What Enemy Is This?: 9. Chapter Nine

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9. Chapter Nine

Her legs had parted slightly and he knew the gesture for what it was. Putting his hand on her ankle, he lightly encircled it, then gently moved up her calf. He bent and kissed her knee, then lifted her leg and kissed behind the knee. He heard her slight intake of breath and smiled. Moving slowly, he lowered the leg and let his hand slip up her outer thigh. She shuddered imperceptibly and he was glad. Over her hip the hand went and unhurriedly moved to her stomach. Her garment was now scrunched over the little button that centered her belly. He bent and kissed the indentation. His tongue ducked in and she shuddered again. He smiled. Soon she would be ready.

He moved against her now, untying the dress she wore for the audience and slowly pulled it over her head. He drew his breath in as he watched the fair skin gleam, undulating as she drew in several deep breaths. Nubs that stood firm already tipped her breasts. He took one into his mouth and sucked gently. He heard her lick her lips. After a moment, he turned to the other one and did the same. One strong hand went up to hold the back of her neck and then his body covered hers. Shaking, she held him while he suckled her breast.

A moan. She was ready. He had not even kissed her - yet. He moved upwards and drew a finger over her lower lip. She stuck out her tongue and licked it. He shook his head. He was rock hard. Slipping his finger in her mouth, she groaned and suckled it. He withdrew it and ran it along her ear up to its tip. She kissed his neck and he died. He could not wait any longer.

He moved again and kissed her mouth, passionately. Not waiting for her to open her own, he pushed his tongue between the cool, moist lips. He felt her smile and pushed further. Her tongue touched his and swirled around it. The sensation was almost too much for him. Light and hot, it reminded him of another part of her, one that he needed to fill. Trying to control his own urges, he took in a great gulp of air and smiled.

"Will you have me?"

"Is that what you ask Galadriel?" she asked brazenly.

He pushed himself away from her, anger sparking like flames from his eyes. "Do not speak of her in that fashion!" He stood and walked away.

When he looked back, he saw tears in her eyes. "I am jealous. What further need I say? She is beautiful. She is kind and she has power the like of which I have never known. How am I to think you are not swayed by her, drunk on her beauty?"

In two steps he was upon her again. "You are my beauty. I am drunk on you." And the kiss he gave her made her surge in his arms.

"Please," she whispered, "take me and show me that I am yours."

He cried aloud. "I cannot show you. It must be in your heart. I must be in your heart. What have I done to be maltreated like this?"

"It is not you. I am lost. I know you want Legolas. I see it in your eyes when you think I am not looking. And have I not heard your words of praise for your Queen?"

He kissed her tenderly. "Your words regarding my Queen are only spoken to hurt. You know her now; I saw it in your eyes when you left her chamber. You know of her relationship with Lord Celeborn. Nothing you nor I could ever do would separate them." He paused, kissing her lightly. "I love Legolas, as did you, once upon a time. I see his pain and it is mine. This is not the time, I know, but I must ask you soon..."

She shook her head, lowering her eyes. "I do not think you want me."

He stood again. "I want you more than life itself. Not only with this," he held his swollen member in his hand, "but with my heart, my fëa. You do me wrong by tormenting me in this way. Is our bond so tenuous?"

She stood. "Mayhap we waited too short a time. We should have known each other longer"

He stepped back. "You cannot mean that."

"I do. I think you should go to Legolas."

His brow arched. "He does not want only me."

A gentle knock. "Am I interrupting? The Lady suggested I come," a light voice called.

Haldirriel laughed and the laugh held a note of wildness. "Come, Legolas. We were speaking of you."

The Wood Elf entered their talan. He stopped; both his friends were naked. "I interrupt?"

She walked to him. "How intimate were you with Haldir whilst you were in Lórien with the Fellowship, whilst I was in Eryn Lasgalen?"

He sat. "As intimate as we once were. Though," and he smiled broadly, "you were missed."

Haldir shook his head in dismay. Legolas continued. "You are Haldir's very breath. I too missed you, but he would whisper your name." The Elf raised an eyebrow. "It was... disconcerting."

She laughed in that clear bright way that Haldir so loved. He stepped towards her, holding his hands in front of him, beseeching her to accept him. She turned from Legolas, eyes sparkling, and fell into his arms. He held her close, whispering her name over and over.

"Like that," Legolas said merrily.

Haldir knelt, pulling her with him and kissed her neck. She wrapped her legs around his.

"Perhaps I should leave?"

She giggled. Haldir sighed.

"I too miss him," she said quietly. "Would you mind?"

Haldir's eyes widened. "Tonight?"

"We know not where we will be nor what circumstance will present in a very short time. I think it is time I stopped being asinine, for that is what I have been. Besides, we will have a Dwarf with us!"

Legolas drew in a quick breath. She held her hand out and he lay next to her.

"You are over-clothed, friend," Haldir joked.

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