Storm Clouds: 4. Our Elf Lord Is Surprised

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4. Our Elf Lord Is Surprised

Note * * indicates mind speech between elves.

Elrond glared at his ionnath in mock anger and gave them instructions to remain away from the river until that afternoon. Faining fear they laughed and gathering their bows and quivers full of arrows and were soon mounted up and off on a sweep through the southern approaches to the encampment. More a hunt then a patrol, the gwanur hoped to find a deer or some fowl for the evening dinner pot. Elrond turned towards the laughing ellyth and smiling in turn gestured towards the river.

“If you are prepared to do your laundry and bath, I will stand guard on the cliff above the bank and Glorfindel will have warriors beyond and below you on the river beach. Since I am well able to sense if there are any would be observers, you will be assured of your privacy.”

Arwen nodded her head in agreement and picked up her bag of bathing accessories and bundle of dirty cloths headed towards the path that led down to the cove. “You all can be assure of that, mellyn nin. We will be well protected.”

Chattering among them selves the ellyth followed behind her. ‘Rellas paused momentarily and studied the elf lord who was gazing after his sell his face full of affection and wistfulness written plainly on his face. It was not hard to realize that he yearned for her to visit Imladris more often. Shaking her head, she wished she could offer him a bit of sympathy but she fully understood his reasons for insuring Arwen had the influence of her daer naneth most of the time. From what she had been told, Imladris tended to be something of a bachelor establishment, hardly the best environment to raise a young sell. Resuming her way over to the path, she nodded to Elrond who turned at the sound of her footsteps.

“My lady ‘Rellas, I hope you have an enjoyable morning.”

“I am sure we will hiren. This will be the first time we have been able to take the time to wash everything at once. Hopefully the weather will hold long enough for it all to dry.”

He picked up a small bag and joined her as she drew even and accompanied her to the top of the cliff. Waving her forward, he stepped off the trail pulling out a small book from the bundle and disappearing behind the cover of some large bushes and settled himself down grinning.

“I will wait here until you return. I came prepared to entertain myself. I have a bottle of miruvor and some lembas, just in case I should have need of it.”

‘Rellas laughed. “You expect us to take so long that you will need to eat a meal before we are finished?”

He chuckled, “My experience with ellyth would certainly support that observation.”

“Very well hiren, I hope you have a pleasant but enjoyable tour of guard duty.”

With a nod of her head she left him settling into a comfortable position and preparing to enjoy his book.

From time to time the sound of laughter would float up from below and he would pause and smile. Elrond would listen to the splashing and merry voices of the ellyth as they enjoyed them selves and then he would do a mental sweep of the area especially on the lookout for two mischievous ellon who just might do their best to sneak up on the ellyth and embarrass them.

Well in to late morning he heard the returning footfall of the ellyth and closing his book, he prepared to follow after them. He repacked the small bag and hesitated, considering the pleasure of a swim before returning to camp. Elrond turned towards the river path and began the decent through the bushes that had insured total privacy around the small cove. As he reached the bottom he began striping off his outer tunic and came to a startled halt, as he realized not all of the ellyth had departed the river. ‘Rellas was languidly floating on her back just off the riverbank.

He stood silently watching the blue water flowing over two full white breasts and a flat trim stomach. Long slender legs occasionally scissored to keep her floating in place and her hair floated about her head in a curtain of undulating black. Elrond felt a stirring in his loins and swallowed hard. He had not expected to feel that again until he sailed for the Undying Lands. He started to back up quietly hoping to withdraw before she became aware of his uninvited presence.

With a sigh she turned over and started for the river’s edge and her clothes piled nearby. When she became aware of him standing frozen there his tunic stripped and hanging off his arms, she stopped and returned his intense gaze. She knew his presence was inadvertent and wholly unplanned. She also saw the raw desire reflected both in his eyes and his leggings. She treaded water and continued to exchange looks with him surprised to feel an answering hunger her self.

Refusing to be embarrassed she began to slowly walk towards the bank, her hands rising to wring out her hair and twist it up in a knot on her head. The action pulled her breasts high and they swung with each step. Her body emerged from the water shedding sparkling drops of water over surprisingly lush curves and gleaming skin. Unconsciously she walked with a sway in her hips, her femininity calling to his masculinity and finally stopping just inches away from him.

Elrond stiffened then dropped his tunic. With a moan he pulled her into his arms and answered her question with a harsh kiss grinding his now hard arousal against her hips. She melted into his arms and answered his need with her own. Both forgot for a time where they were. It took the sound of voices calling out both ‘Rellas’ and Elrond’s name to recall them back to the present. They parted and stood there facing each other breathing hard.

