Endurance: 2. Discussion

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2. Discussion

Elrond asked pouting as he helped his foster-father pack his travelling knapsack, “Why cannot I come with you, Adar-nin?”

“Elrond”, Maglor smiled indulgently at the scowling figure before him, “I don’t think it is wise to let you tag along when I go to visit my young nephew. He is a bit like my father. You will not like him at all.”

“What if you don’t come back?” Elrond growled in frustration, “Elros has not come in months. I will be all alone!”

“Of course I will come back in spring!” Maglor laughed his musical voice filled with mirth, “Otherwise I have a feeling that you might come there to fetch me away! And, ion-nin, my brother will be here to keep you excellent company. And moreover, I would have thought that you would wish me away as you began your sensual contests of my warriors!”

“The warriors are all animals”, Elrond muttered, “And your brother, he is as reclusive as a hermit these days”, he shrugged sullenly, “Will he not ride out soon?”

“He has promised to stay put in the castle and keep an eye on you until I return”, Maglor said softly, “Elrond, that is the only reason why I am leaving in peace. He will take care of you. And you will keep an eye on him.”

“Half a dozen warriors have come to me discreetly enquiring if I needed lessons in love”, Elrond complained, “It is all his doing! He could have atleast warned me that he was going to send a battalion after me.”

Maglor laughed saying, “Well, he can be like that at times, I remember the day I woke to find nearly fifty invitations for a ball because Russandol had discreetly let out the news that I was of age to take a lover. My father was furious with him”, his eyes took on a reminiscent look and Elrond shoved a pack of scrolls at him good-naturedly, “Anyway, you two try not to kill each other with your over-noble ideas, ion-nin. I will leave now. Let me find my moping brother and bid him goodbye.”

The said moping brother was waiting in the courtyard, dressed in his customary muted brown silken robes.

He hugged Maglor, who gave a pretty scowl before hugging him back saying, “You never grew up, Russandol. And don’t you dare muss my braids! I know how much you love me, you don’t need to spoil my braids to show that.”

Maedhros said wryly, “Which of us is the elder?”

“You, definitely”, Maglor reached up onto his toes to kiss his brother’s cheek lovingly, “But being the elder does not make you wiser, Russandol.”

After his foster-father’s departure, Elrond spent the next few days alone in his rooms coming to the outer halls only for the meals. Maedhros was more reclusive and Elrond did not even catch a single glimpse of him. The servants assured Elrond that they were taking the food to Maedhros’s rooms at meal times.

One night, after Elrond had completed the rounds of the castle as was his custom when Maglor was absent, he retired to the baths. A pleasant hour spent in the bath would make him drowsy.

He entered the baths and heard the sound of running water. Someone was already there. Elrond smiled, some company would be pleasant after his lonely brooding since his foster-father’s departure.

He opened his mouth in slack-jawed astonishment when he saw that the occupant of the baths was Maedhros. The red-haired elf was leaning against the side of the pool, his eyes closed in exhaustion. The water played on the pale, slender chest gleaming in the candle light. As Elrond approached, Maedhros opened his eyes in mild alarm.

“I did not know you would be here”, Elrond apologized as he took in the evident aura of tiredness about Maedhros, there were deep black circles surrounding those grey eyes which were again filled with turmoil and suppressed regrets of the past, “My Lord, you look very exhausted.”

“No, I am fine”, Maedhros said with a small upward quirk of his lips.

They remained silent for a moment, staring at each other, before Elrond asked quietly, “Would you mind if I joined you in the bath, My Lord?”

Maedhros’s eyes held hesitation but his voice was as ever, low and polite, as he replied, “Not at all, Elrond.”

“I have not seen you in a long while”, Elrond said as he undressed swiftly, unable to keep his eyes off the sparkles in Maedhros’s damp, auburn hair.

Maedhros smiled before drawing his legs closer towards himself as he made space for Elrond across him. Elrond’s eyes roved over the aristocratic face, the taut body, the muscles hidden under the smooth skin, the graceful legs and the usually well-hidden maimed stump on the right arm. He surreptiously tried to catch a sneaking glimpse of Maedhros’s lower body. Too often had he tried to summon back the memories of that night, but all that he remembered was the feeling of Maedhros’s body on his own, the sensual kisses and caresses. That night had even removed whatever attraction he had to a couple of handsome warriors. They just did not compare to Nelyafinwe Feanorian.

Maedhros cleared his throat loudly. Elrond blushed, he was already becoming aroused and his skin felt hot. Crimson with embarrassment, he tried to think clearly.

“So, why did you refuse all those warriors?” Maedhros asked curiously as he dunked himself under the water to wet his hair, “I thought that you were eager to explore.”

