Wanderer: 9. Chapter 9

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9. Chapter 9

Finally!! Bronwyn is going to let me write a chapter from her P.O.V. This will either be weird or interesting.

It took a while, but finally my cousin has gotten my truck started. Of course, it should have taken a lot less time but Brian and Anita have spent most of their time flirting, so that fixing the truck took a lot longer than it should have.

I have spent my time supposedly working on my computer, but in reality I am watching my houseguest. He thinks I haven’t noticed but I have. Maglor has been itching to get his hands on my mystery scroll, and I am suspicious that he knows more about it then he will say.

Oh well, eventually either he will ask me about it, or I will find the right time and opportunity to ask him. I don’t think it’s that important, but clearly it is bothering him a lot, if looks could cause the scroll to burst into flames, it would be ash by now.

What a mystery this guy is. I actually have believed him from the beginning when he said he is an elf, there is something so otherworldly about him. Like the glow, although that doesn’t show much by day, and he appears to be able to somehow turn it off when he really wants.

Temptation gets the better of me, and I move to the table, ‘Do you know much about Egyptology?’ I ask him

‘A little bit. Over the years I have been there once or twice. It is a fascinating country, and the history is like nothing else on earth’, he replies, looking up.

‘And I imagine you would know, being immortal’, I say.

‘Bronwyn, I do not appreciate sarcasm,’ he says ‘I really am what I say I am and would appreciate you believing me’.

‘Hey, I was being straight with you. I have believed you from the start, I did mean that you really would know’, I say, looking him straight in the eye. ‘You don’t frighten me, and whether you believe it or not, I am trying to be your friend, so quit being so defensive and relax. No one is making fun of you’.

He has the grace to look a little ashamed, I notice as he sighs deeply. ‘I am sorry, but I have spent my life being defensive, and it is a hard habit to break. You have shown me nothing but kindness, and I do appreciate it.’ As he speaks he takes my hand in his, and I sense his sincerity.

‘It’s Ok, Maglor, I’m not at my best today either’ I say smiling at him. ‘I think we both need a coffee.’

He agrees, and I return soon with coffee. He has left the table, obviously finished reading the scroll, and is sitting on the couch, patting Cherie who has taken a real shine to him. To Maglor’s surprise, I sit down on the other end of the couch as I hand him his coffee.

‘Maglor, would you mind telling a bit about your people? I know nothing about Elves, and I admit I am curious’, I ask.

‘Do you mean you want to know about Elves, or about me’, he asks, a wary look on his face.

‘Elves. I don’t think you want to tell me about yourself, and I wouldn’t ask you’, I reply to him.

‘What do you want to know’, he asks looking more relaxed again.

‘What ever you can tell me’, I say.

He is silent, obviously collecting his thoughts, wondering where to begin. This gives me another opportunity to look at him. How anyone could think him human is beyond me. He is so alien to my eyes. He is tall, yes, but I have seen guys as tall, it is his build, for although he clearly a bit on the skinny side, I can tell he is naturally slender, long arms and legs, and longest hands and fingers I have ever seen. But strong, when he held my hand I felt incredible strength in him. And his face, I have never seen a male I would describe as beautiful, but he is, in a completely masculine way.

I do not normally bother much with raving over guys, unlike Anita, she will see a man who takes her eye, and go on and on about him till everyone is bored stupid. For the first time in my life, I can understand how she does this; I could look at Maglor for days.

‘Are you having trouble deciding where to start?’ I ask.

‘Yes, I am. Perhaps you could make a suggestion? He asks. He has turned to look at me, his grey eyes sparkling.

‘I think I could,’ I say hesitantly. ‘Are all Elves as gorgeous as you?’ And gorgeous he truly is, his slightly arched eyebrows somehow suit his pointed ears. And the contrast between his midnight black hair and his pale almost translucent skin is striking. His manner, apart from once or two shows of slight annoyance has been gentle and courteous. I find myself incredibly drawn to Maglor; he is such a remarkable person.

He laughs, his voice incredibly musical. ‘No, Bronwyn they are not!’

‘Whew! That’s nice to know. I couldn’t handle the thought of a whole race of people who look that good’,

‘No, you misunderstand me. I am not considered especially good looking’, he says.

‘What!! You’re kidding!’ I exclaim.

‘I am not. My mother was considered to be almost a plain woman for an elf, and I resemble her, both in looks and nature’, he says, quite sincerely.

Fancy looking like him, and thinking you are nothing remarkable, I thought to myself.

I was about to ask Maglor another question, when I notice him clearly listening to something. ‘Someone is on the veranda, and about to enter the house. Should I stay where I am, in case it is your cousin?’ he asks.

‘Let me guess, all Elves have incredibly good hearing? I ask him, and he simply nods in reply.

I couldn’t hear anything until the door opened, and motioned Maglor to stay seated. It is Brian, probably come in to tell me about the truck. I step out into the kitchen, and speak for a while with Brian, he tells me he is taking Anita and Nicky to a movie, and asks if I can watch Nicole overnight. I agree, for to refuse would make him suspicious, besides I have a feeling that Nicky and Maglor would enjoy spending some more time together. Finally Brian leaves, after giving me back my truck keys, and saying that he and Anita would drop off Nicole about 6 o’clock. He did not ask about Maglor, so I am assuming that he does not know of my houseguest, and for the moment I am pleased to leave it that way.

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