Mael-Gûl: 35. Past And Present V: Master And Slave, I

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35. Past And Present V: Master And Slave, I

Authors note:
Completely A.U. Legolas slave fic. This story was inspired by Bluegolds story "Bound", which can be found here:
I use similar plot ideas here with her permission.
Betareader: Many thanks to Surreysmum, who polished this and made it so much better! All still remaining errors are my own.
Warnings: Slash. M/m, BDSM, d/s, torture, toys, non-con and debatable consent. Very graphic descriptions. Special warnings for this chapter: none. Please heed the warnings!

Disclaimer: Universe and characters are not mine, but Tolkien's. The idea of the spell, however, belongs to me.

Guide: In this chapter, I work with flashback scenes. Here is a Guide:
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For all other warnings, other disclaimers and author's notes see Story Intro.


XXXIII. Past and Present, V: Master and Slave, I

In the end Aragorn found he needed to shake his drowsy slave awake and help him dress, then gently steer him back to the camp. Legolas seemed incapable of staying awake for long, and Aragorn asked himself how much sleep – or rather, peaceful dreams – his slave had had during these last few nights. Apparently, it wasn't much. He hoped sincerely that tonight, at least, would be better. At least neither of them had any watch-duty tonight.

Returning to camp, he offered the Dwarf on guard only a short nod and then busied himself spreading out both their bedrolls close to each other, setting their weapons into easy reach and directing his Elf on the bedroll beside him. Tucking them both under their combined blankets, he proceeded to enfold Legolas back into his arms. Tonight, at least, the Elf was about to get some much-needed rest, if he could help it. Contented by the trust with which his Elf immediately burrowed deeper against him, he relaxed and soon fell into peaceful sleep.

Legolas dreamed....

// / Legolas could hear the trees whispering around them. Warm sun-rays filtered through the thick canopy above them, and everywhere the birds were singing their songs to greet the early summer. It was as if all the wood around him and Estel shared in their happiness. He lay, contentedly nestled in his young lover's arms, on the mossy ground, still caught in the afterglow of their slow and tender love play. Estel was busy painting idle patterns on Legolas' chest and listening to the forest-song around them. Legolas just savored the moment, glad of his lover's tender caresses.

"You know, you are beautiful," Estel finally said. "You truly belong in this forest. You are glowing like all those green leaves up there. Only that you are mine. You are my little leaf, and unlike them, you only belong to me!"

Legolas idly swatted at his teasing finger, then he frowned. He craned his head at his younger lover. "What did you call me?" he asked.

Estel smiled mischievously. "Little Leaf," he said. "My Little Leaf. It fits, don't you think?"

Legolas drew his brows together, starting to say: "Who are you calling 'little'," but then a thought flitted through his mind and he started. Frowning a little, he carefully asked: "Don't you like my real name, Estel?"

His lover frowned and looked at him a little startled. "Of course I like your name!" he protested. "It's a beautiful name; it fits you!" Slowly, drawing out every syllable, he continued: "Legolas - Greenleaf, glowing with all the fresh life of the forest. It is as beautiful as you!" he concluded, smiling. "Why?" He noticed Legolas' remaining frown, and hurried to ask with concern: "What's wrong?"

Legolas hesitated. "Nothing. Just... if you like my name... why do you call me with a pet name then?" he asked a bit hesitantly. He saw Estel's stunned and a little hurt expression and hurried to explain: "It is just... your brothers..." - he stopped helplessly. But Estel had understood. He smiled and kissed him.

"I know. They rarely call you by your name. They always call you 'Pet' or something equally belittling. Only I and of course Glorfindel ever call you by your name. I think, Glorfindel does so always. He even calls you 'Greenleaf' when he's speaking Westron, or Quenya!"

Legolas nodded, dismayed he had to spoil this wonderful moment with such a discussion. "I know. He does so to make a point; it is a gesture of respect," he said carefully. "I am very honored that he cares so much."

Estel looked at him keenly for a moment and cocked a brow. "While I do not?" he asked. Then he smiled and shook his head. He took his lover's shoulders and said seriously: "But 'tis not meant as a sign of disrespect when I call you such. 'Tis an endearment! It is a name I use for you as my beloved, a name for you that just belongs to me! And it is just reserved for us! It just belongs to you and me. Something special, as you are for me!" He carefully held Legolas' gaze. "Do you not like it?"

Legolas felt himself melt under his lover's earnest affection. He leaned forward and kissed him soundly.

