Mael-Gûl: 34. Respite

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34. Respite

Authors note:
Completely A.U. Legolas slave fic. This story was inspired by Bluegolds story "Bound", which can be found here:
I use similar plot ideas here with her permission.
Betareader: Many thanks to Surreysmum, who polished this and made it so much better! All still remaining errors are my own.
Warnings: Slash. M/m, BDSM, d/s, torture, toys, non-con and debatable consent. Very graphic descriptions. Special warnings for this chapter: Sex. And Elf on top! At least briefly. :-) Please heed the warnings!

Disclaimer: Universe and characters are not mine, but Tolkien's. The idea of the spell, however, belongs to me.

Guide: In this chapter, I work with flashback scenes. Here is a Guide:
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For all other warnings, other disclaimers and author's notes see Story Intro.


XXXII. Respite

Aragorn trudged on, his face grim and forbidding. He was all too aware that his dark mood was palpable and surrounded him like a dark, stormy cloud. Once in a while he cast sullen glances into the direction of his slave, often briefly meeting Legolas' gaze; but always, the slave quickly looked away. He seemed subdued and miserable.
It would have melted Aragorn's heart and triggered his concern if not for the images replaying before his eyes, filling his mind whenever he allowed it to wander.

The face of the Elf raised in abandon, relaxed in passion and pleasure; gasping at the thrusts of another into his pliant body... finding release in complete ecstasy... Boromir's harsh breathing mingling with the Elf's as he thrust into the willing body...

He shook his head again, trying to banish the images, but they remained. and it did not improve his mood that he himself was responsible for this mess and had completely brought it on himself.

Legolas avoided him. His slave took care to be as far from him as he could manage, mostly sticking to himself or chatting with the Hobbits, sometimes scouting ahead, but always avoiding Aragorn and Boromir. Boromir was not too happy about this, Aragorn could see; the Man of Gondor had earlier that day tried to share some intimacy with the Elf, some tender caress, but Legolas had sidestepped him skilfully and fled. He had then hesitantly approached his master, only to shy away when he picked up on Aragorn's foul mood, and had avoided him ever since. Boromir's looks had turned from hurt to anger to annoyance. Now, the Gondorian simply left the Elf in peace, apparently satisfied by the fact that Legolas at least avoided Aragorn as well.

The Hobbits, sensing the Elf's disturbed mood, shot both men dark looks and tried their best to form a protective bulwark around the slave when he was with the Fellowship. And while Aragorn often felt Legolas' look on him, the slave carefully avoided meeting his eyes and looked away whenever Aragorn looked into his direction.

Of course, Aragorn could have easily put a stop to this by simply commanding his slave to stay close. But he hesitated. In the back of his mind, he knew all too well that Legolas avoided him because of his master's obvious black mood, and he had to admit that at the moment his slave was wise to do so.

For if Legolas came close to him and he had to smell the scent of Boromir on him again, he did not knew what he would do.

Aragorn chided himself. It was stupid of him to be jealous; after all, he himself had commanded the Elf into the other man's bedding. Legolas had not wanted to go, had begged him to revoke his command; but he had insisted, and his most loyal slave had reluctantly but obediently followed his command against his own preferences. It was not Legolas' fault that, true to his master's explicit encouragement, he had then found it in himself to enjoy the sharing.

And yet. There it was. Aragorn could not banish the image of Legolas in Boromir's arms out of his head, the pleasure and the abandon on his Elf's face as he allowed himself to find pleasure in the other man's embrace. Boromir's gentleness, so different to everything he, Aragorn, could give his partner. Legolas' expression of wonder and passion...

It sat like a cold fist of anger in his stomach, urging him to hurt, to punish, to avenge. In the back of his mind, some dark and ugly part of himself whispered to him of all the ways to punish his wayward slave and show him exactly to whom he belonged. Thoroughly. To teach him better than to seek and find pleasure with anyone beside his master.

The sane and rational part of his mind chided himself and discarded the thought.

'And drive him even further away from you?' the voice of reason in his mind questioned dryly. 'Do you wish to drive him into the arms of the Gondorian with force? He did only what you asked him to, after all!' And after all, how could he punish Legolas for obeying his command?

No. He was being childish. And there was a cold fear in his soul, the fear of losing the affection of his Elf for good. Even while Legolas was bound to him without escape, the unconditional faith and trust the Elf still placed in him was precious. He simply could not bear to lose that.

The mere thought that Legolas could come to truly loathe him for good was too painful to contemplate. It took his breath away and sent currents of grief and sadness through his soul.

He could not risk that.