“I am”, Elrond said bravely, “But not with them.”

“Maybe a maid then”, Maedhros offered as he leant back again, watching Elrond’s fine-haired body with fascination. He had not observed the results of the human lineage that night as he had been keen to get it over with.

“I doubt that maids could invoke in me what you roused that night, My Lord”, Elrond held his companion’s gaze steadily (Again Maglor’s technique).

Maedhros thought that he had come the closest to blushing in many centuries, however he controlled his expression and said warmly, “I am happy that you found me satisfactory.”

Something in the elder elf’s tone made Elrond frown and he asked, “Forgive me for asking , My Lord, Was that night after a long time?”

Elrond knew well that both Maedhros and Maglor were never participants in the usual warrior’s orgies. They preferred to keep to themselves and there were never any rumours about their bed partners. Of course, there were very colourful stories about their past, of Fingon the Valiant, of rulers of men and even Moriquendi. But Elrond suspected that those were not true at all. Maglor had an occasional discreet tryst with the Teleri lord, Cirdan. And Maedhros seemed to have foregone that activity in general. People said that he mourned a lost lover.

Maedhros shrugged saying, “I had relationships with women before our journey to Middle Earth, Elrond. You were my first in that way. My brother knew that, I wonder what he was playing at.”

“Wow!” Elrond gasped, “You were incredible, I wouldn’t have known so instinctively what and how to do.”

“Well”, Maedhros made a move to rise from the tub, “I am glad you found it fine. But I assure you, once you have been with a truly experienced person, you would find that night boring.”

Elrond watched the long lean figure dripping water on the cold flagstones as Maedhros wrapped a towel around his hair. Even the cold water could not mute Elrond’s heated reaction to the sight of the perfect rear view of the elder elf he enjoyed then.

“How did you find that night, My Lord?” Elrond asked in his softest voice, “Do you regret it?”

Maedhros stopped drying his body and turned around to face Elrond, holding the towel loosely against his lower body, “No, Elrond, no regrets”, he offered a wan smile, “atleast none other than a wish that I had relaxed more to enjoy the night. I was too worried I might end up hurting you.”

“Would you accept another chance if you are given it?” Elrond rose from the bath, Maedhros’s eyes widened at his aroused form.

“Would you, My Lord?” Elrond asked quietly as he met Maedhros, bare chest to bare chest.

“You are young, son of Earendil, but recklessness does not become you”, Maedhros replied quietly.

“I am Maglor Feanorian’s son, I share your grandfather’s blood, we are kin”, Elrond placed an arm on the chest before him, “My father has taught me to choose the best.”

“So I am a chosen ware you intend to possess”, Maedhros’s eyes narrowed by a slight margin.

“Now, you are the chosen one with whom I want to explore my awakening senses”, Elrond looked up into the grey eyes with fear of rejection and an upbraiding.

He was shocked when a hand lifted his chin further up and Maedhros remarked, “Has my brother cast a spell on us both?”

“I am past caring”, Elrond pressed the entire length of his young body against Maedhros, “Do I have an answer, My Lord?”

“Not here”, Maedhros laughed as he pulled away to throw his robes on carelessly, “Beds are warmer.”

They walked together through the corridors of the castle, Elrond quivering with passion. He could not resist a smug grin breaking out on his face whenever his eyes met those of Maedhros.

“You are going to break many a heart, Elrond”, Maedhros said wryly as Elrond impulsively took his hand and kissed it passionately.

“No, My Lord, not more than you break daily with your beauty”, Elrond murmured as he continued to stroke Maedhros’s hand. They had come to the door of Maedhros’s chambers.

“Given the nature of our activities planned for tonight”, Maedhros smiled as he opened the door and let Elrond in, “it will be more pleasant if you call me by my name.”

Elrond looked about the chambers as Maedhros led him in further, the rooms were richly, yet, elegantly furnished in the traditional fashion of the house of Finwe. The lighting was dim and cast soft shadows on the weapons and the smooth works of craft that were tastefully displayed.

“What may I call you?” Elrond asked as they entered the bed chamber. The bed was not as massive as Maglor’s, but still had been crafted from fine wood. It was undisturbed as if Maedhros had not used it in days. Elrond frowned.

“I apologize”, Maedhros murmured as he lit the candles, “I don’t generally spend the nights here. I prefer to be in my study.”

Elrond suddenly pieced together something that Maglor had once said. Elrond had then been burning with fever, and begged Maglor to watch over him that night. Maglor had then remarked that if he stayed, his brother would shake the foundations with his screams.

