A Time For Change: 24. The Quarry Taken

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24. The Quarry Taken

Evening had quietly spread across the vale and blanketed it in deepening shadows. Nurael entered the small room and poured water into the basin that sat on a table just to the side of the doorway. Quickly washing her face and hands she dried them with a small towel. She sat down on the narrow bed glad for the growing darkness that would hide her tears and waited with mixed fear and elation for her soon to be lover. She smiled wryly to herself. Haldir usually did not bother with ellyth like her, preferring the more experienced ones who knew and accepted his rules for engagement thus causing little concern for misunderstood intentions. He was going to be very surprised when he took her. She prayed that the Valar would give her the strength to survive afterwards.

She looked up when he entered the room and caught her breath. The small room was filled with the power he unconsciously wore and projected so easily. Even without the trappings of his rank, he was impressive. Physically he was one of the most beautiful elves she had ever known. It was not the refined and somewhat delicate beauty of the elves of Imladris, but the more spare muscular golden beauty and grace of the Lothlorien warrior honed by the use of the bows they carried and the tactics that demanded the strength to move through the treetops and cover long distances on foot through rough ground cover swiftly and silently. He moved with the sinuous leashed power of one of the great cats. His confidence and arrogance came more from knowing he had already proved himself repeatedly both as a warrior and a leader then a self induced idea of his worth. He was the best of the best and he radiated it. She swallowed hard, now she was his prey, and he intended feasting on her.

Haldir studied the slight figure of the elleth that for some strange reason had haunted his dreams both as nightmares and tantalizing desires for decades. She had been both hin and elleth and he had puzzled over that for he had not seen or known of her after she and her family had left the Golden Woods to settle in Imladris. She was not as beautiful as some of the ellyth that he had known, but her spirit and courage shown in the depths of her green eyes that reminded him of the hidden pools of the forest reflecting the occasional rays of the sun as it penetrated the forest canopy. Her hair was a waterfall of moonbeams he wanted to catch and hold in his hands. Her responses to his touch had shown she was not indifferent to him and he was both amused and impressed with her stubborn resistance to his attentions.

During the recent time that she had inadvertently shared his mind he had found himself entangled with hers and he had not forgotten the discovery of her feelings for him. He remembered, too, her taking control of the process away from the Lady and more amazingly the Lady allowing it. He remembered as well with awe the support and encouragement she had given him even as he fought her all the way. But most of all he remembered a kiss filled with deep longing and a tenderly offered piece of advice that expected no reparation from him in return. He understood her reluctance to be just one more ellyth in his bed and he wondered what her reaction was going to be when he revealed his full intentions to her.

“Nurael, I will not be put off, I intend to have you, For far too long have you lain like a thorn under my skin. I need to remove that irritation.” He paused. “I know you desire me and I promise you will not regret sharing my bed. My skills as a lover have never proven a disappointment to my lovers.“

“You really are an arrogant bastard.” She said as they reached for each other.

He smiled. “I know.”

Haldir undressed her swiftly pulling the tunic over her head and stripping her leggings and short boots off efficiently before removing his own boots and tunic. She stopped him as he reached for the laces of his leggings and undid them herself. Kneeling in front of him, she drew them down awkwardly, pausing when his elf hood thrust proudly out before her face. Its size was impressive and she had momentary doubts about her ability to accommodate him.

He watched with amusement when her eyes widen as she took in the full glory of his sex.

“Do I please you, Healer?” he chuckled.

“Does it matter March Warden? You have made your intentions clear no matter what my desires are.” She replied tartly. “I have no doubts that you will give me pleasure Haldir, I just have no desire to be one of your long
line of conquests.”

He reached out for a handful of her hair and gently pulled her head towards his throbbing shaft. “I would have you enjoy it.”

She sighed and tentatively reached for him. “I will, the regrets will come later.”

His reply was lost in a sudden gasp as the soft touch of lips and a heated moist mouth enveloped the engorged tip of his shaft. Her tongue laved its pulsing sides and gently sucked the soft sensitive sacks below that jerked in response. There was no shyness in her touch and his hands soon tangled themselves in her hair to steady her head as he began to thrust more impatiently into her mouth. That her touch resulted in such intense pleasure so rapidly startled him. As he felt his loins tighten in anticipation of his climax he withdrew reluctantly.

“Your mouth is most pleasing Healer, but I have other plans for us and I would prefer to concentrate on our mutual pleasure first.”

He pulled her up and momentarily stopped. “You have made me burn ever since we returned from Imladris.” Twisting about he laid her on the bed and followed her down landing heavily across her body. His mouth traced eager wet paths on her throat and up to the delicate point of an ear. Whimpering she move under him, gasping at his nips and soft kisses and the feel of his aroused shaft riding up across her belly.

“Haldir, please, I want…” she pleaded.

“What Healer, …what do you want?” He teased her mouth licking and pulling at her lips with soft bits and thrusting tongue. Small pearls of cum began to dampen the trail of his shaft across her abdomen.