"You can call me anything," he said, "For whatever name you give to me will always be an endearment to me." And he believed it at this moment between them, to the very core of his heart.

Estel beamed at him.

"Then I will do so," he said, "From now on you will be my Little Leaf to me," he kissed Legolas again, on mouth and both eyes, as if to seal their bond, "and I will be yours. Your Estel."

"You always are Estel to me," Legolas murmured, "you always were."

Estel settled back into the moss and returned to painting idle patterns on his lover's skin.

"You know," he began again after a while, "I have been thinking."

Legolas had been staring up into the green canopy above them following the path of the fireflies dancing in the sunlight. Now he turned his head back to his human lover.

Estel didn't meet his gaze. He seemed fascinated by the patterns he was drawing.

"I've been thinking about you and me, and about the future," he said. "I hate it that you belong to my brothers. You should belong to me. I mean, just to me. We are together most of the time, anyway."

Legolas felt a pang of dismay. Why did his lover need to spoil this wonderful moment with thoughts and comments like that? Their official roles would catch up with them soon enough, as soon as they had to return to the house. And even more, what waited for them in the future... He refused to think about later.

So he merely wrinkled his brows and remarked mildly: "I am their slave, remember? And I am bound to them by the spell. I will have to lie with them again, soon. And in any case, if they command me to their bed, I have to obey."

Estel looked pained. "That's it exactly," he said fiercely, "it shouldn't be that way. You should belong to me! And I should be able to give you what you need, not them!"

Legolas sighed. "Estel," he began, but Estel shook his head.

"No," he said with sudden determination, looking up and meeting his gaze, "hear me out! I want us to remain together! I want you to be mine!"

Legolas was somewhat startled by his sudden fierceness, and at the same time Estel's passion was greatly endearing. However, neither of them had power over this. So he began again, tiredly: "Estel..."

Estel looked down again. He bit his lips. His face held a determined expression.

"You know," he said again, "I will be twenty a few months from now. I will reach my majority. When I come of age, father will probably give me a special gift. It's customary!"

Legolas tensed a bit. He wished Estel had chosen another topic. He knew how much the prospect of his majority meant to Estel, when he would finally become an adult in law and gain all the privileges attached to this. Of course he didn't begrudge Estel his coming of age, but he could not help his own feelings of fear and dismay at the thought, because it also meant that he and Estel likely would have to part. Gilraen, Estel's mother, had dropped hints lately that Estel's late real father, whose name she still refused to disclose, had been one of the Dunedain, like herself. Estel was eager to find out more about his heritage and planned to seek out the Rangers when he came of age, maybe even spend some time with them. And as much as Legolas wished for Estel to find out from whom he stemmed, it also meant Estel would leave Rivendell, and when he did, Legolas would lose him. Legolas could not bear this thought. He just couldn't. So he had tried hard during these last few months to banish any thought about the future and relish just what they had together now, as long as it lasted. He did not want to think about later.

But obviously, Estel did. And he looked at him expectantly.

Legolas forced himself to nod. "I know," he answered quietly. "Glorfindel told me about it. It's customary to honor the majority of any son of the house, by giving the young warrior a special gift. Your brothers talked the other day about the ones given to them at their time. Elrohir got a precious chain mail made of truesilver(1) that once belonged to Gil-Galad, and an enchanted sword that glows when Orcs are close. And Elladan got a special horse, said to descend from Nahar himself, Orome's stallion(2)."

Estel smiled at him. "Exactly!" he affirmed. "But I don't want a horse, or any form of armor, even be it made of mithril! I want you!"

Legolas looked at him, dumbfounded. Estel beamed at him.

"Don't you see?" he asked, "It's perfect! I will ask my father for a slave. A special slave, belonging solely to me, as my own property and without any restrictions. I will ask him for you! I won't accept anything else. He will have no choice but to give you to me!"

Legolas was startled. "You... want me to become your slave?" he asked alarmed.

Estel looked at him, registering his alarm, and kissed him thoroughly. "Of course!" he affirmed then. "At least in name. I want you to belong to me officially. I want us to belong together! Think about it! You will be mine. Nobody save me will be allowed to touch you. The spell will be extended to me, so every time we make love I can give you what you need. And we will be together! We will remain together as long as I live. I could protect you! Nobody would be allowed to hurt you anymore, except with my explicit permission. Which of course I won't give!"

His eyes held Legolas' gaze, pleading with him to understand.

