Liberation of a King: 1. Liberation of a King

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1. Liberation of a King

Liberation Of A King
Author: Gwaelinn
Fandom: Tolkien
Type: FCS
Characters: Rúmil/Thranduil
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: All Characters (save those no one recognizes) are the sole property of Master Tolkien’s estate. This is written purely for enjoyment and as such is not intended for profit.
AU: Beginning of the 4th age
Beta: Senetor_Sophia
Author's Notes: Oct 2005…This fic is for Tuxedo Elf who was under the weather and in need of Lórien elf Sex. This is my first fic attempt and hope it helps. Feedback is most welcome!

Summary: Thranduil needs to find some liberation.


It was the beginning of the 4th age, the Age of Men. Still, some elves remained on Middle Earth. Many were not ready to go yet, while others knew that life was a cycle; Evil would rear its ugly head again some day though none could say when. After all, some of the most powerful elves of all time…the Ring Bearers…left and with them went the gift of foresight.

Still, that is not to say that all power, wisdom, or ‘gifts’ vanished into the west. Celeborn of Doriath and Lord of Lórien stayed. He knew the land and it knew him. The trees and wind whispered to him and the animals loved him. He gave power and life to the land just as it rejuvenated him. They were forever connected. The Twin sons of Elrond remained behind lending their sage council, healing gifts, and swords to any who sought them. Legolas and his small company returned life to the barren Ithilien. Though he took no title most thought of him as a king, such was his power and wisdom. Both Gildor and Cirdan remained, continuing on much as they had before. Thranduil also remained. The connection to the land and fear that one day the world of his son would have to vanquish darkness kept him on Arda. He would not abandon the only family he had left…


Although the magical aura of Lothlórien vanished with the Golden Lady, the land was still beautiful and peaceful. Iavas light brought to life all the colors of the trees…though Mallorn did not lose their leaves, they did turn vibrant shades of red and gold. It was at this time that two lords met to unit their realms. Celeborn and Thranduil, long ago putting their differences aside, met to discuss a merger.

“My people are grateful, as am I for your support Celeborn.” Thranduil said. “The woods are still tainted with evil. With this merger, both our people will benefit.”

Celeborn nodded. “I have only half of my warriors left but they are at your disposal. We WILL cleanse Mirkwood!” Celeborn’s enthusiasm touched Thranduil heart. He knew the dark picture most had of him. While much of it was true, it was only so when his people were threatened. Celeborn continued, “I believe it wise to train our warriors together. They need to know the strengths and weaknesses of each other; they need to build trust.”

It was decided that the realms would merge in the southwestern part of Lothlórien. There was never a question about who was in charge. They would govern jointly as the two rulers were very much a like. Both wished that past hurts had not kept them apart.


The merge was complete by the following summer. Thranduil had what remained of his army see to the relocation of his people before he even prepared to leave. The king and his household would be the last to leave his palace…he would not risk leaving any of his people behind. It was a long and tiring road.

Celeborn rushed down the steep steps of what was the new royal talan. “Thranduil! It is good to see you.” Thranduil was surprised when a warrior’s welcome did not come. Instead, he was crushed in a hug. Gone were all pretences.

Thranduil chuckled, “Now what would the Golden Lady say to such behavior?”

Celeborn winked, “I guess it is a good thing she is not here then.” Both laughed. “But come, it has been a long journey and you must be exhausted. Your guards will be shown to the barracks and I’ll show you to your quarters.” With that, Celeborn turned to a silver haired elf, instructing him to see to the king’s men and animals. Then, with all the ease of old friends, Celeborn and Thranduil began the long trek up the stairs to the vast talan. Coming to a divide in the steps, Celeborn pointed to the left. “That way leads to my rooms should you need anything. This way leads to yours.” He turned to the right and began to climb again. Stopping at the top, he instructed a young elleth to bring food and wine, as well as bathing supplies, to Thranduil’s rooms. Opening a carved door, Celeborn ushered the king in.

