s fiery protectiveness of his family which explained why Maedhros had talked to him in Sylvan. Elrond had to find a way to creep into a soft corner of Feanor’s heart before their love could be revealed. He thought of taking up an apprenticeship in Feanor’s forge, but Maglor advised him against it rather fiercely.

He indulged in a long, luxurious bath and engaged Maglor’s help with his hair.

“Ada”, he demanded, “I want new robes.”

“These look fine enough for your purposes”, Maglor said amusedly, “Why would you want new robes when you are not going to sleep in them?”

“ADA!” Elrond scowled, “Get me those robes.”

“No tailor will be able to get robes for you in scarce an hour”, Maglor shrugged, “We will have to borrow.”

“Whose?” Elrond asked uncomfortably.

“My father’s might suit you. He has an impressive collection”, Maglor murmured thoughtfully.

“Ada, he will murder us!” Elrond hissed incredulously.

“He has sworn an oath to never kill an elf again”, Maglor laughed, “Come, I will see that you get the best of his wardrobe.”

Elrond tugged at the rather warm robes as he waited impatiently. Maglor had said that the purple and silver robes were his father’s most attractive ones. Elrond trusted him. But now, as he glanced into the mirror, they looked stuffy on him.

When a knock resounded on the door, he flew across and opened it. There stood Maedhros, a bottle of wine in his hands and dressed in a white tunic and green leggings. Elrond had never seen him wear anything so colourful before. It made him look younger, as did his amused eyes and freshly bathed hair.

He seemed rather stunned by Elrond’s eagerness and stepped in with a smile saying, “I thought we had decided on three knocks. You are a vision, Elrond!” His eyes were roving over Elrond’s robe encased form.

Elrond did not bother gracing him with a reply as he pulled Maedhros to him and claimed his lips in a passionate kiss, he moaned as Maedhros parted his lips and allowed his tongue entry, capturing it in a sensual duel that made him go weak in the knees. He gasped as they broke apart and slumped into Maedhros’s arms.

“Satisfactory?” Maedhros asked amusedly after he regained his breath.

Elrond met his sparkling grey eyes and whispered, “You promised, My Lord, that you would return my favour when we met again. Will you hold true to your word?”

“As always”, Maedhros murmured as he captured Elrond’s lips for another breath-taking kiss, leaving Elrond to clutch at Maedhros’s body to remain standing, “Maybe we should move to the bed?”

“Yes”, Elrond said huskily, “That would be prudent, My Lord.”

“Call me by my name!” Maedhros implored, “Eru knows, I have enough names!”

“I will never share you, you are my lord alone!” Elrond growled possessively as he ripped apart Maedhros’s slender white tunic and raking his fingers along the pale chest, “Your father must make do with the rest of his sons!”

“As possessive as he is”, Maedhros laughed, “You will get along really well.”

Insistent hands pulled away Elrond’s robes impatiently. Elrond had not bothered with undertunics and they met skin to skin finally.

Elrond rested his head in the crook of Maedhros’s neck whispering, “Make good your promise, My Lord.”

“As passionate as ever”, Maedhros said softly as he pressed a kiss to Elrond’s brow and inversed their positions neatly.

Elrond gasped as Maedhros began his exquisite sensual assault, with sublime kisses and soft caresses. He felt pressure building in each pore of his body as fingers and tongue teased him relentlessly. Elrond groaned, he had never lasted much under an assault of five fingers, how would he even hope to withstand the assault of ten? He was brought to the verge of climax so many times that he had cried himself hoarse. Now all that he could do was to arch, pant and writhe beneath those talented fingers teasing his soul out.

After he had travelled futilely on the road to climax yet one more time, he gasped, “My Lord, do you seek to kill me?”

Maedhros stopped his assault saying sweetly, “Did you not want me to make good my promise?”

“How long will you make me wait?” Elrond panted as he spread his thighs, “Get going!”