For a moment he was flooded with regret and grief nearly too great to bear. They had lost so much already... No. He could not risk driving Legolas further apart from him.

So he allowed his slave to avoid him and trudged on, fretting in silence.

It was late in the afternoon when he finally had an epiphany.

There was a way how he could show his Elf exactly what he meant to him, how much he truly appreciated him. A way how he could remind Legolas to whom he belonged and what they had together, without driving him further away.

It was something Boromir would never do. And Legolas would even like it.

And more, it would show his Elf why the command to share himself with others was a good thing. It would even serve to remind Aragorn himself of that.

He would show Legolas how dear he was to him,how much he meant to him.

It was perfect.

Smiling to himself and in a much better mood, Aragorn went to seek out his Elf and prepare for his plans.

_______________ o ______________

Aragorn did not get his chance until the evening. Legolas had been at first a bit hesitant when his master sought him out, and the Hobbits, always protective of the Elf, had taken that slight hesitance as a call to form a wall around him and engage both Aragorn and the Elf in animated chatter. Aragorn had at first been taken aback by their ploy, but a look at Legolas' grateful face had been enough to convince him to play along. While he would have been well within his rights to simply chase Legolas' self-appointed body-guards away and ask the Elf to have a word with him, his aim was still regaining his Elf's commitment and trust. And the best way to ensure that was certainly not aggravating the Hobbits and claiming Legolas' sole attention to himself by mere command. So he patiently played along and registered with satisfaction that slowly, very slowly, Legolas seemed to relax again.

When the Fellowship finally settled down to camp and the Hobbits went along to settle down and haggle about the chores, Aragorn stepped closer to his Elf and touched him. "I would have you near me for the night," he informed his slave. "I have missed you all day, Little Leaf. Stay close to me this evening."

Legolas gave him a startled, apprehensive look, then Samwise called his name and asked him to fetch firewood. The Elf hesitated a moment, then he gave his master an obedient bow, mumbled a polite "as soon as I am back, My Lord," and went to fetch the firewood as he had been asked to do. Aragorn sighed and turned to seek out Gandalf and discuss their course during the following days. He could not help noticing the brief communication between his slave and the Hobbits at the other side of the camp, just out of earshot, though. He noticed their frowning and Legolas' grateful expression but gentle shake of head. He thought he could guess the content of the exchange. If he was not completely mistaken, they were offering the Elf their protection from his master again, should he need it. Apparently, Legolas declined. Aragorn was grateful for this proof of his Elf's continued loyalty, and resolved to prove to Legolas that he deserved it.

Later, when the Fellowship sat around the fire, Legolas settled hesitantly down beside him. Aragorn reached out, touched his arm and guided him close. The Elf reluctantly but obediently leaned against him, and Aragorn gathered him in his arms, in nearly the same position as the evening before. He could feel Legolas' body tense up against him. Slowly and tenderly he began to pet the tense form, ignoring the pointed glares of the Hobbits and the sullen looks of Boromir.

Slowly and hesitantly Legolas began to relax under his ministrations. Aragorn registered it with satisfaction. For a few, long moments, he simply luxuriated in the Elf's closeness and unique smell and feel.

"I wondered what I had to do to get my hands on you, today," he whispered after some time. "You did your best to avoid me all day, Little Leaf."

Legolas tensed up again. "I'm sorry, master," he stammered, obviously terrified, "I just..."

Aragorn sighed and just continued to pet him gently. "Shhh, it's all right. I admit I was in a terrible mood most of today," he admitted.

When Legolas didn't immediately relax against him, he soothed: "It is not your fault, Little Leaf. I was just being stupid." He kissed him gently on the head.

Legolas turned in his arms and looked at him. "You – you are not-?"

Aragorn met his gaze with slight grief and self-deprecating amusement. "Angry?" he asked, raising a brow. "No, not anymore. At least not at you. Jealous? Yes, I am. Terribly so. I was glowering all day. I said I was being stupid, did I not?"

Legolas shrank a bit, his eyes widening in fear. Yet at the same time, there was a little spark of defiance. Aragorn was absurdly pleased to see it. At least he had not yet destroyed the spirit in his Elf.

"But," Legolas began, "you said..."

Aragorn kissed him. "I know what I said and commanded you to do," he said then. "That's why I said I'm being stupid. Still, it's killing me to know you were in his arms, and it drives me mad that I have to share you. I still think that this thrice-cursed bargain is for the best and the right thing to do to keep you safe. But that certainly doesn't mean I'll have to like it."

Legolas looked at him uncomprehendingly. "But you told me you would have me relish it, master," he protested feebly.

Aragorn sighed and stroked tenderly through his hair.

