Mael-Gûl: 36. Past and Present, V: Master And Slave, II

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36. Past and Present, V: Master And Slave, II

Authors note:
Completely A.U. Legolas slave fic. This story was inspired by Bluegolds story "Bound", which can be found here:
I use similar plot ideas here with her permission.
Betareader: Many thanks to Surreysmum, who polished this and made it so much better! All still remaining errors are my own.

Warnings: Slash. M/m, BDSM, d/s, torture, toys, non-con and debatable consent. Very graphic descriptions.

Special warnings for this chapter: non-con! Very graphic BDSM. Foursome (two halfelves, one human, and one hapless Elf). I mean it! This chapter tells how Estel began the path to his later needs. If you do not wish to read this, you might wish to skip this chapter and read on with Chapter XXXV: "Master And Slave, Part III: Aragorn", though you might miss important information, as in why Estel chose to play along. Still, there it should be safe to read again. Please heed the warnings!

Disclaimer: Universe and characters are not mine, but Tolkien's. The idea of the spell, however, belongs to me.

Guide: In this chapter, I work with flashback scenes. Here is a Guide:
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For all other warnings, other disclaimers and author's notes see Story Intro.


XXXIV. Past and Present, V: Master and Slave II

// / "Absolutely not!"

Estel stood in the chambers of his brothers, angrily staring at the tableau before him. Legolas was kneeling, head bowed, hair loose, clad in a thin loose garment, not daring to look up. He was trembling. The twins stood at both his sides. They were similarly clad, except their clothes were made of finer fabric. They had closed the windows and the shutters. The whole room was bathed in warm, glowing light by numerous lit candles. Elladan had just informed his foster-brother of their father's ruling.

Estel, pale and angry, stood there like a warrior poised to attack and violently shook his head. "You cannot do that!" he exclaimed. "I'll have no part of this! You cannot force me!"

Elladan gave him a hard stare. He narrowed his eyes.

"We have been over this!" he hissed, "You agreed to follow our advice. You said you'd do anything!"

Estel looked at Legolas again, who looked up at him, eyes full of despair. He shook his head once more. "Not that!" he exclaimed. Then he turned towards the door determinedly.

"I'll speak with Adar!" he said. "I tell him that whatever he does to Legolas, he must also do to me! I tell him if he kills him, he has to kill me, too!"

Legolas gasped, breathlessly. "Estel!"

At the sound of his voice, Estel hesitated and turned around to give him a last look; his hand laid already on the doorknob. He got no further. Elladan took three, fast steps across the room and grabbed him by his shoulders, pressing his back against the wall.

"No, you will not!" the elder twin hissed angrily,"For if you do that, you'll just convince father that he was right and you have been 'ensnared' by Legolas. So he will kill our pet, and maybe a few other hostages for good measure, and lock you into your chambers until you come to your senses. Which may yet take a while!"

Estel glared back at him, looking mutinous. But at Elladan's angry words, Legolas flinched and gasped again.

"No!" he whispered into the sudden silence, "No, not that! Please! I'll do anything!--" He took a breath. "Estel, please!" he pleaded then, uncaring whether he would be punished for speaking out or not, "Don't make him kill my people!"

Estel flinched and turned his head to him. He looked torn.

Elladan narrowed his eyes, still staring at his youngest brother. "And he will," he hissed. "Nothing will get father more angry than you openly standing up against him just to defend that Mirkwood Elf! He will see it as a personal offense! And of course, in his view, it will be Legolas' fault!"

Estel glared at him, then he shook him off. He crossed over to Legolas and knelt down before him.

"What should I do?"he asked quietly, taking the beloved face into his hands. "I cannot hurt you!"

Legolas looked into his eyes and swallowed, grateful yet desperate. How much he loved this human! But he could not allow Estel to endanger his people. He needed to convince him to abandon his plan, and he needed to do it fast.

He took a deep breath.

"I can take it," he lied. "I can endure it, Estel. I am sure I can!"

Estel looked at him, concerned and skeptical. "Are you sure?" he whispered. "I cannot..."

Legolas nodded. "Yes, I am sure, Estel" he lied bravely. "I can take all that I have to."

He tried to keep his fear out of his voice, but failed miserably. He held Estel's gaze.

"Please! Do not give your father reason to hurt my people," he pleaded quietly.

Estel bowed his head, then he leaned his forehead against that of his lover.

