What Enemy Is This?: 8. Chapter Eight

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8. Chapter Eight

The Lady sat on a simple white lounge chair. Her gown billowed around her bootless feet; Haldirriel noted the exquisite weave and wondered if the Lady of the Wood had made it herself. Haldir had shown her the peerless cloaks she and her maidens had woven for the Fellowship. Her gaze drifted towards the gown; though white, its intricate pattern caught every colour of the rainbow, causing it to shimmer in the breeze. Her dainty, bootless feet lay crossed. She motioned for Haldirriel to sit upon a stool near her. Haldirriel arched an eyebrow and smiled. She did not sit.

The Lady smiled. An Elleth moved forward carrying a mithril carafe and two mithril goblets. The Lady poured the liquid herself. Taking one of the goblets, she handed it to Haldirriel. "If you prefer not to sit here," she motioned towards the stool, "then mayhap it would suit you better to sit here," and she motioned to a chair next to the lounge.

Haldirriel sat on the chair and took a sip of the wine. 'Very good wine,' she thought, 'better even than King Thranduil's.'

"Of course it is," the Queen said delightedly. "For the vines of Thranduil are cuttings from the vines of Lórien." She laughed to herself.

"So you leave me no privacy whatsoever?"

"Your 'voice' rings loudly. It is difficult to ignore."

Haldirriel blushed. "I am an Elleth of passion. A warrior of Eryn Lasgalen. I have no need to keep my 'voice' quiet."

"Nay, you have not. In fact, all who dwell near your talan know your voice quite well." A twinkle lit Galadriel's eye and Haldirriel found herself blushing again. She had not blushed since before she had come of age!

The Queen looked deeply into her eyes. "I know what you saw, in your dream; I know because I have seen it too. Not your brother. I did not know he had been lost. But many others, many of my kin who battled that day at Ravenhill. Yes, there were Elves from Lórien at the battle. Would they not come when Oropher's heir called them? You are sometimes less than wise, Haldirriel of Eryn Lasgalen. But that is neither here nor there. They are alive. I have imprudently been caught up in the War of the Ring, the defense of Lórien, and my grandchild's future. I had forsaken my kin. Your coming is an awakening."

"I saw many Elves. The walls were clad with their bodies." Haldirriel stopped, shivering. "But you have seen it."

"I have and I have a great boon to ask of you, though, since your brother is one of the captives, you might be more prone to accept the task. Though I have no dominion over you, nor do I expect fealty from an Elleth of Eryn Lasgalen, I deem it likely your sisterly bonds will cause you to consider it."

"You wish me to go to wherever my dream takes me, find my brother and your kin, and bring them back?" She stood, walked to the end of the chamber, and looked out upon the northlands. "Do you know where I am to find them?"

"I do. It appears they are being held in the Dwarven mines of the Ered Mithrin."

Haldirriel turned slowly. "Legolas hates Dwarven mines." A wicked smile lit her face. "Who will you send with me?"

Galadriel bowed in gratitude. "Legolas, of course. And your bond-mate, Haldir. Also, Celeborn has sent for the Dwarf, Gimli. The mountain entombs our people. One of Aulë the Smith's own will be an invaluable guide. Along with a few of my most trusted hunters and trackers. You will leave on the morrow."

"You would send a Dwarf with us?"

"Legolas finds this particular Dwarf to be a true friend. As do I," the Lady said, her own brow arched coolly. "Maps have been gathered, supplies are packed, and your retinue awaits you."

"You do not give an Elleth the opportunity to decline such an invitation?"

The Lady of the Wood smiled. She stood and walked away. The Elleth motioned for Haldirriel to follow her back into the main hall.

Haldir and Legolas stood up when she entered the chamber, happiness on both of their faces. Lord Celeborn stepped towards her, holding his hands out in welcome. "Forgive me for not being here when first you arrived. I was tending to other business, Haldirriel of Eryn Lasgalen."

"Your consort has told me of your works. I am thankful for the diligence the Elves of Lórien proffer." She took his hands in hers and smiled. "You have a wonderful partner, Lord Celeborn. Mayhap someday, my companion and I will emerge as bonded as you."

He bowed, smiling. "Long ages have passed. I would hope you would not have to wait quite so long as I have had to - in order to be as one."

She laughed lightly and hugged the Lord of Lórien. Haldir almost fell off the talan.

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