Full of Wisdom and Perfect in Beauty: 13. Interlude II: Shadows

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13. Interlude II: Shadows

Interlude week. Sorry. 

Interlude II: Shadows 

Year 3083 – 51st year of the reign of Ar-Sakalthôr

Sometimes, in my dreams, I see her face. Her features are sharply chiseled and haughty, like those of a gull perched on the sea-battered cliffs of Andúnië, and she looks at me with disdain.

She was beautiful, they say, with huge and stirring eyes. Her face was soft and her smile kind, but never for me. Never in my dreams.

Maybe I have imagined it.

The first face I can remember in waking life, out of an early blur of severe ladies with silver on their hair, is that of a man with black eyes. For years he watched me, loved me, turned me into what I am now –an imperfect mirror of perfection, never worthy enough; a shadow of his powerful reign.

Was he ever a shadow of him, too? Did he ever learn his secrets and carry his every bidding, in a distant day before I was old enough to understand? And if he did, how did he break away and shatter the silver prison of hopes into a thousand of brilliant and cutting shards? What did he do to fill the black eyes with fear and loathing, to deny their love until it turned into hatred?

He is the conspirer, the traitor who befriends Western enemies with gull features behind the King´s back. The apostate who smiles in soft disdain as he kneels at the feet of the gods of Númenor, while he surrenders his soul to the foul spirits of the Western shores. The sharp glance that tears apart the minds of men, the temerity that climbs to high places in the dark hours of the night. He is miles ahead of me, keeper of precious secrets, and will not even turn back and look at those whose respect he does not need.

And this is why I hate him.

Tonight, I will throw a last party before my departure. I will sing and dance, and share my wine with my friends until I am drunk, and later I will share the bed of a lady whose features I will not be able to remember afterwards.

At dawn, I will not be at the courtyard of the Tree with my escort at the appointed time, and his disdain will maybe turn briefly to annoyance for the delay before he turns his back to me and rides to the front with his friend. They will exchange accomplice glances, marvelling at my stupidity and my extravagance, and still, if they cared to ask, I would tell them that one day we all will be taken by our doom, and then I will be remembered as nothing but a shadow.

But beware of shadows, Inziladûn. Beware of shadows.

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Story Information

Author: Maeve Riannon

Status: General

Completion: Ongoing Serial

Era: Akallabêth/Last Alliance

Genre: General

Rating: Adult

Last Updated: 08/02/12

Original Post: 02/23/07

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Full of Wisdom and Perfect in Beauty

Aganaphel - 28 May 07 - 3:20 PM

Ch. 13: Interlude II: Shadows

Sorry, I have missed your previous update, Maeve - now I have read 2 chapters.

The interlude - is it Gimilzor's POV? It looks like Inzilbeth never loved him - sad.

As for the previous chapter - I loved the interaction of Inziladun and his old friend Maharbal.  The prince has to understand that there are no friends on the road he has chosen... and confiding in someone is quite foolish.

Cheers, Aganaphel 

Full of Wisdom and Perfect in Beauty

Maeve Riannon - 29 May 07 - 10:30 AM

Ch. 13: Interlude II: Shadows

Sorry, I have missed your previous update, Maeve - now I have read 2 chapters.

...one and a 1/10...Smile

The interlude - is it Gimilzor's POV? It looks like Inzilbeth never loved him - sad.

It´s Gimilkhâd´s POV. Remember that he never got to be with her. :(

... and confiding in someone is quite foolish.

Poor guy´s young. ^_^

Thank you for the comments!


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