Broken Spirit: 22. Chapter 22

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22. Chapter 22

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"Forgive me, Estel." Elrond could feel failure and guilt trembled in his body, as the boy was lifted upon the orc's shoulders and disappeared in front of his eyes.

"NO!!!" Elrohir shouted, and started to run after the orcs with his sword pulled. He did not want to leave Estel with these ugly creatures.

"Elrohir, come back here at once!" Elrond said firmly, not wanting to lose his younger son either.

Elrohir did stop, but walked slowly to Elrond, an inner battle going on to follow the boy or obey his father. He sighed.

"Now, it is not the time, ion-nin, as much as I want to run with you and kill those orcs and save Estel, but I am afraid, that it is not this time," Elrond sighed and continued, "We are outnumbered, your brother needs my care, and Legolas as well, and I do hope that the king would not kill me…"

"He will not kill you, look at the guards that came, he sent them, and I am assuming that he did not know of what had wrong with us." Elrond said, and for once, he seemed to notice of more guards.

"You are right, ion-nin." Elrond clasped his hands upon his son's shoulders.

"Come," the guard said, "We will escort you safety to the palace, as the army will wait for us or meet us half way."

"Army, what army?" Elrond asked, and wondered what is going on.

"The army that our king sent for your behalf, my lord." The guard answered.

"So be it, though I think that the army should wait for us in the palace, as plans must be made."

The guards nodded, but either said anything.

Elrohir helped to his Adar with his half, carrying him to their horse, and placed him in front of his Adar, and then he mounted as well.

They rode in silence, until the army that Thranduil sent, approach to them in haste.

"The battle is over, come back with us at the palace and arrange for seeking and killing orcs." Elrond said to the captain.

"Seeking who, my Lord Elrond?" the captain asked him, seemed confused, as he saw the elfling in the hands of the king.

"My boy, Estel." Elrond replied.

The captain nodded, and the army covered the group at the palace.


Thranduil hurried to the healer's room, and laid his son in the bed.

He knelt beside him, caressing his elfling's pale cheek, mumbling for him to come back, and how sorry he was for his foolish act.

But Greenleaf did not even stir.

The king started pacing the room, waiting impatiently for Elrond to come, as he did not wish to lose his son.

"Where in the name of the Valar are they?" Thranduil asked, as he kept pacing, not watching his son.

Greenleaf though started to shake violently, Thranduil hurried to his side, unable to bear his son's condition.

"Saes, ion-nin, do not die on me…" Thranduil begged, taking the form of his shaking son in his arms, hoping that he would stop shaking.

Then the door was open, and Thranduil felt the presence of Elrond, he mumbled, "Finally."

"We were… he… he was pulled by orcs, though… I failed my son…" Elrond said at the king's tone.

Thranduil turned around, noticing the sad face upon his friend, and for the first time, noticed that there is someone missing.

"Where is the boy that always was by your side?" Thranduil asked.

Elrond stared at the ground, and then he answered. "He was taken by the orcs, and I could not do anything about it." Thranduil could feel the despair in his voice,

"You should have stayed here," Thranduil said "It was my own fault that Greenleaf ran, and now you are the one who pays the price for it."

"And what about your son?" Elrond asked, as he raised his head, staring at the shaking form in Thranduil's arms.

"I fear for him… I fear that I am going to lose him, as you lost the boy." Thranduil said, moving his gaze away from his friend, knowing that he caused much pain for his friend, and to his son.

End of Chapter 22.

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