"All right," he croaked, "If you are sure..."

His voice broke. Then he kissed his beloved on the mouth and both eyes, as he had done that morning. "Then I will do it," he said raspingly, "but I will not enjoy it!"

He gave the kneeling slave a last, quick hug and stood, moving a few steps away. His face was tear-streaked.

Elladan had made an angry step in the direction of the pair when Estel knelt before the slave, but he was stopped by a gesture of Elrohir. The younger twin watched the exchange between the lovers thoughtfully.

Now he nodded and stroked approvingly over the slave's head. "Such a brave Pet!" he praised, yet with a touch of mockery. "That is the right spirit! Although you did not have our permission to speak. It will have to add to your punishment, you know!"

He crouched down beside the slave, petting him slowly. His voice adopted a seductive timbre. He looked up to his foster-brother and continued: "You see, Estel? He is completely devoted to you. He would do everything for you, except maybe endangering his people. And even of that I wouldn't be too sure if it was necessary to save you from harm! Do you not wish to honor this great gift? Do you not wish to savor how far he would go just to please you?"

Legolas shivered. Elrohir saw it and smiled.

"Besides," he said reasonably, still speaking to Estel, "how do you know you will not like it if you never try? Look! See his powerful muscles, these strong legs, made for a runner capable to outrun a horse, as we well know! These broad shoulders and deceptively lithe, strong arms, that can wield so deadly and accurate a bow– all that power, all that beauty, leashed and bound for you! Submissively waiting for whatever game you wish to play, or whatever pleasure or even punishment you may inflict on him. Completely at your mercy!"

Legolas shivered under his words and touch.

Estel swallowed. He felt himself drawn in against his own will and shook his head, briefly. He'd never thought about his lover this way before, but had a hard time escaping the spell Elrohir's words were weaving. Elrohir looked up to him and saw his reaction. He smiled.

"See!" he continued while he slowly started to open the laces that closed the garb the slave wore, "He's freshly bathed and cleansed for you! He even purged and prepared himself, and oiled his body in scented oil to please you. He's straining for your touch! Look at this silken skin! Just begging to be marred a little by the whip. A few delicious stripes to adorn the paleness... or maybe some blows with the paddle, heating it up to rosy pink, or even angry red. And then you'd make him strain for every touch, whimpering for your attentions, although there would be pain mixed among the pleasure you may decide to grant. All that power bound and submissive, completely at your mercy. Don't you desire that?"

Legolas shivered. Elrohir had expertly freed him from the garb that had covered him, and now he knelt completely naked beside the younger twin. Elrohir's words were underlined by his touches, stroking over his thighs, his buttocks and his sides, his arms and shoulders, massaging his nipples. He swallowed hard, feeling familiar, long-trained reactions setting in. He wasn't in need yet, at least not badly, but his body was already eager for the touch and the attentions of his masters. Yet that he should be forced to display that reaction in front of Estel... His fear and loathing of Elrohir's touch mingled with despair and mortification.

Elrohir knew that. His smile grew wider.

"He is eager for you," he said suggestively, "he is straining for your touch and eager to give you pleasure... in whatever way demanded. And he is here and going to suffer through whatever we are going to do to him all for you. Would you deny him? Or would you honor his devotion to you?"

Kneeling a little to the back of the slave, he threw the garb away, took the hair of his victim in one hand, and pulled his head back. Simultaneously, he placed the other hand at the small of his back and shoved a bit. "Present yourself!" he commanded, "Show Estel what you have to offer!"

At his command, the slave obediently spread his legs, arched his back and tilted his head back, displaying his neck. He was breathing hard, now.

Elrohir smiled at his labored breathing and let his hands trail over Legolas' chest, kneading his nipples. Then he let one of his hands trail down to his victim's groin, massaging the half-erect flesh languidly. Legolas' breathing quickened, and his member started waxing, much against his own will. Elrohir stroked him expertly, flicking a finger over the sensitive head and circling the flesh there. His voice was low and dangerous.

"Make no mistake," he purred, "you will suffer thoroughly, tonight. We won't go very far, of course – we do not want to scare Estel, now, do we? But still, this night won't be easy on you, and there are many other lovely nights to come yet, after this one..." He grazed one delicate ear with his teeth and grinned at the slave's involuntary jerk.

