Lost Out Of Time: 4. Will Morning Be Different?

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4. Will Morning Be Different?

Amanda listened to the wind as it whistled around the cabin. She snuggled down in her bed and thought about her strange visitor. Her brother had introduced her to the books that final summer she had taken off from college before starting medical school. She had always had a special admiration for the elves, and most specifically for Elrond’s character. She found herself suffering along with him through his many losses while admiring the great courage, dignity and wisdom he had exhibited throughout the many twist and turns of Tolkiens tales. She was truly puzzled that the writer had so perfectly recreated the world of middle earth without direct knowledge yet it seemed the only logical answer that he had. Perhaps Elrond was not the first to be sent to earth and had been trapped here.

When the movies had come out and the talented actor had breathed life into his character she had been truly captivated. She had been both amused and horrified when the groupies had flocked to worship at the feet of the actors who portrayed the golden haired Legolas and Haldir. While she had found the actor who played Elrond attractive, she could not fathom herself reacting in such a manner. Now when she found herself faced with the actual person, er, elf, darned if she wasn’t just as bad. It was clear to her that she had very conflicting emotions to either his staying or going.

Amanda could not rationally understand either what higher being or force of nature had created him and plopped him down in her world. While she was ambivalent in her beliefs concerning alternate universes or parallel dimensions it was more because she didn’t have the knowledge or experience to understand such things. It all was just too confusing!

Across the hall, Elrond sat in an old leather chair his own thoughts a chaotic whirlpool as he tried to find some sense in what had happened over the past twenty-four hours. A part of his mind could not accept what had happened as real and insisted that he was hallucinating. It would not be unusual if one were suffering because of the freezing cold. On the other hand Amanda, the dog and the cabin were very detailed creations in a world he had neither the knowledge nor experience with.

He suddenly felt very much alone.

No, rational or not, he had to accept the fact that it had really happened and he had moved from his world to hers. He only hoped that the writer was right and he did indeed return and continue on in middle earth until he sailed to the Undying lands.

Once he accepted that he turned his thoughts as to why it had happened. Certainly there would have been better places for him to have emerged than this isolated cabin. There had to be a reason why it was here and not elsewhere. Was it the woman? She certainly was unusual and he had to acknowledge he was attracted to her. He sensed that she was more than just attracted to him as well. Perhaps she was meant to return with him. Her skills as a healer would be extremely useful in expanding those among his own people. Her knowledge of what lay ahead could also help if she could be persuaded to share. He shook his head, No, her caution and rational regarding the future of his world would not allow her to do so.

He would not find his answers just yet. Perhaps things would become clearer over the next few days. That is, if he had that long. He groaned. He may very well have the rest of his life here to figure that out. Well he would deal with that when it occurred. As much as he was appalled with what she had revealed, he was also excited about the possibilities she had mentioned. He could take the time to learn about this new world and become a healer on their terms. He wondered if the shift here had had any other effects on him. Well if it had, he was sure all would be reveal with time.

Elrond sighed and finally allowed himself to relax and enter into the dream state that was the elf version of human sleep. As he quieted he automatically began to expand his senses out over the surrounding area seeking out the conditions and well-being of its inhabitants. But for the first time in thousands of years they found nothing. It was as if there were solid walls enclosing the small world that contained the cabin, its inhabitants and the clearing in which it sat. Changing their focus they locked on to the human female and her obvious distressed mental state.

Amanda was deep in the throws of a nightmare. Elrond returned to full awareness and debated the wisdom of awakening her. Allowing the healer in himself to make the decision he rose from the chair and crossed to her door. Hesitating and having second thoughts he turned away only to hear soft sobs and cries of “NO, NO”. With that he quietly opened the door and crossed to the bed. Amanda thrashed about under twisted blankets and sheets and she seemed to be struggling with some adversary.

Sitting down carefully beside her, he placed a hand over her forehead and sent soothing thoughts of safety and peace hoping to calm her enough that he could awaken her without shock. He frowned when he seemed to have little effect. Finally he simply shook a shoulder and called her name. He had to repeat himself several times before she surfaced from the depth of her dream.

“Amanda,” he paused while he waited for her to recognize him. “You have had a bad dream.”

