Lost Out Of Time II : The Coming Together: 43. Serious And Not So Serious

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43. Serious And Not So Serious

Middle Earth, Imladris, Third Age, Fall 2868,
Eleiann sighed and stretched as she rose from the chair where she had been trying to study but it was impossible! Her head was still reeling from the events earlier that day.

Eleiann crossed to the terrace doors and pushed them open all the way. The roar of the upper falls had sunk to a gentle murmur and the scent of late summer flowers hung heavy on the warm air. She paused as she noticed the first emerging stars spangling the darkening silver blue of the evening sky and smiled as she found the one that signified her grandfather.

“Good evening, daer ada. I am happy to see you once more. May your night’s travel be untroubled and may daer naneth find her way safely once more to your side.”

She waved up at it and hesitated when the star twinkled exceptionally bright for several minutes as if returning her greeting before returning to its usual gentle shimmer. She wondered what Elrond’s parents thought of their strange daer sell or if they thought of her at all. She felt comforted knowing her own mother back on Earth most likely was also looking up at the star. At least she hoped she was. With another sigh she turned and once more picked up her books. She would get no studying done this evening.

As she entered her bedchamber, Eleiann wondered what her mother would think of Iorlas. The young warrior had been revealed as the great nephew of the late High King Gil Galad and the son of his only niece and her husband the late Lord Hador murdered some seventy years before. He had reclaimed his family’s lands to the north in today’s gur uin hil and issued challenge to their accused murderer! There had certainly been no acknowledgement by anyone in Imladris to indicate his ties to so important an inheritance nor had he ever seemed more then a simple elf learning the skills necessary to survived.

Ever since she had arrived a few years ago she had often thought about him remembering their first meeting in the healing hall. Her youngest gwanur had accidentally wounded Iorlas with a tainted knife while playing at being a warrior. He had seemed more reserved then many of the others. Although she had been careful to maintain her distance since that time she had found herself drawn to the lonely elf who seem to have no family and only a few of the Imladris elves as friends. Eli and Iorlas were much alike and she had little trouble in identifying with him.

She liked him immensely and more then once had wondered what he would be like as a lover. She had allowed herself to indulge in some daydreams that included a real relationship between them. That was one thing she had never shared with her best friend Ildris knowing the elleth would never stop trying to arrange such a relationship for her friend. While she could not give serious thought to a possible marriage for herself until she figured out what task she was expected to accomplish and what choice of race she would make, she had to admit he would have been an excellent prospect if he had been interested.

Both her gwanur and her cousin Owen spoke highly of him as a warrior and as an elf. His hair had finally grown to a traditional length and all earlier traces of his woodsman’s life seemed to have been submerged into his new one. His recent training had broadened his shoulders and given him a stature that turned the eye of many an ellyth. Now that his parentage had been revealed and his proper ties acknowledged to the world she doubted that her own mixed parentage would allow him to choose her. Surely a descendent of the last high king’s house would want a hervess from the most unquestionable background and the Valar knew she certainly did not qualify. Besides he would need years to re-establish his position and rebuild his new holdings. She knew there were battles in the future and whomever he chose would have to be of the best and purest lines of elves. He would need heirs so that the situation they had all faced because of Carenthir would not happen again.

Carenthir! She shuddered when she thought about what her gwanur had revealed to her after Carenthir had been taken into custody. Ha, her married to that slime ball? In his wildest dreams!!!!! Elrohir had assured her that their ada would never have permitted it even if Carenthir has been successful in proving a claim to the Hador lands.

Eleiann finished undressing and climbed into bed. She pulled the light sheet up over her body and snuggled into her pillow. Tomorrow would be another busy day and she needed her wits about her. She was scheduled to give her first presentation on some of the healing techniques she had brought from her “southern home.” She would be faced with answering questions that might requiring some fudging of the truth if she expected to successfully deflect them from the real source of her experience and education. Would there ever be a time when exposure would never be feared?

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Amarie awoke to find herself cocooned against the warm body of her mate his arm wrapped snuggly about her waist holding her backside close to his chest. His hand cupped a soft breast and his face was buried in her hair. She smiled and carefully adjusted a leg reluctant to awaken him just yet. He deserved to be allowed a late morning.

So much had happened over the past few days and a new Lord Hador had been appointed in the gur uin hil. Now that the young Iorlas... No,.. She frowned… he was to be called Turin now… she would have to remember that… had issued challenge to his great uncle Carenthir for the murder of his ada and the others of his party on that long ago day, as well as the attempted murder of his naneth it seems the evil one would finally meet his long overdue justice.

Elrond had been actually jubilant when he returned to their quarters last night, well pleased that the long mystery over the disappearance of the high king’s niece had at last been solved and his careful plotting had successfully thwarted Carenthir’s plans. His smile carried a hint of the dangerous warrior Elrond had been as Gil Galad’s Herald when he related how the cur and his cronies were now immured in the converted storage rooms under guard and how he would remain there until he chose the date of the challenge. Furthermore if he survived, he and all the rest would all be brought before the gur uin baudh. Elrond did not intend to let him escape!

She was shocked when Elrond told her of Carenthir’s additional plans to wed Eleiann thinking her less then official birth would both help his offer and strengthen his position as the new Lord Hador through ties to the House of Elrond. Elrond had been furious over the thought of a slight to one of his hin but then he had grinned and lifting a famous eyebrow he smugly commented that he would have no objection to her wedding the New Lord Hador if that was both their wishes.

Amarie chuckled to herself. Always he sought to protect and position his hin for their happiness and well-being. She knew he would never overtly pressure any of them into a decision, He would just gently provide a direction that would guide them in the way he desired.

“Ind nin?” Her mate purred as he nuzzled an ear. “What amuses you this bright and pleasing morning?”

Shoving a heavy fall of hair over her shoulder she turned her head to meet his lips in a brief good morning kiss. “I was but remembering your pleasure at catching Carenthir and how pleased you were at Turin’s performance at the gur uin hil.”

“Aya, he did indeed accomplish everything he set out to do. Now all he has to do is permanently dispose of Carenthir.”

“Do you expect him to have any problems, meleth?”

Elrond shook his head. “He has been well trained by ‘Fin and the others. He is ready to handle his great uncle.” He rolled above Amarie and looked down with warm gray eyes. “Now, ind nin, before we must join the world, I would have my way with you.”

Amarie tugged him down laughing and murmured against his lips. “I am quite happy to surrender hiren. Do what you will.”

“Ada? Are you and naneth awake yet? Elwing and I are hungry and Tanthar is not here.” Elros burst into their bedchamber followed closely by Elwing.

“Naneth, are you awake? What is ada doing to you?” Elwing tugged at her mother’s arm.

Amarie grinned up at her mate as he sighed in frustration. “We will have to deal with them meleth, they will not understand if we shoo them out.”

“I know, Amarie. But there are times when being a parent is definitely not my favorite role. Oh well we might as well get up and get dressed.”

Elros climbed up beside them and began bouncing on the bed. “Ada, are you hungry? I am. Can we eat breakfast with you? Should I go get El Ann? She does not have to do anything in the healing hall until later today. Is it true Iorlas is a lord? Will he have to leave us now? Can we visit him in his new house? Will you let him come back? Is he going to fight his uncle? Can I watch?”

Elrond studied his youngest ion and shook his head in exasperation. “Hin!!!!”

Daer ada-grandfather
Daer naneth-grandmother
Daer sell-grand daughter
Gur uin hil-Council of the heir’s choosing
Elleth-Elf maid
Ind nin-my heart
Meleth-my love

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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