"I cannot set you free. You are a Mirkwood hostage, and father will not free you or your people just because I demand it. Nor can we force him," he said. "And you are bound by this accursed spell, so we can't even run away together! But I can make sure that we remain together! And you would not be just a hostage in my care. You would be my sole property, for me alone to use and handle as I wish. Father could not even punish you on a whim or take you back from me again to make you pay for some perceived slight another hostage - or your father's realm - committed. Nobody could gainsay me if I treated you gently! No need of hiding our feelings any longer, no need to keep from touching when we are in public, no more fear what my brothers may wish to do to you! You would belong to me! You would be mine, and it would be my business alone how I treated you! It would be perfect!"

After a moment, he added fiercely: "And I would take you with me when I leave. We could explore the world together. You would be fighting by my side, and be my lover, wherever we go. Wouldn't you like that, too?"

Legolas looked at him. He was touched by Estel's fierceness, his intensity. And what Estel said sounded good, of course. Still... He swallowed.

"Elrond will never allow that," he said with conviction. "And your brothers... why should they agree to give me up?"

He shook his head, bleakly. "It will never work."

Estel shrugged. "Father won't know you'll be and mean much more to me than just my slave," he said, "and my brothers won't object. They have practically given you to me already, as it is. They will be happy to do it officially, now; I bet they plan to do so anyway."

He kissed his lover again.

"Do not worry so, beloved! It will work out just perfectly. You'll see! And nobody will ever have the power to part us again! You will be truly mine. I cannot be parted from you, and I won't. We will remain together, as we belong."

Legolas savored the kiss. He wished he could be as sure as Estel that everything would be all right, but he could not shake the fear that something might go horribly wrong. And yet, staying a lifetime with Estel sounded and felt exactly like everything he wanted. He would not have to fear being parted from the one he loved. He would stay with Estel, as long as Estel lived. What could be better?

"I would like that very much," he said. "I would be honored to belong to you, Estel."

Estel smiled.

"Make love to me," he invited. "I want to feel you inside me again. I am so happy we won't have to part. I love you!"

"And I love you, Estel," Legolas said. "I truly do!"

And he began to kiss and stroke his younger lover fervently. Soon they were eagerly sharing kisses and tender caresses again. Legolas dedicated himself to the worship of his lover's body with abandon. He resolved to take it slow and concentrated on bringing his lover to his peak with tongue and mouth before he would proceed to sheath himself in him. He smiled at Estel's little sounds of pleasure and his moans of protest at the slow pace. So engulfed was he in his thorough worship, that he didn't notice for some time that something was very wrong.

But finally it registered in his mind that there was danger. He frowned. All his instincts were on alert, and something in the back of his mind was screaming. He stopped his slow suction of Estel's engorged member, and his head came up, listening. Then it registered.

The forest was silent. The trees were screaming a warning at him.

Alarmed, he let go of his lover's body and rose up. He ignored Estel's petulant protest: "Legolas, what's wrong? Don't stop now!" -- but it was too late.

"What is this?" a sneering voice cut into their intimate moment. "What do you think you're doing with that slave?! Giving yourself to him like a slut? How disgusting!"

Startled and disturbed, Estel's head came up beside him. Legolas turned, and they found themselves staring into the derisive face of Erestor.

________________ o _________________

Legolas was shell-shocked. He had to admit he admired Estel's quick recovery, for it took the young human only a heartbeat to shake off his stunned expression. Then Estel's posture changed and he narrowed his eyes.

"What do you mean, Lord Erestor?"he asked haughtily and with just the right amount of arrogance, "I should think it was obvious enough what I was doing. I'm taking pleasure in this slave!"

He shrugged. "Legolas is a pleasure-slave, is he not? So I am using him according to his purpose. I do not see, however, in which way this matter would be any of your business!"

Legolas had to swallow at his tone. He quickly bowed his head in a submissive gesture, schooling his face to blankness and kneeling as was his duty in the presence of his betters. But it was hard to get control over his feelings. He knew Estel was lying, that he only said what Erestor needed to hear. He had to be lying, hadn't he?! Legolas hurried to cut off this train of thought and stopped himself from flinching lest he betray them both with his reaction. He knelt, head bowed, as he was supposed to.

He could not see the face of the Noldor Lord in this pose, but he didn't need to; Erestor's sneer was audible in his voice.

"You take your pleasure in this slave?" the Noldor mocked, "Although he belongs to your brothers? I wasn't aware that the Lords Elrohir and Elladan were in the habit of sharing! Except of course when it comes to the Lord Glorfindel. How does it come to pass you use the slaves of others without permission?"