“You stay with Ada at nights”, Elrond said quietly, “That is why your chambers are connected from inside.”

Maedhros turned to watch him quizzically before nodding stiffly. The warmth had disappeared from his eyes and they were once again filled with turmoil.

“Why?” Elrond walked to him and caressed a high cheekbone making Maedhros close his eyes.

“I find myself much tormented by dreams at night if I am alone. If I have my brother’s presence, it is more bearable”, Maedhros replied quietly.

“So you have not slept since he left”, Elrond asked softly, feeling the exhaustion emanating from the figure before him.

Maedhros said in a lighter voice, “We came for purposes other than a discussion, Elrond.”

Elrond shook his head and tugged Maedhros with him onto the bed murmuring, “We shall see to those purposes once you are rested, My Lord”, he pressed back Maedhros into the bed, and sat beside him, “Sleep, I will watch over you.”

Maedhros’s eyes held no resistance though he said protesting, “That is not why we came here. I will not waste your time.”

“You will not”, Elrond lifted Maedhros’s hand and pressed a kiss, “I am sure that you will look beautiful in your sleep, My Lord. I will enjoy watching over you.”

Maedhros remarked drowsily, “You have strange ideas; if my family had heard anyone calling me beautiful in my sleep, they would have sworn another oath.”

Elrond watched him sleep peacefully for a few hours. When it was almost midnight, Maedhros began fidgeting and tossing in the bed, sweat broke out on his brow and his skin seemed colder. Elrond soothed his brow and sung soothingly. With a scream that made Elrond cringe, Maedhros sat up in the bed, his chest panting heavily.

He closed his eyes to calm himself and asked Elrond, “I am sorry, Did I scare you with the screaming?”

“No”, Elrond lied easily, “Shall I get you some water to drink?”

“Please”, Maedhros agreed, “On second thoughts, I think I will go myself. I will not be able to find rest again this night.”

“You stay in bed”, Elrond said firmly, “What does Ada do to keep the dreams away?”

“He sings”, Maedhros shrugged, pulling his robes tighter.

“I am afraid that my singing would not be of much help”, Elrond held a glass of water to Maedhros’s lips, “But when I have the nightmares, I find them much easier when Ada holds me.. Maybe you would find rest if I were to hold you.”

Maedhros swallowed the water and looked at the stubborn young elf before him. The lad had none of his parents’ qualities unlike Elros. He seemed to be an exact version of Maglor, the tenacity, the persuasion and the daring. Maedhros knew that he would not win an argument with Elrond, no more than he could win an argument with Maglor.

He nodded saying, “If it would not bother you, I would like to try that.”

With alarming alacrity, Elrond crept into the bed and wrapped his arms around an astounded Maedhros murmuring, “Good, now go back to sleep, My Lord.”

Maedhros smiled helplessly as he let Elrond entwine their legs. He was sure that this disciple of his brother would break many hearts.

Elrond woke the next day to find a curious pair of warm eyes staring at him.

“Good morning”, Maedhros leant back on his arm, “Do you usually sleep with your eyes closed?”

“Only occasionally”, Elrond said brightly as he leant towards Maedhros and let his eyes rove over the tranquilly resting figure, “When I am in deep sleep, occupied with pleasant dreams.”

“I suppose I should not ask the nature of these dreams”, Maedhros said smiling at Elrond’s heated gaze as his fingers began to explore the fine strands of hair on Elrond’s chest.

“I find myself tempted to make them reality, My Lord”, Elrond breathed as he tentatively caressed Maedhros’s maimed arm. He looked into the other elf’s eyes. They held fear and doubts as Elrond leant to press his lips to the spot where the stump ended.

“You know”, Maedhros whispered as he withdrew his arm, “You don’t have to do that. I am ready for this even if you would rather wish me to cover the arm. People are usually bothered by it, and I am not new to that.”

“Maybe”, Elrond rested his cheek against the maimed stump, “But I see nothing to be bothered by. Please do not hide it when you are with me, My Lord.”

“Again you sound like my brother”, Maedhros smiled sadly as he fingered a curly strand of hair on the chest and tugged experimentally causing Elrond to bat his hand away..

“People are bothered by my human traits, the hair, the complexion and the broader figure”, Elrond said steadily, “Yet I don’t hide. Ada told me never to stop being what I am.”

“He is right”, Maedhros pressed his lips to Elrond’s and began a slow, torturous assault that left Elrond gasping when they broke apart.

“You drive me mad with those kisses”, Elrond growled as he rolled atop Maedhros, “I find myself tempted to bite these talented lips.”

“Well”, Maedhros laughed as he encased Elrond with his hand, “Let us see if you can make good your pleasant dreams of the last night. Do what you will.”

