The Golden Lion: 14. Homecoming

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14. Homecoming


Glorfindel turned from the window at the sound of a wooden lid falling and looked at the slender figure of his hervess as she finished packing a large crate standing in the middle of their sitting room. She looked much as she had all those years before when he had finally fallen in love with her. Meren rocked back on her heels and sat mentally rechecking off the items from her list.

“Well, I think that is the last of everything we will send with Elrond when he sails.” She looked up at her hervenn and smiled. “Is there anything else that you may wish to send now?”

Glorfindel shook his head and held out his hand to help her rise. “We will be here until his ionnath make their decision and we will need to keep some things until then.”

“I am glad we sent the hin on ahead, although I will miss them.” Meren grimaced and brushed the knees of her practical leggings off, then straightened up and moved into the encircling arms of her golden haired lion, resting her head on his shoulder.

He drew her close and nuzzled an ear. “They are no longer hin, meleth nin. They have all grown up and have hin of their own now. Your parents are there and now, hopefully mine as well if they have been released from Mandos’ Halls. They will help them locate and build a hall for all of us. Elrond has indicated his wish that we settle near him and Celebrian. He will be keeping an eye on them also.”

“I know, but I wish we were sailing as well.”

Glorfindel pulled back and gazed into her wistful eyes. “ You can still depart with Elrond if you so wish. Arrangements are easily made.” He shook his head at her beginning protest. “I will miss you, do not doubt, Meren, but it will only be a short separation until….”

“Until Arwen…”

He nodded. “It is the last duty I owe to the House of Elrond and I would ease his mind knowing his hin remain under the protection of their daer ada and me until then.”

“You really think Lord Celeborn will finally sail? He did not give any such indication before they left for Lothlorien after the wedding. His love of the Golden Woods seemed to be driving his decision rather then any tie to Galadriel.”

“I think he will. Even now many of the Galadhrim have joined Legolas in Ithilien or have moved here. Soon there will be little remaining there to hold him.”

Meren reached up with her hands and cupped his chin tenderly. “I have no desire to be parted from you, my lord. Now that we have survived the passing of the shadow, I intend to enjoy our time alone and no longer have to be concerned about our hin demanding attention. I cannot even fathom how Lord Celeborn could consider remaining behind after his lady departs. Their bond goes deep.”

“I do not doubt it is concern for his daer hin that primarily drives his choice now, lirimaer. While he remains, he is a constant reminder of family ties and so will bring pressure to bear on the direction of their final decisions. He knows that Galadriel will soon be her old self now that she has been granted permission to go home. She will be with their sell and begin to establish a home there.”

“If they choose to remain, he may well also choose to do so.”

Glorfindel kissed her nose. “If he does then it will be up to us to carry the sad news to Valinor. I hope that will not be necessary.”

* * * * *

Elrond sighed and placed an arm around Galadriel, gathering her close to his side. Both stared back at the rapidly disappearing shoreline. “We must have hope for the future, my lady. While we both leave loved ones behind, we have loved ones waiting for us ahead.”

Galadriel turned her tear bright eyes up to her son in law and nodded. “I know. I understand his decision and I even approve, but I wish he had given me his promise to sail when the time comes.”

“He will come, Galadriel, he will come.”

* * * * *

Celeborn grinned at the antics of his daer ion. “Elladan, if you keep teasing her that way you will find yourself sleeping on deck the rest of the trip.”

Dan looked over the elleth’s bright hair as he passed the small wriggling bundle to her. “She may be my hervess, daer ada, but she is still a hen in experience next to me. I know what ada will desire in his daer ion.”

“I think he will rather side with her ‘Dan, grateful that she chose to wed you after all these years that you preferred to spread your affection across so many.” Celeborn chuckled at the indignant look his daer ion flashed at him.

Elrohir shook his head. “He is right ‘Dan. Ada and naneth will side with Nimrodel.” He grinned his sister in law who laughed back and turned to face her now downcast hervenn.

“’Dan, if you wish to care for your ion, all you have to do is say so, but changing his napkin is part of those duties and you are expected to handle that as well, not just hand him back to me when he fills them.”

Meren and Glorfindel moved out from the shadow of the mast and joined Celeborn at the boat’s railing. “I think this is one thing that will lift Elrond’s and Celebrian’s heart when they know.” The balrog slayer nodded at the disappearing Nimrondel followed by the reluctant Elladan.

Celeborn nodded. “Arwen’s passing will lay heavy on them even though it was expected. The arrival of a daer ion will bring much happiness.”

Meren slipped an arm through Celeborn’s. “I have no doubt that the arrival of all of you will do much to lift all of them, including your lady, my lord.”

Celeborn lifted his face and gazed out towards the west. “I have missed her these many years. I hope she will forgive me for tarrying so long.”

*Is there any doubt, my tall silver tree? *

Celeborn stiffened and closed his eyes as the laughing voice of Galadriel brushed his mind.

Glorfindel frowned and stared at his friend. “Is something wrong, meldir nin?”

Celeborn shook his head and mouthed “Galadriel” as a very broad grin lit his face.

*Meleth nin, my lady of light, your voice is most welcome after too long a silence. *

*And yours. I await your arrival with eagerness meleth nin, and the twins? * She asked hesitantly.

*Yes, mell nin, and there is a surprise for you and their parents. *

*May you travel the straight road on the wings of the wind, meleth nin. *

*We shall be there in another two days. *

*We will be waiting. *

Celeborn turned and beamed at Meren and Glorfindel before following his daer ionnath below deck. Alone at last both looked to the west. Glorfindel pulled Meren into his arms and hugged her. “I have the feeling that we will be met as well with family, meleth.”

Meren snuggled close. “We will be home at long last, ‘Fin. No more shadows or partings.”

He nodded. “And I have fulfilled my duty to the House of Elrond. We will be free to seek our own future.”

Meren looked up at her golden lion seriously. “I suspect that we will always be tied to the Imladris family, meleth. We will never be far from Lord Elrond and his lady.”

“Perhaps, but we will be able to do much as we would wish and make decisions based upon our needs not limited by theirs.”

The last rays of the setting sun turned the water to a golden shining pathway that guided the last elven boat on the Straight Road open only to the first born and led them safety beyond the circles of the World.





Meleth nin-my beloved

Daer ada-grand father

Lirimaer-beautiful one

Daer ion-grand son

Elleth-female elf




Meldir nin-my friend-male

Mell nin-my dear

Daer ionnath-grand sons


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