Thranduil stared in awe. “I would have been content with a simple flet but this is beautiful!” He glanced out the window and smiled. “Thank you my friend.” he said with tears in his eyes. To his delight, his rooms face his beloved woods.

“It is nothing. This might be your home now, but Greenwood will always hold your heart.” With that Celeborn left Thranduil to his thoughts.

‘How foolish I’ve been,’ he thought, ‘I never should have isolated myself…things might have been different.’ With a wistful sigh he began to unpack. When the knock came he bid enter. A tray piled with smoked fish, apples, cheese, warm bread and a bottle of wine was brought, along with pails. ‘Hmm, wonder what they are for? Water would help,’ he thought to himself. The elleth carried the pails to the bathing chamber. The king followed and was astounded. There at a window was a pulley and the servant was lowering the buckets down into a hot spring. She filled the tub quickly, adding calming oil. Thranduil disrobed and sank into the warm water.

“Begging your pardon your majesty,” the servant added from the door, “My Lord will send someone to get you at sundown for evening meal.” Before Thranduil could issue a “thank you” the door latch clicked. Alone at last…


The bath did wonders. Feeling refreshed Thranduil sat down to tend to a most unruly mass of hair. People would not be so quick to envy him his thick golden mane if they knew what it took to comb through it all. ‘Fin would understand’ he smiled to himself. However, the smile soon died on his lips as he realized just how alone he was. They had all sailed west, all those whose wisdom he cherished. Well, almost all…Celeborn was a kindred spirit whose ties to Arda were as strong if not stronger than his own.

No sooner had he finished his hair, donned a pair of evergreen leggings and a soft cream shirt (he hated robes) someone knocked.
“Come” He called as he finished a final braid. Turning as the door opened, Thranduil found himself looking into such blue eyes as to rival Glorfindel’s.

“King Thranduil” The elf said with a bow, “Lord Celeborn sent me to escort you to evening meal.” Thranduil quickly recognized the elf as having seen to his men earlier. He also noticed that the ellon was more than passing fair. ‘Get a grip ancient one’, Thranduil chastised himself.

While Thranduil was chiding himself, the other elf looked up. Since Thranduil had turned to dim the lantern he did not see the admiring look the tall Silvan threw his way.

The young elf quickly turned toward the door, ‘Right, as if so legendary an elf would even look once at you; he surely has his fill of worthy admirers.’ Giving a small shake of his head, the ellon dispersed the thought of the golden king from his mind and opened the door, stepping aside to allow the king to pass.

The walk to dinner was silent; the lithe ellon followed by the king. Once they arrived, Thranduil was surprised to see the guardian take a position at the entrance.

“Tell me, is it not safe here?” Thranduil questioned his host with a wink.

“Pardon?” Celeborn finished opening the balcony doors and turned to greet Thranduil.

“Your guardian at the door. Surely a young elf of his caliber has better things to do than guard the dining room door.”

Celeborn smirked at the king’s words. “Some are finding it hard to give up their ever watchful ways. He actually refused my lady’s request to sail to Valinor.”

“Well, he must be brave to do that.” Both chucked. The two settled down to dinner, discussing political and private subjects alike. With elven hearing nothing the two lords said went unheard by the young guard. He found it difficult to stand there indifferently He listened intently to talk of battles and dragons, giant spiders and loves lost. He caught himself looking at the beautiful king more than once and mentally chiding himself again for having less than appropriate thoughts. This dinner really needed to be over!

“Rúmil? Penneth?” Celeborn called noticing the vague expression on the ellon’s handsome face. Suddenly Rúmil came back to the here and now with the loveliest blush Thranduil had ever seen. “Penneth, are you well?” Celeborn said with a bit of concern.

“Aye my Lord. Forgive me; my mind lapsed.” Rúmil cringed internally ‘now I look like a mindless young fool.’

Celeborn nodded. “Would you please see Thranduil back to his rooms?” Grinning impishly he added, “It would be terrible if he walked off a flet.”

