Broken Spirit: 19. Chapter 19

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19. Chapter 19

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Beta: Tena


Then the ground fell completely out from under Greenleaf's limp form, and all that the elfling could feel was the breeze upon his face, he felt like a feather that had fallen from a great eagle.

Elrohir, while holding on firm to his half, galloped his horse while two guards joined him as he followed the ground above the cliff where he last saw Greenleaf fall.

King Thranduil lay with half of his torso on the cliff, his hands reaching down without any second thought. He was determined to catch his elfling from hitting the ground.

"Ada?" Estel asked.

Elrond stared at the boy, and nodded to him, as he waited for Estel to continue.

"Did Thranduil catch him?" Estel asked with uneasy breaths.

Elrond still could feel Estel's heart beating harder and faster, and he tried to ease the boy's fears, he, not want him to faint.

Elrond stared as his friend tried to catch the elfling and seemed to succeed. He sighed with relief as he answered the boy, "It appears he did."

Elrohir and the guards sighed with relief, as they noticed how the king caught the fallen princeling, and then they hurried back to Elrond's side.

Thranduil crawled back with Legolas' limp form settled tightly in his hands, not wanting him to fall or to slip from his hands.

As he set Legolas' limp body on the ground, and away from the cliff, he sighed with relief as the image of his son falling continued replaying in his mind.

The king observed the condition of his son; he was pale as a moon, his lips were cracked and blue. Thranduil could see the dry soaked blood on Legolas' shirt. He tore the shirt, and his eyes widen as he saw the deep gash at his elfling's shoulder, not knowing if it had been infected or not.

His eyes also noticed the bruises on the elfling's ribs. His eyes darkened with fear of losing his son.

He needed to call for Elrond, knowing that he is the only one that could save his son.

Thranduil called, and then he waited beside his elfling. Kneeling beside him and whispering into his ear, "Do not leave me… saes…"

The king kept whispering, begging for his son, to join the land of living, not wishing to lose him, as he lost his wife.

Thranduil could hear the footsteps of Elrond, the king begged, "I will not let you die, ion-nin, I love you too much to let you die… because I let my pride and fear take over me… saes, ion… come back to me… I love you, and I'm proud of you…"

Thranduil hoped that his words might be ease of his son's condition, as he once heard how words ease while in reverie, and soon the person was seemed to feel better.

Then Elrond appeared, slightly shoving Thranduil away from Legolas' side, as he attended him.

Thranduil watched how the healer first scanned the injury of his son, before he started the healing.

The boy also stood, and was closer than Thranduil, as Estel feared for Legolas, not wanting to lose his best friend. The one that gave him hope and friendship with no doubt, was now staring with fear, and prayed for the Valar to help him.

"Please Valar… save my friend. I do not want to lose him!" Estel pleaded as he prayed.

Thranduil could hear the soft shaken voice that came from the boy, he gave little smile, and then the smile disappeared as he frown at Elrond. As the healer kept staring, doing nothing to help to his elfling.

Thranduil came forward to the healer, as he tried to fight his anger, "What is wrong, mellon-nin?"

Elrond stared at his friend, and noticed the sparkled of anger showing in his eyes, his fists that laid beside the king's body, the healer seemed to understand the king's attitude as he answered, calmly as he could, "I need some herbs, those I do not have right now, they may be back in the palace…"

But then Thranduil cut him off, "What herbs? I thought that you had them in your healer bag, all herbs that you need."

Elrond sighed softly, as he could hear how the anger seemed slowly climbed and taking control of the king, and he answered still calm, "I do not have those herbs to bring to your son, in case that he drank from the river," noticing the king frown, Elrond walked closer to him, "Those herbs might save your son's life if he drank from it, and that is why exactly I need those herbs, and Thranduil?"


"I am the healer here, not you." Elrond reminded him, and gave him a slight smile.

Thranduil nodded, and then he glanced back at the guards, some still mounted on their horses.

"Be ready to leave, we ride home." Thranduil said to them, and then he glanced back at the form of his son. He was tearing himself apart, guilt ridden for letting his son fallen because of his fear and pride.

Thranduil knelt beside Legolas, holding him firm in his arms, as he stood to his feet. He walked down the path from the mountain, followed closely by Elrond, Estel, and the twins, back where the horses and guards left keeping watch for any danger that might show.

Elrond took Legolas from Thranduil as the king mounted and then gave him his son to hold from falling from the horse as he rode ahead with several guards behind him, and then the Peredhil mounted too, and the guards follow them.

Thranduil galloped his horse, moving faster as the life of his elfling depended on it. He hoped that his son would manage to see the sun another time and him again.

Elrond glanced behind noticed the limp form of Elladan as Elrohir did as best as he could of not letting his older half to fall.

'I will have a problem, I know that Thranduil will demand from me to work of his son's form, but what about my son?' Elrond wondered, and hoped that Elladan would come around before he will be the one to lose control, and then there will be no one who would heal those who needed his help.

End of Chapter 19.

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