"I know," he said, and after a moment forced himself to add: "and to that I hold. I am not angry at you, Little Leaf, just at myself. And I promise I won't take that anger out on you."

Legolas swallowed hard. He didn't doubt that this was his master's intention. Even so...

Carefully, he began: "Estel..."

Aragorn kissed him again. "I promise," he repeated then, holding his gaze. "Do not fear. I won't!"

Legolas held his gaze for a moment, then he sighed in relief. He relaxed visibly, and his body in Aragorn's arms finally grew pliant.

"Thank you," he said quietly ."I... am sorry I avoided you today, Estel."

Aragorn shook his head. "No matter. It was probably for the best," he admitted reluctantly. "I needed time to work through my unjustified anger."

He smiled and petted Legolas' back and shoulders tenderly. "It is as well that tonight it is my turn again."

To his dismay, he saw Legolas' eyes widen again in sudden fear and felt the Elf's body in his arms tense up immediately. For a moment, dark, terrible anger welled up in him and the jealous beast inside his guts screamed and growled. 'Do you miss his touch already so much that you loathe mine?' the beast howled, 'Do you already prefer him that much?!'

But then, rational thought set in again and he fought his jealousy down. Bitterly he reminded himself that there were very good reasons for Legolas' reluctance and fear of his master's attentions, none of which had anything to do with Boromir.

'Well, not tonight,' he thought, 'tonight you are in for a pleasant surprise, melethron!'

Still, a part of him felt as if he would drown in grief, and he wanted to scream. How had he ever brought them both to this?

He saw the renewed fear deepening in his slave's eyes and shook his head. Then he brought his mouth close to one of the delicate ears and placed a quick kiss to its tip.

"Shhh, do not fear," he rasped. "I will be gentle. I promised, remember?"

He felt Legolas hesitate a moment, then nod and relax again. For a moment, he was flooded with relief.

Legolas still trusted him implicitly. He had not managed to destroy what was between them for good.

Grateful and relieved, Aragorn kissed the ear under his lips again and promised: "Do not fear! I promise you, you will not regret it! I have something special in mind for us tonight, Little Leaf. And it is nothing you need fear, I promise!"

Legolas' eyes widened a bit at Aragorn's mention of his 'special plans', and there was a quick flash of fear. It filled Aragorn with sudden grief. Of course, 'something special' rarely meant something good for Legolas anymore when it came to their bed-play, did it? But he resisted the impulse to explain and to assure, hoping desperately Legolas would trust him. Legolas looked at him questioningly, but he just smiled and refused to say more. Instead, he simply held his slave's gaze and continued his tender petting.

Finally, after searching his gaze for long moments, the Elf gave up and turned in his arms again, comfortably settling against him. Aragorn luxuriated in this undeniable proof of trust and promised himself that tonight, at least, Legolas would have no reason to regret it.

_________________ o ______________

Legolas leaned drowsily against his master, savouring Aragorn's slow, gentle petting. It was a peaceful moment, and he was grateful for Estel's unexpected tenderness, even more so, since after seeing Aragorn's palpable dark mood all day he had feared the worst for the night. Still, something within him hesitated to relax and lower his guard completely.

Aragorn would take him later this night.

True, Aragorn had promised to be gentle – at least as gentle as he could. He would try to make their joining bearable, even enjoyable for his slave. And of course, Legolas relished every moment of tenderness and concern Estel showed him like the most precious jewel, and kept it treasured in his heart.

But still Legolas could not help fearing the night. He knew that Aragorn had no choice, as little as he had himself. And normally, Aragorn tried to keep the level of pain he was forced to cause him bearable. He would surely do so tonight.

But Legolas did not know if he could bear Estel hurting him again tonight. Not after these recent dreams and sweet memories of their early time together. He did not know if he could take Aragorn's cruel attentions again so soon after that.

So it was with much apprehension that he finally followed his master to their packs to fetch oil as well as their bedrolls and blankets, and afterwards out of the camp to find some privacy together. At least they had time; Aragorn had managed to fend off any attempt to enroll him or Legolas for watch-duty tonight, even though it meant that both of them had to take watches tomorrow. But he had been adamant, and finally, Boromir gave in, although with a very sour face. The Gondorian cast them a sullen look when they left the camp, but at least he kept to himself and allowed them privacy. So did the Hobbits. They seemed to accept Legolas' reassurance that he didn't need protection tonight and left him to his own devices.

Legolas wished he could be as sure that he did not need their help as he had told them.

