Wanderer: 17. Chapter 17

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17. Chapter 17

I think this will be Bronwyn’s P.O.V, but as I have said before, Maglor does have a way of taking over!

Maglor has finally stopped crying, and is cuddled up to me, his eyes half closed, his head resting on my shoulder. Never had I seen anyone cry like he did, and at first it scared me a bit, but then I realised that he had been holding a great deal of pain in for a very long time, so it was not to be wondered that he should cry like his heart was being ripped out.

He does not seem to want to speak, but seems lost in some kind of a day dream, a nice one by the look in his now wide open eyes. I decide it is best if I let him speak first, and so I am simply continuing to hold him, and stroke his hair, which seems to soothe him.

Silver streaks are starting to colour the sky as dawn prepares to arrive before Maglor speaks to me.

‘Bronwyn’ he says softly. ‘You are still here?’ For some strange reason, there is surprise in his voice.

‘Where else would I be silly,’ I answer him.

‘In my dreams, I thought you had left me here, and then I thought that Ulmo, Lord of the Waters, had claimed me. You are real, still,’ he said, his hand reaching up to touch my cheek.

‘Yes, still here, with half my body cramped from staying still, and cuddling an elf’, I said in a mock grumbling tone.

He laughed, knowing that I was teasing him, and sat up, taking my hands in his. Then to my utter astonishment, he kissed me softly.

‘Thank you for your compassion for an old elf, who should know better than burden others with his problems’, he said, also giving me a brief hug.

‘You’re welcome’, I said, blushing furiously. ‘Obviously you are feeling better, but I still don’t know what all this has to do with scrolls, and scars, and a special place elves live?’ I have decided not to mention his saying he is a murderer, let him bring that back up if he wants, because I don’t know that I want to know anymore about it. I know he’s told me the truth, but I do wonder why he did those things.

‘I shall tell you, but as I said it not a short or pleasant tale’, he said. ‘Dawn is nearly here, so do you wish to stay here, or go home?’

‘Might as well stay here, if we go home, we will only be interrupted’.

‘Yes, I think it will be best too’. He is staring off across the sea, not looking at me. Suddenly, he turns back to me, and says ‘I am going to tell you the story of my life, and then all will be clear concerning the scroll, and why it is important, and why it must be removed from this world’.

‘You don’t know where to start, do you? And your hand is hurting you again, isn’t it?’ I ask him, taking his right hand back in mine. ‘How old are you, Maglor,’ I ask him.

‘It is over 20,000 years of the sun since I was born in Valinor’, he says, enjoying my stunned surprise.

‘Years of the sun?’ I query.

‘How you mortals count years. Elves count the Year of the Trees, which are 144 years of the Sun long. Valinor is where the Vala, whom you might call gods, invited the Elves to live when they discovered us living in Middle Earth or Europe. A war was waged with the evil Morgoth, which the Vala won, they asked all Elves to come and dwell with them in safety forever. Many elves went, but many stayed too. So we dwelt happily in the light of the two trees for many years. My parents and myself and all my brothers were born there in the peace of the ages that followed Morgoth’s being chained for punishment of his evil deeds.’

‘So, you lived in a mythical land populated by gods and elves?’


He is looking worried again, ‘you don’t have to tell me anything you don’t want to, Maglor’, I say to him.

He gives me a grateful look, and squeezes my hand. ‘I will tell you, Bronwyn, for there is much neither of us understand, and I would have you understand me so that between us we can come to the truth.’

‘What truth’, I ask him, confused.

‘I believe I mentioned earlier that our souls must be connected’, he said, a strange tone in his voice.

‘Like a soul bond or something?’ I ask

‘Exactly like that’.

‘You sound a bit worried over that, why? I mean you’re scaring me here, making this soul bond thing sound really bad!’

‘No, not bad, Bronwyn, I am just wondering why there is this connection between you and I’.

‘Hmm, well you’re scaring me!’

‘There is nothing to be afraid, unless you fear me.’ Here he looks at me in such a way as to imply that maybe I should be afraid of him.

‘Are you trying to say if I had any brains I would be afraid of you!’? Now I am laughing, ‘Well, ask Anita and Nicky, they’ll tell you I’m crazy! You see, one of my Professors once told me sane people are boring, so I’ve been doing my best to lose my mind ever since’,

Maglor is giving me his best ‘what are you talking about look’, accompanied by a sad smile. ‘Wait until you hear the rest of my tale before judging whether or not you should fear me.’

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