He licked slowly down the sensitive neck of his victim, then scraped his teeth over the joint of neck and shoulders. Legolas gasped. Elrohir's grin deepened. He continued to massage the groin of his slave, coaxing the reluctant flesh to fill out and engorge. His other hand trailed over Legolas' chest and sides and up to his neck again, trailing across the sensitive skin, then dropping for a moment back down to linger on his nipples.

"I think we'll have you wear the collar for us, tonight," he continued thoughtfully, "and clamps for your nipples, and some weights. You'll taste the whip, of course, and the paddle. But maybe we could make you wear a carag, too. Along with restraints for your groin, so you'll stay all erect and excited until we are done. And some hot wax, definitely! If you are very good, we may let Estel soothe your groin after we poured wax over it!"

Legolas swallowed a sob. He trembled harder.

Elrohir's hand came up again, caressing his face. "He may even let you find fulfillment," he said seductively. "Of course only after we all are done! Wouldn't you like that?"

Legolas shivered constantly now under the hated touch of the younger of his masters. He could not help another sob. His breath came hard and irregularly. He was all too aware of Estel's presence.

A few steps away, Estel watched with horrified fascination. The display before his eyes was like nothing he had ever seen. Whatever he had expected, it was nothing like this; he could see Legolas' apprehension, but also his arousal, and the low timbre of Elrohir's voice caught him and drew him in and sent shivers down his spine. As did Elrohir's expert caresses of the beloved body, Legolas' sensual reaction. Estel swallowed hard. He tried to clear his head.

Suddenly, he heard a noise behind him and spun around. He saw Elladan, turning the key in the lock and bolting the door. Then the older twin crossed over to a big chest at the other side of the room, beside the broad bed, and began to rummage through it.

Estel swallowed again, irritated. He had completely forgotten Elladan was there, too, for a moment. He heard Legolas gasp behind him and turned around again.

Elrohir bowed over the upturned face of the slave and took his mouth in a deep kiss. One of his hands had gripped the slave's hair again, the other held his chin firmly in place. He came up again, licking his lips, and his gaze fell onto his younger brother.

Estel could not help himself. He stepped closer, as if drawn on strings.

Elrohir saw it and smiled.

"You want to join in already?" he asked teasingly, studying the human. He tilted his head.

"Nay, I think not! At least not now, while we are just getting started. You will just watch at first. You may not interfere. You can always join in later, any way you want. Legolas surely won't object to having you close or feeling you touching him, will you, Pet?"

He smiled at his victim, returning to kneading the slave's groin.

Legolas swallowed hard. He refused to answer.

Elrohir grinned. He turned back to Estel.

"He may even like it! But first, watch and learn. You need to know how to do this correctly, after all!"

Elladan suddenly turned up beside them, carrying a number of intriguing items. Some, Estel recognized, and shuddered at the sight: there were a whip with several, long lashes, a nasty-looking riding crop and a wooden paddle. But there was also an exquisitely worked, flat chest with intricate carvings, and two oddly formed instruments he had never seen before. One looked like a staff of balls of different size, the smallest one at the top, the widest at the base over what looked like a handle. The other looked more conic, becoming wider at the base but then narrowing again a little and ending in an oddly flat, broad handle. Estel stared at them in morbid fascination. He noticed, that unlike him Legolas seemingly recognized the items well; he paled at their sight, as well as at the sight of the carved box. His eyes widened a bit and he trembled harder.

Swallowing hard, Estel forced himself to remain calm. He had to remind himself what was at stake and that he couldn't, that he mustn't interfere, that doing so would mean betraying Legolas to death, that Legolas would never forgive him if he endangered his people...

Frozen to the spot, he watched in mute fascination how Elladan crouched down on the rug beside the slave and set the instruments of torture carefully on the ground, a little to the side but still in easy reach. Then the elder twin took the many-lashed whip and stood again, looming threatening over the slave.

"First you need to set the mood," he explained, seamlessly taking up Elrohir's explanation. "The build-up is important. You need to let your slave anticipate what's coming, need to give him time to fear and wonder. And, of course, to get excited for you."

He gripped the handle of the whip and trailed the lashes slowly over Legolas' bare shoulders, then his chest, still arched forward as commanded, teasing the nipples, then he let the lashes trail further down, tracing the belly, the thighs, the unprotected groin...

Legolas breath came hard and fast. He shuddered at the touch of the lash at his most vulnerable flesh, frozen in apprehension. Then he felt Elrohir's touch around his neck and suppressed a sob.