Aragorn led him out of the camp and into the bushes. They did not go very far; Aragorn sought a place that would offer protection of their privacy and was well out of sight and immediate earshot from the camp, but would allow them to hear if the alarm was raised and get back in time if there was an attack. Finally he found a place to his content, surrounded by bushes and with soft, mossy ground, and spread out his bedroll, signaling Legolas to do the same. He placed his blanket beside their bedding and sat down, taking off his weapons and placing them in easy reach.

Legolas shrugged out of his harness and placed it beside the weapons of his master, then he stood mute and waited for Aragorn's commands. He was surprised when his master smiled up at him.

Aragorn settled more comfortably on his bedroll and patted the place beside him. "Come to me, Little Leaf," he invited. "Sit down beside me."

Amazed and a little mystified, Legolas obeyed. He had expected a command to undress, or to kneel, not a gentle invitation. What was Estel playing at?! Carefully, he settled down beside his master, kneeling before him.

"Estel?" he began questioningly, "What..."

Aragorn just smiled at him and placed a finger on his lips. Then he traced the features of his Elf with admiration.

"Shhh! I have waited for this moment all day," he said hoarsely, "I could hardly stand to wait much longer."

He raised both hands and traced Legolas' face, followed his features lovingly: the sculpted cheekbones, the elegant ears, the sensitive neck; then he moved on to comb gently through the silken hair. With delight he first saw the pupils of his Elf dilate, then the eyes fluttering closed under his touch, watched Legolas' face relax and his lips open in wonder, heard the reverent whisper of his name:


Desire surged through him. He leaned forward and graced the lips of his Elf with a tender kiss, just a sweet promise instead of a demanding taking of his lover's mouth.

"You do not know how beautiful you are," he whispered. "Make love to me!"

Legolas' eyes flew open. He drew back and looked at him, eyes wide in wonder. When he saw that his master was serious, his eyes widened even more.

"Estel," he gasped breathlessly, "You would allow me... truly?"

Aragorn saw his wonder and his joy at the thought and smiled even wider. "Yes, melethron. I want to feel you inside me tonight," he answered. "Please, Little Leaf! I need to feel your body within mine. I want you!"

He looked at his partner admiringly. "Make love to me?"

For a moment, Legolas just looked at him, apparently too amazed and overwhelmed to react. Then the face of his Elf transformed in raw longing and his eyes went black with desire. So much love, so much surprise and gratitude, so much pure, unblemished joy were shining back at him. For this sight alone, Aragorn decided, this had been a wonderful idea.

But still his slave seemed somehow hesitant to take him up on his offer, as if Legolas could just not believe his ears.

Aragorn decided to prompt him. He tilted his head and pursed his lips in a little pout. "Do you not want me?" he asked coyly.

In the next instant, he found himself flat on his back and straddled by a very determined, very aroused Elf, who took his mouth in a demanding kiss. "I do want you," Legolas breathed when he let him up for air, "I do want you, Estel!"

It was nearly a sob, and Legolas' eyes were bright with joy and gratitude; Aragorn had to swallow at the depth of their expression.

But then Legolas ceased to speak and plunged down on his master's willing mouth again, plundering it thoroughly. Then he moved on to his neck, his ears, his shoulders... Aragorn felt somewhat overwhelmed at the concentrated assault on his body, loving and full of tenderness, but very determined. Legolas' mouth, his hands were everywhere, kissing, nipping, caressing and tickling. It was nearly frightening to find himself suddenly at the mercy of his normally so humble and submissive Elf, but at the same time, it was exciting to take the passive role for a change. And in any case, he trusted Legolas implicitly.

So he gave himself over to the concentrated assault, squirming, moaning, laughing in delight, until the tender and maddening caresses suddenly stopped and he looked up at his lover a little startled.

Legolas' face shone, but now it held a nearly predatory expression.

"You, My Lord," he said, "have entirely too many clothes on!"

Aragorn raised his brows and looked back at his slave. "Then, melethron, I suggest we remedy that!" he offered.

Legolas hands started immediately on his belt, then moved to open the bindings of his jerkin. Aragorn let him work, then shoved him gently back and off himself so he could sit up. "Wait, melethron," he said breathlessly, "let me undress for you!"

He caught a glimpse of Legolas' look of wonder, then he was busy getting the shirt over his head, assisted by his Elf. It took them only moments; they eagerly helped each other out of their garb until they were both completely naked for each other.

Then Legolas turned back to his master. Asking and receiving Aragorn's permission with his eyes, he gently and lovingly guided the Adan back on his back, kissing him tenderly. With one hand, he reached for one of their blankets. He would have preferred to leave it, but it was cold, and Estel did not have the same resistance as an Elf against exposure.

So he spread it over the two of them, then returned to worshiping the beloved body, now unhindered by restraining cloth.