She shuddered and opened her eyes but she remained spaced out and unfocused.

“Amanda,” he tried again.

“Strange dreams,” she whispered, “Beautiful elves and their lord, all dead… Terrible creatures, laughing and screaming.... I tried to warn them, but they couldn’t hear me. Flames, earth shaking, explosions.” Her eyes focused on him, “Am I still dreaming?”

“No, You are awake and safe.” He smiled down at her.

She blinked at him her eyes wide open. “You really are here, not a dream.”

He nodded, “I don’t understand how, but yes, I am here.”

She lifted a hand and gently touched his cheek her eyes brimming over with tears. “You were leading a large group of your people in a terrible battle. So many deaths… Your king fell, and you could not save him. I felt your heart-rending grief. You have lost so much, how do you go on?”

He had not expected that. Her question slipped behind the tight mask he had maintained for so long and ripped it away. He closed his eyes tightly as the pain erupted before he could secure it back in place. “I don’t know,” he whispered brokenly, “I just know I have to go on. There is too much more that will be lost if I do not.”

She reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck, drawing him down in her embrace. For a moment, he resisted then relaxed into the warm softness of her body.

“Oh Elrond, you have been the anchor for your people for so long. You can be once more when you return, but for now let go and not carry that burden. None will know but us.” She gently stroked the black hair and laid soft kisses against his brow.

He kept his eyes closed and allowed himself to accept the comfort she offered him. For a time there were only the muted sounds of their breathing. The wind dropped and in the silence of the room time stood still. Gradually they became aware of tension building between them. He pulled back and looked searchingly into her eyes. He was unnerved by what was happening and was surprised when she nodded in response to the question he did not realize he had asked.

“Amanda.” He hesitated unsure whether she understood what was happening. He knew he didn’t. “This may not be wise.”

She nodded again, “I know, but this feels right. Maybe the reason this is all happening is to give you some peace before you must face what is coming.”

“And what do you receive?” he questioned gently.

“A boost to my broken heart and bent pride?” she suggested smiling wryly.

“Is that what brought you up here, a lover’s quarrel?”

“A faithless lover, who did it in our own bed and in my house.”

“You were not bonded?”

She shook her head. “And you? Would this cause trouble between you and Celebrian when you rejoin her?”

He shook his head. “It has been several hundreds of years since she departed for the Undying Lands. My people are a bit more pragmatic than humans about such matters. When we are parted from our mates for long periods of time it is not unusual for us to form temporary relationships. It does not mean we love our mates any less but simply recognize the need for occasional closeness to ease the loneliness that arises during such times. We do not do this indiscriminately, there must be some degree of affection and respect for each other and both know it will end.”

“There will be no problem then. It appears we meet all the conditions.”

“Among my people, yes. Not yours I fear.”

“Among my people we are much the same. Unfortunately we lack the gift of your sort of bonding and trust. We have developed a taste for serial relationships. Only very few bond to one mate for life.”

“Are you sure about us? We do not know whether I will return or remain here.”

“I am sure. I have wanted you all my life. I just never realized it until now.” She laughed as she pulled him back down. “I will explain it later.”

He smiled and brushed her hair back from her face. With a soft sigh he took her mouth in a slow duel that quickly erupted into a full fledge firefight.

Elrond soon found himself struggling unsuccessfully to rise from the bed and remove the shirt and jeans he wore until Amanda stopped him.

“Let me do it,” she whispered as she scooted across the bed and pushed aside his hands. And like one unwrapping a long desired gift she carefully unbuttoned the shirt and pushed it gently off of his shoulders, pulling it loose from the waistband of the jeans. He caught and held his breath a long moment as she kissed his collarbone and worked her way down to his nipples and the hard plain of his stomach. She smiled up at him and palmed his heat before she undid the snap at the waste band. Slipping her hand in between the zipper and his hard arousal she gently cupped him before carefully sliding it open. She was surprised to find he wore no underwear.

He shrugged at her expression. “It was uncomfortable.”

Grinning, she merely said, “Going commando, why doesn’t that surprise me?”