Legolas could not help flicking his gaze quickly to the face of Estel, who was still sitting on the ground beside him, obviously unwilling to give up his position and activity just due to Erestor's intrusion. Estel's eyes were cold as glaciers; they didn't betray any of the human's emotions.

"Why would you think I haven't their permission?" the Adan asked coldly. "I am their brother after all! Of course I have their permission! I was invited. Now, if you do not mind, I'd like this slave to finish what he started, so if you would kindly leave and let me have my privacy?"

Erestor sneered angrily. But he didn't walk away. Instead, he took a step closer and reached for Legolas.

Legolas sensed his motion more that he saw it. He quickly rolled himself out under the Noldor's hand and well out of reach. He forced himself not to jump up and attack, but to stay on his knees, albeit in a position slightly behind and to the side of Estel's reassuring presence.

Erestor growled. He made another step forward, but was blocked.

Estel jumped up the same moment Legolas started to move. Now he stood, placing himself threateningly between his lover and the Noldor Elf.

"What do you think you are doing?" he hissed. "This slave is not yours to touch! Go get your own!"

Erestor glowered, but then he made a haughty face.

"I was just going to take him to your father," he said. "Apparently that slave has overstepped his limits and shared himself with others than the ones to whom he has been given. Our Liege-Lord may decide if he accepts your claim of invitation or if there needs to be a harsher punishment!"

Estel didn't move. "I don't believe it is your business with whom my brothers decide to share their slave," he snarled, "or even the decision of our father. Legolas is their property after all, and it is their decision whom they decide to invite into sharing him. I ask you again, Lord Erestor, to leave and grant me my privacy now."

Legolas had to swallow at his posture. From his position, he could no longer see Estel's face, but the set of the shoulders of his lover – and his voice – spoke volumes. Estel was every ounce the warrior he had come to be, and he did not seem perturbed in the least by the mere fact that he was completely naked. Even more, he was deadly angry now. Legolas suspected that the young Adan was just a breath away from throttling the advisor of his foster-father.

Erestor didn't budge.

"If you wanted your privacy, why didn't you take your little bed-toy to your chambers?" he sneered, "Why did you take him here? No! I think your foster-father will hear about this! And he won't be amused that the human he took in and raised as his own son rewards his generosity by dallying with a lowly slave in the woods as if he had no sense of decency!"

Estel tensed, obviously preparing to answer, or to attack, but at that moment another voice cut in.

"Maybe he liked it here, Lord Erestor," the new speaker said, "what better place to enjoy taking a delicious body than this beautiful clearing, covered from sight by greenery and accompanied by the lovely song of birds? Maybe the young Lord Estel simply did not expect he'd be disturbed by anyone who might happen to stumble over them, but thought whoever would do so would be polite and discreet enough to silently move on and choose another place for themselves."

Erestor spun in the direction of the voice. Legolas suppressed a sigh of relief, but could not help shooting their rescuer a grateful look.

It was Lord Glorfindel, and he looked every inch as if he had just happened to come across them by chance.

Estel turned to the other Noldor Lord and greeted him with a respectful nod. For the first time, he looked slightly embarrassed by his own nakedness, Legolas noticed.

Erestor narrowed his eyes. "Lord Glorfindel!" he said, "What a surprise to meet you here! This forest seems quite crowded today. May I ask what brings you to this place?" He hadn't missed the fact that the golden headed Noldor was not wearing any weapons, other than his usual long knife. The Seneschal had not been hunting, or on patrol duty, then.

Glorfindel shrugged and held his gaze. "Obviously the same as you, Lord Erestor," he replied coolly. "I was enjoying this wonderful day and took a walk. With just the difference that when I realized the young Lord Estel had chosen this place to indulge his pleasure with some company I resolved to choose another way. I was going to leave them to their privacy. Until the noise of your argument brought me back. I thought that there had been an attack!"

Erestor glared at him. "Some company?!" he asked, "He was using his brothers' slave! I hardly think..."

"And Estel has just explained to you that he has his brothers' invitation to do so," Glorfindel interrupted him. "So I think it would be prudent to leave him to it now, don't you agree?"

Erestor thinned his lips.

"I still think our Lord Elrond will be most interested to hear about this," he growled, "and I doubt very much he will be pleased to learn what his foster-son is doing!" He sent a last, glaring gaze over the tableau of the other Noldor Lord, the glowering human and the kneeling slave.