He stole another kiss, savoring the sweet, responsive mouth under his own; then he moved on to kiss the well known scar on Estel's lip, a reminder of an early fight with a particularly nasty group of humans. He moved on to map the beloved features of his master with gentle kisses. He watched the eyes fluttering closed and graced each with a gentle kiss. Then he moved on to the side of his master's head.

Legolas blew into one round ear and grinned at the delighted laughter this elicited. He bit gently into the sensitive lobe.

Estel gasped. His hands came up and kneaded into the Elf's back. Legolas licked along the lobe, followed the round shape with his tongue, then closed his mouth down on the captive flesh and suckled. Estel groaned. Legolas grinned. He knew that the human was not as sensitive here as an Elf, but Estel still liked this nearly as much as Legolas himself.

And he was right. Estel's hands buried into Legolas' shoulders and his groin surged up against him. "Legolas!" his master growled in a mixture of amusement and helpless begging, "Please! You are killing me here!"

Legolas grinned again and gave the captive lobe under his lips a last, teasing lick. Then he took pity on the human and moved down. His hands trailed southwards, following the lines of Estel's torso. They traced the ribs, the muscled chest, the flat stomach, kneading, caressing, stroking, mapping the scars along their way. There were many, and for most of them he knew exactly how and when they had been received. Each was a reminder of a failure, because they meant he had not been successful in watching Estel's back. Only a few had been gained when Legolas had not been there.

Then again, all these scars also meant Estel had lived through another battle to receive them. He mapped them all: this one of the warg-bite that had nearly cost them both their life, Estel's by the long, gruesome fever following the bite, and his own by default; that of an ugly sword-stroke, and this here stemmed from an encounter with a nasty arrow. He marveled that Estel's body was such an open map of all his valorous deeds. His own body showed little of the struggles of the past, but then the reminder of any wounds he received faded fast on him, as did any marks left by Estel's harsher games.

Legolas quickly banished this last thought. He was determined to enjoy this gift and unwilling to spoil this moment by thoughts of inevitable pain and grief.

Legolas' mouth moved to his master's neck, suckling and nibbling, until Estel began to moan and thrash against him. He moved on to that spot at the joint of neck and shoulders where Estel always was so sensitive, and started to nibble. His hands rubbed Estel's stomach, lingering, refusing to roam further down.

Estel groaned. His hands buried harder into Legolas back and his groin surged up again, seeking contact. But he just succeeded in rubbing himself a little against the Elf's thighs, far too little friction to feed his building need.

Legolas' hands finally left the human's stomach and trailed down, kneading his thighs, carefully avoiding the center of the Adan's excitement.

Estel growled in frustration. "Legolas!--" he whined, "Please...." - but at least he did not command his Elf to move on.

Legolas grinned again. He gave the spot he had been working a last, teasing swirl with his tongue and kissed his way along the hollow of Estel's throat down to the chest. Finding one of the nipples, he gave it his closest attention.

Estel moaned when the hot mouth closed over the sensitive body part, suckling and teasing it mercilessly. He stroked his hands helplessly over the Elf's smooth back, resisting the impulse to turn the tables; he had resolved to let Legolas be on top tonight, and so he would let him have his way. But it was difficult. The Elf seemed determined to subject him to this sweet torment as thoroughly and intently as he could. Still, he could not help raising his groin again, trying to push it against the thighs of his lover, trying to get contact.... but the Elf skillfully avoided him. He seemed intent on torturing him with frustration.

Then Legolas graced the nipple he was suckling lightly with his teeth and Estel yelped. He groaned again when the offended body part was soothed again by a swirling tongue.

"Legolas," he whined, "melethron, please..."

His whining was rewarded when the teasing mouth moved to his other tit and Legolas hands finally, mercifully, found their way to his manhood.

At Aragorn's pleas, Legolas looked up at him, grinning, delighting in his human's expression of desire and need. It was a pity that he was so rarely allowed to worship Estel's body like this any more. Most of the times, his master preferred him on the receiving end, submissive and passive, waiting obediently for whatever he would receive.... that Estel would grant him this, and now, was an unbelievable gift he could not relish enough! His hands moved down and closed over his human's maleness, to give him finally a part of what he craved --

-- and found it still soft and hardly risen. Despite his obvious arousal, Estel had barely stirred for him!

While he himself was already so hard he ached.

He frowned and looked alarmed up at his master's face. He met Aragorn's eyes, black with passion.

Aragorn's hands stroked over his hair.

"Don't mind that," the Adan groaned, "move on, please, Little Leaf! You are killing me here!"

