Wanderer: 10. Chapter 10

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10. Chapter 10

I walk back into the lounge room, and Maglor gives me a questioning glance.

‘It’s Ok, Brian has finished fixing my truck, and has taken Anita and Nicole to the movies, they’ll be dropping Nicole off about sixish, and she’ll be staying the night here.

Maglor looked a little surprised at this. It is odd, but his face shows his emotions so clearly. ‘Why will Nicole not stay with her mother tonight?’ he asked.

‘Well, I think Anita and Brian want to be alone tonight’, I say to him, wondering what he is thinking.

‘Oh’, he said, to my surprise blushing a little as he realised what I meant.

‘What’s wrong, Maglor,’ I say laughing, ‘don’t elves have sex’.

‘Yes, of course we do, just very rarely outside of marriage’, he replies, still a little embarrassed.

Still laughing, I answer him ‘so obviously elves have much better moral standards than us poor ordinary mortals!’

‘So, Nicole just gets sent to stay somewhere when her mother wants to be private with Brian?’ He says, a strange look in his eyes.

‘No, it’s not quite like that. Nicky likes staying here, and often asks if she can.’ I give him a mischievous look, ‘I think that Nicky probably wants to see you again, too’.

Now Maglor is looking worried, the silly guy. He really does worry a lot. I make a mental note to myself to help him to relax. It isn’t good for anyone to be that uptight most of the time.

‘Relax, Maglor. Nicky likes you, and will probably want you to play games with her all night.’

‘It has been a long time since I have played games with a child’.

‘Don’t worry. Nicky will get both of us organised to entertain her to her satisfaction’. I am laughing again.

‘To do what?’

‘Play games, maybe go to the zoo that’s open in the evenings this time of the year. Nicky likes the big cats, but Anita’s scared of the zoo because she was there as a kid when one of the Gorillas somehow got out of its cage, and a couple of people got hurt when the keepers caught the gorilla. Since then she doesn’t like zoos, and I know Nicky’s been on her back to go’.

‘I have never been to a zoo’, he says, a faraway look in his eyes. ‘Is it true that now all the animals live in enclosures that would be like the wild environment they originally come from, and that sometimes you cannot even see the fences?’

‘Yes the old fashioned cages are gone, and in the Gorilla enclosure you walk down a path that’s like the African forest they come from, and because they are kept in by a moat, and a couple of electric wires, its like there are no fences. You can watch them eat and play, and they sometimes try to interact with the people watching them. It’s great fun to see them’.

‘Then I think we should go. I have seen many things in my life, but not Gorillas in a forest!’

‘That’s settled then. We can get a meal there too, and eat on the lawns and watch the animals being fed.’

Maglor nods, and then asks, ‘What are you going to do for the rest of the day, Bronwyn?’

‘Well, if your going to hang about for a while, and I get the feeling you are, then I thought I might clean out the spare bed room so you can have somewhere to put your stuff and so on. What do you think?’ I said.

He stands up, stretching his lean body as he does. Sometimes he is so cat like that I no longer wonder why Cherie likes him so much. ‘I think that I should help you, as you will be doing this for me’, he said.

We spent an interesting afternoon turning out my spare room. I found lots of things that I thought I’d lost forever, and things I had forgotten I owned. Maglor was a great help, with his height he was able to reach to lift down the boxes I had on top of the wardrobe, he forbade me to climb up to get them after I fell once, fortunately right where he was able to catch me. That surprised me, not so much that he caught me to stop me from being injured, but that I enjoyed the experience of being held by him for those few seconds.

Finally, we were finished. I had a huge pile of stuff to be taken to the garbage dump, and another great pile of things that I had found. Maglor was delighted to have a place of own, and I was astounded by his gratitude, and his interest in some of the old books I have.

‘May I read some of these?’ he asks in his soft voice.

‘Of course, read anything you like, just put the books back when you’re finished, please’.

‘Yes, I will’, he replied, a far away look back in his eyes.

We re both covered in dust, for we had taken all the dusty books outside and dusted them, plus removed the dust the seems to breed on top of wardrobes and cupboards. Maglor’s black hair had changed colour to dark grey, which I found funny.

‘Whew, we are both filthy’, I said.

‘Yes, we are’, he agreed, smiling, ‘Perhaps we should clean ourselves up?’

‘Sounds good. But I might feed the horses first’.

‘I shall help you. I would enjoy some time with your horses again. Some of them are not very good looking, but they all have wonderful natures’, he said.

I accept his help, and in no time we have fed all the horses. I was fussing over one of the mares, worrying over her left forefoot.

‘Blast! I’ll have to get the shoer. She needs this foot shod again,’ I said to Maglor. ‘See how she wears it down more than the other’.

He looks over my shoulder, agreeing. ‘That building over there, am I right in thinking it is an old blacksmith’s forge?’ he asks

‘I think so, yes’.

‘I shall take a look in there, I will not be long’ Maglor announced.

Wondering what the heck he was up to, I watched him walk over to the old forge, and disappear inside. Oh well, I’ll find out in a minute, and I better think about getting ready to go to the zoo tonight. Better put some fuel in the truck.

By the time I fuelled up my old F100 truck Maglor had finished whatever the heck he’d been up to in the old forge. He wandered past the horses, patting several that stuck their heads over the gates, clearly seeking attention. It is odd how all the animals have gone goofy over this guy.

‘I was right’, he said, as he strolled towards me. ‘It is an old forge’. I had a blank look on my face because I had no idea why he should be so pleased that he found an old disused forge.

He smiled suddenly, his smile as always like sunshine after rain. ‘I am, like all my people a worker of metal and gems, Bronwyn. I have discovered that there is all I need in the forge for me to shoe your mare for you tomorrow.’

I was stunned. ‘You have shod horses before?’ I asked suspiciously.

‘Of course, thousands of them. And I was noted for ability to correct horses with hoof problems, so I shall do this for you as my way of thanking you for all your kindnesses. Before I answered him he asked a question, ‘Has the mare been hot shod before?’

‘No, but she’s pretty quiet, I don’t think she’ll mind too much’.

‘I shall have to ask you to hold her, then.’ He gave me a cheeky look, his eyes sparkling, ‘that way you can watch, and set your mind at ease that I do know what I am doing. It will be good to work again, even if only with steel, and not silver or gold’.

‘Ok’, I reply, unable to think of anything to say that won’t make me feel silly. What else can Maglor do, I wonder, he seems full of surprises.

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