Then he spun on his heel and started on the way back towards the house. "You can be sure that he will hear about this!" he threw over his shoulder. Then he was gone.

Legolas let out the breath he had been holding. So did Estel. The human spun around towards his lover.

"Are you all right?" he asked quietly, kneeling down by Legolas' side, "did he manage to touch you?"

Legolas just shook his head. He was badly shaken, and he was still having trouble getting over the things Estel had said on his behalf. Of course Estel had been lying. He knew he had been lying! Still...

Glorfindel had hesitated another moment, listening. When he was sure Erestor was gone, he stepped close, slightly touching Legolas' shoulder.

"I'm sorry I wasn't in time to warn you," he said with regret. "When I saw Erestor heading this way, I followed him, but I wasn't fast enough."

Then he rounded on Estel.

"What did you mean, you were just 'using this slave according to his purpose'?!" he asked angrily.

Estel paled under his accusations, but held his gaze defiantly. "I just told him what he needed to hear," he defended himself. "Legolas knows that I don't feel that way." He turned to his lover with concern. "You do know I love you, do you not?" he asked anxiously, "you do know I didn't mean it?"

Legolas held his gaze and swallowed. "I do, Estel," he said quietly.

Estel hugged him, and he closed his eyes a moment, grateful for the affirmation.

Glorfindel interrupted them.

"I'm glad you didn't mean it," the Noldor Lord said, "but we hardly have time for this! You know that this can mean Legolas' death, do you not? What did you think you were doing, letting yourself be caught unawares?! Erestor will be on his way to Elrond now. We must be fast!"

Estel paled, mouthing tonelessly: "-- Death?"

Legolas bowed his head, contrite. "I'm sorry," he said, "we should have been more alert. I should have--"

Estel silenced him with a touch. "We were both unaware," he said. "Don't blame yourself for this!"

He looked up to Glorfindel, desperate. "What should we do? I haven't really asked my brothers..."

Glorfindel met his gaze, glaring at him, and he flinched. "Anyway. I cannot let Legolas be killed! There has to be a way!--"

Glorfindel cursed. He shook his head.

"I thought as much," he said. "This is bad. Very bad. But not everything is lost yet." He turned his frowning gaze back on Estel. "Cover yourself and run back to the house. Seek out your brothers. Hurry! You need to warn them so they can cover your lie!" he urged. "I will talk to Elrond. And you, Legolas," he turned back to the slave, "dress yourself and go back to your masters. Stay with them, whatever happens! They may punish you, but they will protect you! Don't let yourself be caught by Elrond or by his guards alone!"

Legolas bowed to the Seneschal, grateful for his counsel, and hurried to follow his command. Soon he and Estel were covered in clothing again. Sharing a last, quick hug – possibly the last they would ever share – they then started back toward the house and to whatever fate would wait for them there.

________________ 0 __________________

"What were you thinking?!" Elladan's voice cut into Estel, and he flinched. "Letting yourself be caught unawares like that! And while using our pet without permission!"

Estel bristled. "I was invited!" he insisted. "You invited me yourself, remember? That day shortly after I fought my first battle?"

Elladan glared at him. "You declined as I recall," he objected.

Estel opened his mouth to answer, but he was relieved of it by Elrohir, who was standing beside their kneeling slave, petting him casually. Legolas was shivering under his attentions.

"Oh, come on, brother, it's not as if we didn't know!" he said reasonably. "Estel took Legolas shortly afterwards, and they have been together ever since. We both knew that, and we did tolerate it. It was quite sweet actually to see them holding hands together whenever Estel thought himself and our pet unobserved."

Elladan turned his head to him, annoyed by his interference, then he glared down at their kneeling slave. "Yet still the fact remains that our pet has shared himself without explicit permission!" he insisted. He turned fully to Legolas. "You know that we can have you killed for that? Or mutilated?" he hissed.

Behind him, Estel shouted, horrified: "No! Elladan, it was my fault, not his! You cannot do that!"

Elladan ignored him, staring down at their kneeling slave and his twin brother, now crouching beside him. "Look at me!" he bellowed.

Legolas did not dare immediately to look up and meet his master's eyes. The first thought flitting through his head was a cynical 'they need an excuse?' -- but that was certainly nothing he could dare to share with his masters. After a moment, he finally forced himself to look up as he had been commanded, and whispered tonelessly: "I know, My Lord."

Elrohir beside him smiled and shrugged.