Thranduil sent a mock scowl in the direction of the Silver Lord. Standing he bowed to his host countering with, “Perhaps it would better for him to remain here and help you up meldir, for your balance is not as it was in your youth. ” Rúmil found his lips curling up gently at the bantering Lords. He was glad Celeborn had found a companion.

Emerald eyes briefly roamed the gray clad guardian. ‘He has the most adorable…oh Elbereth! This is not good. I’m old enough to be his great grandfather.’ Thranduil really needed to get over the sudden fascination with the young warrior!

Bowing to his friend, Thranduil followed the Galadhrim into the atrium. Stopping to take a deep breath before following Rúmil, he sighed. It had been such a long time since he had felt this good, peaceful and safe.

No longer feeling a presence behind him, Rúmil stopped and looked back. “My Lord?”

“I fear it is my turn to apologize for letting my mind drift.”

“No apology is needed Sire.”

Thranduil sized up the elleth before him. Rúmil was perhaps bit older than Legolas and as noted before extremely handsome. The king could not believe that there was not a mate or lover waiting the beauty. “Certainly there must be something more interesting for you to be doing this evening. Despite what Celeborn said, I will not walk off a flet or get lost. Please penneth, go enjoy yourself. The night is still young.” Thranduil winked as he passed a stunned Rúmil.

“Oh, but sire, I couldn’t. Celeborn would be most…”

“Let me worry about that old tree. Go have fun.” With that, he was gone. Rúmil looked after him wondering if he should follow anyway. No, that would be an insult. It was clear the King did not want his company. Rúmil turned and descended the nearest set of stairs heading to the clearing where most of his friends were gathered.


Thranduil returned to his room. How he whished Glorfindel and Erestor were here. They would be able to knock some sense into his head. That young Galadhrim was more than passing fair and had a spark of mischief in his eye. Thranduil knew that his discussions with Celeborn had been overheard and he was impressed with Rúmil’s focused discipline. Thranduil began to wonder if he was always so intense, when he was with his peers or…in bed. Oh he really must stop these musings!

Rúmil found his companions and joined them for a drink. The talk was all about the handsome King of Mirkwood. His muscles, his hair, his eyes, and his arse…this was not helping him.

“What do you think Rúmil? You have been up close to the king. Is he really as terrifying as it is said?” A friend inquired.

“How should I know?” Rúmil answered a bit too harshly, “It’s not like we’ve talked or anything.”

“Fine, calm down. What is troubling you so? You have gone from just plain moody to irritable within the last week. Me thinks you need to get…”

“Gaerfinnel” Rúmil barked. However, it was true. Since his brother, Orophin, returned with the twins to Imladris, Rúmil had been a bit of a drag. It was also true that he could use a little relief and his hand was leaving him wanting. He began to think about muscles, bright green eyes and that firm arse that he would really love to pound int…Oh he really needed get a grip before he embarrassed himself. ‘I am a child to him. He probably looks at me and sees Legolas.’ That thought alone brought him down. Quietly excusing himself, he returned to his dark flet.

That night he dreamed as he had not it decades. He dreamed of silken hair brushing across his back as he was thoroughly undone. How those beautiful lips, the color of fine red wine would feel, how he would taste…Rúmil awoke with a start sporting the worst hard on he ever felt. Sighing, he went about taking care of himself but mindless stroking was not working this time. Signing he began to imagine Thranduil touching him, kissing him, loving him. He came in powerful sprits with the king’s name on his lips. ‘This is so not good’ he thought as he cleaned himself up.

In a talan not far away, a powerful king, who was always in control, found himself pleasured by his own hand. Thranduil closed his eyes and visualized moonlit hair, summer sky eyes, gentle touches and a youth who would…have no interest in the kind of love he could offer. That did it…there would be no release this night. Thranduil yanked up his sleeping pants over his now deflated member and drifted into a fitful sleep.