“My lady, I apologies. I did not…”

‘Rellas reached up and placed a finger against his mouth, silencing him. “I do not blame you for anything. We must talk about this but now is not the time. Will you intercept them so that I might have time to dress before I am discovered? “

Nodding he picked up his tunic and slipped it on. He turned to climb the path and impede the progress of their searchers.

*Indeed, my lady we must discuss this. * Elrond frowned.

*It was most pleasant hiren. I am not insulted. * Came the soft reply.

Elrond found himself suddenly chuckling. But he had no time to consider it further as Arwen and the other ellyth came rapidly towards him as he reached the top.

“Ada, ‘Rellas did not return with us and it has been sometime since we left her. We became worried.” Arwen made to pass her father and rush down the path. At that moment ‘Rellas came up the path her arms full of folded clothes and drying cloths.

“Ah, penneth, I do not know why you should be concerned, I assure you I am quite capable of taking care of myself. Besides did not your ada stand guard over us? I was merely enjoying a nice quiet bath.” She exchanged amused looks with the elf lord. “Now I believe we should allow the ellyn the opportunity to enjoy a bath in private and we can put our things away while they do so.” With that she herded the ellyth up the path pausing to look over her shoulder at Elrond’s snort of mirth. With a wicked grin he waved at her and returned to the riverbank.

As he swam in the cool clear water Elrond found himself considered what had just happened. While it was not unusual for elf kind to form temporary relationships when parted from their mates for long periods of time, he had not pursued the practice choosing instead to submerge him self in work and responsibility to fill his lonely nights and years. He knew the practice did not mean that elf kind who chose to make such temporary relationships loved their mates any less but simply recognized the need for occasional closeness to ease the loneliness that arises during such times. Celebrian had been gone for a very long time and he had to admit that as much as he missed her lively wit, and bright spirit, he also miss the physical warmth of her touch and the simple fact of waking beside her. There had never been anyone who had aroused the degree of affection and respect in him to cause him to consider the possibility of a temporary alliance before and he found himself considering such possibility of such a relationship now.

‘Rellas was in much the same position as he and she had certainly gave him reason to believe she would not object to such a relationship. Both knew it would end before they sailed to the Undying Lands. Certainly, she would be departing long before him but with the uncertainty whether her hervenn had yet been released from the halls of Mandos her reluctance to leave her children was understandable. He decided it was worth considering and then sounding out ‘Rellas to see if he understood her response correctly. If she were interested, they would need to hold off until they reached Imladris before acting on it.

‘Rellas found herself in deep thought for the rest of the day and was studiously careful according the most proper respect and acknowledgment due his position in the elf lord’s presence, but otherwise maintaining her distance. She was aware that he was studying her with deep curiosity and interest. His response to her ‘challenge’ had surprised them both and she suspected he was considering whether or not to pursue the matter. Now she had to decide whether she willing to do so if he asked the question. With a heavy sigh she turned her attention back to the elves gathered around the fire for the evening meal. As she looked up found her eyes imprisoned in Elrond’s intent gaze.

*I think we have much to consider before Imladris my lady. * His low mental voice sent shudders through her faer and she shut her eyes momentarily.

*I wish you would not do that hiren. I am not use to hearing voices in my mind. *

*For the moment it is the safest way to talk to each other. *

*We will have plenty of time, hiren, before we reach Imladris to pursue any discussions. *

*We cannot ignore what has happened. ‘Rellas. *

*I know hiren… * ‘Rellas stopped as she encountered Glorfindel’s considered gaze.

Glorfindel looked at his lord and then back at ‘Rellas and smirked. He had no doubt what had happened but he did wonder how far it had gone. Elrond faced the balrog slayer and frowned.

*’Fin, hold your thoughts close and say nothing. *

*Very well meldir nin, but know I approve. *

‘Rellas started as she heard the blond lord’s voice in her head and frowned at him.

*My lady, you need not fear anyone’s opinion. He needs to get laid and I suspect you are just the one to do it. *

*Fin.!!!!!!!!! * Both answered in shock.

*Yep, in fact I bet others are thinking the same thing *

Glorfindel stood and strode off into the night whistling cheerfully leaving the stunned elf lord and elleth staring after him

Gwanur- brothers, a pair of twins
Ellyth-female elves
Mellyn nin-my friends (female)
Hiren-lord, term of respect
Miruvor-prized Imladris wine
Lembas-elvish way or travel bread
Ellon-male elf
Penneth-young one
Ellyn-male elves
Melder nin-my friend (male)

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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