It took only a moment, then Legolas obeyed. His hands lingered a few more moments on the soft flesh that refused to harden under his attentions, although the nimble fingers did their best to coax it up, then they moved on and found the soft scrotum and the sacs, starting to tease and massage gently. One of the clever hands trailed further down between the hard-muscled buttocks. Aragorn hissed as a nimble finger found the puckered hole of his most private entrance and lingered to stroke and tease around it. He could not help tensing up in anticipation. It had been so long since he last allowed his lover to do that...

Yet to his frustration, the finger didn't dip inside, but circled his hole a few more times, then left him again. He suppressed the urge to whimper. What was his devious, impish Elven slave suddenly up to?!

Legolas lavished the tit under his lips with mouth and tongue, grinning at Estel's little moan of protest. He graced the nipple with a last, gentle bite - Estel moaned and jerked up against him – then he trailed further down kissing and licking his way from the hairy chest to the belly-button.

Meanwhile, one of his hands sneaked out under the blanket to the little vial of oil he had placed in easy reach beside their weapons. He blew into Estel's navel and proceeded to licking around it and burrowing his tongue in it. He had to grin at Estel's little yelp and thorough squirming. Estel was ticklish here, and Legolas knew it. He was delighted at the rumbling laughter answering his assault, and the hands of his master buried in his hair.

"Legolas, please!" Estel begged helplessly. "Don't tease so, Little Leaf! I need you!"

A little disappointed, yet obedient, Legolas finally gave in and moved down to suckle on his master's shaft.

Which had still not stirred nor filled out more.

Legolas looked up, startled out of his haze of pleasure, and met Aragorn's gaze.

Aragorn groaned as the hot mouth closed over his sensitive member. He felt Legolas freeze and looked down to see what was wrong. Yet he knew already. The blanket had fallen away at some point during their proceedings, and he could see the face of his Elf, cheeks hollowed in pleasuring his master's manhood – which still refused to harden for him, despite of all his ministrations. While he watched, Aragorn could see a flash of grief and disappointment flash through his Elf's eyes.

He could not take it.

He shook his head and caressed his lover's face. "Don't mind that," he said again, voice raw in need, "I do not need to grow hard to enjoy having you fill me! Please, Little Leaf! Take me!" he urged then. "Make me yours!"

He could see the eyes of his Elf dilate and turn black again in sudden desire at his words. Then Legolas closed his eyes, and engulfed the man's soft member. Aragorn groaned as the talented tongue swirled over the sensitive head, and the suckling sensation gently massaged his length, although the stubborn flesh still refused to gain full hardness. Then he gasped as he was breached by a nimble finger, entering him, caressing him from the inside, in rhythm with the working mouth. He could not help tensing up against the gentle intruder; but there was no pain. The finger was well lubricated. He had not even noticed when Legolas had managed to coat his hands with the oil.

Then the clever digits found his sweet spot, and pleasure exploded in his head.

Legolas swallowed in anticipation at Aragorn's harsh breathing and thrashing movements. He forced himself to take his time, to stretch and prepare patiently, although he was so hard himself that he could hardly wait any longer. Finally, after the first finger had been joined by the second, then the third, he gave the soft member of his master a last, suckling caress, and let it go and straightened up. He positioned himself between Aragorn's legs and moved them up so they were bent and spread apart for him.

Aragorn could not help swallowing. It had been so very long since he last had allowed himself to be taken. He knew there would be pleasure, yet he could not help feeling a little tense. He felt the slender fingers intruding again, caressing his channel, stretching gently. Then the fingers left and were replaced by thick, hot flesh. Aragorn hissed as the hot silken column breached him and entered, at first only the head, then pushing slowly further. He tensed in sudden pain, and Legolas immediately stopped. Aragorn took deep breaths while he allowed his passage to adjust to the intruding member. Legolas' body inside his own felt unbelievable: hot, tight, full, completing him in ways he could not fathom... and the face of his Elf while he did this was a marvel to behold: glowing in pleasure, full of concentration, and shining in raw longing and complete abandon. The sight nearly undid him. The thought flickered through his mind: 'I really should do this more often!' - and in fact for a few, long moments he could hardly understand why he had not.

Then he remembered, and for a moment, it it filled him with sharp grief.

If only he could give him more of this! If only this would be enough to keep his Elf alive...

Yet it was not, and so all he could do was to give himself to this moment and his Elf and keep the sight of Legolas' joy treasured in his heart as best as he could. He knew it could not last. He knew they could not stay like this. But he could give his Elf this gift, here, now, the very least that he could do for him...