Elrohir leaned forward and took the little chest. He opened it carefully and took out a broad, fine leather collar attached to a thin, long chain. He set the chest aside, tucked the hair of the slave out of the way and fastened the collar snugly around his victim's neck. He placed the ring with the leash at the throat and gave the leash an experimental tug. Legolas jerked a little forward, and he grinned again. Finished, he leaned back a bit and admired his work.

"Perfect!" he said, "Well and truly leashed, as you should be!" He turned back to Estel. "He looks delicious like this, doesn't he?"

Estel could not help himself. He swallowed hard again, strangely captivated by the sight despite his best intentions.

He was distracted by Elladan, who had set the whip aside and crouched down beside the slave again. Now the elder twin took two items from the box and leaned in to take his victim's mouth in a demanding kiss.

"Yes, he is," he said, moving on to one delicate ear, "a real feast, waiting to be tasted." And with that, Elladan bit lightly into the sensitive lobe, eliciting a gasp.

Elrohir smiled. The younger twin stroked lightly over the back of the slave, his other hand still firmly holding the leash. Then he let go and took one of the oddly formed staffs, the one with the different-sized balls. He retrieved a small flask from the box and uncorked it; then he busied himself with coating the staff with a clear, scented liquid. Closing the flask again, he set it aside and made sure that the whole staff was well covered with the liquid.

Legolas could not suppress a shudder when he saw the younger of his masters reaching for the carag sern aniron(1). It was one of the less painful toys in the twins' possession, but still it could be quite vicious if it was fully inserted. He could not help a sigh of relief when the familiar scent of the oil reached his nose. At least Elrohir wasn't using the irritant in the other flask the box contained!

He was so occupied with the the actions of the younger twin, that he momentarily forgot about the other one. He started when a slick tongue licked again over his ear, then trailed down over the column of his neck, occasionally accompanied by grazing teeth and little nips, then finally settled on his nipples.

From behind, he suddenly felt his hair grabbed and painfully tugged back again, forcing his head into his neck. "Arch your back!" Elrohir commanded, "You have no leave to relax your pose save with our permission!"

Mutely, Legolas obeyed. He tried to keep his face blank; he was painfully aware of Estel's presence, who watched the proceedings with mute horror and fascination. He could not help his breath coming fast and hard, though. Elladan teased Legolas' nipples expertly, alternating between teeth, hands and tongue. Against his will, Legolas felt his face flush and his groin react. Then his breath hitched when he felt himself entered from behind by Elrohir's fingers.

Elladan worked the nipples under his mouth and hands until they were fully erect and hard. Then he gave them both one last, quick bite - and closed the clamps first over the one, then the other. Legolas started, but was stilled again by a harsh tug at his hair by the other twin. "Be still!" Elrohir commanded. "You have no leave to move! Besides," he added with a purr, "this is just the start. There is so much more to come yet!"

As if to underline his words, his twin reached into the box again and took out two small, but heavy weights. He attached them carefully, on to each clamp. Legolas swallowed hard under the strain. Then Elladan leaned back and admired what he had done.

"Perfect!" he pronounced. "I think he is ready now!"

Elrohir shook his head. "Nay!" he said. "There remains still one thing!" He removed his fingers and gave the slave a little shove, grabbing the leash and tugging at it. "Lean forward!" he commanded harshly, "Present your backside to me!"

Shivering, Legolas obeyed. He bit his lips as his entrance was pierced by the tip of the pebbled staff, and Elrohir worked the toy expertly inside, stretching the tight muscle each time another – and bigger – of the balls was forced in. Then the tip of the device grazed over his sweet spot and his breath hitched again. He jerked. A tug at his throat reminded him to keep from moving, and he tried to remain calm as Elrohir rubbed the staff over the sensitive gland within his passage again and again, making him helplessly and achingly hard and straining to come. At the same time, he was cringing inwardly at his own body's reaction. He had not been this ashamed of his own enforced reactions to the manipulations of his masters for a long time, anymore; but then, Estel had not been present at these times, before.

Legolas was close to his peak. He could feel it in the building pressure in his groin, the burning need for release. He did not want this enforced arousal, hated his body's reaction, since he knew what would happen next, but he could not help himself. Then he felt hands closing around his groin and knew what was to come, and he closed his eyes in shame and frustration.

