The Story of Sorul Khazzur-kammim: 2. The Son

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2. The Son

"Why is he crying?"

"It's his eyes... The sunlight burns them... I should have known."
Inside, all the time. Shuttered windows. Alone. Everyone is different. Even my mother......................... I am different.
"I want to go and play outisde."

"Sorul, you know what happens when you go out in the day."


Sorul looked up from the book he was reading. It seemed all he did was read. Just the other day, Sorul had gone outside to face his enemy, the sun, and for three long hours, he forced himself to stay put, trying his best to look around and take in the views of 'nice weather.' Of course the trip resulted in the young lad being found in the garden on the floor, writhing in agony with his hands covering his eyes.

Sorul was only young but he knew there was something strange about the way his mother looked at him. He could not describe the quiet discomfort he always got. Even when she smiled, her eyes didn't.

"I have brought some children to meet you."

Sorul's face was a potent mix of suprise, fear and happiness. The three elflings walked in, two boys and a girl. Sorul froze, staring at them apprehensively. All three stared back.

"Thoneluil here..." Gwendyll placed her hand lightly on the elflings shoulder. "...likes that card game I taught you."

Sorul nodded stupidly slow, his shoulders relaxing slightly at the mention of cards. Finally someone else to play against. Maybe they were the same skill level, they could practise against eachother everyday, and...

"Hello," Thoneluil spoke.

The other two raised a hand in greeting and Sorul copied.

"Well, I'll leave you to play. No mischief."

There was that smile again. That look. She left sight and Sorul turned his attention to the three elflings who walked up boldly, Sorul already reaching over and getting his pack of cards.

"So, where did you come from?" Thoneluil asked, a slight note in his voice warned ill intent.

Sorul came to sit straight up again, cards in hand, then considered the question innocently before replying, "Here... Imladris."


The girl snickered and hit her friend lightly for the last word, Sorul subconsciously fiddling with the deck in his hand.

"Why do you look so strange?"

Sorul wanted to say that he didn't look strange, but it was up for debate. All the time would he ask his mother about his father, and always would it lead to Gwendyll's departure, only curt, and vague answers given.

"My father is an underground elf."

"Underground?! Have you ever been in a cave before?" another chimed in.

"Erm, no," replied Sorul, steadily growing more uncomfortable with this barrage of questions.

"Why aren't you underground with your father then?"

"I... I don't.... know," Sorul managed to say, the information being for himself as much as the three elflings.

"Your eyes are creepy."

Sorul looked away from the young elleth, resting his gaze on another before looking down to his feet. Suddenly it came to him, what his mother had said. Elves can't see very well in the dark!

"I can see in the dark," the young half-drow blurted out. "I bet you can't."

All three regarded him with disgust... perhaps a little envy.

"That's horrible, who would want to see in the dark. Normal elves sleep at that time, dark elf."

"My name is Sorul," Sorul said firmly, stnading up with his fist clenched tight.

"Dark elf, dark elf, hides away in the shadows." Started by one, but other two joining in, all three elflings marched out to the tune, leaving Sorul standing there shaking visibly.

Looking down at the deck of cards firmly in the grasp of his right hand, he threw them as hard as he could at the wall and then dived onto his bed, crying into his pillow.
"Mother, I promise, I was fine today, it doesn't hurt anymore."

"Ok then... I will talk to Lord Elrond about you studying in school."

"With other elves?"

"...Yes, Sorul."
I cannot bear it much longer. Each passing day he grows ever the picture of his father. Having to look that horrid man in the face again. Imbros. I cannot and so I am tortured with his face everyday. A loveless child, Valar forgive me... but it is true.
"But I want to learn to fight aswell."

"Now Sorul..."

"Fenwyn is younger than me!"

"Sorul Khazzur-kammim, I will not have you shouting."

"Fine! I will teach myself!"


"It would be best to let him join in the more physical education."

"He needs one on one tuition... for all his subjects. He is not coping well with the other children."

"But he will not accept it. He wants to be with others, regardless of how they treat him."

"It is for his own good... I will be his personal tutor."

"Very well, Berensul."

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