Anor found most elves up and pleasantly going about their morning business. Two elves however did not rejoice in her warm light, to distracted they were. Rúmil woke earlier than was his want and dressed in simple dark gray leggings and a loose silver shirt. Next, he strapped his sword on and grabbed his bow. ‘A good work out is just what I need,’ he though. Leaving his flet he headed to the practice grounds. He would have a chance to warm up before anyone else arrived. Then he hoped to pummel a sparing partner until he felt stress free.

Rúmil arrived at the empty field. He dropped his bow and drew his sword. He went through a fluid dance that was ingrained in him from a young age…and as such found himself to be the lucky…or not so lucky, he thought…elf on the training grounds that brisk fall morning to run into the king of Mirkwood.

“That was beautiful penneth” Thranduil called when Rúmil finished. Rúmil nearly dropped his sword as he turned to face the king. All he saw was flowing golden hair, intense green eyes, and a beautiful body clad in black leggings and a pale green silk shirt opened deep at the throat. The things that ran through his mind in that brief flash of time would have a Rohrriam blushing like a maiden.

Shaking himself mentally Rúmil quickly replied, “Thank you Sire. I was simply enjoying some quite time before training.”
Thranduil bowed, “I shall not disturb you then.” He turned to go.
“You are no disturbance you majesty.” Rúmil countered quickly. ‘Okay, maybe, yes he is.’ He added to himself.


Rúmil decided to go out on a limb and risk major embarrassment. “Sire, would you care to spar?” There, he had made a move. ‘What am I crazy’ he thought, ‘I am going to get my ass beat!’ sigh ‘by a very beautiful elf.’ He really was so not getting over this.

Thranduil threw him a blinding smile. “I would be delighted, Rúmil.” The king drew his sword and readied himself. It had been a long time since he spared for the fun of it. Moreover, to spare with the visual delight before him began to stir things in him he though long dead. He so did not want to get over this.

They began to circle, testing the waters and soon began to spare in earnest. Well Thranduil was sparring earnestly. “Why do you not put forth your full potential, penneth?” He asked and parried. “Do you think I will break? I might be considered an old goat, but trust me…you can let go!” Rúmil found his mind taking those words in a completely different sense.

“ You are not old my lord.” He replied with a blush. With that said he lunged with all his might at the king. Taken a bit off guard, Thranduil found himself on the defensive and fighting to regain his balance. Around and a round they went. As the sun climbed higher, the temperature rose. Arian, it seemed, felt like making things interesting. With a brief respite to remove shirts, the warriors continued the grueling match. By now many Greenwood and Lórien warriors came to watch. The two combatants were a remarkable sight but Thranduil and Rúmil saw only each other. Finally, exhaustion taking its toll, Rúmil found himself on the ground with Thranduil’s knee at his throat. They locked their intense gazes briefly before both quickly looked away.

“Well done Rúmil. It has been a long time since something other than a spider made me work so hard for a victory.”

Rúmil chuckled, “I’m glad to have been of service.” A soft blush crept on both their faces as they realized the connotation of Rúmil’s words. “Perhaps your majesty would allow a rematch? I feel the need to redeem myself.” ‘And,’ he added to himself, ‘it might be the closest I ever get to you.’
“Very well. Tomorrow at the same time? Good. Now come we need a bath!” Thranduil finished with a smile. ‘ Bath, brilliant Thran…like you really can handle seeing him in the flesh.’ However, the offer was made and could not be retracted. So, picking up the discarded items, both turned towards the public baths. It was fortunate that they were not alone.


So it was that the week passes. Every morning Rúmil and Thranduil spared and bathed together. They shared delightful conversation. Thranduil discovered a calmness and wisdom he never expected from one so young. It was clear that Rúmil was more than a boarder guard. Rúmil found Thranduil to have a youthful sense of humor. The king as firm and expecting, but he was not the monster Rúmil had grown up hearing about from Haldir. As the days passed, a strong friendship developed. Although both were still plagued with sensual dreams and sudden bursts of heat to their groin, they seemed content to just be friends.