Estel stood, fists balled, tears on his cheeks, holding himself in check with effort. It took all his strength not to intervene. Again, he reminded himself with effort what was at stake, why he mustn't interfere, why he had agreed on doing this in the first place. At the same time, as much he tried to fight it, he could not help his morbid fascination. The display before him was incredible. Against his own better intentions, he felt his body react, felt himself grow hot and hard. He swallowed, fighting his arousal. It didn't seem to work.

With burning eyes he watched as Elrohir inserted the oddly formed device into his lover's body, as Legolas reacted and became obviously hot and ready from the movements of the thing within him, breathing hard and fast while Elladan held his head down by the leash attached to the collar. Then Elladan reached into the box again and took out a small double noose made of leather. Using the leash, he pulled Legolas' body up again, then his hands closed around the straining member of the Mirkwood Elf. He slipped the smaller noose over the engorged flesh, then he buckled the other around the groin, over the balls, tightening the nooses until the straining elfhood was trapped, and fastened the clasps. Legolas moaned quietly. Elladan stroked over the trapped erection and grinned evilly.

"Now he is ready!" he declared. "I think now it is time for the whip!"

At this point, Estel finally found his voice again. "No!" he croaked, "No! Please don't hurt him anymore!" He made a step forward, meaning to intervene.

Elladan turned around to him. "Do not interfere!" he hissed. "You agreed to play along! You assured us of your compliance!"

Beside Legolas, Elrohir tilted his head. "Besides," he added in a calmer tone, "it is nothing our Pet here would not know. He's been through this before. He told you he can bear it, did he not? And he has been very brave. Would you now ruin everything he's willing to endure? Would you doom him this easily?"

Estel hesitated, glancing over to his trembling lover, meeting Legolas' desperate, pleading gaze. "I.." he croaked hoarsely, but he couldn't continue. The words would not come. Desperately, he tried again:"I--"

He stopped again. But Elladan just had had enough. The elder twin growled angrily:

"You were the one who caused this! Will you back out now? Shall I go to our father then and tell him you refused our plan so he will turn his wrath on our Pet, or will you play along?"

Estel took another long look at Legolas' pale face, his pleading eyes, asking him to play along, not to do anything that would endanger the Elf's people.

He bowed his head.

Then, after a moment, he looked up again, searching Elladan's gaze. "May I--" he began, then cleared his throat. He tried again. "May I hold him?"

Elladan sneered, looking at him incredulously. "You want to hug him now?!" he asked, nearly scoffing. Elrohir merely raised a brow and watched him sceptically.

Estel shook his head.

"May I hold him while you... -- through the whipping?" he rephrased his request.

Legolas looked at him a little startled, but then his eyes were flooded with relief and gratitude. Elrohir regarded the pleading human a moment thoughtfully, then he looked back at the slave considering.

He gave a slow smile.

"What an intriguing idea..." he mused, drawling the syllables while he spoke. "I think our pet would like that, wouldn't you?"

Legolas didn't answer, but luckily enough, Elrohir did not intent on receiving a reply. He turned to his older brother.

Elladan took a skeptical look at his younger twin's face, then he shrugged.

"Why not? I suppose it can't hurt," he stated.

Elrohir tilted his head.

"Well, then, Estel, if you really want to participate, I suggest you get rid of your clothes," he said nonchalantly. "And hurry! The night is long yet, and we do not want to wait much longer!"

Estel shared a last, short gaze with Legolas. Then he bowed his head and started to strip, leaving merely his loincloth on. Carefully and slowly, he then approached his beloved, knelt before him and enfolded him in his arms. He placed a soft kiss to the slightly damp cheek beside his own, then he pressed the golden head firmly against his shoulder, laying one arm around the beloved neck and the other around one of Legolas' shoulders. His free hand settled against the back of his lover's head, petting him carefully. "Are you ready?" he whispered into one delicate ear, and felt Legolas' nearly imperceptible nod against him.

"He is ready," he then announced for them both, and bit his lip as Elladan grabbed the whip with the many leashes and stood. Elrohir grinned broadly and moved aside to give his twin space. The older twin moved behind the slave and raised the whip.

"Very well," he said harshly, addressing his victim, "do not move and do not make any noise, except if you are commanded to do so! This will be twenty lashes for a start, ten to your buttocks and ten to your back. Later this night you will taste the paddle, too. Do you understand?"

Estel felt Legolas mutely nod against him, and flinched when a sharp stroke was delivered to the unprotected backside of the slave.

"Answer me!" Elladan commanded.

