A Time For Change: 25. Surrender

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25. Surrender

The sound of movement from the outer chamber of the healing talan gently chased the tendrils of sleep from Nurael’s mind and she stretched in contentment. She flinched as muscles protested the unaccustomed activity they had experienced during the previous night and calling attention to the fact she was alone. There was a moment of unease as she wondered if she had fallen victim to Haldir’s blandishments and he had departed having won the victory. The voice of the healer Rian answered by the deeper commanding voice of the March Warden eased her concerns. As a third voice joined in she smiled and sat up pushing aside the cover. She paused clutching the fabric with both hands when she recognized it as the cloak he had worn the day before.

“March Warden, we are pleased you will remain here for a few days. The hunting should be good.”

She recognized the voice of Thlindae the group leader responsible for patrolling that portion of the fences.

“I thank you meldir, but I have completed my hunting and am here for another reason.”

There was silence for a moment then Thlindae chuckled. “Ah, I see you have been pursuing our very beautiful visiting healer and will now take the time to enjoy her charms.”

The deeper voice of the March Warden replied dangerously in soft tones. “Meldir, I like not the implications in your voice. The Healer is my betrothed and I would not have her insulted in such a way.”

Thlindae blinked suddenly aware of the danger he faced. “No...no…no such insult was intended March Warden. I was not aware of the lady’s standing in your affection. We had not received word of your betrothal.”

“You know now, and I suggest you let others know she is spoken for.”

“Of course, March Warden,“ There was the sound of a hasty exit and then silence.

Rian choked back his amusement. “I don’t believe I have ever seen him quite so disconcerted, March Warden. While I am sure Nurael will be gratified by the protection you have offered, surely it was not necessary to make such a declaration. I have found her quite capable of handling the over eager ellon here.”

“I was not simply offering Nurael my protection, Healer, she has done me the honor of agreeing to bond with me.”

Rian studied Haldir’s icy glare and then nodded. “Then I offer you my sincerest felicitations for your happiness. As well as an excellent healer she is a most caring and kind elleth. I could have wished for no better mate for her than you. But I do ask you to be more patient with those who will find it somewhat surprising that our March Warden has finally succumbed to the whiles of an elleth. Your reputation is well known and will cause many to question the news.”

Nurael stood behind the curtain that covered the door, happiness bubbling up through her faer. He had indeed made his claim!

Though she had made little noise, Haldir had heard her. He turned from Rian and stopped just outside the door. “Meleth nin,” he called softly. “Are you dressed?”

She grinned looking down at her nude figure covered only with his cloak. “No, but I will need to go to my talan and gather fresh clothes before visiting the bathing pool.”

He sensed her amusement and chuckled. “Then I had best escort you. The thought that others might look upon that which is now for my eyes only is a most disturbing thought!”

Nurael blinked, momentarily surprised, and then realized he was teasing her. She giggled and pulled aside the curtain drawing him back into the small room. Slipping her arms around his neck she drew his face down and kissed him thoroughly. As he tightened his arms around her in return, she tilted her head and grinned up. “I see you do have a humor after March Warden. I was beginning to think you would never find it.”

He returned the kiss and tightened his hold with one arm and slid the other down to caress a sweetly curve globe. “If I have found it, Mistress Healer it is because you pulled it from its hiding place.”

Looking over his shoulder at Rian who was watching them both with a great deal of amusement Haldir raised an eyebrow questioningly and nodded towards the entrance ladder. Rian smirked and nodded back, swiftly departing the talan. Nureal and Haldir looked at each other and grinned as they heard his voice notifying the waiting ellon that the healing talan would be closed for the day and any serious needs would be tended over at the cooking tent. Haldir’s eyes darkened as he swept her up in his arms and crossed to the bed.

“Healer, there is still much to do in preparation for our return to Caras Galadon, but I will attend to that later today.”

She smiled as he laid her down with great care, pulling aside the cloak to take in the glories of her feminine form. He frowned when he noted a bruise on her hip. He glanced up at her face worriedly.

“Did I do that?”

She shook her head. “No, I think it happened when I bumped up against the storage cabinet.”

“I will never ever do anything to hurt you again.” Kneeling beside the bed he nuzzled it and covered the bruise with kisses. Nurael’s hip jerked in response and she pulled him up to lie against her there in the narrow bed.