“Mmmmm, March Warden, I burn too!” she moaned and captured his head, tangling her hands in his long golden hair. Pulling him down to her chest, she arched her back and thrust her aching breasts up towards him. Sighing with pleasure when he concentrated his attentions she offered first one rosy nipple then the other.

His hands were busy too as they stroked her thighs and abdomen. Threading his fingers through the soft curls at the apex of her legs he found the treasure hidden there and began a teasing stroke drawing shudders from her. Smiling he explored further finding the opening to her feminine core even as he tugged at a nipple with hungry lips. With gentle coaxing he urged her legs apart and slipped a finger into her narrow channel. She was damp and tight. Adding a second finger to the first, he started to stroke in and out in a counter rhythm to his suckling pulls on her nipples.

Nurael soon found herself bucking under him as the heat built flashing between her tender breasts and womb. Clenching his shoulders she gasped at its rising intensity.

As he felt her hips began to thrust back against his fingers, his own shaft began to jerk and pulse rapidly with his building need. Once more covering her body he parted her thighs with a nudge of his leg. Positioning himself he entered her slowly…. And froze when he reached her maiden’s barrier.

“You are untouched!” he exclaimed in shock.

“Yes, but do not be concerned. It will not be a problem for long.”

Before he could withdraw, she wrapped her legs around his powerful thighs and pulled him back within the circle of her arms. Pushing her hips up sharply, she forced him deep within her breaking through the barrier. Surprised by her action he hesitated but a moment before he claimed her mouth swallowing her gasps of pain and waited unmoving until he felt her relax.

“Ah meleth nin, why did not you tell me. I would have been more gentle.” He spoke softly against her ear. When he found himself fully seated within her he began a slow gentle thrusting stopping every so often to allow her to adjust to the feel of his shaft. Fascinated, he watched her eyes as they changed color, a gold shimmer emerging from the green to blaze up at him.

Her channel was tight, hot, and wet and her eager responses sent his blood charging through his veins. As she neared her own climax she began a sobbing chant.

“Yes, Yes, Yes,” and bucked hard against his thrusts. He felt the swift building of his own and responded by thrusting more rapidly, his juices exploding into her womb when he climaxed. With a final thrust he collapsed against her soft body, cocooning her with his own. He buried his face in the mass of her hair and nuzzled her ear.

“Why Nurael? Why did you not tell me?” He repeated his earlier question.

She sighed, “You would have run the other way as fast as possible had you known, and we would never have finished this thing between us. Now we will be able to return to our own lives and you will no longer have to worry about me being a thorn in your side.”

He shook his head. “You will always be a thorn meleth nin.

Before she had time to consider the implications of that comment, he kissed her passionately. She was soon lost in a fog of passion and pleasure as he renewed his assault on her senses. Throughout the night he sought all her points of pleasure and tenderly continued to awaken her passion. No position was ignored and towards the first light of dawn she found herself astride his powerful thighs riding him as he thrust powerfully and deeply up into her. Once more brought to completion she relaxed boneless across his sweat slick body.

For a long quiet time they lay quietly together Nurael’s head tucked into the curve of his shoulder and neck and her hands splayed across his chest. Haldir held her loosely with one arm while he stroked her hair absently with his hand. Sighing he gently squeezed her waist.

“Nurael, we have much to discuss. This is not finished.”

She twisted her face to look at him startled. His eyes bore into hers before he once again kissed her passionately and grinned up at her. “You are not just one of them, meleth nin, you are the last one.”

Shocked, she raised up and stared down at him, her eyes like saucers, and her mouth open in total disbelief.

“Today, I intend to publicly stake my claim!” He paused, suddenly uncertain. “You said to find someone I could trust and share myself with. To trust in my own judgment. I have never shared anything before as I have with you. You know both the best and the worst of me. Will you share yourself with me in return.“

Finally realizing he was serious, she frowned at him. “Unless this is a very bad dream, I thought that was what we had been doing.”

“That was physical and most satisfying, but I seek much more than that from you. I need you to become a part of me here.” He touched her forehead gently. “Last night was something to remember you by if I failed to convince you to stay.”

At that she groaned and buried her face against his shoulder.

“Nurael?” He questioned anxiously.

She lifted herself again and glared at him through tears. “You will always be my golden warrior, you stubborn elf. And yes, I will join with you. I have never desired anything more.” She paused. “Are you very sure of this Haldir? After all this time, are you sure I am the one you truly want?”

His hands cupped her chin tenderly, “Oh yes my Healer, you are definitely the one I want and need. Who else would dare to keep the March Warden in line when he gets too big for his leggings?”

She giggled and squirmed against his lower body. “I think he might be getting a bit uppity again now.”

With a chuckle he pulled her back down and rolled above her. “Then Healer, you had best take him in hand and see if you can cure him of that swollen head!”

elleth-female elf
ellyth-female elves
penneth-young one
meleth nin-my love

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