Gwynnyd's Alphabet Prompt Drabbles: 26. Z - Dreams of Flight (Balrog)

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26. Z - Dreams of Flight (Balrog)

Prompt - Z like zooming around Zirakzigil

Dreams of Flight

In the dream, the starless sky looms, knife-sharp rock ridges splitting the dark. Skimming surfaces and soaring over the cold air seeping from the snow-capped peak, wings pummel the air as the mountains wheel below. Barren slopes desiccate life. Ice shears stone again and again until the mighty mountain is lost and flat. All is cold, slow chaos.

The Balrog wakes, prisoned by the inexorable process that binds him to one form. He would lose himself in emptiness, but he is trapped in heat.

Howling his defiance, he unfurls wings of flame and shadow too insubstantial to bear him aloft.



And in Utumno [Melkor] gathered his demons about him, those spirits who first adhered to him in the days of his splendour, and became most like him in his corruption: their hearts were of fire, but they were cloaked in darkness, and terror went before them; they had whips of flame. Balrogs they were named in Middle-earth in later days.

The Silmarillion, Quenta Silmarillion, Ch 3, Of The Coming of the Elves and the Captivity of Melkor

If the Balrogs were 'most like' Melkor, who desired, as far as I can make out, the heat death of the universe, constraining them into bodies of flame constituted irony of suitably epic proportions.

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