"We will not do that, though" he said silkily, stroking over the shivering slave's back and shoulders. "You are far too lovely to waste you in such a way! But we may think up a prolonged punishment for you, if only to make a point!" He stroked the back of their slave some more in counterpoint to his threatening words and smiled as Legolas flinched under his touch.

Elladan nodded thoughtfully. "We may even make our dear brother Estel watch, since he was the one who brought it down on you," he said with a sidelong glance at their human brother.

Estel paled visibly again. "No! Don't hurt him! He only did what he was told to do! If you wish to punish someone, punish me! Besides, I will not participate in anything that will hurt Legolas!" he said.

Elladan turned on him angrily. "Oh, yes, you will!" he hissed. "You will do everything we tell you to sort out this mess you made! You have done enough, letting yourself be caught like that, so now you will do everything needed to make sure we can cover your hide!"

Estel paled even more under his tone yet opened his mouth to answer defiantly: "But..."

Elladan took a step into his direction and Estel stopped. "No 'buts', little brother," Elladan hissed. "You will do exactly as we say! You will do whatever we demand of you for this! It will be hard enough already, as it is, to save our pet and cover up this mess. Father will be here shortly, and he will be livid! We will tell him you had our permission, of course, but it will be hard enough to soothe his wrath! He may demand our slave to be killed, or take him away from us as punishment and give him to somebody else. Erestor, for example, who wanted so long to have a share of him!"

Behind him, Elrohir added sleekly while stroking through Legolas' hair: "And that would be such a waste, would it not?"

Estel flinched and locked his gaze with Legolas, desperate, frightened grey eyes meeting equally fearful blue ones.

Then Estel shook his head and looked to Elladan again. "No!" he whispered tonelessly. "Please, don't let this happen! Save him! I'll do anything, but please save him from father's wrath!"

Elladan glared back at him, but then he nodded. "If we can, we will," he said angrily. "But you had better leave now to make sure of that! Father will be on his way already, and he had better not find you here!"

Estel looked at him, then shared a last glance with Legolas. Legolas tried to look hopeful for him, but failed.

Estel seemed to understand, though. He bowed his head.

Then he looked up again at Elladan and nodded. "Be strong, beloved," he whispered with a last, short glance at Legolas, then he turned and left. / //

_______________ o ______________

Legolas turned in his sleep and moaned, He knew he was dreaming, he knew he was caught in a memory, and he knew he didn't want to continue this dream. Yet he couldn't wake up. He huddled deeper into the arms of the human who held him, but Estel was deeply asleep, too,and obviously he didn't register his slave's tossing in his arms. There was no escape from this dream, then; he had to relive the memories again.

// / Estel didn't leave the chambers of his brothers a moment too soon. For only moments after he had left, they heard the angry approaching steps of Lord Elrond. The door opened, and there was the Lord of Rivendell, angry as an approaching storm. Elladan met his father's gaze, standing slightly between him and his brother Elrohir. Elrohir stood upright, too, but he didn't leave his place beside their kneeling slave, and his left hand still rested possessively on Legolas' head.

Legolas took one look at the hated Elflord's face and quickly lowered his eyes and bowed his head. For once he was grateful for the closeness of his masters, and even Elrohir's normally so feared and loathed touch reassured him. He huddled into the shadow of his twin masters and tried his best to turn invisible. He knew that his life was hanging on a thread and it was solely in the power of his masters to save him, if they wished. All he himself might say or do now would only make it worse. So he bowed his head and tried to turn into a statue.

Elrond was livid. And his mood wasn't improved by the tableau presented to him. He took a threatening step into the room.

"What is this I hear?" he growled, "Your brother Estel has been caught whoring around with your slave without permission? You were careless enough about that slave that he could ensnare my foster son and seduce him to share himself with him, and now Estel gives himself to that worthless Mirkwood spawn like a common slut?"

Legolas fought hard against the urge to jump up and attack. Only the hand of his master, for a moment burying more harshly in his hair, held him in place and prevented him from giving in into his fear and anger. Elrohir stood, as if nothing could ever shake him, facing his angry father and lord with complete nonchalance.

So did Elladan. He had turned a bit so Legolas and Elrohir could see his face and he could at need share glances with his brother. Now he raised a brow.

"Who says Estel used our slave without permission?" he asked, feigning astonishment. "Of course he had permission. We invited him!"

Elrond stopped short. "You allowed your brother to be ensnared like this?!" he asked disbelievingly.