‘I probably remind him of Legolas’ he thought. This could have been the case as he was only about 150years older than the king’s son was. ‘He sees me as a surrogate child’ Rúmil berated himself one night after bringing himself to orgasm with the king’s name on his lips.

Thranduil faired no better in the quiet of his rooms. Slumping into a chair, he realized just how old he was. He fought at the Battle of the Last Alliance for Manwë’s sake! ‘Such a strong, passionate, bright sprite could only see me as a father figure.’ Thranduil dropped his head into his hands in despair.

As it was, a feast had been planned for a time after Thranduil and his people had become settled. It was a celebration of unity between the Sinda and Silvan people. Thranduil felt the need to look more regal than he had taken to as of late. After a long bath he donned leggings of black suede, a rich gold shirt which set off his golden hair, and a sleeveless robe of emerald green which just made his green eyes shine out. He braided his hair in the tradition of Mirkwood, though he used warrior braids not those of the royal house. When he was done, he looked in the mirror. ‘Who are you kidding, Thran? This has nothing to do with being a king and everything with wanting a certain Galadhrim to take notice.’ Thranduil shook his head at his own foolishness and left for the glade.

Rúmil was in a quandary. He had gone through his entire wardrobe and those left behind by his brother. Finally, he decided on blue. He chose a pair of snug silver-gray leggings and a midnight blue silk shirt embroidered delicately at the neck in silver. He brushed his hair until it shone like mithril and tied the sides bake in jeweled clip Orophin had gifted him. He looked in the mirror and smiled. He looked striking if he did not say so himself. The smile died quickly though. Thranduil was a King, wise and time-tested. ‘He will not even notice me with all the dignitaries there.’ With a sigh, Rúmil left his flet.
Thranduil was already at the glade when Rúmil arrived and as predicted, every unattached lord and lady (and even a few who were not) now surrounded the king. The king was resplendent in his glory. Coming to grips with reality, he descended the shallow steps into the glade.

It really was a splendid set-up; food and music and dancing and drinking. It was a time to rejoice. Rúmil was immediately flooded by would be lovers. He, like both his brothers, was extremely sought after by ellon and elleth alike. Unfortunately for them, Rúmil was not as easy a catch as Haldir and Orophin. Truth be told, Rúmil had only ever had two lovers…an elleth and an ellon. His entrance did not go unnoticed by the majestic king. Thranduil was in awe at the vision coming down the steps. He never dreamed that Rúmil could look more beautiful. Yet, there he stood in stunning clothing with an air of confidence belying his age…and a flock of suitors. Thranduil’s eyes were the only things to show emotion. First there was awe, then jealousy, and then deep sadness and longing. Of course those he was with were far to busy trying to gain his favor to notice. Celeborn however saw it all. He knew his friend harbored feelings for the young warrior and he knew the feelings were returned. The two just seemed to not get it. ‘Time to mediate,’ the silver lord decided.

Grabbing Thranduil by the arm and excusing them both from the gaggle of suitors, he headed straight for the young warrior. “What are you doing? Celeborn, where are we going?” Thranduil began to resist when it was clear where they were heading.
“Relax meldir,” was all Celeborn would say as they approached the group. Backing away from Rúmil to give the two lords room, Celeborn quickly took charge of the situation. “Rúmil, Thranduil expressed a desire to walk by the lake. I cannot go with him and it would be improper for him to go alone…” He paused here and was rewarded for his effort.

“I will gladly accompany his majesty, if he so desires it.” Rúmil said looking expectantly at the king.

With an air of formality that was absent from his eyes, Thranduil softly responded, “I desire it greatly.” With a triumphant smile, Celeborn watch the two depart. They were on their own now. As he returned to his companion, he could not help but chuckle at the envious stares thrown in the direction of the lake.