Returning her attention to the task at hand she pulled the jeans down and placed a kiss on the head that now sprang free from it former prison. He stepped out of them and reaching for her swiftly pulled the oversized tee shirt she wore over her head. Holding it out he looked at it with distaste.

“Is this what the females of your world wear to sleep in? Surely you can find something more flattering then this.” He dropped (it) on the end of the bed.

Amanda laughed, “We can and do when we share our beds with someone who merits such attention. We wear this when no one else is around because it is comfortable. I was not expecting company.”

His eyes held her prisoner as they swept her body. “He was a fool, Amanda, to throw such a treasure away.”

“It was not entirely his fault,” she acknowledged, “but I could not forgive him for what he did at the end.”

Taking hold of her head and tangling his hands in her hair he lifted her face for his kiss. She melded into the hard plains of his body and wrapping her arms about him pulled him back upon the bed. He aligned himself half over her and began a slow assault upon her throat and shoulders. She gasped and thrust her head back into the pillow when he reached her breasts and began to nibble the tender nipples and pulling them into his mouth nipping and suckling them in turn.

He stopped momentarily. “I do not know the manner in which your people pursue their joining. In my world both elves and men do so in much the same way. If there is a difference you must let me know what you desire. It is important to me that you share my pleasure.”

“Somehow, my dear elf lord I don’t think you need worry. You are doing just fine.” She laughed up at his serious mien.

Smiling, Elrond returned to his slow assault on her body and began to explore it until he found the hidden centre beneath the curls covering it. As his fingers teased their way repeatedly into her hot moist sheath Amanda shivered as her climax began to build. Coaxing her legs further apart he slid down between them. At first she did not understand what he intended but when he gently nibbled on her sensitive nub and thrust his tongue within following the path his fingers had earlier traversed Amanda found her hips undulating more and more uncontrollably in response. Twisting her fingers in his long black hair she sought to hold him against her and wailed as she urged him to go deeper. Elrond pulled back and enfolded her in his arms, nuzzling her throat.

“Soon ind nin, soon, we shall go together.”

With that, he moved above her and once more parted her thighs. Positioning himself he entered her slowly stopping every so often to allow her to adjust to the size of his shaft. Amanda felt herself stretching to accommodate him but there was no pain only a satisfying fullness. When he was fully seated within her he claimed her mouth once more and kissing her began a slow gentle but insistent thrusting filling her again and again. She was wet, tight and burning hot. Locking her legs around his powerful thighs she rose to meet his pounding need. Her eager response released his own and he began thrusting more rapidly in turn.

His heart rate increased sending his blood surging through his veins. As he felt the rapid building in his loins towards his climax he sought desperately to slow down but it had been too long since he had joined with a female and the feel of her hot wet channel around his engorged shaft unleashed his drive to completion. His loss of control caused him to drive into her mercilessly and he did so blindly, his head thrown back, his face a frozen mask with eyes closed and lips pulled into a feral snarl. With a sudden cry he climaxed, his juices exploding into her womb. Elrond collapsed down on her breathing hard still sheathed within her. Beneath him, Amanda still had to reach her own climax and she twisted desperately in her frustration.

As he struggled to regain control he whispered between shuddering gasps. “Forgive me, pen vuil, I could not wait.”

Amanda could not control the tortured movements of her body. Her legs remained locked about his thighs as she held him captive within her. Her pelvic thrusts and undulating movements against his sex re-ignited his need and began anew the rhythmic thrusting that would give release to him.

“Ayah, pen veil, once more I must have you,” he gasped, “I cannot stop.”

Amanda clung to him and rode the wave finally reaching her own release. But for him his now searing need drove him mercilessly pounding into her for some time before he again found his release. Amanda clung to his heaving body and struggled to keep her body aligned to his. Somehow she knew he needed this and she suspected that this would not be the only time they would seek each other.

Finally exhausted beyond recovery he collapsed into a healing slumber as deep as any human still impaled and lying atop of her. She smiled and gathered his limp body in her arms making no effort to shift either his weight or to release him. She had never dreamed she could cause such a reaction in any male and let alone an imaginary being like an elf. Tucking his head into her shoulder she brushed his hair away from his face and gently kissed his closed eyes. Sated she too slipped into sleep.

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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