Elrohir, from his place beside Legolas, shrugged. "Oh, please!" he said. "Who told you that he was 'ensnared'? He took pleasure in our pet, as he was supposed to do! Estel is certainly old enough to learn the ways of pleasure, is he not?"

Elladan nodded. "He has been a man for some time now, and he has proven himself a worthy warrior. When do you think it's time he learned what a man must know about bed-play? We thought that it was time he learned how to answer his bodily needs in that direction as well."

Elrond paused. "He's nineteen..." he objected.

Elladan shrugged. "And he will be twenty in just a few months. You said yourself that is the time he will come of age. We often ride with the rangers, as you know. Many men have had their first experiences at an even earlier age. He 's certainly old enough to enjoy a body warming his bed, don't you think?"

Elrond narrowed his eyes. "With this slave?" he asked incredulously, nodding at Legolas.

Elrohir shrugged again. "Why not? He's available, he's ours, and Estel likes him," he argued. "Much better than if he had pursued that doomed affair with that cooking girl. She's free after all, and far under his station. What if she'd demanded that he marry her? That way our brother won't be sleeping around, and his needs are taken care of. Moreover, it all stays within the family."

Elladan added: "And Legolas will never hurt Estel. Our pet is devoted enough to our brother, as it is."

It was the wrong thing to say. Elrond furrowed his brows again and turned his gaze back onto the kneeling slave, glowering. His eyes glittered dangerously.

"And after all, why shouldn't he?" he mused with false indifference, "when my foster-son is so devoted to him and lowers himself to being his whore as if he has no decency at all! Erestor tells me that Estel was in the process of letting himself be devoured by this worthless Mirkwood-spawn when they were disturbed, and then was even ready to defend him!"

His voice held venom.

Legolas paled visibly, schooling his face to blankness. It took all his strength to remain silent and keep kneeling motionless, head bowed, without showing emotion. All his instincts urged him to jump up and to attack, to kill, first the hated Lord of Rivendell, then the chief advisor if he got that far. At his side, Elrohir tightened his grip in his hair warningly, keeping him in place.

The younger of the twins always had possessed an uncanny ability to read him.

Regardless of Elrond's palpable anger, the twins seemed completely unconcerned. Elladan merely raised a brow, Elrohir rolled his eyes.

"Oh, Erestor," he said. "He has always been rankled that we never allowed him to share our slave. He probably was jealous watching Estel taking what he could not have. I think you should not place too much weight on his testimony in this matter."

Elrond gave him a hard stare. "You would accuse my chief advisor of lying?" he asked dangerously.

Elladan cocked his head.

"We merely imply that he may have misjudged what he saw," he said diplomatically. "I hardly can believe that Estel would allow himself to be taken."

He turned directly to the kneeling slave. "Look at me!" he commanded. "Did Erestor find you entering our brother? Or did Estel command you to enter him?"

Legolas swallowed. He was utterly grateful for the wording of the question. Not daring to say too much, he merely met his master's gaze and shook his head. "No, My Lord," he whispered, blushing furiously.

Beside him, Elrohir asked : "What did you do, then?"

Legolas swallowed again, fighting his fear and hatred. He could not risk giving himself away. Carefully phrasing his words, he whispered again: "Your brother, My Lord, had me serving him with my mouth. He... had enjoyed me earlier, already."

It wasn't exactly a lie, and so he was able to hold Elladan's gaze while he said it without flinching. And yet he felt as if he would choke on the words. He hated Elrohir for forcing him to lay out for him what he and Estel had shared together.

If the older twin saw through his deception, he at least didn't show it. Elladan merely raised his other brow and turned back to his father.

"I do not think that there is cause for alarm, then, Adar," he said calmly, "albeit I admit it would have been wiser if Estel had taken his explorations to his chambers. But then, he likes the woods."

Elrond scowled. His angry gaze turned back and rested on the kneeling slave, who now held his head humbly bowed again.

"There still remains the fact that he nearly attacked my advisor," he growled, "and in defense of that worthless slave! He apparently needs to learn where his priorities should lie, and how to be a proper master! And that snake," - he nodded into the direction of the slave- "needs to be taken care of!"

He made a threatening step in Legolas' direction.

Elladan took a casual step to the side that moved him between his father and his younger brother. He began to protest: "But, Ada!--"

Elrond glared at him. But behind Elladan, at Legolas' side, Elrohir merely raised a brow.