“We have time”, Maedhros chided, “Lots of it!”

“I am about to go mad!” Elrond hissed with a scowl, Maedhros laughed and kissed his pouting lips before stretching to take the wine bottle.

“I don’t think I can appreciate a drink right now”, Elrond said indignantly as Maedhros opened it neatly.

“Nor can I”, Maedhros smiled, “Within the bottle is a little something, actually, a pair of little something.”

Elrond took the bottle from him and poured the wine onto the bed not caring that they were drenched in it. He was again on the verge of climax and this time, he meant to reach there!

“Oh!” he gasped in shock as a pair of rings fell onto the wine-drenched mattress, he took them reverentially and whispered, “Does this mean what it means?”

“Shall we bind ourselves to each other?” Maedhros whispered as he blushed suddenly.

Elrond found himself growing more aroused at the sight of Maedhros blushing. He shook his head to clear the fog of lust and said quietly, “You are the high-king now, will it be accepted?”

“I don’t care much. I can always abdicate, you know”, Maedhros took Elrond’s left hand and played with the fingers thoughtfully, “Abdicating is the trend here now, Arafinwe abdicated when Grandfather was reborn. Grandfather, in his turn, abdicated when Nolofinwe was reborn. Nolofinwe abdicated when I was reborn. And Father was reborn after me. I offered to abdicate, but he said he had better things to do than to rule the Noldor. Macalaurë can always take up the reins.”

“You are born to be a ruler, My Lord, Ada cannot be”, Elrond said honestly, “He loves music as much as your Ada loves his forge.”

“Leave out the politics”, Maedhros said softly, “Will you bind with me?”

“Was that ever a question?” Elrond huffed with a pretty scowl, “Now, if you will continue from where you left off…..”

“Indeed”, Maedhros smiled as he slid a wine-drenched finger into Elrond eliciting a harsh gasp, “May I ask you a question, Elrond?”

“Just get going!” Elrond shouted as another finger joined the first.

By the time Maedhros judged him ready, Elrond was sure that he had cursed the elder elf roundly in every language he knew. He gasped when they joined finally, and began to move smoothly. Maedhros managed to keep Elrond on the edge of climax for a few deliciously painful moments. Their rhythm became frenzied until Elrond climaxed and Maedhros followed. They collapsed onto the mattress panting.

“You called me Nelyo”, Maedhros murmured as Elrond tried to hold him atop himself. Maedhros smiled before indulging his companion and kissed a corner of the bruised lips tenderly.

“I always call you Nelyo when I come undone”, Elrond scowled, “Or have you never noticed?”

“I know”, Maedhros snuggled his head under Elrond’s arm, “It’s just that I find it amusing you chose that name above the more probable ones.”

“You are so handsome”, Elrond sighed lovingly, “I thought I would collapse at your feet when I first saw you today.”

“I tried to contact you”, Maedhros said quietly, “But Cirdan always refused to carry messages. Then your wife came. I gleaned much information about you from her acquaintances. I was worried for you. I wanted to come and meet you on the docks today. But my father had decided to go. It would have been a messy welcome. So I sent Kano.”

“It’s the past”, Elrond muttered as he took the smaller ring and slid it down Maedhros’s ring-finger.

“Yours for ever”, Maedhros pressed a kiss to Elrond’s ring-finger before sliding the second ring on.

“And yours for ever”, Elrond repeated with a laugh, “You may now kiss me.”

Maedhros rolled atop him again and claimed his lips passionately. Elrond returned it with equal fervour closing his eyes in blissful abandon.

Elrond picked at an imaginary strand of dust on his immaculate brown robes as he sat down next to Galadriel at the family dinner. Galadriel was chatting excitedly with Aredhel, her cousin. Elrond smiled at her unusually light temper.