Obediently, Legolas replied: "Yes, My Lord, I understand. Thank you."

His voice shook a little, and Estel held him tighter. Legolas tried hard to calm his shivering and put on a brave facade for his sake.

Elladan simply nodded. "Good!" he said harshly.

And he let the first blow fall.

Legolas flinched as six stinging lashes bit into his unprotected skin at once. He bit his lips hard, to avoid crying out. He felt Estel flinch as well, and the human's arms tightened around him. He could hear Estel suppress a sob. He swallowed. He was grateful for his lover's solid presence against him. And yet , at the same time he was deeply mortified that Estel witnessed his abuse and humiliation. It was of little consequence, perhaps, since Estel had known for a long time his lover was a slave, and he had known – at least in theory- of the rather cruel preferences of his brothers; but this was different. Never before Estel had witnessed his brothers play, or Legolas being forced to endure what they did to him.

The next blow fell, six biting lashes crossing the burning lines the first blow had left already on his skin. His breath hitched, and he shivered harder.

Estel began to murmur sweet endearments and encouragements into his ear. "Be strong, my love! You are doing well! You are very brave! I love you, I need you to keep silent, you can do this, be strong for me!..." After a few moments, Legolas lost track of the words, just kept concentrating on the beloved voice and the soft, steady, encouraging murmur. He let himself be supported and strengthened by Estel's presence, by his soft endearments, by the tight hold of his arms. Estel shifted against him, and his chest scraped against the clamps biting in his nipples, aggravating the nagging pain he had almost forgotten under the burning bite of the whip on his back. He buried his face deeper in the shoulder of his lover. The human's hips moved against him and Estel's thigh brushed against his trapped, straining arousal. Legolas jerked a bit and moaned. Immediately, he was rewarded with another blow, this one even harsher that the ones that had hit him before. Elladan's harsh voice reminded him: "Keep silent! That will be three more blows for you right now! You understand?"

Shivering, Legolas nodded against Estel's shoulder and whispered: "Yes, master. Thank you!" as was expected. He could feel Estel shiver against him. The human's hand petted his head mechanically.

Belatedly, Legolas realized that he had not been given leave to speak again. Luckily, Elladan made no mention of his mistake, and there was no sharp reproach. But when the next blow fell, Legolas could not suppress a startled jerk and barely managed to stifle a yelp.

Several of the lashes hit his buttocks, and so they struck the handle of the pleasure staff Elrohir had left inserted in his body. The blows transmitted themselves along the thing directly into his passages and made the staff throb and shift, grazing against his sweet spot. Bolts of unwanted pleasure exploded in his head, mingling with the pain coursing through him. He breathed hard and tried to keep still in spite of the double assault. He buried his face deeper in Estel's shoulder and smothered a moan.

Sure enough, the next blow hit the handle of the staff again, as did the one that followed.

When the whipping finally was through, Legolas was bathed in sweat and completely exhausted. Estel's soft murmur of endearments had become a steady stream of words, almost a prayer to his ears. The human had held him through the pain, petting, hugging, soothing, repeating over and over nearly inaudibly and just for his ears: "You are strong, you can do this, only a few more blows, it'll soon be over, you are very brave, you are my Little Leaf, I love you!"

Legolas was not entirely sure if Estel had intended to calm him, or rather himself. But either way, it had worked, and he was grateful.

He was relieved when Elladan finally stepped back and let the whip drop.

"Twenty-three," the older twin declared. "That's it for now. At least you managed to keep silent through it this time!"

Legolas allowed himself to slump against Estel's solid body. The human stroked over his dampened cheeks, his sweat-soaked forehead, then he gave Legolas a last, tight hug and kissed him tenderly.

They were startled from their moment of intimacy by Elrohir's voice. "They are sweet together, are they not?"

Startled, Estel looked up. Legolas carefully kept his head bowed and his lashes lowered, yet he couldn't help shooting a hidden glance at his cruel master. Elrohir stood close to them, studying them thoughtfully.

He was joined by his twin. Elladan nodded, studying the two lovers critically. "Yes, they are," he agreed, "especially since our little brother is now so hard and ready he's nearly going to burst!"

Estel flushed. Legolas started and turned his head up to look at him, wide-eyed and dismayed. He searched his gaze.

Estel swallowed hard and looked away. He shook his head. "I... I'm not..." he faltered. Under his loincloth, the incriminating evidence of his traitorous body stood out hard and ready, testifying against him.