They walked in silence for a while. When they finally reached the small lake, Thranduil let out a small gasp. The site was unbelievable. Rúmil also gasped but not because of the lake. The King was stunning in Ithil’s light.
“It is truly beautiful here.” Thranduil whispered. Rúmil stepped behind him.
“Aye my lord.” He gently replied. Once again a comfortable silence descended. Thranduil, looking across the water, finally spoke. “Meldir, you should be enjoying the celebration with your friends, not acting as a guide for a weary old king.”
Rúmil looked at the king with a mix of confusion and desire. “Is that what you wish,” he asked softly, “to be left alone?” Before he could do anything, Thranduil let out a chocked sob and dropped to his knees in tears. Startled only for a moment, Rúmil gently laid a hand on his friend’s shoulder. “I am sorry he whispered into a delicately pointed ear.” as he too kneeled on the soft earth.

Before he knew it, he took the king in his arms. He had a good idea of the problem and he desperately wanted to take the hurt away.

Turning to look at the compassionate soul next to him Thranduil could only whisper a sing word, “Rúmil.”

Throwing caution to the wind Rúmil made a bold move. “ I would have you stay with me…if you so desire it.”

Looking at the young elf Thranduil saw the true meaning of the words. This beautiful creature desired him…wanted him…cared for him.

“Penneth, you deserve someone young and passionate, not a beat up old war horse.”

“Do you not desire me?” Rúmil second-guessed himself.

“Aye, I do very much. However, I am not looking for an evening of pleasure. Courtiers are simple enough to get. I want someone to fill this hole inside of me. I never wanted to be king and I never wanted to marry my wife, though I love Legolas dearly. I just wanted to be Thranduil. Plain Thranduil”

Rúmil lifted the king’s chin to look into his eyes. He wanted Thranduil to see the truth in is words. “I also look for more than a lesions” he began. “I do not take lovers at random and I’ve never given my heart to another. I find myself unable to think of anything or anyone besides you. You are in my dreams. Why you would want to settle for a simple guardian I do not know. Still, come with me.” Rúmil stood and offered his hand. Thranduil looked up expectantly. Could it be that he found someone willing to see him as the simple soul he was? ‘Elbereth, do not let me live to regret this.’ With that payer said, he took Rúmil’s hand.

Rúmil lead him through the woods to his talan. At the bottom of the stairs, he turned and kissed the king gently. “It is not to late to change your mind. I will understand.” Pulling the younger elf to him, Thranduil kissed him with all the feeling he could. Both felt the sparks. Without another word, Rúmil lead Thranduil into his talan. It was dark and as Rúmil went to light a lamp, Thranduil just stood in the middle of the room with a lost expression.

“Sire?” Rúmil stood before him.


Rúmil’s heart sunk. Thranduil had changed his mind. Who could blame him? Rúmil was nothing special. Noticing the change in his companion Thranduil quickly explained. “No, I mean no titles. I am not your lord, king, sire or majesty. I am only Thranduil.”

Flashing a mischievous smile at his possible lover, Rúmil replied, “Oh, you are most definitely a majesty!” With that he stepped foreword and kissed the king soundly. Soft lips opened to him and he wasted no time in delving into the sweet moist cavity. Tongues danced and played together until the need for air drove the elves apart. Removing Thranduil’s outer robe, Rúmil pulled him toward his bedroom. “Tul.”

Thranduil followed without hesitation.

Once in the room, Thranduil captured Rúmil’s lips in a searing kiss that shot straight to his groin. As passions rose, impatient fingers fumbled with laces and clasps. Finally divested of clothing, Thranduil pulled the younger elf onto himself as he fell on to the bed.

“Beautiful.” he whispered, then playfully nipped at Rúmil’s collarbone when the young elf blushed.

