Endurance: 1. Initiation

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1. Initiation

“Stop brooding, Elrond”, Maglor shoved his foster son away from the window, “One would think that you had an oath to keep.”

“He left us without a word and ran away with her to celebrate a human festival!”, Elrond scowled as he regained his position by the window, “He promises me on every begetting day that I am the most important person in his life!”

“He is in love, Elrond”, Maglor ruffled the younger elf’s dark hair, “People tend to be slightly disoriented when in love”, Elrond scowled further, Maglor laughed saying, “Yes, son, I have seen five of my brothers as well many cousins fall in love. And they had all of Elros’s symptoms.”

“Everybody leaves me at some point of time, Ada…now Elros has left”, Elrond said bitterly, “What is to say that you will not leave me?”

Maglor’s face darkened, “I cannot promise not to leave you, Elrond, you know what doom is on me. I have to raise my sword for the oath until I die.”

Elrond turned abruptly and left the room, anger and fear glittering in his deep eyes. Maglor sighed. He had to find a way to bring back that elusive laughter to Elrond’s face. How?

Elrond watched warily when Maglor came into his room with a positively cheerful song. As his foster father was rarely given into revelry, he had every reason to be wary.

“Elrond, I have arranged a surprise for you. See if that won’t temper your foul mood!” Maglor grinned at him satisfied.

“What is it?” Elrond asked irritably.

“Dress in your best robes and wait here. I will have someone sent for teaching you the arts of the bed”, Maglor sighed dreamily, “Enjoy it well, my son.”

“WHAT?” Elrond shouted, but Maglor had already left with a blissful smile.

Elrond scowled and slumped onto his bed. He had no plans to array himself for this, but maybe, he smiled to himself, an instructive lesson would not be much amiss. He had spent far too much time trying to catch glimpses of lovemaking in the stables and the woods. Now his father was voluntarily offering to send him a teacher. His scowl slipped away as he slipped into virile imagination. There was a young captain in Maglor’s troops who was particularly renowned in this field. Elros and Elrond had different tastes in desire. Though he was a total novice, Elrond knew full well that he was partial to his own gender.

There was a knock on the door and Elrond said softly, butterflies flying panicked in his belly, “Come in please.”

He gasped outright when he saw Maglor dragging in his elder brother into the room. Maedhros had a dazed look on his fair features and did not even put up a resistance when Maglor shoved him onto a chair saying, “You do this, Russandol, I trust nobody else with my son.”

“Macalaurë”, Maedhros finally spoke, his voice slightly high-pitched than usual obstinately refusing to even look at Elrond, “If the boy wishes to learn then there are countless warriors and scribes who would die to teach him. I WILL not”, he made to get up, but Maglor shoved him down again saying firmly, “Russandol, You may rule me everywhere, but not in our family matters. You listen to me!”

“ADA!” Elrond’s panicked shriek was in vain as Maglor left in a flurry of robes and shut the door behind him, they heard the sound of a key being turned in the lock.

Maedhros leant back in the chair resignedly, his eyes fixed firmly on the ceiling.

“Lord Maedhros!” Elrond got up from his bed trying to pat down his hair into a more dignified manner, “Why did Ada do that?”

“He was merely proving that he is our father’s son”, Maedhros said dryly, “Never mind, pen-neth, he will come to his senses after a while. It is better to let him have his way until then.”

They remained in silence for a few long moments before Maedhros resting his head against the chair and staring at the wooden ceiling asked, “So, do you want a teacher? You may ask any of those whom you patrol with, they are all good elves and will be honoured to teach you. If your tastes run to females, then there are many in our household. But”, Maedhros’s lips quirked in wry amusement, “that would be unlikely for one of Finwe’s blood. Most, nay, all of us tend to be attracted to our own gender.”

“Thank you, My Lord”, Elrond said softly, watching the embers of the fire causing golden highlights in Maedhros’s rich, rare, auburn tresses.

The elder elf’s face was relaxed and his eyes did not have their usual turmoil. Elrond felt a desire to run his fingers over the smooth, noble features. He had always had a deep wish to know Maedhros better. Elrond had often admired the beauty of the other elf.

Unlike Maglor, Maedhros had always kept his distance from the twins. He had refused to even teach them sparring saying that he did not wish to give them more reasons to hate him. Now, Elrond realized, here was an opportunity to break the ice between them.

“Lord Maedhros?” Elrond began hesitantly.

Maedhros raised an eyebrow questioningly, not bothering to look at him.

“Would you teach me?” Elrond asked quietly, Maglor was right.