Finally, he found the courage to look back at Legolas again and meet his lover's eyes. "I'm sorry!" he mouthed inaudibly, his eyes betraying both his shame and his involuntarily arousal.

Legolas lowered his lashes and looked down again. Finally he nodded equally imperceptibly, although it took him considerable effort.

Estel continued petting him helplessly.

Elrohir tilted his head, studying his human brother. "He's doing well," he observed. He stepped close to Legolas again and tilted the chin of the slave up so he was forced to look at him.

"You know, of course," he said nearly jovially, "that this was just the start. There is much more we have in store for you tonight. But if you're very good, we may allow Estel to take you in the end. You would like that, wouldn't you?"

Legolas shuddered, his lashes fluttering down again. He refused to give an answer.

Elrohir smiled. He stroked over the face of his helpless victim in an obscene caress.

"Especially since we will take pleasure of your body tonight, but we will not spill ourselves within you, save maybe in your mouth. We will not grant you relief from the spell again until you are deeply in need!"

Legolas started. He could not help looking up again, meeting the younger twin's glittering eyes. He knew he risked more punishment for this impudent action, but in his shock he did not care. His startled look was echoed by Estel, who stared at his brother in shock and disbelief.

Elrohir smiled even wider. He stroked over Legolas' face once more, then he started petting his hair.

"Don't fret so, little Pet!" he admonished, "'Tis for your own good! It's part of your punishment, of course; but also Estel needs to learn how far he can go when he decides to play, withholding himself, how you react when you are in need, and when he needs to feed the spell once he owns you for good."

Legolas jerked under his touch, staring at him in complete disbelief. Then he quickly lowered his eyes again. Estel nearly let Legolas go in his shock and turned to Elrohir, staring at him with wide eyes.

"What did you--?" he began, then he swallowed hard and began again: "You-- you mean--?"

Elrohir grinned at him.

"What?" he asked, "Did you think we would go to all this trouble if we didn't plan to give our pet to you in the long term, anyway?"

He fondled the lowered face of the slave some more.

"Not that we'd tire of him," he said lightly, "He's lovely after all! But as devoted as he is to you, we thought that in the long run you might appreciate him more. We have been planning to give him to you when you came of age for a long time, now."

Elladan narrowed his eyes. He took up the thread from his brother seamlessly. "Of course," he said, "your actions today did not exactly make it easier. Now we need to convince father that you won't be manipulated by our slave if we give Legolas to you, but rather that you are quite capable of handling him."

He tilted his head. "To do that, we need your full collaboration!" he said. "And I am not only talking about tonight. You need to convince father, after all!"

Elrohir smiled. "But if you continue to do so well during the next few months, we may still give our pet to you when it is time," he said. "Eventually."

Estel stared at them, then he turned back to Legolas, grasping him desperately. Legolas looked back at him, meeting his torn, desperate gaze. He was frozen in fear at the twins' words. And yet. At least, now, there was a possibility that this might not yet mean the end for them, and for their love. For the first time since they had been encountered by Erestor today he dared to allow himself to hope again.

It was a desperate, a reluctant hope, but hope it was, nevertheless.

His spark of hope, as fragile as it was, transmitted itself to Estel. The human looked into his eyes for a long moment, then he swallowed again and kissed him tenderly on his lips and both cheeks.

"Then I will do that," he whispered tonelessly. "For us." His voice sounded raw and hoarse.

He placed a last,chaste kiss on Legolas forehead and started petting him again. Legolas bowed his head and just relished the sensation for a moment.

They were ripped from their intimate moment by Elrohir. The younger twin took the leash again and tugged lightly.

"As sweet as this is," he said, "we should continue. The night is not getting younger while we speak. And we have so many more lovely things planned for you, little Pet!" He stroked over the face of the shivering slave again, then he turned to his human brother. "Step aside, Estel," he commanded. "'Tis time for the next part!"

Tugging harshly at the leash once more, he commanded: "Bow down, Pet! 'Tis time you let us use your mouth again! I think I'll leave the first turn to my twin; I prefer to savor playing with you a little longer." He shoved Legolas forward so the slave was crouching on all fours, and gave the handle of the pleasure staff within his victim's passage another jerk. Legolas hissed and suppressed a whimper.