Maedhros entered the room and strode confidently to the head of the table, pausing only to press a kiss to Maglor’s head, making sure that the perfect braids were tousled. Maglor scowled, but refrained from commenting. Elrond shot him a glance of sympathy. This scene had happened so many times in his childhood and youth in Maglor’s house.

Elrond watched Maedhros speak lightly with Fingolfin and Finwe, his eyes sparkling and a smile on his lips, his crimson and black robes clinging to his slender body elegantly. Elrond tried to stop his rather unlimited imagination. Maedhros looked at him and raised an eyebrow knowingly. Elrond resolved to demand payback as soon as possible. He took a sip of the wine to calm his hot blood.

“There he comes”, Galadriel muttered, “I will have to ask him why he conveniently managed to forget me at the docks!”

Feanor entered, clad in plain grey robes that simply seemed to illuminate his inner fire more. He took a chair between his father and Arafinwe, his handsome features set in a frown.

He leant across to Maedhros and said clearly, “I wish to make a small speech.”

“Certainly, Atarinya”, Maedhros smiled. Elrond wondered how he could be so happy to listen to Feanor’s speech.

“My dear kin”, Feanor paused as his eyes landed on Galadriel, who was staring at her wineglass, “I wish to announce a marriage in the family.”

“Indeed”, Maedhros stood up gracefully, “Do we finally have you and Amil renewing your bonds?”

“We have”, Feanor rolled his eyes, “I did that on my first day back here! I will not fetch her until I build a new house for her. Why should I marry again to renew what was there?”

Fingolfin smirked, Finwe shook his head and Maglor sighed. Maedhros recovered himself and asked, “Then, Atarinya, who is the lucky soul?”

Feanor held his gaze steadily as he spoke, “Why, Nelyo, I am talking about you.”

“I?” Maedhros looked faintly sick, Elrond did not blame him. Galadriel was concernedly handing Elrond her wine. So he supposed he looked worse.

Maglor said steadily, “Atarinya, my brother is no longer available for marriage.”

Fingon spilt his wine on Aredhel’s gown before asking, “Who?”

“Nevertheless you will marry, Nelyo. You will marry Elrond Half-Elven”, Feanor laughed at the expression on his eldest son’s face, “Oh! Look at you, Nelyo, you seem positively sick!”

Maedhros slumped in his chair and gulped a mouthful of wine before murmuring, “Atarinya, you will be the end of me!”

“Elrond?” Galadriel seemed slightly disbelieving, “What is my uncle up to?”

“We are bound”, Elrond showed her the ring glinting on his finger.

“You should have thought to remember that borrowing my robes has its consequences, Kano”, Feanor chastised his second son, “I followed you. I was curious. Then I saw my eldest son sneak through the corridors all dressed for trysting complete with a bottle of wine. Imagine my shock when I saw him entering Elrond’s chambers! Then his words of today morning made sense. Apparently the king assumed I did not know Sylvan. And then I remembered the metal clasp in Elrond’s hair.”

“Brilliant piece of useless deduction”, Fingolfin said breezily, “Now, My King, let me propose a toast to Elrond and you.”

“Yes”, Finwe seconded it warmly.

“I refuse to toast unless I get a new set of robes”, Feanor shot a glower at an unaffected Maglor.

“I will buy you one”, Fingolfin promised.

Feanor said sarcastically, “No, I don’t think I can walk on the streets clad in anything of your choice.”

He raised his goblet along with the others and toasted the now blushing couple. Maglor leant to whisper something in his brother’s ear.

Maedhros nodded and then stood up. He straightened his robes and walked to Elrond, who stared at him rather dumbly.

“Would you sit by me?” Maedhros asked softly.

“I would rather sit on you”, Elrond breathed huskily staring into those grey eyes.

Maedhros’s eyes widened in shock and disbelief, Elrond raised an eyebrow before catching hold of Maedhros’s left hand and kissing the slender circlet on the ring-finger. They dissolved into laughter, their voices blending together to form a beautiful melody of happy reunion.

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