So he looked at his Elf, savoring his joy, and wishing with all his heart he could do more. Then Legolas hit his sweet spot again and he gasped with joy and and all thought left him.

Carefully Legolas began to move inside him, and Aragorn gave himself completely over to the moment.

While Legolas entered his master, his mind was briefly flooded by the memory of another time....

// / "Make love to me!" the young Adan demanded.

Legolas' eyes went wide. "You mean?--"

Estel nodded. "Yes," he reassured his lover, "I want to feel you inside!"

Legolas hesitated. Never in his wildest dreams had he expected such an offer. "Are you sure?"he asked carefully.

He was rewarded with a look of love and trust.

"Yes, I am sure," Estel affirmed, "I want to feel you inside! I want to feel what you do when I make love to you!" He noticed his lover's hesitation and looked puzzled. "Do you not want me?"

Legolas felt himself melt inside. He could have died on the spot and counted himself happy. "Yes, I want you," he replied, "it's just... I don't want to hurt you!"

Estel's eyes grew wide. "It hurts?" he asked, startled, "But... I thought..."

Legolas could see the concern shining in his eyes and hurried to reassure him: "It always hurts a little. But when it is done rightly, the pleasure far outweighs the pain. It always does when you lie with me."

The concern in his lover's eyes changed to trust and determination. "Then I want you to take me!" Estel said. "I know you will not hurt me!"

Legolas could not resist any longer. He leaned forward and closed the mouth of his lover with a kiss.

"I won't" he promised then, when he started to make love to his beloved, "I won't!!!"

And he did his best to keep his promise.

And yet, Estel's eyes were round as saucers when Legolas positioned himself and carefully entered him, first with one finger, then another and another. Trust shone in the young Adan's eyes, but it mingled with apprehension and fear.

Then Legolas' finger found Estel's sweet spot, and the young man shouted in surprise.

"What was that?" he finally asked when he could breathe again. Legolas marveled at the expression of wonder in his eyes.

He smiled. "That is the reason why it is well worth it," he said, and plunged down on his lover, and Estel gave himself willingly over to him.

Their coupling was pure bliss. When Estel reached his peak, it was the expression of abandon and ecstasy on the young human's face that undid his lover. / //

They had often lain like this together, in their first, blissful year. He had never forgotten any of these moments, and he had treasured every single one deep in his heart. As he had done with every single time Aragorn let him have him later, rare as it had been, after the change when they had become master and slave. Every single occasion was a memory he would relish until the end of Arda, if he was to live that long.

And now Estel was giving him this gift again.

It was bliss. It was pure, wonderful bliss, feeling Estel's body closing around him, feeling his little movements, hearing his gasps, feeling his flesh fluttering against him. Joy surged through him, elation that Estel would give him this, and every moan and gasp filled him again with joy that he was allowed to give such pleasure. When Legolas finally reached his peak and spilled himself inside his human's body, he shouted Estel's name and heard Estel's answering whisper of his own. He was flooded by joy, riding the bliss closing around them both in waves. At last, he collapsed exhausted over his lover's body, resting a moment before he slipped out to separate them.

// / When he was done and their bodies were separated, he held his young lover in his arms, glowing in love and gratitude. Finally, he noticed Estel's wide eyes, looking at him in wonder. He felt a sudden surge of concern. "Did I hurt you?"he asked.

At first, the human bravely shook his head. Then he gave in. "A little," Estel admitted. "But you were right, the pleasure was well worth it!"

Legolas smiled back at him. "I'm glad," he said. "I've never done this before."

Estel stared at him incredulously. "You didn't--?! But I thought!--"

Legolas shook his head. "I have been taken, yes. But I have never taken anyone myself. Until today," he said. "I am a slave, remember? A slave is taken by his master, not the other way round. It simply isn't done!"

Estel scowled at his bitter statement. "Not with me, you aren't," he said. "But I am glad you did not do this before with anyone."

Legolas looked at him questioningly. Estel kissed him.

"This way, we have something that just belongs to us," the young human said. "Something that just belongs to you and me. Thank you!" he concluded. "Thank you for this gift. I love you!"

"And I love you," Legolas answered him, and meant it, "with everything I am." He kissed his lover again. "Thank you, Estel. Thank you!" / //

Legolas opened his eyes and looked at his human master. Aragorn's eyes smiled back at him. Legolas could not resist; he brought their mouths together in a kiss.

"Thank you," he said then. "Thank you, Estel!"

"It was my pleasure, Little Leaf," his Adan said. "I would give myself to you more often if it would but keep you alive." He reached out and caressed his Elf's face. Legolas savored the caress; but he noticed his master's slight tension.