Elladan, meanwhile, settled in front of the slave and discarded his garb, revealing his straining erection. He took the leash from his brother's hands and spread his legs wide. Then he jerked at the leash sharply, forcing the face of the slave down to his groin. "Get started!" he growled. "Do not make me wait!"

Elrohir, settling behind the slave, smiled evilly. "And you better put some ardor in it," he threatened, "or I'll coat this toy" - he gave the pleasure staff another jerk - "with irritant!"

This time, Legolas could not suppress the whimper. Flinching under the threat as well as under the assault of the toy against his prostate, he hurried to obey, closing his mouth over the engorged member of the older of his masters and starting to suckle. He moaned around the hot flesh that filled his mouth as Elrohir pulled at the staff, dragging it nearly completely out, then harshly forced it in again. The substantial size of the beads- especially the bigger ones at the base – stretched the muscles of his entrance painfully each time another one was forced past them, and the smaller beads at the top of the thing chafed over his sweet spot every time the younger twin thrust the staff back in. It was sheer torment, especially since his trapped arousal didn't allow him to find release from the ever building pressure in his groin.

He whimpered again and was rewarded with another sharp tug at the leash connected to the collar around his neck. "Be silent!" Elladan growled harshly. "I want you concentrating on your work, not on your little discomforts!"

Legolas swallowed around his master's member. He returned to suckling and swirling his tongue around the engorged flesh. Then Elladan began to move his hips, thrusting upwards, and Legolas was nearly choked by the hot column thrusting at his throat. He jerked as the staff within his anus was pushed in again and directly hit his prostate. The movement set swinging the weight attached to the clamps biting his nipples, a sharp pain vying for his attention against the sore and burning one on his buttocks and back. Elladan's hand gripped the back of his head painfully and forced his face further down, and he could not prevent a sob escaping him.

He heard harsh breathing from his side, and what sounded like a stifled answering sob, and flinched again. He had nearly forgotten Estel's presence.

Yet Elrohir had not. He could practically hear the younger twin's smile in his purring voice. "Come over here, Estel! Don't worry so, he's used to this, and he has endured worse. He told you he can take it, did he not? Look, do you want to make it worth his while? Here, take this toy. Yes, like this! If you move it carefully, this way, you brush his sweet spot, getting him all hot and ready..."

Legolas more felt than heard them shifting positions behind him. Then the staff was moved in a new way. After a few awkward attempts – Legolas jerked and gasped when the thing bumped into him without his master's usual skill – Estel soon adapted to the toy and began to use it expertly, finding just the right angle to stimulate his lover. He was much more gentle than the younger twin, and he did his best to use the thing to bring pleasure, not pain, but since the ever building arousal he caused could not be released, his ministrations turned into torment. Elrohir, who - unlike Estel - well knew what he was doing, started to stroke the trapped erection of his victim in counterpoint to his younger brother's ministrations.

"Sweet Pet," he purred, "You're doing this so well! Later, we'll let you wear the other carag, while you get to taste the paddle. You know, the one that will hit against your sweet spot with every blow... then you may pleasure me! If you are very good, we may even allow Estel to let you come... of course only after you have pleasured all three of us..."

Legolas trembled and just concentrated on bringing Elladan to his peak as fervently as he could.

_____________ o _______________

As far as he could tell, the torment went on for hours; but he could not be sure, since near the end, he fell into an exhausted haze of pain mingling with need and arousal and was barely conscious anymore. His later memories of the night were scattered at best; glaring images standing out of a fog of muddled and confused feelings of abuse and pain. There was the searing sting of hot wax on his engorged cock, himself moaning in anguish, then the relief when his hurting flesh was soothed by Estel's cool, loving tongue; there was the moment when, finally, the twins allowed Estel to remove the trappings and to take him, and his lover spilled himself inside his body, granting him the delivering release as well. He barely registered that he was held, petted,soothed, barely registered gentle hands picking him up and carrying him out of the room, putting him to bed on soft, clean sheets, then starting to soothe and clean his bruised and sweat-soaked skin with a damp cloth. It took him quite some time until he drifted back to full consciousness again and finally registered where he was.

He started, nearly jumping up. He was lying in Estel's bed, in Estel's chambers, and Estel was sitting beside him, patiently moistening again the cloth he had used to wash the grime and other fluids from the abused body of his lover. / //

______________ o _____________

-- TBC --


1) carag sern aniron – Sindarin, lit.: spike (of) pebbles (of) desire. A pleasure toy.

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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