“There are bound to be times when we do things that will hurt the other ind nin, the idea is not to do it deliberately and to prevent any pain when we can.”

She slipped a hand between them and gently stroked his hardening arousal. “For instance, it would seem this is something that needs to be cared for else it cause you much pain! Your healer would advise the immediate removal of all clothes so that she can treat it more effectively.”

His eyes darkened from its customary icy blue to a dark sapphire as he responded to her touch. With a wolfish grin he stood up and quickly removed his tunic, boots and leggings and returned to the bed taking her swiftly. She gasped at the suddenness then wrapped her legs about his thighs sighing as he plunged home again and again.

“March Warden, you still seem to think you are in charge!”

He stopped thrusting and took her mouth in a possessive kiss. When he raised his face from hers he stared down and said quite seriously, “I am, but I am willing to cede command to you when you desire.”

She grinned pulling him back. “We will discuss that later, right now you need to attend to business.”

Snorting with amusement he began anew his thrusting and nuzzled her neck and the sweet planes of her breasts. “Your wish is my command, lirimaer.” And he returned to accomplishing his duties with a will.

* * * * *

Galadriel cuddled up to her sleeping hervenn and smiled as his arms willingly enclosed her body. She nuzzled his ear that emerged from the wealth of his hair.

“Ah, ind nin, this is a most pleasant way to awaken.” He chuckled and stretched.

“My lord is easily pleased these days.” She purred as she felt the stirrings of his lower region.

“When one is offered such a feast ind nin, one can neither resist or complain.” He responded through his sleepy grin.

She laughed and rolled above him seating herself firmly upon his hardened shaft. With a wicked wiggle she began a ride that would be the envy of any Rohan warrior. Celeborn’s desire soon matched her own and with a grin he rolled over pulling her underneath him without severing their union. Galadriel wrapped her arms and legs about him holding him momentarily still.

“Ai, meleth nin, you have aroused the beast in me. Now it is I who must ride the wind!”

Galadriel reached up with tender hands and pushed back the tangle of her lord’s silver hair. “Then, meleth nin, let me be your saddle for no other has given me such pleasure and love as I have found with you!”

With equally tender caresses, he began to drive them both to completion. “Ai, my golden lady, you are always my desire and love. Though we have shared many years, you still make me feel like a youth in love for the first time and arouse my hunger for you again and again.”

“My lord...” Her cry echoed through the royal talan as she came hard followed by the gasps of Celeborn as he followed her down both of them breathing hard.

As they lay entangled, his face buried in the lush vale of her pink tipped breasts, he nibbled their softness and licked the flushed skin. “You taste as you always have, meleth, a rich ripe sweet fruit that temps an ellon’s senses.

She smiled and cupping her breasts with her hands, offered them to the worship of his lips. Purring, she pushed them into stiff peaks, “Then my lord, let your feasting begin.” He growled and began a serious pursuit of them his attention once more arousing a mutual hunger between them both.

It was a while later when he relaxed with her enfolded in his arms, that Galadriel began to laugh and buried her face in his neck. “Ind nin?“ He questioned gently lifting her chin.

“It is Haldir, meleth, he has pursued Nurael as I predicted, but he has also declared himself much sooner than I expected. Even now he is enjoying the successful delights of his hunt and they will soon be returning to Caras Galadon.”

Celeborn’s deep voice joined in her laughter. “Then a wedding will not be far behind. I will commission the making of their rings and you had best let Elrond know she will not be returning to Imladris after all! Her family will want to journey here for the ceremonies. Maenestad will be glad to know he has not lost his new healer even before she had her first tour on the fences.”

“I am grateful that our March Warden has recovered. I suspect we will have to provide a larger talan as well. I will have her things removed from storage and sent over later.”

“Will not his current talan do, meleth?”

“Not for long, I foresee an increase to our subjects in the near future.”

They exchanged mutual pleased looks.

“That can wait until later, my lord. There will be some time before they return and I have other things that require my immediate attention.” She looked up at him through lowered lashes.

He grinned at her subtle hint. “Is it something I can assist with? The Lord of the Galadrim is most concerned that all of his subjects are satisfied.”

“His lady agrees.” She purred. And all was still for some time as the Lord and his Lady attended to business.

Meldir-friend (male)
Elleth-female elf
Meleth nin-my love, beloved
Ind nin-my heart
Lirimaer-lovely one

Thlindae-Thin shadow

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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