On Merry Yule: 24. Appendix A - Cast of Characters

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24. Appendix A - Cast of Characters

The appendix is organized by families among the Hobbits first, then with significant unrelated characters, and finally with minor/walk-on characters. Wives are placed within their patrilineal clans where appropriate. There are many people mentioned in the story who do not physically appear in it.

Characters are arranged according to age within each clan grouping. Each character is flagged for which chapter they make their first great appearance in and/or are first the subject of a great deal of discussion.

Bilbo - Bilbo Baggins, Head of Baggins clan. Son of Bungo Baggins and Belladonna Took. Chapter 1
Dora - Dora Baggins. Sister to Drogo, Bilbo and Frodo’s eldest Baggins female relative. Chapter 11
Prisca - Prisca Baggins Bolger. Wife to Wili, second cousin to both Bilbo and Frodo. Chapter 4
Peony - Peony Baggins Burrows. Niece to Prisca, second cousin to Bilbo and Frodo. Married to Milo Burrows. Chapter 11
Frodo - Frodo Baggins. Son of Drogo Baggins and Primula Brandybuck, first and third cousin to Bilbo, his adopted son and heir. Chapter 1
Rory - Rorimac Brandybuck, Master of Buckland. Bilbo's maternal first cousin, and Frodo's maternal uncle. Chapter 3
Gilda/Gammer - Menegilda Goold Brandybuck, Mistress of Buckland. Wife to Rory, Frodo's aunt, the most experienced healer and midwife in the Shire. Chapter 3
Amaranth - Amaranth Brandybuck, Rory's oldest sister. Oversees spinning in Brandy Hall cloth production. Chapter 17
Saradas/Big Sara - Saradas Brandybuck, Rory's oldest brother. Chapter 4
Amalda - Amalda Goldworthy Brandybuck, OC. Saradas’ wife, Seredic’s mother. Oversees lace-making in Brandy Hall. Chapter 11
Asphodel - Asphodel Brandybuck Burrows. Rory's second oldest sister. Married to Rufus Burrows, head of the Burrows clan. Chapter 4
Sara/Snake - Saradoc Brandybuck, Heir to the Master of Buckland. Rory and Gilda's oldest son, Frodo's first cousin, Bilbo's first cousin, once removed. Chapter 3
Mac/Badger - Merimac Brandybuck. Rory and Gilda's second son, Frodo's first cousin, Bilbo's first cousin, once removed. Chapter 3
Marmadas - Marmadas Brandybuck. Sara, Mac and Frodo's second cousin. Chapter 4
Seredic - Seredic Brandybuck, son of Saradas, Sara, Mac and Frodo's first cousin. Chapter 4
Gormac - Gormac Brandybuck, OC. Younger brother of Marmadas, twin of Marmalas, Sara, Mac and Frodo's first cousin. 27 years old at time of story. Chapter 4
Marmalas - Marmalas Brandybuck, OC. Younger brother of Marmadas, twin of Gormac, Sara, Mac and Frodo's first cousin. 27 years old at time of story. Chapter 4
Merle - Emerald Brandybuck, OC. Daughter of Sara and Esmie, Merry's older sister. Chapter 3
Berry - Berilac Brandybuck. Son of Mac and Dilly. Chapter 3
Merry - Meriadoc Brandybuck. Son of Sara and Esmie. Chapter 3
Alder - Adalgrim Took, Esmie and Pal's father, Bilbo's first cousin. Chapter 14.
Flame – Flambard Took. First cousin to Bilbo and Rory, first cousin once removed to Frodo . Chapter 18
Fort - Fortinbras II Took, Rum's father, previous Thain, Bilbo's first cousin. Chapter 14
Gis - Sigismond Took. Bilbo's first cousin. Chapter 5
Rum - Ferumbras Took III, Thain. Bilbo's first cousin, once removed. Chapter 5
Pal - Paladin Took II, Heir of the Thain. Esmie's older brother. Chapter 5
Esmie - Esmeralda Took Brandybuck. Wife of Sara, sister of Paladin Took, Heir of the Thain, Frodo's second cousin, Bilbo's first cousin, once removed. Chapter 3
Adelard – Adelard Took. Son of Flame. Chapter 18
Blossom – Blossom Grubb Took, OC. Wife of Adelard. Chapter 18
Rosamunda - Rosamunda Took Bolger. Gis' daughter, wife of Odovacar Bolger, Bilbo's first cousin, Frodo's second cousin. Chapter 5
Odogar - Odogar Bolger, OC. Head of Bolger clan. Son of Rudigar Bolger and Belba Baggins, first cousin to Bilbo. Chapter 2
Gun - Gundabard Bolger, OC. Headman of Whitfurrows, Eastfarthing. Brother to Wilibald (Wili) Bolger. Chapter 2
Tilda - Matilda Brockhouse Bolger, OC. Married to Gundabard Bolger, sister to Old Will Brockhouse. Chapter 2