He looked down between them, and saw Aragorn's still just half-erect member lying dormant and unspent between the Adan's legs.

Aragorn had hardly been aroused. All the pleasure they had shared tonight had hardly made him stir.

It was too much. Legolas could not help himself. He broke down, buried his face in Aragorn's chest and cried.

Aragorn tenderly held him against himself, petting his head. Finally, he placed a soft kiss on the bowed head and reached down to tilt his slave's face up to his own again.

"If you cry every time I let you take me, Little Leaf, you will bring me to the conclusion that it is a very bad idea," he joked gently.

Legolas just shivered in his arms. He couldn't answer.

Aragorn kissed his cheeks. "Please don't grieve so, Little Leaf," he said. "I told you that I do not need to spill myself to enjoy having you take me. You gave me great pleasure tonight. Truly!" He placed kisses over his Elf's eyes. "Please don't cry anymore!"

Legolas swallowed, trying to stop his tears. "Forgive me, master," he croaked. "It s just..."

He looked up into Aragorn's sad, grief-filled eyes, and suddenly he could not stand it anymore.

"Take me, My Lord," he begged. "Please! Take me!"

For a moment, Aragorn stared back at him without comprehension. Then he swallowed.

"Are you sure?" he asked. "I would – I would have to hurt you again, Little Leaf. I do not want to hurt you, tonight."

Legolas felt as if his heart would break.

"Please," he said. "I'm sure. Please, take me, my Lord. I need to feel you!"

Aragorn looked into his face for another moment, then he gasped. "All right," he said hoarsely, "if you're sure..."

Arousal and desire surged through him and replaced his hesitation. He sat up and straightened himself, pushing his slave back. "Kneel!" he commanded harshly.

Legolas obeyed, head bowed, legs spread, in the submissive pose requested by his master.

Aragorn breathed harshly. "Remember that you asked for this," he warned. "Come here. I want your ass over my knees, face down. And do not move, or shout. You are to keep silent. Do you understand?!"

Legolas nodded. He did not look up, just followed the command. When his master harshly grabbed his hair to hold him in place and smacked his hand down on his ass, setting off long-trained reactions of mixed pain and arousal, he gave himself over to the familiar sensation.

It did not take much. The fact alone that Legolas had asked for this, had begged him to be taken, especially after their tender sharing earlier tonight, was enough to spark Aragorn's arousal and make him hard and ready with much less than the usual amount of harshness. When he took his slave, roughly and demandingly, he nevertheless took care to bring Legolas to hardness and made him reach his peak, too. When he spilled himself within the Elf's body, he was overwhelmed by gratitude and held his Elf a long time after they sank down beside each other, completely exhausted.

Finally, they lay beside each other, huddled into each other's arms. Legolas nestled against him, shivering, but clearly unwilling to let go. Aragorn stroked over his slave's hair silently, thinking back to their earlier sharing.

Legolas' unbelievable tenderness, his sweet eagerness, his shining eyes... still to be given such a gift after all he had done to his Elf filled him with gratitude. And yet... For a moment, an unwelcome thought settled into the back of his mind, filling him with sudden, rekindled arousal.

Maybe when this Quest was done they could repeat something like this. But maybe then, he could have Legolas tie him up, making the whole thing even more exciting by denying himself any way to urge his slave on save by command. And maybe he could use a paddle on Legolas before, just enough to brighten his ass and make him hurt; and maybe he could make him wear a carag(1), just big enough to remind him he was owned, and maybe he could trap his erection, too, allowing the Elf to come only when he received permission to remove the trappings...

The unbidden images were enough to make him gasp and bring him to sudden, instant hardness.

Then he recalled the love and worship in Legolas' eyes as his Elf made love to him earlier that night, and loathed himself. Bile rose in his throat. How could he even think to take this unbelievable gift of trust and love and twist it in such a way for his own pleasure?

Nay. He would die before he went so far as to do that.

Carefully and full of grief he stroked over the golden hair of the shivering Elf nestled against him, holding to him as if for sheer life.

"We need to go back," he finally reluctantly said, "we will be missed already."

Instead of following his command, Legolas just burrowed deeper against him, shaking his head a little.

"Please, My Lord," the Elf begged, "not yet. Hold me, Estel. Just a little longer."

Wordlessly, Aragorn enfolded the shivering slave more tightly in his arms. If it was necessary, he decided, they could stay like this all night – a small respite from the total mess he had made of the beauty and the love they once had shared together.

____________ o ______________

-- TBC --


(1)Carag – Sindarin: Spike. Short for taer carag aniron, straight spike of desire – a pleasure staff or dildo; in this case: a butt-plug.

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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