The Golden Lion: 7. Collision Course

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7. Collision Course

In the first thread of dawn Meren slipped carefully from the bed and stood looking down at the slumbering Glorfindel. She wanted nothing more then to climb back in, awaken him with a kiss, and once more loose herself in the wondrous dream of his lovemaking. She had no allusions that to him it was any more than a pleasurable joining. To her it was a memory that would warm her in all the lonely years ahead. She jumped when he turned over on his back and snored softly. Smiling tenderly at this very male peculiarity, she collected her clothes silently and entered the outer sitting room dressing quietly.

She crossed to the door that led to the outer hall and paused. Meren had never been to his chambers and she was curious to see how he had personalized them. Over near the fireplace hung a banner bearing a golden flower the sign of his house. A large painting of an ancient city graced the wall and she suspected it was Gondolin. She shook her head in wonder. She had a difficult time accepting he had fought and died all those millennia ago and returned from the Halls of Mandos. He was one of the most vibrant living beings she had ever known.

A number of books and scrolls were scattered about the room on tables and a grey woollen cloak lay where it had been tossed casually across a divan near the door to the outer hall. There were several swords and spears hanging on the walls and one or two shields as well. The furniture was sparse but comfortable. A long divan was piled high with colorful cushions and they still bore the imprint of a body. His body, she thought and sighed. Across from it was a large well-worn overstuffed chair and she had no trouble picturing him lounging comfortably in it as he read or simply relaxed. A long narrow table was off to one side and a chair was askew as if someone had pushed away and left it. Several furs were scattered about on the floor. It was the home of a very male warrior.

Reluctantly she turned back to the door and listened for any activity. She did not want anyone to see her stealing out of Glorfindel’s chambers. It was not that she cared who knew they had spent the night together but considering what she was about to do, she felt it was important to keep a distance so that there would be little ill reflected on him. Meren let a most unladylike curse softly pass her lips as she heard the voices of house elves already preparing to start the new day. She would have to depart by the terrace and risk a more obvious sighting by anyone who was an early riser.

As she crossed to the doors leading to the terrace she paused by the pillow-strewn divan and touched the pillow that held the imprint of a head. Caught on the embroidered pattern was a long golden hair. Without thinking she picked up the pillow and buried her face in it and savored the clean woodsy scent that was Glorfindel. Hugging it to her chest she move swiftly through the doors and down the stairs into the edge of the surrounding gardens. Giving a quick look around she entered the opposite wing and boldly strode down the hall. If she met anyone now they would think nothing about it, as she was up often and about that early.

Glorfindel stirred and yawned before reaching for Meren, only to find he was alone in the bed. Frowning he sat up and looked about. She was definitely gone. Now why would she have left without waking him? He had planned a leisurely morning of lovemaking, followed by a shared bath and breakfast and then more lovemaking. He wanted to explore this new experience with her and consider where it might lead. He was surprised at how responsive she had been and even more surprised at his response in return. When he had claimed her, the feel of her hot moist sheath around his shaft had caused him intense pleasure and her soft cries had nearly driven him mad as he sought to bury himself as deep as he could within her warmth. His touch had easily set her aflame and rocked them both with several mutually reached explosive climaxes.

He grinned as he remembered her unexpected move to take control and how she had fearlessly explored his body. By the Valar, her hands and mouth had truly been wicked! And her fingers had sought places over and within his body few had dared ever to seek. Yes, she had ridden him near to exhaustion and he had not been unhappy to yield control for a while. It had proven most pleasurable.

Glorfindel shuddered as the memory of her fingers and tongue stroking and penetrating his most sensitive parts suddenly made his arousal painfully hard and aching to impale him self again within her sweet body. His hand moved to his shaft and with a groan, he began a slow deliberate stroke as he sought to relieve his growing discomfort. He was soon lost in the fog of sensual pleasure as he relived some of the more intense moments of the night before. His pelvis jerked against the pull of his fingers as they increased their speed and he felt his balls growing hot and tight as they readied themselves to release their life fluids. His breath became more ragged and uneven as he neared his climax. Clenching his teeth he pushed his head and feet back into the bed as his body bucked in release sending a cascade of silver semen across his stomach and chest. Gasping he fell back, struggling to slow his rugged breathing and regain control of his shuddering body.

