Broken Spirit: 17. Chapter 17

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17. Chapter 17

Beta: Tena

Rating: T

Warning: Angst. Violence. Jealousy. OOC for in case. Prepare the tissues; I think that you might need them. Character death? Family matters.

Disclaimer: Characters belong to Tolkien. I just created the plot for my stories.

Spoiler: Total AU.

Summary: Princeling Legolas disobeys his father. The punishment leads to an incident no one expected. Will the Peredhil save the day?

Note: The twins in this story are older, but only in this story. Estel is 12 years old, while Legolas is 9 years old, and only an elfling compared to the other elves.

Note2: Also written for Mellon Challenges 100 – Prompt # 054: Spirit.

Note3: Legolas learns that he had stronger connection with nature and how he is dealing with it at first.

Remember Legolas is an elfling, and an elfling's reaction could be different, but I guess that you already knew that, right?


Elrond opened his mouth and shouted for his son, "ESTEL, NO!!!" as Estel moved his hand from the lake to his mouth.

Estel could hear his Adar shouting at him, though he did not understand why he could not drink from the lake. He stared at his Adar as he saw the lord running at him, and he continued to move his hand closer and closer to his lips.

King Thranduil who seemed much closer to the boy than Lord Elrond, he walked over to the boy, knelt beside him, "The lake is poisoned, Estel, look around you; the nature is dying." Then the king moved his gaze to his friend and noticed the nod that Elrond gave him. He sighed, and left Elrond and the boy alone while wondering if his own son drank from the lake as well.

Elrohir watched the whole scene while holding his twin, not letting him fall. He watched the king as he walked away, alone with his thoughts.

Elrohir moved his horse to the king.

King Thranduil felt their presences, turned around and stared at Elrohir as he asked, "How can I help you, Master Elrohir?"

Elrohir just stared at the king.

"Elrohir?" Thranduil asked, "Is everything all right?"

'Courage, Elrohir, courage. What would Elladan say about it?' Elrohir thought and then he took a deep breath, opened his mouth, and started to reply.

"I… I was just wondering what… what troubles you… your Majesty…" and then he lowered his head, hoped that the king would not shout at him because of his lack of manners.

Thranduil walked closer to Elrohir and said, "Elrohir, look at me, young one…"

Elrohir stared at the king, feel the lump in his throat.

"Call me Thranduil." Thranduil softly said to him and added a small smile hoping that it would ease the twin to feel comfortable with him.

"Thranduil…" Elrohir said and smiled at the king.

"This is much better, Elrohir," the king smiled, "I do hope that Greenleaf did not drink from that poisoned lake, and I am also troubled of the blood that we have found on the white flower."

Elrohir stared at the king, and only nodded with understanding in his eyes.

Thranduil scanned the twin's face, and softly said with assurance in his voice, "You need to say nothing, Elrohir,"

Then Thranduil stared at the other, and asked Elrohir, "How is Elladan?"

Elrohir sighed, moving the gaze from the king to his twin, who kept mumbling something that he did not quite understand, and answered, "He is holding on. Though I am concerned about something that he keeps doing. Perhaps I should ask adar.""

"What is concerning you, Elrohir?" Thranduil asked, as he scanned Elrohir's face, seeing the worry there.

"He keeps mumbling something, and his voice sounds like he has been drinking some ale. I barely understand what he is saying, and he keeps moving his hand; and his finger points at something." Elrohir replied.

While Thranduil thought about Elladan's condition, Elrond kept checking the boy, hoping that he had not been poisoned.

"Ada?" Estel asked, and hoped that his foster Adar would stop checking him.

Elrond did stop his checking as Estel asked him; he scanned the boy's face, and asked, "What is it, Estel?"

"I did not drink from the lake. Thranduil explained to me, why not to drink it," Estel replied and then he asked his Adar, "Why are you checking me? I am not ill; Elladan is the one who is injured, not I."

"I was worried about you, and wanted to check your health." Elrond explained.

Estel looked at his father's face. "You need a healer, Adar, you look so pale."

Elrond clasped his hands at the boy's shoulders, smiling at him, and then he moved his hands to tickle the boy, knowing he was ticklish, and needing to hear some bit of joy.

Thranduil turned around as he heard the boy giggling and Elrond was near to the boy, and kept tickling him; the king smiled.

Elrohir too, until Elladan kept mumbling.

Elrohir leant his ear closer to Elladan's mouth, as he wanted to hear what his twin mumbled about, and kept moving his hand and finger pointed at something that it seemed that only he saw.

"Legolas… Legolas…"

"What is it, Elladan?" Elrohir asked his twin softly.

"Legolas… wait…"

"ADAR!" Elrohir called with a slight panic.

Elrond and Estel hurried at Elrohir, while Thranduil still stay close to him.

"What is it Elrohir?" Elrond asked with concerned as he saw Elladan moved his hand, pointed with his finger over something, and kept mumbling something.

"It is Elladan; he kept saying the same thing." Elrohir explained.

"What is he saying, ion-nin?" Elrond asked, worried some come seen in his face again.

"He keeps saying 'Legolas… wait… Legolas', do you think that he might see him?"

"It is possible, ion-nin, if we are close to him." Elrond replied and then he asked, "To where does he pointing?"

Elrohir moved his gaze from his Adar at Elladan's pointing, and answered, "At the mountain, there!" he pointed.

Thranduil moved his eyes at the point where Elrohir pointed. He held his breath as he noticed the limp form of his elfling moving at the cliff.

"We need to hurry before he falls." Thranduil said, and the guards were alert as they mounted their horses. The king walked to his horse and mounted quickly.

Elrond and Estel hurried to their horse and mounted as well, riding between the guards and the king, and with Elrohir and Elladan.

Thranduil's eyes never left Legolas' form, as the elfling seemed unaware of the danger.

And yet, Princeling Legolas kept crawling to the edge of the cliff, his eyes were only focused at the growing light that called for him, not the shouts that were calling for him.

'Saes Valar, do not let him fall from the cliff… saes…' Thranduil prayed as he rode faster, and then he dismounted it, and ran to the mountain, hoping that he would not lose his son.

Estel watched the king as he dismounted from his horse and ran to the mountain, and asked his Adar, "What is Thranduil doing, Ada?"

Elrond sighed softly, and hoped that it would not be too late, "Thranduil, my boy, is running to stop his elfling from falling from the cliff. He does not want him to fall."

"I do not want Legolas to fall either, Adar." Estel said, and Elrond could felt how Estel's heart pounded faster and faster as he watched.

'You better hurry my friend.' Elrond thoughts, as his hand soothed Estel's chest, hoping that the boy would calm down.

He kept running up the mountain, but stopped, as he did not see the form of Legolas in front of his eyes.

"NO!!!" Thranduil shouted, and let his legs crash to the stone ground.

End of Chapter 17.

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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