There was nobody in the settlement that he trusted more after his foster-father. And he did admire Maedhros, not only for his beauty, but for his courage, skills in diplomacy, leadership and above all Elrond loved the caring side that Maedhros revealed to those whom he loved deeply, like his brother.

“Pen-neth”, Maedhros still did not look at him, Elrond observed petulantly, “I will personally ask a suitable young elf to help you understand these things. Your brother has anyway decided that he prefers female company to male company. That leaves us with only you. Which would you prefer?”

“I prefer to obey my father”, Elrond smiled softly, noticing that Maedhros’s eyes had widened, “He chose you. I choose you.”

Maedhros did not reply as he continued to ponder the wooden ceiling, though Elrond’s sharp eyes noted a slight tremble of the languid body.

“Maybe you do not consider me worthy of you”, Elrond shamelessly adopted Maglor’s techniques of coaxing, “Of course, after Fingon the Valiant and so many other kings of elves and men, I must be poor fare.”

Maedhros sat up straight and hissed incredulously, “Elrond! Do be discreet atleast when you speak of my matters!”

“So tis true!” Elrond scowled, he reflected that he was doing a lot of scowling these days. And it got him his own way. He resolved to do more scowling.

“Pen-neth, what is true?” Maedhros sighed, “I find you very handsome, you resemble my cousin Irisse, your great grandfather’s sister. And no, as your father will doubtlessly tell you if you ask him, I did not spend the Age sampling kings of elves and men. Trust me, with my wonderful family, it was the last thing on my mind.”

“I am sorry”, Elrond said in a soft voice that would have made Maglor proud. He was using the same technique as his father to trap Maedhros into feeling worried.
He continued innocently, “I have always felt safer with you, My Lord. You have always been there for me, Elros and Ada. And now I feel so confused with my body and its odd reactions. And”, he cast his eyes down dramatically, “there is no one I can ask. I…I don’t have many friends. I don’t want to do it with an elf who might hurt me. That is why I asked you. But I understand, My Lord, you are handsome and much sought after, I am merely a half-elven orphan you took pity on….” He trailed away and bit his lips in deep sorrow.

Maedhros’s face had become longer and more concerned with each sentence and now he finally abandoned his seat and came to stand before Elrond saying firmly, “You are kin to royal blood, Elrond. We have never shown you pity. It was you and your twin who pitied our tormented lives and brought some light into them.”

Elrond took full advantage of the fact that Maedhros was standing before him and threw his hands across the slender waist of the elder elf and dragged him close. Elrond buried his face in Maedhros’s robes and mumbled, “Teach me, My Lord, I beg you.”

Maedhros involuntarily tried to move backwards, but Elrond’s grip on his waist tightened and he said quietly, “I am not good in this, Elrond. It would be better if we left this behind us.”

Elrond felt desire rush to his loins as Maedhros inadvertently steadied himself by pressing against Elrond’s palms which encased his waist. Elrond decided to employ one of the techniques he had seen played out in the stables. He ran his cheek roughly down the fine silken front of Maedhros’s robes. The juncture between the thighs, Elrond observed, was increasing in prominence.

“You are decided”, Maedhros said flatly.

“Yes”, Elrond grinned victoriously.

“Well”, Maedhros sighed, “We do this my way. Your techniques are more suited for blatant seduction.”

Elrond looked up at the fair, aristocratic face above him and grinned madly again, not believing his luck. Maedhros bit his lips as if fighting a smile, the grey eyes were twinkling in mirth.

“Release me”, he gently asked Elrond, who obeyed unwillingly, “Just a moment, pen-neth, I will not vanish”, Maedhros chided as he pulled away and went to the windows to close them. Then he strode across to the candles and blew them all out except one, encasing the room in near darkness.

Elrond sat up straighter on the bed in anticipation. Maedhros’s face seemed hesitant in the dim light, but the elder elf came to stand before Elrond and gently pushed him down onto the bed. As Maedhros deftly undid the buttons on Elrond’s tunic with his left hand, Elrond leant upwards and clumsily pressed his lips to the other elf’s cheek. Maedhros smiled softly before continuing with his task. Elrond was encouraged enough by the reaction to raise his hands and thread them through the dark, coppery hair.

“You are quite talented”, Maedhros laughed as he finally finished with the tunic and ran his fingers over the young, broad chest.

Elrond gasped as warm fingers brushed over his nipples creating a novel, pleasurable sensation. His eyes drooped shut of their own accord. He did not even notice that Maedhros had smoothly pulled down his leggings leaving him naked. He shuddered in desire and delight as warm lips descended on his own mouth. He opened his lips eagerly allowing the invading tongue entry. Unlike the brutal suction-like kissing that Elrond had often witnessed elves exchanging while on patrols, Maedhros was gentle, soft and yet despairingly sensual. Elrond was breathing raggedly as they broke apart, watching Maedhros through half-closed eyes. The elder elf undid the ties of his robes and shrugged them off leaving him naked and silhouetted against the candle light. Elrond watched in fascination as Maedhros’s smooth, supple body pressed down on him, skin on skin. As a warm, moist something brushed his own aroused organ, Elrond moaned in desire.