"Maybe," he mused, "our brother could indeed use some instruction how to properly use a slave. So far, we have just trusted his curiosity and inventiveness. But there are so many lovely ways of taking pleasure in a slave. Maybe it's time we taught them to him in a more direct manner." His hand, while he was speaking, was sensually stroking through the kneeling slave's hair, and his eyes rested on Legolas' body in a contemplative way.

Elrond paused.

His second-born son was devious, he knew, and very inventive. Normally, he did not trust Elrohir too far, for when it came to plotting the younger of the twins had an uncanny genius of thinking up the most intricate schemes to further his own and his twin's advantage. He also had fairly few qualms. And when it came to pleasure, the younger twin specialized in the more cruel arts and had an eerily accurate gift for reading his victim's most tormenting fears.

This could be interesting.

Elrond gave his second son a measuring gaze, raising a brow. He threw a short, grim look toward the kneeling form beside Elrohir's knee. "Using that slave?" he barked.

Elrohir shrugged and smiled. "Why not?" he asked. "You just complained about Estel and our Pet here being too close. What better way to put our Pet back into his place than using him to teach the harsher ways of pleasure to the very one you claim he has ensnared? What better way to set Estel's mind right about what it means to be a master and how to treat a slave, than teaching him to use the one he always treated gently in a harsher way?"

Elrond hesitated. He studied the shivering slave beside his younger son with glittering eyes.

Legolas was frozen. Elrohir's suggestion had him horrified, and he had paled visibly under the proposal.

His reaction did not go unnoticed. The Lord of Rivendell narrowed his eyes and studied him thoughtfully.

"Very well," he finally decided. "But I want to be informed about the progress Estel makes! And you had better make sure he learns not only how to take his pleasure, but also how to keep a slave in line by command and discipline! I want you to make sure he learns to be a proper master, with everything that includes, especially concerning how to appropriately treat a slave and how to mete out punishment!"

He rounded on the twins. "Do I make myself clear?!"

Elrohir simply held his gaze. "Perfectly clear, Adar," he said, "I do not think we will have any problems teaching these things to him"

Elrond turned to him.

"Very good," he said dangerously and coldly, "and I suggest you be successful, because if you are not and I learn that Estel has been ensnared for good I'll have that slave killed. I will not have my foster-son corrupted into a weakling who doesn't know the difference between his own standing and that of a worthless slave and who knows not how to enforce respect and proper discipline in those whose only purpose is to serve him."

Elrohir cocked his head, obviously unperturbed. "I do not think you need fear, Adar," he said. "Estel may yet surprise you." He smiled. "So far, he has excelled at everything."

He stroked over the hair of the kneeling slave suggestively. "We will start his education today," he said, "and give it our highest priority."

Elrond watched him for a moment with narrowed eyes. "See that you do," he barked, then he gave the slave a last, angry glare, and went out.

The twins listened to his angrily retreating steps until they were sure he was gone.

Finally, Elladan let out his breath. "That was close," he observed. He sent a skeptical glance to his twin.

"Are you sure that this will work?" he asked. "Estel adores our pet. He even loves him. I do not think he will suddenly develop a taste for cruel bed-play, using him, or regard him merely as another slave."

Elrohir shrugged. "Do not judge too fast about the preferences of our little brother," he said mysteriously. "He may yet surprise you. But in truth it doesn't really matter if Estel turns away from Legolas, or how he regards our pet in the future."

He crouched down beside the slave again and started petting him lovingly, smiling as his victim shivered under his unwanted attentions. Looking up, he met his brother's questioning gaze.

He smiled. "The important thing is that father believed it," he explained. "Trust me! We will save our little pet from being killed, get father to let Estel be with Legolas to his heart's desire, and have a lot of fun on top of it all. All we must do is keep father convinced that the plan is working."

He looked back at their pet, and his smile widened. "And we will do our best to keep him convinced,will we not? I'm sure you'll do your very best serving all three of us together, me, Elladan and our dearest Estel. Won't you, little Pet?"

Legolas trembled under his touch. He could not bring himself to give an answer. / //

____________ 0 ___________

-- TBC --


(1) Truesilver = Mithril. This is completely made up by me. But I reasoned: Why not? Why should only Bilbo own one of these things? Gil-Galad was the last Noldorin High King after all, and they loved mithril and valued it nearly above all else. Wouldn't he have wanted to have a mithril chain-mail, too? And wouldn't he have bestowed it on Elrond in case of his death, like his ring?

(2)Orome (Sindarin name: Araw) is the name of the great huntsman of the Valar, the protector of the forest. His horse is said to be the ancestor of the Mearas of Rohan.

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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