Wili - Wilibald Bolger. Gun's younger brother, cousin by marriage to Bilbo. Chapter 4
Odovacar/Car - Odovacar Bolger. Son of Odogar Bolger and Lavender Sandheaver (OC), heir of Bolger clan. Married to Rosamunda Took. Chapter 2
Bard - Wilibard Bolger, OC. Son of Wili and Prisca. Chapter 4
Fred - Wilifred Bolger, OC. Son of Wili and Prisca. Chapter 4
Odogrim - Odogrim Bolger, OC. Youngest son of Odogar Bolger. Bilbo's first cousin once removed, Frodo's second cousin. 32 years old at time of story. Chapter 4
Tilly - Matilda Bolger, OC. Daughter of Bard and Cissy. Chapter 9
Fatty - Fredegar Bolger. Son of Odovacar and Rosamunda. Chapter 17
Stella - Estella Bolger. Daughter of Odovacar and Rosamunda. Chapter 17
Rufus - Rufus Burrows. Head of Burrows clan. Married to Asphodel Brandybuck. Chapter 11
Reed - Reed Burrows Boffin, OC. Sister of Rufus, married to Dugo Boffin, the son of Donnamira Took and Hugo Boffin. Her son, Griffo, is married to Frodo’s cousin Daisy Baggins. Chapter 11
Milo - Milo Burrows. Heir of Burrows clan. Frodo's first cousin. Married to Prisca's niece, Peony Baggins. Chapter 4
Dilly - Daffodil Burrows Brandybuck, OC. Mac's wife. Chapter 3
Cissy - Narcissus Burrows Bolger, OC. Bard's wife, Tilly's mother. Chapter 9
Bargo - Bargo Burrows, OC. Son of Asphodel and Rufus, Frodo's first cousin. 30 years old at time of story. Chapter 4
Bluebell - Bluebell Burrows, OC. Daughter of Asphodel and Rufus, Frodo's first cousin. 24 years old at time of story. 24 years old at time of story. Chapter 4
Adamanta - Adamanta Chubb Took. Wife of the Old Took, grandmother or great-grandmother to many of the major characters. Chapter 18
Opal - Opal Chubb Bolger, OC. Frodo’s great-grandmother, Odogar Bolger’s grandmother. Chapter 18
Hargo - Hargo Bracegirdle, OC. Head of Bracegirdle clan, brother to Lobelia. Chapter 5
Violet - Violet Bracegirdle, OC. Wife of Hargo. Chapter 5
Hilda - Hilda Bracegirdle. Lobelia's niece. Wife to Seredic. Chapter 4
Helga - Helga Bracegirdle, OC. Lobelia's niece. Wife to Fred. Chapter 4
b - Hamson Bracegirdle, OC. Lobelia's nephew, Bracegirdle clan heir. 29 years old at time of story. Chapter 4
Harriet - Harriet Bracegirdle, OC. Lobelia's niece. 27 years old at time of story.
Significant Characters
Dalin - Dalin Steelhand, OC. Son of Dwalin, nephew to Balin, cousin of Gimli. 75 years old as of the story date. Chapter 1
Farmer Haysend - OC, farmer from the Yale region of Eastfarthing. Chapter 2
Old Will - Willem Brockhouse, OC. Proprietor of The Fat Badger inn, Whitfurrows, Eastfarthing. Chapter 2
Ula - Ula Proudfoot, OC, Gilda's healer prentice. Youngest daughter of Odo Proudfoot, first cousin to Bilbo, second cousin to Frodo. 28 years old at time of story. Chapter 4
Tom - Tomson Tunnelly, OC. Resident of Brandy Hall, son of the Horse Master and of the Loom Mistress. 24 years old at the time of the story. Chapter 4
b - Marish farmer. Chapter 12
Sandheaver – OC. Headman of Bucklebury. Chapter 20
b – Willem “Ham” Hammerfoot, OC. Master Smith of Newbury. Chapter 21
b - Maud Grubb, OC. Widow of a distant cousin of Bilbo's, runs a brewery in Frogmorton. Chapter 22
Minor Characters
Dunny - OC, cartman. Chapter 2
Pitt - OC, Smith of Whitfurrows. Chapter 2
Soreshanks - OC, Eastfarthing farmer. Chapter 2
Dahlia - OC, doorward and serving woman at Brandy Hall. Chapter 3
Tanna - Tanna Goldworthy, OC. Niece to Amalda Goldworthy, Saradas' wife. Distant Brandybuck relation. 29 years old at time of story. Chapter 4
Maddie - OC, Head cook at Brandy Hall. Chapter 5
Brand - Isenbrand Bunce, OC. Bilbo's third cousin. Stone merchant in Scary, Eastfarthing. Chapter 5
Tom - Tomfast Tunnelly, OC. Horse Master at Brandy Hall. Married to Ada Tunnelly, father of Tom (Tomson) Tunnelly. Chapter 9
Papa Willow - OC, Marish farmer. Chapter 12
Slough - OC, Marish farmer. Chapter 12
Bob - OC, Buckland tween. Chapter 12
Dab - OC, Buckland tween. Chapter 12
Ada - Ada Tunnelly, Loom Mistress of Brandy Hall. Wife to Tomfast, mother of Tomson and Daisy. Chapter 18
Daisy – Daisy Tunnelly, OC. Sister to Tom. Chapter 18
Tam – OC. Buckland farm boy. Chapter 19

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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