“I will drive you mad with desire, My Lord”, Elrond promised as he began to nuzzle on the pale throat, “Ada said that I was the noisier of us that night, let me see if I can change that.”

“I look forward to it”, Maedhros threw his head back with a loud gasp as Elrond brought his lips to descend on an ear.

“Is it his nightmares?” one of the guards asked his companion as Maedhros screamed yet again.

The household waited anxiously outside the barred doors. It had been two days and yet Lord Maedhros had not emerged from his chambers. Young Lord Elrond was missing. They had finally decided to break down the huge doors. The warriors smashed the door with a large log bound in chains. The door creaked dully. As they brought the log to swing again, the cook signalled them to halt, her eyebrows creased in concern.

“Don’t break the door! A moment”, Maedhros called, they sighed in relief. The doors opened and an exhausted looking Maedhros, dressed hastily in a set of formal robes emerged. His hair was unbound and he had a pink tinge on his normally pale cheeks.

“My Lord”, a warrior bowed, “We were worried.”

“Yes, yes”, Maedhros said apologetically as he shoved a few tendrils of unruly hair away from his face, “I am afraid I lost track of time.” The household was staring at him wonderingly. He knew that he looked rather debauched, but he still held onto his dignity.

“Lord Elrond has been missing for two days, My Lord. Shall we send a rider to the village where his brother is staying?” the cook asked concernedly taking in her lord’s weary figure. There was a strange scent emanating from him.

“No”, Maedhros bit his lower lip in an effort to focus himself, “I think he will return when he is ready. Don’t worry.”

“He spoke to you before he left?” a warrior asked.

“Yes”, Maedhros said reassuringly, “We had a discussion. Don’t worry, he is fine.”

After the warriors left, the cook approached Maedhros saying, “If I may say so, you seem happy, happier than I have seen you in centuries.”

“Yes, my lady”, Maedhros smiled softly at the woman who had once been his mother’s friend, “I am well.”

“May I offer you some advice?” there was a teasing tone in her voice.

Maedhros inclined his head warily.

“Lord Elros was always said to be very sensitive to cold water according to the maids who have enjoyed his company. It will hold true for his twin also”, the cook said with a straight face, “You don’t have many other choices to restrain his warm blood. This might stun him enough for you to gain the upper hand.”

Maedhros glared at her before entering his chambers again and closing the door. Now he would draw a pail of cold water and try to turn the tables on Elrond. He hummed softly as he began the preparations. He smiled, the name Elrond had called out in his passion was ‘Nelyo’. Wondering idly where the lad had picked up it from, Maedhros retired to his bed again to join his companion.

“I think I deserve some payback now”, Maedhros let his cold fingers trail down Elrond’s spine making him shudder, “You know, my entire household were about to break in and find us in bed.”

“Oh!” Elrond yawned as he shifted onto his back and let Maedhros explore with his cold fingers, “Well, they didn’t see us.”

“They saw me dishevelled, stinking of certain materials, mottled by the mark of your teeth and the grip of your hands and looking ravished”, Maedhros complained, as Elrond arched suggestively.

“Bad, never mind”, Elrond had given up on subtlety where Maedhros was concerned, “Then, my lord, you will just have to repay me; ravish me senseless. Are you tired?” he looked over Maedhros scrutinising, “I mean, you will not have my stamina; you are old!”

“Call me old and you might not ride in the foreseeable future!” Maedhros rolled his eyes as Elrond smirked, “You know, my brother is a bad influence. He has taught you to bait me so well. But thank you for the invitation.”

“Another round!” Elrond laughed as he pulled Maedhros eagerly atop him.

“Insatiable”, Maedhros glared before starting with his talented fingers again, the turmoil in his eyes replaced by only a soft warmth.

“I think I want this to be more than a one-night stand”, Elrond breathed hours later when he had finished being ravished.

“We have been here for three nights”, Maedhros laughed as he let Elrond cuddle on his maimed arm, “It was more than a one night stand.”

“It means more to me”, Elrond said in a small tone.

“To me also”, Maedhros replied after a long moment, “You are the first and probably the last lover I shall have on these shores. I will always hold these wild nights in memory.”

“Why hold memories when you can hold me?” Elrond said fiercely, “I hope you are not discarding me like the High Prince of the Noldor throwing away a half-breed courtesan! I knew this was going to happen; you are so handsome and people are always wanting to be with you. I am nobody.”

“As silly as my brother, What have I got myself into?” Maedhros laughed as he pulled a scowling Elrond closer and began to sing an old elfling’s lullaby that had put many a brother and cousin to sleep in Aman.

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