“No, Si….” Rúmil caught himself and looking directly into his lover’s eyes amended, “No, Thranduil. You are radiant. I thank the Valar for bringing you to me.” He bowed his head and reverently kissed the petal soft lips. The moan that came from Thranduil drove him on. Rúmil deepened the kiss before moving down to nibble a long neck and finally savor a rosy nipple. Thranduil squirmed beneath him in wanton desire. Gently nipping at the sensitive nub, Thranduil responded with a grown that set Rúmil on fire. Thranduil caressed every inch of the body above him. Finally letting his arms fall to his side as Rúmil circled his navel with a very talented tongue. His back bowed off the bed when his ridged member was taken into the most delightful wet heat. Rúmil had taken his whole shaft and sucking gently slid up it only to repeat the action. Thranduil was lost. The whole Golden Wood could burn down and he would never notice. All he felt were the ministrations of his lover. Rúmil lightly ran his tongue up the velvet rod and swirled the tip of his tongue over the weeping slit. Thranduil squirmed and moaned beneath him. That alone was almost enough to undo Rúmil. Again he swallowed his prize. One hand snaked its way up to play with a pert nipple, the other down to fondle the soft sacs. It had been long since Thranduil felt anything this intense and as he felt his climax approach, he pulled Rúmil up and kissed him with a passion he had not felt in centuries.

Easily rolling onto the slighter elf, Thranduil began an attack of his own. Beginning with a sensitive ear, he sucked and licked and nipper while his hands roamed freely over Rúmil’s taunt body. Rúmil gasped and moaned in disappointment when the attack abruptly stopped. Opening his eyes, he met the predatory gaze of the king. He watched as Thranduil slowly took his member into his mouth; he never broke eye contact. Rúmil was mesmerizes as he watched Thranduil lick and tease the tip. With a groan he fell back as Thranduil too the whole length. It was clear that Thranduil could teach Rúmil much in the bedroom. Gently taking a sac into his mouth Thranduil circled the private opening with his finger. Releasing the sac, he looked about for something to use. Rúmil sensing the need reached to his side and grabbed the oil he used earlier on his hair. Taking the vial, Thranduil coated his finger and returned to undoing this lover.

“Uhh Thranduil…” Rúmil gasped as he was breached. The king smiled around the erection he was presently devouring and added a second finger. He twisted and crooked until he felt what he was looking for. Rúmil about catapulted from the bed when he was assailed by intense pleasure. Never had he been tended to thusly!

“You are beautiful to behold in passion, lover.” Thranduil added a third finger. As he felt Rúmil tense, he removed his fingers. Rúmil growled in disapproval. Thranduil chuckled and move up to kiss him gently.

“How would you have me?” Rúmil breathed. To his surprise, Thranduil straddled him. The king claimed the swollen lips before Rúmil could formulate another question. Placing his hands on either side of Rúmil’s head, Thranduil thrust back, effectively impaling himself on his lover. Rúmil gasped as the sudden warmth engulfing him. Thranduil was tight and almost undid Rúmil right there.

Thranduil threw his head back with a grunt as he was suddenly filled. He looked at his lover with mischief in his eyes. Rúmil certainly did not expect this. Leaning forward again, the golden elf kissed his beam of moonlight breathless and began to thrust ever so slowly. Rúmil could hardly stand the slow, intense pace. Growing impatient, he began to meet each thrust, driving himself deeper into his love. Thranduil dropped his head to rest on Rúmil’s shoulder as the pace increased. He came with a loud cry as Rúmil captured his ear with his teeth. That was all it took for Rúmil to experience shooting stars and completion.

Thranduil collapsed onto his love. “I would have you every night if you so desired my beauty.” He panted as he slid to the side letting the now sated member slip from his body.

“Aye, I desire it melethron.” Rúmil replied in a sleepy voice. Reverie soon took him to a world of dreams filled with gold hair and blue eyes and undying love. Thranduil smiled as he too began to drift off. His last thought was that he was finally liberated. Politics no longer mandated his life…Love did.


Iavas: Autumn
Gaerfimmel: Copper-hair
Meldir: Friend (m)
Elleth: Elf (f)
Ellon: Elf (m)
Melethron: Lover (m)


This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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