He lay there mildly shocked. He could not remember how long it had been since he had resorted to such an elfling trick to handle his sexual needs.
It certainly had never happened after a night of such unending pleasure. Already he was growing hard again thinking of it. His train of thought was interrupted as Ceredir knocked on the outer door.

“My lord? I have your breakfast here. Lord Erestor has returned from Mirkwood and Lord Elrond asks that you join him for lunch in his private library.”

Glorfindel frowned at the interruption then rose and entered the bathing chamber. As he closed the door, he called for the house elf to enter.
Ceredir placed the breakfast tray on the table and entered the bedchamber. He grinned at the sight of the disheveled bedclothes and the smell of sex hanging on the air. Lord Glorfindel had company the night before and he wondered who the lucky elleth had been. He began straightening up the room removing the bed linen and opening the windows and doors to the terrace. Glorfindel exited the bathing chamber tying the belt of a deep blue silk robe.

“Ceredir, I would like to bath before I do anything else. Can you send for some hot water?”

“Already done, my lord.”

“Ah, that magic anticipation of yours?”

“I wish it were so, my lord, but I knew you would want to be at your best. We have noted the friendly manner in which Lord Erestor and you always seem to be attempting to outdo the other in your attire and I am afraid we house elves have accepted that challenge ourselves. It would never do to allow either of you to appear before Lord Elrond at less then your best. Why that would be an insult to our care!”

Glorfindel looked at the house elf in surprise then chuckled at the outraged expression on the house elf’s face. “So you take our care that seriously?”

“Of course, my lord,” Ceredir smiled back and bowed. He continued smoothly. “If I may be so bold, may I provide any assistance to your companion?”

Glorfindel shook his head, “She has already departed. If anything was left behind, return it to me and I will see that it is returned.”

“Of course my lord, you may rely on my discretion.”

Meren made it to her chamber without running into anyone. She closed the door and sagged against it in relief. After a quick bath and change of clothes she hurried down to the main corridor and paused at the stairs that led to Lord Elrond’s private rooms. She was relieved when she saw Lindir carrying a breakfast tray for Elrond.

“Good morning Meren,” he said cheerfully. “That was quite a party last evening. I noticed even Glorfindel was out on the floor dancing. It has been quite sometime since he has done that.”

“Lindir, I need to speak to Lord Elrond. Could you ask him if he would spare me a few minutes?”

Lindir frowned, “I am sure he will have time later this week. Lord Erestor returned from Mirkwood this morning so I suspect he will be very busy for a while.”

“Lindir, this is very important. I must talk with him in private. Please tell him it’s about the watcher,” she pleaded.

He nodded, “Very well, I will tell him. Will you wait here for an answer?”

“Yes, and hannon le, Lindir. I am most grateful.”

He nodded again and climbed the stairs. It was about ten minutes later when Lindir returned and gazed at her wide-eyed. “I don’t know what this is all about, but Lord Elrond was most unnerved and told me to cancel his late morning appointments. He will see you at ten o’clock in his private chambers.”

“Hannon le, I will be there.” She turned and fled down the corridor towards her chambers. Now she had to tell her naneth of her transgressions. That was going to be the most difficult thing she had ever done. She found her in their sitting room drinking a cup of the sweet tea she favored.

Hareth smiled at her, “You are up and about early, Meren.” She hesitated at the grim look on Meren’s face. “What has happened? What is wrong?”

“Naneth, I have something to tell you, something you will not like. I had hoped to wait until ada had returned but something has happened that makes it necessary that I tell you now before I meet with Lord Elrond shortly.”

“Lord Elrond? Oh sell nin what have you done?”

Elleth-female elf
Hannon le-thank you
Sell nin-my daughter

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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