“Are you afraid?” Maedhros asked quietly, pressing soft kisses on Elrond’s exposed, slender neck.

“No”, Elrond replied firmly, “You will not hurt me.”

“A high trust you place in a kinslayer”, Maedhros murmured as he looked up into Elrond’s eyes hesitantly.

Elrond pressed his lips on Maedhros’s and flicked his tongue over the lower lip as he had watched Maedhros do earlier. Maedhros relaxed and parted his lips drawing him in. When they broke apart, there was renewed confidence in Maedhros’s grey eyes and he continued trailing kisses all the way down to Elrond’s navel. As he playfully dipped in his tongue into the navel and twirled it about, Elrond gasped and clutched desperately at the sheets. The heat between his thighs was unbearable now.

“Faster”, he intoned harshly as Maedhros’s breath ghosted over his hipbone followed by graceful fingers.

“Patience, Elrond”, Maedhros caressed the inside of a muscled thigh making Elrond shudder, “You must not be hurt.”

Elrond scowled at him and opened his mouth to speak, but an oiled long, slender finger entered him suddenly, making him arch and writhe against the sheets. Maedhros slowly stretched and relaxed him with excruciating patience. Elrond was nearly despairing that he would die of this denied desire when Maedhros finally made his move. Elrond arched off the bed crying out in surprise, pain and pleasure. Soon however pleasure enveloped his senses and he began meeting Maedhros thrust for thrust. His intense desire and excitement made him climax more quickly than he wished to and he slumped onto the bed exhaustedly screaming. Maedhros followed and fell limply atop him, panting raggedly. In that moment, Elrond saw the dark circles around the closed eyes, the fine sheen of sweat clinging on the noble brow and the erratic fall and rise of the warm chest. Maedhros looked more enchanting and vulnerable than usual, Elrond observed, and this made strange feelings flutter in his heart.

Tired as he was, Elrond still did not push Maedhros away from atop him, he cherished the feel of the warm body and their intertwined legs. They remained silent for a long while, before Maedhros finally opened his eyes and murmured apologetically before rolling down from atop Elrond.

He was obviously exhausted, but he managed to raise himself into a sitting position as he looked down at Elrond and asked, his brow frowning with anxiety, “Are you hurt? Aching?”

“I feel peaceful and contented. I am tired and sleepy”, Elrond said frankly, “But it does not hurt….not too much.”

Maedhros looked at him uncertainly, Elrond laughed shifted his head onto his arm saying, “You worry too much, My Lord.”

Maedhros smiled with a shade of shyness as he gathered his robes to him. The moon had risen and lit his figure to its full splendour. Elrond watched appreciatively the slender, yet taut build before Maedhros hurriedly pulled his robes on and tied them up.

He averted his eyes from Elrond as he got to his feet saying, “I will retire now. As I said earlier, you can always ask me if you wish to approach one of the warriors to instruct you. They will be better teachers.”

“You were wonderful, My Lord. I consider myself lucky”, Elrond purred, Maedhros nodded abruptly and moved away.

He left the room hastily and closed the door, which Maglor had seemingly unlocked sometime. Elrond lazily looked about the room. On the floor lay abandoned and forgotten a gold and silver wrought clasp that had adorned Maedhros’s hair so many times. Elrond decided to keep it unless the other elf asked for it. It would be a pleasing reminder of his initiation into the arts of pleasure.

“How was it?” Maglor attempted to cover his curiosity and concern behind a mask of aloofness as he burst into the room.

Elrond knew him too well however and laughed gaily as he replied sincerely, “Perfect, Ada! Just like him.”

“So he has succeeded in bringing the smile back to your lips”, Maglor sat by the bed and ruffled Elrond’s hair fondly.

“He brought more than a smile to my lips”, Elrond said mistily.

“Yes”, Maglor laughed, “I had the entire household after me for the almost animal screams, grunts and moans from this room. Luckily they heard only you. Russandol was quiet.”

“You were listening all the time!” Elrond asked scandalized.

“Well”, Maglor smiled, “Someone had to make sure that Russandol did not escape from the room before serving our purposes.”

“You are wily”, Elrond said laughing, “And he is too soft-hearted. Be that as it may, I am glad. Ada, you were right, he made sure that it was the perfect initiation. I will ever be grateful for that.”

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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